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Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen
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Heather Hester is the founder of Chrysalis Mama, a support and education site for parents and allies of LGBTQ+ kids, and the creator and producer of the podcast Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen. Working both one-on-one and with groups, Heather shares insight and teaches tips, tools, and coping mechanisms that she and her family have learned on their journey. ...Read More

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Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen Do you have a child, teen, or young adult who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer? Do you feel alone in your effort to support them on their journey or navigate your own? Heather Hester from Chrysalis Mama is here to transform the conversation around loving and raising an LGBTQ+ teenager. In the four+ years since her son embraced his sexual identity as a gay teen/young adult, Heather and her family have felt every emotion, and have experienced dozens of situations ranging from heartwarming and humorous to terrifyingly life-threatening. She and her husband initially felt alone and overwhelmed, moving her to want to support others traveling a similar path. She desires to discuss taboo topics and erase stigmas surrounding the coming out process and parenting an LGBTQ+ teen. Heather's approach is based on four pillars - to Embrace, Educate, Empower, and Love - and most of all, to reinforce to all LGBTQ people, their families, and their allies that they are not alone!
Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More Listen to discussions about LGBTQ+ topics with these podcasts, interviews, and audio stories. From hilarious talks about culture, to in-depth explainers on self-discovery, find the best LGBTQ+ audio.
The OutCast Presented by Outfest The OutCast is a frank, fun, and fascinating podcast featuring conversations with LGBTQIA+ creators, storytellers, and talent where they candidly discuss their work, their inspirations, and their challenges to be seen and heard in the entertainment industry.

