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Affordable Interior Design Get fresh tips from the budget decorating guru, Betsy Helmuth.

Each episode is packed with secrets the other pros don't want you to know and with answers to your burning design questions. 

Betsy is a NY-based designer, owner of Affordable Interior Design, and has been featured on DIY Network, NBC's "Today Show", HGTV, Lifetime, and more. She is the author of the best-selling book, Affordable Interior Design. 

Helmuth has shared her affordable design advice and step-by-step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops, her design book, guest columns, television appearances, and interviews.

She brings her knowledge to the world of podcasting. The episodes include topics like color palettes, pattern mixing, budget creation, layout maximization, and much more.

It’s time to start living in the home of your dreams without maxing out your credit cards. Learn how with Affordable Interior Design!
Interior Style Hunter Podcast, The Business of Interior Design Each week, the Interior Style Hunter discusses the good, the bad and the ugly in the business of interior design with a range of interior designers, suppliers and other businesses in the interior design sector.
Dear Alice | Interior Design Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.
At Home with Lauren Keenan | Home, Lifestyle & Interior Design At Home with Lauren Keenan is your authority on home, lifestyle and interior design.

Hosted by Sydney interiors stylist and award winning podcaster Lauren Keenan, this show gives you everything you need to create your perfect home.

From the latest interiors trends and tips on how to introduce them successfully into your home, through to interviews with other experts and design professionals.

Lauren approaches design with a sense of fun and a firm belief that everyone deserves a home that they truly love.

So whether you're into real estate and renovation, buying your first home or if you love interiors and design, you’ve got to listen to this podcast as Lauren helps you create beautiful spaces for our modern lives.
Mile Long Trace A commercial interior architecture and design podcast. Designed to unpack the process of practicing commercial interior design. This podcast is a catalyst to elevate commercial interior designers by unpacking the facets of the design profession. By elevating professional practice through organizational dynamics tips. Celebrating emerged practitioners through a series of candid interviews to hear how they navigated their career path and creating an Q&A platform to build quality professional resources to support the commercial interior design community.
‎The Interior Design Business "The Interior Design Business" is a monthly podcast for professional interior designers working in the UK.

We hear from practitioners, educators and influencers who appreciate the day-to-day and longer-term challenges that designers face and offer practical, first-hand advice on how to deal with these issues. "The Interior Design Business" enables you to learn from others in the design community so that you can develop the skills you need to succeed as an interior designer.

We're informed, insightful and entertaining, too.

"The Interior Design Business" is a joint production of [Alfi Media](, [Tessuto]( and [Wildwood](, the people who connect the professional design community.

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Best Home & Garden Audio On Vurbl Looking for tips on how to keep your garden healthy and beautiful? Curious about the newest trends in interior design this season? This playlist is perfect for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the best tips and tricks for your home and garden. From picking what to plant based on the season to merging your favorite home pieces to create a unique and stylish home, this playlist has it all. Perfect for any season, make sure you come back to hear podcasts like You Bet Your Garden, Simple Farmhouse Life, and Clean With Me. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening

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ARRIN VANGUARD ARRIN vanguard also know as omnirayf of WCA and rayford jacobs of airbrush studios
057. Greg Hoffman: Emotion by Design TODAY'S GUEST   Greg Hoffman is Nike's former Chief Marketing Officer, a global brand leader, advisor, and speaker, and the author of Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons From a Life at Nike.   In his book, Greg shares lessons and stories on the power of creativity drawn from almost three decades of experience within the company. It's a celebration of creativity and a call-to-arms for brand-builders to rediscover the human element that makes consumer bonds.   EPISODE SUMMARY   In this conversation we talk about: How he developed his love of art and design sensibility. Growing up in branding inside of Nike, until eventually becoming Chief Marketing Officer. The importance of emotion and storytelling. On authenticity, and why chasing cool is a bad idea. On creativity as a team sport. And on the importance of courage.   We talked in mid-June 2022 and I was looking forward to talking to Greg because Nike clearly is doing some amazing work around branding and brand values, and is able again and again to create authentic connections at scale.    I'm a latecomer to the world of branding. For much of my life, I was an avid product person and saw the brand as an afterthought. It's only in recent years that I understood the extent to which our lives, our thinking, and our decisions are driven by the stories we tell, and the emotional associations we make.    The art of doing that well is branding. And it can be used for good or evil, and is just as important in non-profits and political organizations as it is in business.    I really enjoyed the stories of some of Nike's iconic campaigns. Digging in to find compelling ways to tell stories that illustrate and support your values in a real way, feels like a very human way of crafting a brand that people can believe in.    I've counted the episodes that we already have recorded and edited for you, and it's currently eight episodes. There are famous designers like Vicki Tan and John Maeda, authors like Susie Wise and Ashish Goel, and the most connected man in the world, Chris Dancy, among them. We release conversations weekly with thinkers, designers, makers, authors, entrepreneurs, and activists who are working to change our world for the better. So follow this podcast on your favorite podcast app, or head over to to subscribe.   And now, let's jump right in with Greg Hoffman.   TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS   [4:39] Life in the Present [5:38] Early Childhood Driving Forces [7:29] An Age of Color Blindness [9:18] The Power of Drawing [12:52] Joining Nike [16:27] What is Branding? [18:12] The Importance of Emotions [23:57] Crafting Authenticity [32:44] Developing a Culture of Risk-Taking [35:19] Find Your Greatness [38:06] Believe in Something [41:04] Designing Dreams [45:52] A Short Sermon   EPISODE LINKS Greg's Links 👟 Nike 📘 Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons From a Life at Nike 🌎 The Modern Arena 🏫 Minneapolis College of Art and Design 🏫 Lundquist College of Business - University of Oregon 🎤 "Capturing Imagination Through Brand Storytelling" Talk 💼 LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile 📣 Twitter: @g_hoffm Other Links 🌎 Google 🌎 Facebook ☕ Nespresso 👟 Nike Air Force 1  Apple 🥤 Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial 🏀 <a href="" rel="noop
Massive Layoffs are coming to Hollywood (this is why) l The H+A Podcast 123 Massive Layoffs are coming to Hollywood (this is why) l The H+A Podcast 123
Warner Brothers canceled the upcoming Batgirl movie as well as the Scoob movie, but that’s not all. They’ve started canceling shows in development, production and even finished tv shows. We break down what is happening and why. I predict what is about to happen to the entertainment industry as a whole. Basically massive layoffs are about to come (or has already happened).
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Episode 5: Supporting Main Street This episode of the Designing a Humane Future podcast is dedicated to small businesses - to exploring the future of our Main Street shops and understanding ways to ensure they can continue to be part of our communities and our lives now and looking ahead. In this episode, we explore possible future trends and learn from those involved in running and championing small business every day. We’ll look at the challenges facing small businesses and some of the solutions that are helping them to navigate the uncertainties now and that can allow them to thrive into the future.

