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LGBT Bar NY Podcast Featuring lively discussion of the latest legal news affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community here and abroad. Interviews with LGBTQ lawyers, policy wonks and activists. Our monthly LGBT Law Notes episode with Prof Art Leonard digs into three of the most important new LGBT civil rights rulings. Eric Lesh, executive director of the LGBT Bar of NY hosts.
Know Your Kanoon How aware do you think you are about your laws?
Do you look up laws and sections of the IPC, and say to yourself, 'it's complicated?'

Well, Know Your Kanoon is a podcast to help you inch closer to understanding the laws and your rights. As a civil, criminal and tax lawyer, Amber Rana addresses questions from listeners and gives you insights into the various implications of the laws, rights, and sections under specific circumstances. This show aims to bring clarity and awareness about the legal justice system in India.
Law Pod UK Law Pod UK covers developments across all aspects of civil and public law in the United Kingdom. It is brought to you by the barristers at 1 Crown Office Row ( with presenters Rosalind English, Emma-Louise Fenelon, Jim Duffy and Lucy McCann. Information accompanying the podcast episodes is published on the UK Human Rights Blog ( .
‎Vital Interests Podcast Hosted by Karen Greenberg. Brought to you by the Center on National Security, Vital Interests Podcast was designed to help you think about security in its many dimensions, from pandemic to climate change, from terrorism to population migration, from war to peace – all with an eye towards the rule of law, the protection of human rights and the respect for civil liberties.
Twitter: @VI_PodcastCNS, @KarenGreenberg3.

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‎Civil Fights A podcast by the ACLU-WV about civil rights, the constitution, and how the law affects real peoples' lives.

One nation, under pod.

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Abortion – Roe v. Wade This playlist attempts to use audio snippets to provide the listener with an understanding of the legal discussions/debates concerning abortion. Right to choose v. Right to Life. We take no position on either position, but only seek to provide the listeners with a well-rounded legal perspective concerning the issue. Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Wrongful Convictions Check out episodes with exonerees, organizations working to overturn wrongful convictions, and reasons for wrongful convictions Crime Redefined Podcast
Societal Issues and Innovations This playlist compiles all podcasts about issues and innovations concerning the society. ‎Remake

Come take this journey with me as we dig into the following podcasts, A Minute or Two with Mikey, Humanity and Society, Law360’s Pro Say – News and Analysis on Law and the legal Industry, Funny Millionaires Podcast, I Like Beer the Podcast.” id=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” vid=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” id-for-player=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” link=”/playlists/funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide/” is-authorized=”false” csrf=”IKjAhT2t1ym2G8G55sxFnXts0Uk6h1BuEbh7yVVCBYChB2RCmfywc1ifDau6Ux9l” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Funny Legal Stories: Where Humor & Law Collide The Law can be funny…this playlist is dedicated to audio files that are legal in nature, but make you go, “No way!” The law can be weird, funny, or wild!

Come take this journey with me as we dig into the following podcasts, A Minute or Two with Mikey, Humanity and Society, Law360's Pro Say – News and Analysis on Law and the legal Industry, Funny Millionaires Podcast, I Like Beer the Podcast.
Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Audio of Every Oral Argument Made Against Donald Trump We have compiled every publicly available Oral Argument made against Donald J Trump, Trump Organizations, Trump Non-profits, and Trump as the President. This list of audio oral arguments will keep you busy for days. We were surprised at the sheer volume of lawsuits that Trump has been a part of, and these are only the ones that made it to the higher courts. Supreme Court Legal Oral Arguments: Federal and State
Let the Litigation Play This playlist contains snippets of podcasts that will spark your interest and take you on a journey into the world of litigation. Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Lady Justice Are You Really Blind? Justice is supposed to be fair. Justice is supposed to be blind to a person's race, color, religion, and etc. Justice is supposed to be equal. Yet, for so many, this is not the story. This playlist attempts to highlight how folks force lady justice to be consistent with fairness through litigation. Come take a listen with me… Peeps' Creek™ The Café

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Taking Liberties Episode 13: Maite Garcia of FIRRP On this episode, Audio Content Editor Laura Garcia speaks with Maite Garcia, an attorney and Pro Bono Mentor with the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (FIRRP) in Arizona, about the intersection between immigration and criminal law, and the challenges that “crimmigration” issues pose for noncitizens and those aiming to provide them with meaningful legal […]
Taking Liberties Episode 3 The panel discusses a RFRA claim against immigration policy, a cake-baking case from the UK Supreme Court, and the consequences of Shelby County v. Holder. Our guest is Judge Nancy Gertner who discusses her career as a civil rights attorney and how that shaped her time as a judge and what she sees as the […]
Taking Liberties Episode 7 In this episode, our hosts Mahroh Jahangiri and Elizabeth Ross speak with our guest Angel Sanchez to discuss his recent article “In Spite of Prison” as well as developments in the prison abolition movement more broadly. This episode also features an interview with hosts Rund Khayyat and Melanie Fontes and guest Dr. Cynthia Boyer on […]
Taking Liberties Episode 11: Aaron Regunberg and Hannah Perls of #DropExxon On this episode we speak with Aaron Regunberg and Hannah Perls, two students organizing with #DropExxon, a group of law students seeking to pressure Paul Weiss to drop Exxon Mobil as a client. Follow #DropExxon on Twitter at @dropexxon.
Taking Liberties Episode 5 The panel discusses current issues related to immigrants’ rights including a law suit challenging the practice of using video conferences in removal proceedings, and law suits that challenge President Trump’s emergency declaration. Our guests are Professor Phil Torrey and Professor Kari Hong who discuss Matter of Soram and current litigation pertaining to the crime of […]
Taking Liberties Episode 12: Alexander Chen of Harvard’s LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic On this episode, we speak with Professor Alexander Chen, the founding director of Harvard Law School’s newest clinic, the LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic. Follow Professor Chen on Twitter @alexanderlchen, and follow the clinic on Twitter @harvardlgbtq, Instagram @harvardlgbtq, or Facebook @harvardlawlgbtq.
Taking Liberties Episode 9 On this episode, our hosts speak with James Esseks, Director of the ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project, about Bostock v. Clayton County, Altitude Express Inc. v. Zarda, and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. EEOC, three major cases currently before the Supreme Court addressing whether Title VII prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation […]
Taking Liberties Episode 8 In this episode, our hosts speak with two organizers from People’s Parity Project about their work fighting to end harassment and discrimination in the legal profession and advance access to justice in the courts. Follow People’s Parity Project on Twitter @PeoplesParity. We also speak with legal scholar and activist Noura Erakat, author of Justice for […]
Taking Liberties Episode 4 The panel reviews some progressive victories coming out of ballot initiatives in the 2018 midterm elections and has a discussion on competing perspectives on victim’s rights bills.  Our guest for this episode is Robert Anderson, Director of the Native American Law Center and Professor of Law at the University of Washington, who discusses recent article published […]
Taking Liberties Episode 6 Our guests are Rachel Sandalow-Ash and Niharika Singh who discuss their work as members of the organizing committee of the Harvard Graduate Students Union – United Auto Workers.  We discuss history of the union, the committee’s effort to secure a contract, and the #NoCarveOut campaign, which calls on Harvard administrators to provide survivors of sexual […]