Hosted by filmmaker David Kittredge, each OutCast is a fun no-holds-barred conversation with accomplished and iconic creators and performers about what draws them to their projects, the rough-and-tumble of getting them made, and the legacy they hope to leave behind! Featuring guests like drag legend Miss Coco Peru to the HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH multi-hyphenate John Cameron Mitchell to award-winning filmmakers Jeffrey Schwarz and Rachel Mason to performers like Jonathan Groff and Darryl Stephens, The OutCast is by turns thought-provoking and always outrageously entertaining!
Making Gay History | LGBTQ Oral Histories from the Archive Intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to history brought to you from rare archival interviews.
The Husbands with Paul and Jeff Well they asked for it and now they have it: marriage. Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo are best known for being plaintiffs in the landmark case that wound its way to the Supreme Court of the United States successfully overturning Prop. 8 ?€“ restoring marriage equality to California. As regular contributors in the media, they have become trusted voices beyond the marriage equality movement. Recently Paul and Jeff have proven that audiences love hearing about newly married same-sex couples and all things Equality, Entertainment and Engagement (both for marriage and for becoming an Accidental Activist). Their recent hit test series on SirusXM radio was received to much success based on their ability to carry a show all on their own. Exploring the world of marriage for a newlywed couple after years of a legal battle to be married proves insightful, enlightening and many times hilarious. Beyond that, very popular segments like "Don't Be Dumb at Dinner" condenses and informs on the 5 things you need to know.
Still Processing Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham are working it out in this weekly show about culture in the broadest sense. That means television, film, books, music — but also the culture of work, dating, the internet and how those all fit together.
Dirty Little Horror Dirty Little Horror is a weekly gay horror podcast where Charles & Reed dissect a new movie each episode and find all the LGBT subtext they can while making spooky dick jokes.
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Best Tips and Tools for Parents of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (or any other sexual orientation or gender identity!) Kids This playlist contains Heather Hester's very best tips, tools, and snippets from interviews for helping your lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or any other sexual orientation or gender identity) kid navigate the coming out process. Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen
What It's Really Like To Come Out As LGBTQ+ For children struggling to express their true identities, coming out to their family and friends can be everything from difficult to liberating. Hear these podcasts featuring stories from LGBTQ+ people on what their experience was like recognizing their true selves and sharing it with their loved ones. Hear these coming out stories from podcasts like Sex Ed The Musical and Equality Education and celebrate National Coming Out Day by listening to what the experience is truly like. Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
9 Podcast Episodes for LGBTQ+ Parents We're celebrating LGBT parents by showcasing their stories and experiences. From discussions about fertility to raising children, Vurbl has compiled some of the best LGBTQ+ parenting podcasts like the Gayest Show on Birth and Diversitea. Parenting is no cakewalk, but Vurbl's got you covered! Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
Step by Step: Audio of LGBTQ+ Untold Histories This playlist contains snippets from a collection of interviews with LGBTQ+ activists throughout American history. Listen in to hear how these activists endured harassment, discrimination, and worse as they strived towards a brighter future. Hear Larry Kramer describe how he challenged the Navy's ban on gay service members or Ruth Simpson's struggle against police surveillance. Or, hear Nancy Walker recall her very first March on Washington, and how proud she was of her movement and her country. Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
What Does It Mean To Be Nonbinary? With Demi Lovato recently coming out as non-binary, waves of people are asking this question! Interestingly enough, genders outside of the binary of man and woman have existed for all of written history; to the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians from as early as 2000 BCE. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of non-binary folks nowadays who are happy to explain what being non-binary means to them: Jonathan Van Ness, Rhea Butcher, and Alok Vaid-Menon to name just a few. We could all benefit from learning new things every now and then! Here are podcasts talking about living outside of the gender binary and helping people understand what it means to be nonbinary. Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
Most Iconic Drag Queens on Podcasts The world of drag is vast and ever-expanding. From Divine to RuPaul Charles, to Bob The Drag Queen and Kim Chi, there is no lack of talent, creativity, and beauty in the world of drag. From New York City to Los Angeles, to Thailand to Australia, the art of drag has spread all over the world. While RuPaul's Drag Race has no doubt pumped out a number of stars: Trixie Mattel, Raven, The Vivienne, Alaska, there are plenty of other queens expanding their rule on podcasts: Victoria Secret, Davina Devine, The Empress. RuPaul herself is known to interview stars from Whoopi Goldberg to Kacey Musgraves! So whether you are Team RuPaul or Team Lady Bunny, here are the most iconic drag queens on podcasts. Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
Best LGBTQ+ Audio On Vurbl Here are the best LGBTQ podcasts that represent diversity of expression across cultures, countries, religions and even history. From India to Ireland, to Australia and Africa, these podcasters are sharing their culture by analyzing their traditional stories, popular cinema, and people making huge steps towards equality. On days when we feel the world isn’t changing, that eyes aren’t opening to ways to include all expressions of humanity, we can look at this list and see that freedom of expression is happening all over the world. We can hear how people are sharing exactly who they are, how they’re doing it, and how they feel about the challenges and triumphs of being our true selves, with pride. Come back weekly for new podcasts to listen to! Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
Being Trans: Podcasts To Help Those Transitioning The trans experience is not uniform. And it cannot be understood in a glance or by asking just one person about their experience. But one thing that trans people have in common is their desire and right to be acknowledged and accepted for who they are. This playlist is dedicated to the visibility of the trans experience as conveyed through podcasts and other audio. Enjoy a combination of clips and podcast episodes that show the diversity of individual struggles, hardships, accomplishments, and hopes in the transgender community. Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More

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AI/ML FOR PUBLIC POLICY- GOVT OF INDIA- TIRUMALA V KAGGUNDI- JOINT DIR GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE #artificialintelligence #govt #publicpolicy #ai #ml #india
Globally some of the top nations are leveraging AI/ML for public policy, almost all nations have their own AI Frameworks, Govt of India is at the forefront in leveraging AI/ML & exponential tech stack for social and economical benefits for India. Tirumala Venkatesh Kagundi joint Director General of Foreign Trade at Directorate General of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Commerce is a curious civil servant - Interested in public policy, AI/ML and ethical applications of AI in governance, Engineer by training, he recently graduated with the Masters of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy course at the University of Chicago.
Tirumala spoke about how the Govt of India plans to leverage AI/ML in trade, public policies