Learn more about those interviewed by visiting the following links (in order of appearance):

Judy Morgan

Judy Morgan Consulting

Anita Agrawal 

Co-author, “Out of Control”, Commercial Rent Report, February 2022
CEO, Best Bargains Jewellery

Aaron Binder

Director, Better Way Alliance
Chief Experience Officer, Segway Ontario
Chief Experience Officer, Go Tours Canada

John Kiru
Executive Director, Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas
Ep. 100: Melissa Sullivan (Le Bloomerie) Today we’re visiting with Melissa Sullivan, owner of Le Bloomerie in Los Gatos, California. Melissa jumped into the floral profession with enthusiasm after a career in healthcare. She believes in dreaming big and tuning out any negativity as she pursues her dreams. Join us as we talk about: Her thoughts on creating, paying for, and collaborating with other vendors for editorial work The role editorial work plays in the Le Bloomerie business model Why she believes it’s imperative that floral artists not get caught up in "the comings and goings of small circles" if they want to realize big dreams Finding ways to include family in her business model Dreaming big and surrounding herself with good people Building her own mechanics Why she feels she has to limit the number of weddings she accepts each month Why she loves buying from local flower farms “Have a worldwide view. Try not to get caught up in the comings and goings in the small circles. The world is big and your work has yet to be discovered in Europe, Africa, Asia. Dream big and then even bigger.” - Melissa Sullivan | Le Bloomerie Links mentioned in episode 100: Francoise Weeks | BB Podcast Guest Ep. 10 Alicia Schwede | Flirty Fleurs | BB Podcast Guest Ep. 45 David Austin roses Tulipina | BB Podcast Guest Ep. 4 All For Love | London Home Depot Bows and Arrows Mayesh Madame Wedding Design San Francisco Flower Market Beaulieu Garden FOLLOW LE BLOOMERIE: WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK PINTEREST TODAY’S EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Let's Propose Let's Propose! creates stunning, profitable client proposals for you so you can stay focused on designing flowers to wow your clients. SPECIAL OFFER FOR BB PODCAST LISTENERS: Use Discount Code BB50 to get 50% off a Let's Propose! membership. Click here to see what's included in the membership and schedule a consultation call Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) and Maggie Bailey (Bramble & Bee) BB Podcast Sound Engineer
4 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before Your Home Renovation Home renovations are undoubtedly stressful. While you will be thrilled with how your bedroom or kitchen renovation turns out, you may encounter challenges that complicate the process. In this episode, I share four things you wish you knew before your home renovation or remodel. If you're thinking about renovating your home, tune in first before taking action, and save yourself from costly mistakes and regrets. For full show notes, visit
London 2012 Olympics with Sairah Ashman The Olympic Games have come to represent the best of the best — incomparable athletics, state-of-the-art facilities, host cities that pull out all the stops, and of course, outstanding branding. In 2012 London hosted the Summer Games and wanted to capture the world’s attention with an identity that would turn the notion of the modern games on its head. Sairah Ashman, global CEO at creative consultancy Wolff Olins shares the firm’s design thinking for the brand that would go on to be one of the most talked-about, unforgettably modern Olympic Games emblems. To see the change of brand for yourself, visit or follow us on Instagram @achangeofbrand.Produced by Matchstic ( / @matchstichouse), hosted by Blake Howard, (@blakehoward), co-hosted by Tracy Clark, edited by Gabe Kitzman, fact-checked by Jill Jeffries, co-written by Pamela Henman, and artwork by Rachel Jackson.
LOGOS - Why do they all look the same lately? Logos tend to be a soft spot for Graphic Designers. But have you noticed that ALOT of the big brand logos all seem to be looking the same lately?From big tech, to high fashion, logos have substituted creativity for simplicity...but is this a good thing? Are they genuinely being creative, or could there be other factors involved?Join this fuelled episode of The Angry Designer as the bearded boys try to unpack this era of oversimplified logos. In this feisty episode, the guys cover topics like: - Is data more important than creativity- Are logos selling their souls- 5 reasons why - Advice to rise above
314.SWE Innovation för hållbara städer och samhällen - Elisabet Spross Elisabet Spross (Innovation Lead, Sweco AB, Stockholm)Vi pratar om-Innovation/innovationsledning för hållbara städer och samhällen som paraply. -Hur gör vi det praktiskt? om man vill jobba med innovation som en kommun eller som ett bolag med fokus på stadsutveckling.-Innovationsprogrammet Innocities-Den nya satsningen från Berghs - Innovationsledning för hållbar stadsutveckling -Hur kan jag på individ nivå vara innovativ i mitt jobb med stadsutveckling?Länkar-Berghs-kurs: Innovationsledning för hållbar stadsutveckling - Dagtid - Berghs-InnovationsledarnaKeep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.Visit for collaborations and nominations or email me at info@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanistica on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRY Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Passion Equals Purpose Part 2 Episode 11 Passion Equals Purpose Part 1
Get your hands on a signed copy of my novel Untapped
Marketing in a Digital Age with Renato Sogueco For your business to thrive “You’ve got to be found,” says Renato Sogueco, Vice-President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet. Renato shares with us practical tips for a holistic approach to “Marketing in a Digital Age.” “This requires your business execute a well-planned digital strategy,” Renato explains. Constant change and development in the digital space may make you feel that you’re coming into it late. But, now is a great time to catch up and move forward to the benefit of your business. “Digital strategy does include social media, but social is really a complimentary strategy - not a main strategy of digital,” Renato continues. He offers solutions that are easy even for the lesser tech-savvy. For example, he suggests that to capture the attention of today’s young consumers - video is the medium of the present and the future. Listen now for more tips on “Marketing in a Digital Age.”
Quackcast 596 - Leadership! Leaders are not born, they're created… literally in the case of fiction, created by creators of comics, books, movies, and other media! For this Quackcast I was inspired by two things: a video on Leader Characters by the satirical YouTube channel Terrible Writing Advice, and the Disney movie Lightyear, in which the lone wolf classical hero figure learns how to lead. Lots of traits are useful for leadership: Charisma, experience, age, rank, communication skill, empathy, compassion, dominance, and confidence among others, and different styles of leadership work better in different contexts. Take for example the military paradigm of the lieutenant and the sergeant - a lieutenant is typically the lowest ranking commissioned officer, they're a beginner. They're young and they're not experienced but they outrank enlisted men and non-commissioned officers who might have more experience than them. The sergeant is usually one of the highest ranking “non-commissioned officers”, they're usually older than the lieutenant, who outranks them, and they have a LOT more experience. This creates an interesting leadership dynamic- the lieutenant learns from the sergeant but they also lead in a different way from them. The sergeant is better at leading the soldiers and knowing what to do from a practical standpoint while the lieutenant is better at theory and interpreting with higher level orders, eg. “Our orders say we have to take that hill and meet up with the other squad near the river at this map reference, so I want to split the squad…” etc While sergeant will actually be able put all that into practice a lot better than the lieutenant could. - (Said by a non-military person, so this could be very wrong) Fiction is full of leaders, good and bad. Most Scifi tends to have a military influence so it all has a very familiar military hierarchical setup. Star Trek is especially known for its “good” leaders, who're inspiring, clever, brave, full of empathy, experienced, and wise. The perfect foil to them is Zapp Brannigan from Futurama who was specifically created to be the anti-Star Trek type leader with all the very worst traits that any leader could ever have. He's a horrible person, sacrifices troops meaninglessly, has a poor grasp of strategy, and takes advantage of his position for self-gratification and self-aggrandizement, all of which makes him beautifully entertaining as a character! He's one of my fave leaders in fiction, on a par with the 90s Star Trek leaders Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Benjamin Sisko , and Captain Kathryn Janeway. Leadership is a huge subject with lots of other aspects. Politics is a massive subsection in its own right! And we can't forget that it's the followers who actually give the leader power and if they choose to desert then that power can vanish… We cover all this and more in the Quackcast. Who're your fave fictional leaders and why? This week Gunwallace has given us a theme to The Waves Inside - Clear ocean. Orange blue pink. Liquid metal swells. A calming, hypnotic synth journey over 1000 kilometers of smoothly textured sea. Topics and shownotes Links Terrible Writing Advice, Leader Characters - Featured comic: Mydan Post Beginnings - Featured music: The Waves Inside - - by TheJagged, rated M. Special thanks to: Gunwallace - Tantz Aerine - Ozoneocean - PitFace - Banes - Kawaiidaigakusei - VIDEO exclusive! Become a subscriber on the $5 level and up to see our weekly Patreon video and get our advertising perks! - Even at $1 you get your name with a link on the front page and a mention in the weekend newsposts! Join us on Discord -
Creating Connections over "Marketing" Welcome back to the podcast - In this new episode,

