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Legal Docket Learn what you wish you already knew about our nation’s highest court. Hear how Supreme Court decisions directly affect you and your community. Meet the people behind the cases who are seeking to uphold freedom. Hosts and lawyers Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough take you to the scene, bringing the law to life for everyone––from appellate attorneys to high schoolers.
Law360's The Term – News & Analysis on the Supreme Court The Term is a podcast from Law360 for the busy U.S. Supreme Court watcher. Give us about 15 minutes each week and we'll catch you up on all the big action at the nation's highest court, along with a list of what to watch in the coming sessions. Hosts senior Supreme Court reporter Jimmy Hoover in Washington, D.C. and editor-at-large Natalie Rodriguez in New York City cut through a busy docket to focus on the key cases and developments everyone will be talking about.
Gertie's Law Drama has unfolded in these courtrooms for more than 130 years, from serial murderers and gangland wars to multimillion-dollar commercial disputes and celebrity defamation cases. Take a step behind the bench of one of Australia’s oldest institutions and hear from judges as they explain why they make the decisions they do.

Gertie's Law takes a deep dive into some of the lesser-known, misunderstood or complex parts of the court’s work, such as sentencing, mental health, juries and the criminal trial process. Revisit historic cases, meet the many people who work here, from judges to Corrections staff, and take a close look at how a modern justice system operates in a 19th century building.

Authorised by the Supreme Court of Victoria, 210 William St, Melbourne
The Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court Brett and Nazim are two attorneys who hate being attorneys. Each week, they discuss current Supreme Court cases with the intent to make the law more accessible to the average person, while ruminating on what makes the law both frustrating and interesting. This podcast is not legal advice and is for entertainment purposes only. If anything you hear leads you to believe you need legal advice, please contact an attorney immediately
PBS NewsHour – Supreme Court The latest news and analysis about key cases and critical arguments before the Supreme Court. (Updated periodically) PBS NewsHour is supported by –
Supreme Myths A podcast featuring the Supreme Court and Supreme Court cases. Hosted by Georgia State College of Law professor Eric Segall.

Popular “Supreme Court Cases” Playlists

Abortion – Roe v. Wade This playlist attempts to use audio snippets to provide the listener with an understanding of the legal discussions/debates concerning abortion. Right to choose v. Right to Life. We take no position on either position, but only seek to provide the listeners with a well-rounded legal perspective concerning the issue. Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Wrongful Convictions Check out episodes with exonerees, organizations working to overturn wrongful convictions, and reasons for wrongful convictions Crime Redefined Podcast
Societal Issues and Innovations This playlist compiles all podcasts about issues and innovations concerning the society. ‎Remake

Come take this journey with me as we dig into the following podcasts, A Minute or Two with Mikey, Humanity and Society, Law360’s Pro Say – News and Analysis on Law and the legal Industry, Funny Millionaires Podcast, I Like Beer the Podcast.” id=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” vid=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” id-for-player=”funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide” link=”/playlists/funny-legal-stories-where-humor-and-law-collide/” is-authorized=”false” csrf=”wYoRYfOCBW6F0dw3zLjPuFPl3zo5c35S1beTiv3O4UqpVRbq3NXn6xvMZr7DdcKV” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Funny Legal Stories: Where Humor & Law Collide The Law can be funny…this playlist is dedicated to audio files that are legal in nature, but make you go, “No way!” The law can be weird, funny, or wild!

Come take this journey with me as we dig into the following podcasts, A Minute or Two with Mikey, Humanity and Society, Law360's Pro Say – News and Analysis on Law and the legal Industry, Funny Millionaires Podcast, I Like Beer the Podcast.
Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Audio of Every Oral Argument Made Against Donald Trump We have compiled every publicly available Oral Argument made against Donald J Trump, Trump Organizations, Trump Non-profits, and Trump as the President. This list of audio oral arguments will keep you busy for days. We were surprised at the sheer volume of lawsuits that Trump has been a part of, and these are only the ones that made it to the higher courts. Supreme Court Legal Oral Arguments: Federal and State
Let the Litigation Play This playlist contains snippets of podcasts that will spark your interest and take you on a journey into the world of litigation. Peeps' Creek™ The Café
Lady Justice Are You Really Blind? Justice is supposed to be fair. Justice is supposed to be blind to a person's race, color, religion, and etc. Justice is supposed to be equal. Yet, for so many, this is not the story. This playlist attempts to highlight how folks force lady justice to be consistent with fairness through litigation. Come take a listen with me… Peeps' Creek™ The Café

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