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INDIA'S LARGEST EXISTENTIAL THREAT, CLIMATE CRISIS - SANTHOSH THANNIKAT #climatechange #climatecrisis #india #existentialcrisis #globalwarming #toctw
Climate Crisis seems to be India's largest existential threat, India lists 35 cities among the 50 Most polluted cities in the world, New Delhi has been ranked the world's most polluted capital city for a second consecutive year, Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad was ranked as the second-most polluted, after Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, out of 6,475 cities across the world in an annual air quality report prepared by Swiss organization IQAir. Air pollution caused an estimated 1.6 million deaths in 2019 in India — the highest in the world, according to a new report. The overall pollution-related deaths were also the highest in India (2.4 million); this includes water, lead and occupation-related pollution. According to report, more than 40% of India's population will face water scarcity by 2050, and at the same time the country's coastal areas, including big cities like Mumbai, will be affected by rising sea levels.
A new UN report has warned that climate change repercussions for India will be irreversible if New Delhi doesn't take drastic measures by 2030. Are Indian authorities up for the challenge? Spoke to Santhosh thannikat a sustainability expert & the founder of homestay Thani Illam in Thottuva, Perumbavoor, in Ernakulam district. We spoke about extreme weather conditions in India, the reason for India's climate crisis & what you/me/everyone can do to try to reverse India's climate crisis.

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AI, ROBOTICS, PERCEPTION, WORLD MODELS Krishna Murthy Jattavallabhula is a postdoctoral associate at @MITCSAIL with Josh Tenenbaum and Antonio Torralba. Kartik earned his PhD ( see thesis) at @Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute and the Robotics and Embodied AI Lab, advised by Liam Paull.
Kartik's research centers around building invertible world models — representations that encode how the world works. These world models enable the design of intelligent systems that perceive, reason, and act. his research spans several areas including #robotics #computervision , computer graphics; and intertwines our understanding of the world with #deeplearning.
Kartik's work has been recognized with PhD fellowship awards from @NVIDIA and @Google and a best-paper award from IEEE RAL.
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Dr. Jiankui He created the world's 1st genetically modified twins, lulu & nana, CRISPR the gene-editing tool allows for precise editing of the DNA, while the world debates on the pros & cons of genetic editing there are bio-hackers that are experimenting on themselves as well as working on creating genetically modified animals & food.
Eben Kirksey is an anthropologist, writer, and storyteller. He is a politically savvy activist who occasionally engages in artistic experiments, Eben attended the University of Oxford as a British Marshall Scholar and earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Currently, he is Associate Professor (Research) at Alfred Deakin Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of various books including The Mutant Project (2020), a book that follows some of the world’s first genetically modified people,