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Creating Connections over "Marketing" Welcome back to the podcast - In this new episode, Sign Up for Membership Updates I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and head to the links below to connect with The Daring Designers Club more: Join the Facebook Group! DDC Instagram Design Instagram Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Bringing the World into the Inclusion Age with Travis Montaque How can meaningful inclusion make a measurable difference and create lasting importance? In media and technology this is as important as ever and driving economic inclusion for creators is the key to real success for the industry. The move to conducting business equitably is a progessive cycle and generates continuous re-investment in underrepresented communities.
This is exactly the life and work that Travis Montaque, CEO and founder of Holler and Group Black, is leading. He grew Group Black, a media collective,from 8 to over 200 companies in the first year alone. He lays out the how and why for us on the show this week.
We discuss:
Black entrepreneurship: why creators are key to successful inclusion and where investors should be putting their dollars
Being truly inclusive is just smart: what do the recent blockbusters in media- Encanto, Squid Games, Black Panther- tell us about economic success?
How companies can meaningfully invest in inclusion and diversity that also spurs more wealth for communities- access, opportunities and infrastructure
How to Find the Perfect Table, Budget-Friendly Interior Design, How to Pick a Paint Sheen On Today's EpisodeChoosing the wrong dining room table for your space can be a frustrating and expensive mistake! Fortunately, we've got some tips to help you make sure you get it right! We'll also be talking with Interior Designer Lauren Figueroa about a very unique Design-in-a-Day service she offers. Finally, we'll close the show out talking about paint sheens. It's not exciting stuff, but think of it this way: you could pick the right color, the best paint, use the best tools with the greatest skill . . . and still hate the end results because the sheen is wrong. We'll help you avoid that!How to Find the Perfect Table [00:00 - 09:39]Dining room tables are extremely important to our home life and choosing the wrong table can have a big impact. We discuss the rules of thumb everyone needs to know before shopping for a new table.A Budget-Friendly Interior Design Service [09:40 - 30:40]We are joined by Interior Designer Lauren Figueroa to discuss a design service that has become a huge hit; Design in a Day! Many of us struggle when decorating our homes and yet we don't ask for help because we don’t think we can afford it. That is all changing with the flexible budget friendly option. Find out how it works and how to get the most out of it.Lauren Figueroa Lauren's Website on Instagram Lauren's Facebook page How to Pick a Paint Sheen [39:41 - 39:12]You can do all of the right things; find the perfect color, get the best paint and paint tools but if you don't pick the right sheen…it could still mean catastrophe. We walk you through all of the sheens and where/when you should use them.
Episode 050 - Y’know What In this episode nothing changes.
Capacity building in the animation industry chat with Jeff Mandela 2d animator Jeff Mandela is a 2d animator and lecturer on animation. He talks about this passion for 2d animation , gives a guage of where we are as an industry and talks about where we are as an industry. Episode has been made available through the help of our partners Midundo online media
Get Out Of The Self Fixing Loop Free yourself!
Do not self help keep you in a loop of always trying to fix something about yourself-Cars get fixed, because they are broken, computers get fixed because they are broken, phones get fixed because they somehow break, But YOU my friend, are not broken-You are powerful~ Listen to this episode!
BONUS: This Watered Down Version Is No Longer Serving You This watered-down life you are living is not serving you! Did this hit a nerve?! Good. I invite you to try on a new paradigm. Listen to this episode to learn more.
Allow The Real You To Be Expressed Your messaging is not supposed to look like anyone else’s. So what your delivery isn’t so-called polished? Have you ever considered your purpose is to be unpolished, unfiltered, unconventional and wild? Listen to today's episode as we uncover our true essence!
313.SWE Index för livskvalitet & Urban Design & Planning - Camilla Wallander Camilla Wallander (VD Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm, Sverige)Vi pratar:Index för livskvalitetBerghs Advisory boardBerghs nya kurser inom Urban design & planning. Läs mer här är kursansvarig för Socialt Hållbara städer. Läs mer och anmäla dig här är en världsledande skola inom kommunikation. De har utsetts till ”School of the Year” vid sju tillfällen i den internationella tävlingen Future Lions i Cannes. Sen tävlingen startade 2005 har Berghs blivit tilldelad huvudutmärkelsen 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010 och 2009. Berghs har vunnit flest gånger i konkurrens med mer än 400 skolor från över 50 länder. Deras studenter är eftertraktade då de snabbt kan omsätta sin kunskap i handling, och 97% är i jobb inom den disciplin de utbildat sig inom sex månader efter avslutad utbildning.Keep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.Visit for collaborations and nominations or email me at info@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanistica on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRY Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
August 12, 2022 Exclusive interview with Mr. Greg Marlin CEO/CRO @idexo_io in the UK. Listen... Idexo is a simplified platform for building and growing web3 projects See demo at Powered by $IDO. More info is available at I was able to interview Mr. Greg Marlin who is the CEO/CTO @idexo_io. Pour yourself a delicious cup of #coffee, sit back and enjoy....


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August 12, 2022 Late-Breaking #NFT news from around the Globe. Enjoy.. Friday Morning in Silicon Valley. The sky is a bit hazy but soon the sun will break out and the birds will be singing. Delighted to report that we have fixed the @anchor connectivity issue and was able to interview Mr. Greg Marlin CEO/CTO of @idexo_io. Sit back, pour yourself a delicious cup of #coffee and enjoy...


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August 13, 2022 Late-Breaking #NFT News from around the Globe. Listen to this... Saturday Morning in Silicon Valley. It's early but soon the sun will be shining and the birds will be singing. Take a look at some of the Late-Bresking #NFT news circling the globe. Moreover, grab a delicious cup of @Starbucks #coffee and listen to this #podcast. Enjoy...


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August 14, 2022 Late-Breaking #NFT news from around the Globe. Grab your Sunday #coffee & enjoy... Sunday Morning in Santa Clara and the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It's the perfect morning to bring, yet another 10,000+ #NFT's into the world. Grab a delicious Cafe Central in Vienna and enjoy this #podcast....


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Åter i etern efter semestern! Efter en välbehövlig semester är snobbarna nu åter i etern.Det blir en genomgång vad herrarna har gjort i sommar.Bland annat berättar Peder om varför han har champagne i sina bellinis och varför de blir godare med vita kontra gula persikor.Olof har glampat och hemestrat samt gjutit betong iklädd chinos och skjorta.Detta och mycket mycket mer!Support this show Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
FittBite Episode 107: Answering Fabric Questions Every Newbie Is Embarrassed To Ask (Part1) We have an exciting fittbite today, especially for those of you who are new to the fashion and textile space. I’ll be giving you guys my definitive answers to the questions you’ve most likely felt embarrassed to ask because you may have thought they were too basic or obvious, I know the feeling and I was also in the same position you find yourself in today. First off all, when you’re learning, no question is too simple, so take this opportunity to learn and expand your horizons. On today’s fittbite, we’ll specifically be looking at the key beginner questions surrounding fabrics. So buckle up, you guys are in for a good one.
The Dirt on the New American Garden With the pandemic shutdown, the interest in gardens seemed to skyrocket. Did this mark a significant and permanent change in how we approach nature? Will the garden become a place to be lived in and not just looked at? Do concerns about the environment and climate change affect how people interact with their own outdoor spaces? Landscape designer Edmund Hollander and garden writer Catie Marron discuss the connection between house and garden, the importance of gardens and parks for solace and serenity, how to help clients achieve their outdoor dreams, why clover is no longer considered a weed, and why vegetable gardens may be the status symbol of the future. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Sparking Curiosity Through Visual Narrative, Unique Forms of Inspiration, and the Power of Storytelling with Deborah Stein Margo chats with Deborah Stein who lives, paints and writes in NYC and the Embudo Valley in New Mexico. Deborah is a fine artist who teaches visual narrative workshops, runs (usually) twice a year artist residencies and is one of the proud hosts of folktale week along with illustrator-friends she admires. She ran her first creative live retreat at the lovely Highlights Foundation in rural PA this past Spring and is working on book projects (and possibilities for projects) and getting ready to show her work in August at The LDBA Studio in Santa Fe who she also designed a watercolor palette for called “Imagined Landscapes".   Margo and Deborah discuss:  Following your own skills and ideas The power of art, music, and storytelling Having your work copied and how to come out on top How she encourages people to be themselves and follow their passions Ways to spark your own curiosity Experiencing sorrow and grief and how it in a way inspires her StoryCamp Disco: what it is and how she came up with it   When she’s not drawing, painting, writing or leading workshops and live art classes for kids and adults on and off-line, she can be found writing down her thoughts, looking closely at the complexities of nature and/or imagining the curious interplay between talking animals and observant children, looking at art, hiding in bookshops, poking in gardens and in apricot trees, walking down to rivers, hiking up hills and through museums, and watching not-scary movies and well-made documentaries, and being with folks and animals she loves. She is working on writing and making art and books that express new ways of seeing the world and our roles in it and loves projects that challenge her imagination and skills!   Connect with Deborah: Storycamp Disco Fall 2022 Art + Workshop Shop   Sign up for August Windowsill Workshops -  Pie Making Class with Tom Conway
Living Life More Simply and How One Guy Got There. Farm Life, Creative Baking, and Finding True Fulfillment with Tom Conway This week it’s all about being intentional and finding true fulfillment with Tom Conway. Margo sits down in person with Tom in his 1888 farmhouse located on Vashon Island, the same one where he pens a blog called Tall Clover Farm. Tom shares projects, island life, farm duties, and the joy of growing fruit, flowers, and good food. He embraces the beauty of the bulldog, succumbs to the power of pie, worships the peach, contends summer is never long enough, and has never met a hammock he didn't like. His home and property are his canvas where he paints with words and photography to share putting in a good day and keeping life neighborly.   Margo and Tom discuss: Life before moving to Vashon Island and his experience living in just about every neighborhood in Seattle prior The character and stories behind his 1888 farmhouse and how he’s gone about renovating it All things baking pies and why it’s actually more simple than you’d think Growing flowers for floral trade and wedding events The power of a blog and why he chose that particular medium for sharing The importance of of having systems and structure in place before the ‘pretty stuff’ Being able to learn along the way and allowing yourself to try new things Being intentional with your involvement in just about anything Standing for your own values while also being able to listen and hear someone else How to find true fulfillment in life   Mentioned in this episode: Tom’s favorite roses: Compassion, Eddie’s Jewel, Nootka Rose, Alchymist Christianson’s Nursery  My Father’s Glory (movie) My Mother’s Castle (movie)   Connect with Tom:
503- Re:peat A few years back, 99pi producer Emmett FitzGerald brought us a beautiful story about peat bogs. Peat is essential for biodiversity and for the climate – it is really, really good at storing carbon. But like a lot of things we cover on the show, peat often goes unnoticed, in part because it is literally out of sight underground. We’ve  noticed peat and carbon sequestration more and more in the news lately. Journalists have been brilliantly covering stories about the tree planting movement, private ownership of Scotland’s bogs, and the threat to peat in the Congo Basin. Couple that with more extreme weather happening in more places, we thought it would be a good idea to repeat this story.For the Love of Peat
502- 99% Vernacular: Volume 3 In the final episode of our vernacular spectacular anniversary series, 99pi producers and friends of the show will be sharing more stories of regional architecture–some close to home, some on remote islands– that capture our imagination and inspire us to look deeper.  Stories of Bermuda roofs, Queen Anne Cottages, and what exactly counts as an "earth tone."99% Vernacular: Volume 3
S4 EP7: Steven Alan Steven Alan has been in business for 30 years. A New York City native, he launched his first retail space in 1994 and built a retail business, wholesale business, showroom business and collaborated with several fashion brands like Nike, Levi's, Wrangler, Dockers, Uniqlo, Vans, West Elm & More.  For Full Episode Visit:
67: Flores & Prats Flores & Prats are an architecture practice based in Barcelona. “The theatre and the common spaces are the same experience. Going to the theatre is not getting into a room where you suddenly forget the outside world, going to the theatre is meeting your friend at the ticket box, at the sofa going the bar, have a beer, coffee, anxious, waiting to start, and meeting the actors, and everything is a continuity[…] The theatre has exploded to occupy the whole building, not just the two performance spaces.” Flores & Prats Website@floresyprats Scaffold is an Architecture Foundation production, hosted by Matthew Blunderfield. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Ready to start a business? With coach, Sarah Klein Today we are here with Sarah Klein, Business Coach.
She came to this work because she personally experienced and saw how much perfectionism holds people back in business and in life. "In the effort to be perfect (especially as women), we end up not taking action or playing small. But we don't need perfect, because we can always choose forward." That attitude is what led her to create her first two businesses, which were filled with successes and failures.
Essentially, by choosing forward rather than perfection, She now has the life, and business, that are perfect for her. And her clients as well. From going from years of procrastinating to launching their offer in just 1 month, to getting to 5 figure months in the first 5 months of business, her clients take massive action, not perfect action, and achieve astounding results.
Here are the topics to be excited about:

why mindset is the number one key to achieving your goals in life, but especially in business
why everyone should start a business at least once in a life
why the business doesn't "have to" be hard
how to consume less from experts and create more from your own zone of genius
how to make high-stake decisions with confidence
what prioritization and commitment actually look like, and how you can actually start doing it in your life
why there is no such thing as The Right Answer