Click the link below to buy- "The Mutant Project"
Carnival Why include Transformers in your Transformers cartoon when you could write an entire episode about a bunch of kids.
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Jungle The Autobots take the kids with them on the search for another Mini-Con so Rad can get preachier than Captain Planet.
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The Twin Flame Mirror Episode 69 - In this episode, Michele talks about the Twin Flame mirror. The mirror your Twin Flame provides you as well as the mirror energy you are sending to them.
"I have found working with this mirror energy one of the most profound and exact ways to know where I was in relation to my Twin Flame - and more importantly - where I was with self-love and union with Divine love. This mirror knowledge also helped me to understand my energy field and notice where there was fear and/or outdated beliefs and habits. The challenge with working with the mirroring energy - is it's not always easy to figure out what's being mirrored back and what energy we are mirroring to them.
What we know about the concept of Twin Flames is that at one time we were once one soul and now this one soul has split in two and these two split souls are residing in two different human bodies. Our Twin Souls want to find their way back to wholeness here on earth in the energy of the Twin Flame.
What can get us off track is when we think that wholeness means coming back with our Twin Flame. And in some ways it does. But it may not be how we think. If we even think we need to be with them then we are reinforcing the idea of separation that we're not with them.
It’s important to know that we can be in union and not be with them physically. Union - is ultimately union with self-love and Divine love. In that place we are in union with them and in co-resonance with the energy of our original energetic blueprint. And in some cases - we can end up physically with them. Hopefully more and more will be coming together. But when you get to union energy - it really doesn’t matter whether you’re with them or not. When I use the language of coming together in this episode - it’s not always literal. It’s energetic. Union is about coming back to resonance with our original soul blueprint. And when we can take physical union off the table - we free up our anxiety about a timeline with our Twin Flame and we can walk in the path of non-attachment instead. Which is the energy of unconditional love.
This energy is also the frequency of our soul before it split in two.
The dynamic we have with our Twin Flame is similar to how a magnet works. We either strongly magnetize and attract each other or we repel each other.
Pure unconditional love is the energy that attracts each other.
So any of our stuff that is not aligned with pure love - will be the stuff that repels our Twin Flame. The more we can clear and heal anything that’s not love - the more we clear up the energy field between our Twin Flame and the more they'll be attracted and magnetized back to us.
Mirroring also does more than just focus us on our Twin Flame relationship and status. It actually helps us turn the focus back to ourselves — towards self love and Divine love. Which is ultimately what this Twin Flame journey is about. It’s the highest path and timeline we can walk - being one with ourself and the Divine. I’m this place we’re also in union with the world.
Join me in this episode as I dive more deeply in to the mirror energy.
Thanks for listening!"
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60. Michael Levitt - Chief Burnout Officer-Founder of Breakfast Leadership Network Michael Levitt has seen and done it all!  He is the founder and Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a San Diego based burnout media firm. He is an in-person and Certified Virtual Speaker, a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, and is one of the world's leading authorities in burnout recovery and prevention. In addition, he is a Fortune 500 consultant, #1 bestselling author, and host of the Breakfast Leadership Show, a top 200 podcast on iTunes.  Michael was a former Healthcare executive, CIO, and CFO overseeing $ 2 Billion budgets.   On this episode of “People in Transition”, Michael shared several important ideas to support you in your job search, including:·        Effective networking is about you giving as much as receiving·        Be confident, energized and an attitude of “I can do it” in your interview – you must believe in yourself before the recruiter believes in you·        We are often our own worst critic, need to stop beating ourselves up and keep our energy flowing·        Burn out can happen in your job search – you need to pace yourself, eat/drink healthy and remember it is OK to do things that you enjoyMichael had so many other practical and actionable ideas to help you jump start your job search.  I know you are going to want to listen to this episode several times to get all the information out of it.  If you have a question on his material, or any other job transition questions/comments – please share them with me. For more information on Michael, go to:website:  https://BreakfastLeadership.comLinkedIn: Michael to speak at your event:  I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I did!
#259 Service, Value, and Collaboration: Building and Defining Your Business for Ultimate Success | Steve Lover 3 big ideas discussed in this episode: The idea of Service. How "serving" is different from "pleasing." What is the foundation of real service? The idea of Value. How you create value uniquely. The affect on your customers and your business; including valuing what your worth is. The ideas of Collaboration and Competition and how they interact with the greatest business people today. Amateurs compete, Pros create. Get more resources for this episode here:
Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing ERP Software Are you considering purchasing ERP software for your business? If so, tune in to this episode of Digital Stratosphere where Kyler Cheatham shares the top five questions you should ask before making any decisions. She'll also share some tips on what to look for in a good ERP system, and how to ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck. Don't miss out on this valuable information - listen now!
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Through His Word | Janet Borchard “Pray that they will grow in their faith – those who know the Lord. And that those who don’t know the Lord will come to know Him through His Word.” — Janet Borchard 
Hear stories from three continents as Bible translation advisor Janet Borchard shares her heart for people having God’s Word in their own language.
On the Shelf for August 2022 - The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 236 On the Shelf for August 2022
The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 236 with Heather Rose Jones
Your monthly roundup of history, news, and the field of sapphic historical fiction.
In this episode we talk about:
Call for submissions for the 2023 LHMP audio short story series. See here for details.
Daughter of Mystery is out in audiobook
Vintage Lesbians (podcast)
Recent and upcoming publications covered on the blogCastle, Terry. 1993. The Apparitional Lesbian. Columbia University Press, New York. iSBN 0-231-07653-3
Huebner, Sabine R. & Christian Laes (eds). 2019. The Single Life in the Roman and Later Roman World. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 978-1-108-47017-9