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode.
Connect with Sarah through her social:


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Are Graphic Design Awards Good or Evil? How often have you looked at award winning design work and wondered &quot;How the heck did that win?&quot;  Love them or hate them, awards are a part of the Graphic Design industry...but should they be?  From superficial judging criteria and nepotism, to entry fee&apos;s and heart aches, are Graphic Design Awards really all they&apos;re cracked up to be?Join the Angry Designers for another furiously fun filled episode where they put Graphic Design Awards in the firing line. In this episode, the guys cover:- Are Graphic Design awards important- What exactly is a design award- Reasons why design awards are good- Reasons why design awards are badWhether you&apos;re thinking about entering a design contest, or just frustrated from past experiences, this episode will help you keep your eye on the prize -&gt; your customer.
172 - Hilary Saxton Talks About Mindset, Renovating For Profit And Property Development “Hillary Saxton is a go-getter. She is determined and tenacious. She has a strong desire to empower all people, but mostly women to realize that they can dream and have whatever they want. It doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is where you want to go.”

This is how Hilary describes herself in my interview with her. She works with people in property and business to help them formulate a strategy and equip them with the knowledge they require to build within them the confidence they need to succeed. Her ultimate superpower is enabling people to do anything they want.

Hilary is a podcast host of a new podcast called “Frozen to Fearless” and, also the “Property Mastermind” podcast, where she shares how to add value to your property journey through high-quality education, guidance, and accountability.
What came through loud and clear in our chat is that, just like me, Hilary has a strong desire to uplift women. Rather than teaching them how to make a profit through renovating, she teaches them that they can go out and do that. She encourages women to choose their destination. Hilary is bold and daring, she makes mistakes, and she gets tired and grumpy. But she gives it a go! She says:

“And when I leave this earth, no one will say: “she was nice”. And I've said this a few times, I never wanna be remembered as nice. I want to be remembered as memorable and I want to change as many lives…as possible through just giving people that feeling. But I still struggle with all the stuff that we all do.”

How does Hilary inspire people to reach for their goals? She stands up on stage and speaks to more and more people. She lives with the belief that she is lucky. She notices how lucky she is, which makes her feel even luckier and that results in spirals of positive results.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Hilary about life, mindset, setting goals and learning about your true values. She is not shy to share her passion with us. Listen to her phenomenal success story and how she can inspire you.


00:00 Intro
00:50 Who is Hilary Saxton?
03:49 Empowering women
06:15 Hillary’s renovating journey
12:26 Hillary’s thoughts on the line of credit
14:51 What made the difference in terms of mindset?
19:07 The impact of renovating for profit to Hillary’s family.
21:19 Property development in New Zealand
23:57 Micro development
28:51 Finding a deal is difficult
32:22 Frozen to Fearless Podcast
38:26 How to find your own personal values.

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My Dangerous Fish Attack (with Alanna Risse) [Rerun] Alanna Risse joins Sean to talk mystery meat, accidental crimes, and all the reasons a nose is a good idea. We’re quantifying Photoshop filters in terms of number of cigarettes it takes them to finish rendering in the episode that asks how often is too often for a beer bash?You can find Alanna at @alannarisse on all the things! (this episode was first posted March 10, 2022). You can find Did I Do That? on your podcatcher of choice, or through our shiny new website,!If you enjoyed this show, despite the large body of evidence against such a thing being possible, why not share the misplaced love? Write us a review on your podcasting service or share it with a friend! These things help a new show out bunches, and this thing needs all the help it can get.This is our last episode of summer break! Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Klockor och stil med Andreas Weinås I veckans avsnitt av Eqotime Podcast gästas vi av Andreas Weinås.Andreas är bland annat klockredaktör för King Magazine, driver podcasten Gentlemanualen med Per Nilsson och skriver för SvD Perfect Guide med fokus på klockor. Det blir ett längre samtal om Andreas klockintresse, privat och yrkesmässigt, samt en hel del stilråd och anekdoter. Show notes till avsnittet hittar ni på Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Ett samtal om Tag Heuer I det här specialavsnittet av Eqotime Podcast tar Aleks och Albin ett samtal om Tag Heuers historia med fokus på den ikoniska modellen Carrera. Det blir ett samtal om Carrera från Heuer-eran fram till Tag Heuers nyheter 2022, och den nya modellen Carrera 3 Hands som bärs av Ryan Gosling i Netflix-produktionen The Gray Man. I samband med detta tar vi även en närmare titt på Carreras historia i en artikel på Tag Heuer Carrera - historien om en racing-legendAvsnittet är ett betalt samarbete med Tag Heuer. See for privacy and opt-out information.
310. Think Like Pirates & farmers' markets - Richard McCarthy Richard McCarthy (Captain at Think Like Pirates, Brooklyn, New York, United States)I asked Richard the following questions:- Tell us more about the Market Cities concept.- The unexpected rise of civil society-led farmers' markets (addressing the question of who runs them, why, and why does that matter?. -In relation to places where traditional markets and municipal markets may have long existed. Is there room for more markets and why?-How about the E-market? the digital market, does it exist? does it mean less physical market?-Does really food link together communities on a bigger scale? or it's just linking a few people?-What are the main challenges that food markets are facing now?-How can city planning serve these markets? -There is a trend now about introducing urban farming on a small scale, do you think we can scale it up? how do we do that?-If you picture a future city from a food market's point of view, what do you see? based on what we have now.Keep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.Visit for collaborations and nominations or email me at info@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanistica on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRY Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
311. How can the city help us to be better? - Paula Andrea Escobar Paula Andrea Escobar (Architect focused in urbanism and city planning, Oslo, Norway)We are talking about Paula's thesis: How can the city help us to be better? And how does the city impact the way we develop and behave?We are also talking about her experience studying and traveling abroad.Read Paula's thesis Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.Visit for collaborations and nominations or email me at info@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanistica on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRY Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
312. What is life on a boat like? - Paula Andrea Escobar Paula Andrea Escobar (Architect focused on urbanism and city planning, Oslo, Norway)We are talking about how it is to move from Bogota downtown to a boat in Norway.You can listen to Paula's other episode 311. How can the city help us to be better? - Paula Andrea Escobar Keep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.Visit for collaborations and nominations or email me at info@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanistica on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRY Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.
Renee Borg - The Power of Specification Product specification has always been a complex process — one that is dependent on strong relationships. Renee Borg, Principal of San Fransisco-based agency, Sixteen5Hundred, dives into the importance of the specification process and how it should be championed to deliver the best outcome. In a world where evolving technology is complicating the procurement of products, the most crucial thing is understanding when and why substitutions should or shouldn't be a conversation.
PAUL LABELLE OF AIRBRUSH STUDIOS Paul is the owner of airbrush studios located at universal studios located in Orlando Florida…
Glory Days Trend review!!! PLUS - celebrating our 100th episode by looking through the Ikea Museum Catalog Through The Ages,

A full transcript of this episode can be found here:
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Are you a visionary or an intergrator? The 2 major people you need to run a successful company. The visionary and the intergrator. This episode delves into these two people and what that means for your business.
Capacity building in the animation industry chat with Jeff Mandela Jeff Mandela is a 2d animator and lecturer on animation. He talks about this passion for 2d animation , gives a guage of where we are as an industry and talks about where we are as an industry. Episode has been made available through the help of our partners Midundo online media
Part 2 |Capacity building in the animation industry chat with Jeff Mandela, 2d Animator 🇰🇪 Enjoy part 2 of our conversation with Jeff as he talk about navigating the animation industry. Find the link to part one here:
#67 : Graham Dugoni / CEO of Yondr Phone Bags Chances are if you are a fan of this podcast you have come across a Yondr bag at a Comedy Show or Concert. Yondr is a small locking bag that you put your phone in before you enter a concert or comedy show that can only be unlocked when you step into a phone free zone kind of like a smoking section. Graham Dugoni CEO of Yondr stops by to give us the history of this iconic invention. As a performer I fell in love with this invetion and I had to hear it's history. I think you guys will find this episode pretty damn cool. Love it or hate the Yondr I feel like we all need to unplug when we are out enjoying Art. DugonI, a former soccer player, founded Yondr after attending the Treasure Island Music Festival in 2012. After witnessing an intoxicated man dancing and people filming him, he pondered how this could affect freedom of expression. After raising $100,000 from friends and family, the company was up and running. Tune in and enjoy this mans story on episode 67 of The Grail DDR
Core Values podcast – Alex Rhodes and Nadim Meer In the first episode, Alexander Rhodes sits down with Nadim Meer.
Core Values podcast – Sarah Lau and Charlotte Sandberg In the second episode, Sarah Lau sits down with Charlotte Sandberg.
Episode 28 - Restaurant Design This week Bri and Eleni dive into the topic of Restaurant Design. We cover the Do's and Don'ts - more specifically the Don't s. You don't want to miss this one. Follow our instagram for more at @notsogood.ideas
Time Management: 4 Things That are Wrecking Your Productivity If you’ve ever had that feeling of getting to the end of the week and not sure what you accomplished, you’re not alone! Time management as a work from home food blogger can be tricky. In today’s episode I’m sharing 4 things you might be doing that could be totally wrecking your productivity. Keep listening to learn how you can improve your time management with just a few tricks.  In this episode, I'll cover:  Not planning your week Avoiding CEO time Doing all the things Experimenting too often Instagram | Website  Show Notes | Podcast Updates Web Design for Food Bloggers Sizzling Summer Camp - Q4 Challenge
August 10, 2022 asking #NFT News and Idexo Interview this AM at 9:00 AM PDT... Wednesday Morning in Silicon Valley and thesun is shining and the birds are singing. Excitement building over 9:00AM Interview with Idexo, a Startup in London UK. You won't want to miss this so stay tuned. Also feel free to enjoy this podcast overall delicious cup of @Starbucks coffee at home or even on your way into the office. Listen...


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August 11, 2022 Late-Breaking #NFT News from around the Globe. Listen to this... Thursday Morning here in Silicon Valley. Just a little overcast but soon the sun will break through and the birds will be singing. Sit back, relax and enjoy this #podcast brought to you by The Idea Connect Network in Santa Clara. I want everyone to think of three(3) things they are grateful this morning and give someone a big smile and good Morning. Listen to this...


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August 9, 2022 Late-Breaking #NFT News from around the Globe. Listen to this #podcast... Tuesday Morning in Silicon Valley. When I woke up this morning the sky was just a bit hazy. Not to worry. Soon the sun will break out and the birds will be singing. Moreover, it is the perfect day to bring yet another wonderful 10,000+ #NFT's into the world. Sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of @PhilzCoffee and listen to this #podcast prepared especially for you.


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083: Lessons from Practice Disrupted on Navigating Change Episode 083: Lessons from Practice Disrupted on Navigating ChangeAfter four seasons of Practice Disrupted, what lessons on navigating change have we learned from past guests of the show?Practice Disrupted was launched during the pandemic as a niche podcast: leaders who believe architects can practice in new ways and some who are even willing to question the boundaries that define the practice. On the way to 100 episodes this season and over 19,500 listeners later, the podcast has grown beyond what we could imagine and has taught us many lessons as hosts. In this episode, we break down some themes that continue to surface throughout the podcast and share playlists for those interested in taking a deeper dive into the podcast.A special thank you to AIA Seattle Women in Design for hosting us in a July 2022 program that prompted us to explore this topic.Top 10 Episodes as of July 2022 (these stats change weekly)#1 - 001: Practice Shifts#2 - 067: Architecture And: The Future of Workplace#3 - 068: 2022 AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Honor Award Winners: Riding the Vortex#4 - 010: Organizational Design, Process, and Innovation#5 - 002: The Next Generation of Practice#6 - 065: Training Confidence in Technical Detailing#7 - 047: Talent Development in Practice#8 - 029: Taking the Leap from Architecture into Tech#9 - 058: A Case Study for Practice: RIOS#10 - 051: Designing a Culture of MentorshipChanging: Studio Culture051: Designing a Culture of Mentorship047: Talent Development in Practice042: Building a Great Place to Work031: Balancing Operations Management & Firm Culture027: Techniques for Effective People Management022: Reimagining Work in the New Digital-First Workplace017: Building Culture008: Studio CultureChanging: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion068: Riding the Vortex<a href="" rel="noopener noreferre
N°46 — 1.5° Futures, Windermere Tapes Box 050, Tape 01 with Tobias Revell Tobias Revell in conversation with Julian Bleecker at Research Through Design 2022 at Brathay Hall, Windermere UK on or about August 2022.
Tobias' reflections on the Design Research Works Jamboree:
If you feel that this work contributes some meaningful value to your day, please take a moment to support the work over at, and then write a review, rate, and share it widely so more listeners can feel the same. Thank you!
- Julian
056. John-Paul Flintoff: Creativity and Connection TODAY'S GUEST   John-Paul Flintoff is a writer, performer, and illustrator, and the author of books like How to Change the World and A Modest Book About How to Make an Adequate Speech. He worked for 15 years as a writer and associate editor on the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, and other papers in magazines, and has been involved with The School of Life in London as a lecturer and writer.   Today, he runs a subscription service called Adequate Projects, which provides moral support and a bit of financial freedom in return for discounts and exclusive access.   EPISODE SUMMARY   In this conversation we talk about: The importance of creativity and how he learned it as a child. His attraction to poetry and why he became a journalist. His book, How to Change the World, and the burden it placed on him later in life. His involvement with The School of Life. What learning improv taught him about creativity and about life. His work on public speaking and his book on the subject. And how tragedy reshaped his life and led him on a search for more resilient happiness.   We spoke in early June 2022, and I was excited to talk to John-Paul because of his involvement with so many things I care about, from The School of Life, to mindful use of technology, to improv and creativity, to the art of writing.   I left this conversation feeling inspired by John-Paul's honesty, his never-ending search for expression, creativity, and happiness, and the wisdom with which he connects with the people around him. I think most of our listeners will feel the same.   This conversation is one of many weekly conversations we already have lined up for you with thinkers, designers, makers, authors, and entrepreneurs who are working to change our world for the better. So follow this podcast on your favorite podcast app, or head over to to subscribe.   And now let's jump right in with John-Paul Flintoff.   TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS   [3:44] Life in the Present [11:04] Childhood Creativity [16:18] A Journey to Journalism [19:45] A Memorable Event [23:39] From Journalist to Author [28:30] The School of Life [31:44] Change the World [35:42] Beauty and Fun [39:13] Effective Tools for Change [47:15] The Power of Improv [49:44] The Rejection Game [52:36] The Biggest Takeaways [55:38] A Religious Journey [1:05:25] A Short Sermon   EPISODE LINKS John-Paul's Links 🌍 John-Paul Flintoff Website  🏫 Holland Park School 📘 Comp - A Survivor's Tale 📘 How to Change the World 📘 A Modest Book About How to Make an Adequate Speech 📘 Psalms for the City: Original poetry for the places we call home 📰 Financial Times 📰 The Sunday Times 🏫 The School of Life 🎤 TED Talk - How to Change the World 🎤 TED Talk - Conversations That Change Life 💼 LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile 📣 Twitter: @jpflintoff 📺 YouTube Channel Other Links 📓 Moleskine  📝 reMarkable 📱 <a href="https
Is 'nature positive' the new 'net zero'? Jessica Holz, speaks with Dr Adrian Ward about Accounting for Nature’s methodology for measuring environmental health, understanding that accounting for our impact on nature is an opportunity to go one step further in caring for our planet. See for privacy information.
Fashion designer Briony Marsh As a person Briony Marsh is gorgeous and gentle and washes over us all with her sense of calm - her fashion designs are similar - they are intricate, delicate and true investment pieces. Pip speaks with Briony about her decision to wind up her label in 2020, the future of fashion, travel in India and she shares a few life and wardrobe hacks in our Jumbled Mixed Bag.We hope you love this chat as much as we did. Pip xx
Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors This lady is a very very very good friend of the Jumbled Gang. Julia Green's (and her business, Greenhouse Interiors) path to becoming one of Australia’s leading and most published interior stylists is SO fascinating - you will not believe some of her stories.Not only is she a total pro at what she does – but her enthusiasm is contagious, she’s hilarious and we literally laugh our way around the world when we get together for our Morocco Trips.I hope you enjoy our crazy chat as much as I did! I'll never tire of Julia's stories.Pip x
Phoebe Bell created Sage and Clare This brand is one of Jumbled's all-time faves - Sage and Clare is owned and operated by the very clever Phoebe Bell and her extended family. In this episode we learn about the inception of Sage and Clare, what's she's learnt about business and managing growth, what it feels like to be frauded, the beauty of working with family and the ritual of making your bed.Phoebe is one clever cookie. We hope you love this chitty-chat. Pip xx
Grace Brennan is Buy From The Bush We are all in awe of this woman - Grace Brennan - who is endlessly humble and unassuming about the incredible heights Buy From The Bush has reached and the contribution it's played for many rural and regional businesses. In this chat we speak about managing work and home life over the last few months, her reaction to delivering the Australia Day 2020 address, how to captivate an audience on social media and what to drink and eat at the Warren Golf Club. What an inspiration this woman is. We hope you get as much from this conversation as we did. Pip x
Spreading the Joy while we're in isolation with Rachel Castle Today's guest is Pip's daily dose of Sunshine, in personality and product. It's Rachel Castle the creative force behind the very popular, Castle and Things. The more we get to know here the more we love her and we hope you do too after this chat! There is a small mishap in this episode - which Pip is horrified about - but we are SO thankful for Rachel for being such a good sport and persisting. We love you RC - Thank you xx
Celebrating Mothers Day with Pip's mum Kezz Brett Today's guest is Pip's current flatmate, well that should probably be rephrased to say that to say that Pip and family are her squatters. Kezz Brett is not only Jumbled's wildly successful painter, with an even wilder life journey that got her to a point where she is able to paint full-time, but also Pip's Mum!
Rebeka Morgan from BuildHer Collective empowers women to build their own homes Today's guest would totally win The Block hands down, first place!She would also come in under budget and before deadline.It's Rebeka Morgan from BuildHer Collective an organisation that teaches and empowers women to build (and renovate) their own homes. Rebeka is a builder herself not to mention a homeschooling mothers who's about to have a baby.
Melissa Robbins from The Lot Co Today's guest on Jumbled Loves A Chat is the reason why our business event The Huddle even happened. Melissa Robbins from The Lot Co. is the guru business consultant of the retail, fashion and design industries. The best teachers - in my opinion - are those that have real life experience and Melissa is the epitomy of that! We brought forward this chat with Mel so that you could make the most of our special "Dear Melissa" Q&A session where she answers lots of business building steps. I hope you take away as much value from this as I did!
Stefi Kirby's brand Celia Loves creates the BEST candles Today's guest is beautiful in product and personality. Five years ago she had her first baby and like many of us it made her question her future and we are so so glad that she did. It's with great pleasure that we get to catch up with Stefi Kirby from Celia Loves on Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat. Celia Loves create hand poured soy wax candles with a goal of creating an affordable beautiful product, that is all about relaxing and we love them! Look out for the Jumbled x Celia Loves collaboration coming soon.
Pip and Jess answer your questions This episode is a special one as requested by you! We've had lots of requests for Pip and Jess to answer your questions over a glass of bubbles so you request and we deliver! They talk working relationships, trade fairs, fave songs, dream projects and defining moments in their work lives. Enjoy xx
Muralist Nastia Gladushchenko has rocked The Sonic's socks off Today's guest is the trifecta of clever, creative and colourful. Pip has been watching her paint a mural on the side of The Sonic all week and it's been mesmerising. We could watch her paint dry forever. Welcome to the podcast Nastia Gladushchenko!
Jono Fleming is a self professed cool nerd and we love him This week's guest is one of Pip's best friends. They met in the shop a couple of years ago and hit it off straight away. Since then they have travelled from one corner of the globe to another (ie Morocco) and more recently to the cotton fields of Narromine, NSW for our Jumbled x Robert Gordon collaboration. It's our greatest pleasure to welcome interior stylist Jono Fleming to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
Kate Gordon is the driver behind our dream-come-true collaboration with Robert Gordon Today's guest is someone we are going to be indebted to for a really long time. She is our dream-maker - well Pip's ceramic dinnerware dream-maker. It's Kate Gordon creative director for Australian ceramics brand, Robert Gordon who was the driver behind our collaboration.
Dani Dean from The Make Haus is blooming lovely Today's guest is Dani Dean and she's a master of many trades and a maker of all sorts of amazingness. It's difficult to describe what she does for work but just imagine a magic wand of amazingness that she waves over events, interiors, weddings and florals. She's that kind of person that when you first meet her you just instantly want to become friends with her. Welcome to Jumbled Loves A Chat Dani Dean of The Make Haus. @themakehaus_
A chitty chat with earring queen Emily Dornbusch (Emeldo) Today's guest could be described as the earring queen. She's bright, joyous and inspiring. Her business was established 9 years ago as a very small, fun hobby and has since expanded to become a successful business with a huge following but it's still primarily a one-gal show. A big welcome to a very busy Emily Dornbusch, the owner creator and maker at Emeldo.
How Emily Burton of Peggy and Twig turned her side hustle into a full time gig Today's guest is stylish sweet and driven - she's been VERY busy of late - finding love the bush, relocating to a farm during one of our country's worst ever droughts and then working on making her side hustle into her full-time gig. She now makes and sells the most gorgeous pearl earrings that are adorning the ears of models, movie stars, brides and all of us beauties here at Jumbled. A very warm welcome to Emily Burton of Peggy + Twig joining us all the way from Trangie, NSW.
Artist Kate Owen creates beauty on her farm-studio near Goondiwindi Today's guest is one of Pip's favourite artists and also one of my favourite humans. She's living on a farm in remote northern New South Wales, pretty much living the dream. After initially working as a fashion designer and then in homewares she is now a full time artists and a bloody good one at that. Welcome to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat, Kate Owen.
There's so much to learn from Sophie Hansen of Local Is Lovely Today's guest is difficult to pop into one category; journalist, deer farmer, author, cook, blogger, photographer, food stylist, recipe creator, social media expert, Mum and champion of primary producers and the bush. There isn't much this woman can't do or hasn't done and you are in for a treat today because she's not only fascinating to listen to but you may also learn a thing or two for your business or life in general. A very big welcome to Jumbled Loves A Chat, Sophie Hansen from Local is Lovely!
Fiona Schofield has a lot of feathers in her hat Today's guest is not only creative but she's also clever. She is the strange but very fabulous combination of hats and dip! You might be thinking whaaaatttt hats and dip?! But you are in for a real treat today. Today's guest has my fave ever business-start-up story, it begins with a deli, a pawn shop and a brothel and it results in a hugely successful national brand that is on the up and up. A very big warm welcome to Fiona Schofield from Fresh Fodder and Fiona Schofield Millinery.
Kristy Withers from Incy Interoirs has always been a business woman We would describe today's guest as stylish - you should see the amazing coat she's just walked in wearing - smart and incredibly inspiration. Today you will hear how she turned a simple parenting problem into a 7 million dollar business which she ran from her home in regional New South Wales. A very big welcome to Kristy Withers from Incy Interiors.
Emma Barrett is a branding design extraordinaire Today's guest is a design genius. She is that very rare but perfect mix of creativity, business acumen and organisation. She's kicking goals in print and digital and has hand crafted the brand identity of some of your favourite brands - and the best is that she's doing it all from regional New South Wales. It's with great pleasure that we get to welcome Emma Barrett from Emma Barrett Creative to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
Stylist extraordinaire and my new bestie Steve Cordony Today's guest is someone that I stalk so often online that I actually feel like I am sitting here with my bestie! He is a world renown interior and event stylist, plus he is the style director-at-large of Australia leading interior design magazine Belle. Plus he can now also add renovator extraordinaire feather to his hat. It's with great pleasure that we get to welcome my new best friend, Steve Cordony to the podcast!
Non-ugly storage with the beautiful Clare from Bon Maxie I would describe today's guest as creativity, kindness and business all combined. Back in 2015 she became a Mum for the first time and through a series of personal circumstances - she just started a business and now it's THRIVING. She's putting the fun in functional and she's proof that you can turn a simple little idea into a business and I just can't wait for you to meet and learn from this very very beautiful person. It's with great pleasure that I welcome to Clare Spelta from Bon Maxie.
Photographer Clancy Job has no idea how freaking talented she is Todays' guest has the magical power of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, she's talented and she doesn't even know it and I freaking love her. She's my go-to girl that I know will make everything look magical. It's with great pleasure that I get to welcome photographer and friend Clancy Job to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
Artist Jessie Breakwell is a total colour Queen Today's guest lives a very colourful life she was was the nanny (an art tutor) for Ozzy Osbourne's kids but now she works as a full time artist and is totally killing it. It is with great pleasure that I get to welcome artist Jessie Breakwell to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
Flipping the mic! Jess interviews Pip Today's guest is going to sound VERY familiar - it's Pip - interviewed by Jess!! Jess first met Pip when she made her coffee at a local cafe and now she's lucky enough to call her a friend. Pip is the dreamer of dreams, the unstoppable energiser bunny and the fastest walker Jess has ever met! We know you will love getting to know our host even better in this chat. xx
Kate from Kip & Co has an amazing story Today's guest is one of the three women that I sleep with every single night. What first started as a bright colourful bedding brand quickly expanded into a global vibrant lifestyle concept with a cult following. They are all about joy, laughter and the colour of life and that's why I think I love them so much. It gives me so mu pleasure to welcome Kate Heppell from Kip & Co to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
The beauty of collaborations with Jessica Ruhfus of Collabosaurus Today's guest is a match maker she's really cool, really inspiring, super lovely and absolutely killing it. After working in the PR space she noticed a gap in the market for businesses wanting to take their marketing efforts to the next level through collaborations. And tah-dah she created an online dating site for brands. It's with great pleasure that I get to welcome Jessica Ruhfus from Collabosaurus to Jumbled-Loves-A-Chat.
Furniture designer and maker Will Brennan cracks me up Today's guest is one of the loveliest, funniest and most talented makers. He seriously cracks me up every single day. He's Orange born and bred and he's making some seriously drool worthy furniture. It's with great pleasure that I welcome the wonderful Will Brennan of Will Brennan Designs to Jumbled Loves A Chat.
Echo Chamber Am I in an echo chamber? Where is my inspiration coming from? Am I just recreating work that I see other people doing? We got to ask these questions this week on the podcast and share some of our own ways that we like to stay inspired so that we can do our best to create original and inspiring work rather than simply copying and pasting from what everyone else is doing.
The Wild World of Barney Bubbles Episode 51! Clarita talks about her essay in The Wild World of Barney Bubbles and takes a stroll through the book: Barney&apos;s process, behind the scenes stories, marketing mischief and design pranks. Available now at! Plus: the Design Freaks instagram is still hacked! Stay tuned, friends and thank you for listening. to help with recording costs Thank you!~~Order The Wild World of Barney Bubbles~A Box of Bubbles is the revised and updated edition of the book, with an exclusive cover design, an essay by American designer Clarita Hinojosa and sixteen new pages of rare material painstakingly retrieved by the author, together with five specially re-created pieces of Bubbles memorabilia in a truly covetable celebration of one of the greatest creative minds in design history. ORDER: music: &quot;Jet in Jungle&quot; by Damaged Bug, courtesy of John DwyerSupport the show
AARON TANNER / MELODIC VIRTUE EPISODE 50! Publisher, Creative Director, Archivist Aaron Tanner talks about his 15 years designing for Ween, independently publishing books as Melodic Virtue (Butthole Surfers, Ministry, the Residents, Lil Bub!), industry challenges and changes, super exciting upcoming projects and lots more. Follow Aaron/Melodic Virtue: @melodicvirtue on IG @designfreakspodcastTwitter @designfreakspodFacebook to help with recording costs Thank you!~~A Box of Bubbles is the revised and updated edition of the book, with an exclusive cover design, an essay by American designer Clarita Hinojosa and sixteen new pages of rare material painstakingly retrieved by the author, together with five specially re-created pieces of Bubbles memorabilia in a truly covetable celebration of one of the greatest creative minds in design history. PREORDER: music: &quot;Jet in Jungle&quot; by Damaged Bug, courtesy of John DwyerAll other music courtesy of Aaron TannerSupport the show (
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