New and forthcoming fictionThe Valkyrie's Daughter by Tiana Warner
Infamous by Lex Croucher
My Lady's Shadow: Power and intrigue in Medieval France by Coirle Mooney
The Lady's Keeper by Coirle Mooney
The Cloistered Lady by Coirle Mooney
Set in Stone by Stela Brinzeanu
Mademoiselle Revolution by Zoe Sivak
The Inconvenient Heiress (The Spinsters of Inverley #1) by Jane Walsh
Ashthorne by April Yates
The Lady Adventurers Club by Karen Frost
The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones
The Oleander Sword (Burning Kingdoms 2) by Tasha Suri

What I’ve ConsumedThe Grief of Stones by Katherine Addison
An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

This month we interview Rebecca Fraimow and talk about:The Yiddish theatre in late 19th c Russia and after
Rebecca’s series of queer Jewish historic fantasy stories
Sienna, Noam (ed). 2019. A Rainbow Thread: An Anthology of Queer Jewish Texts from the First Century to 1969. Print-O-Craft, Philadelphia. ISBN 978-0-9905155-6-2 (link is to LHMP blog entry)
“Further Arguments In Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman” by Rebecca Fraimow (Podcastle)
“Shaina Rubin Keeps Her Head Under Circumstances Nobody Could Have Expected” by Rebecca Fraimow (Podcastle)
“Gitl Schneiderman Learns to Live With Her In-Laws” by Rebecca Fraimow (Podcastle)
“God of Vengeance” by Sholem Asch (Wikipedia link for Sholem Asch)
Indecent xx (link to
”Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” by Rebecca Fraimow (in Kaleidotrope)

A transcript of this podcast is available here. (Interview transcripts added when available.)
Links to the Lesbian Historic Motif Project Online
Twitter: <a href="https://t
Is it necessary to apply hair oil compulsorily every day without fail? #AskDrJohnWatts Is it necessary to apply hair oil compulsorily every day without fail?
Vamshi Krishna asks: “Sir, is it necessary to apply hair oil compulsorily every day without fail?
In his response, Dr John Watts tells Vamshi that applying hair oil regularly depends upon the condition of one’s hair. “If your hair is frizzy and looks dry, you must regularly use hair oil to gain lustre and moisturise the hair. But if you have an oily scalp, you need not apply hair oil,” he said, advising him to use Ayurvedic hair oil if he intends to improve hair growth.
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Can we apply minoxidil and coconut oil together? | Dr John Watts #AskDrJohnWatts Can we apply minoxidil and coconut oil together? | Dr John Watts
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* Trichos is ultimate destination for high quality hair transplant
* We are dedicated to provide real, permanently long lasting and growing hair that look natural.
* We have been awarded best hair transplant clinic in south India.
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3rd Floor no.1, Above Aishwarya fertility ,
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Call or WhatsApp : +91 6303151659
Call or WhatsApp : +91 8008003115
#412 The Controlled demolition of free speech Articles: Our Sponsors:Wise Wolf Gold & Silver Emergency Food – Prepping- Water Filtration  Social: Instagram: @arterburnradio Podcast RSS: Apple Podcast:  Mail: 827 West Main Street #201            Branson MO, 65616  Donate:$wisewolfgold Bitcoin:  bc1qg36y6nkfcjr62wflz4ngyrzsauejkj4mp0xxwk
Wojacked Up, AoT#359 Wojacks are the most hideous thing to grace the internet, but they are immensely popular. Machines are programming us to only pay attention to men over six feet four inches tall.  Topics include: technical issues, internet, social media, apps, living through technology, Wojack memes
Shifting Eras In The Age of Transitions, AoT#360 The so-called great powers of the world are all doing their best to build up, gain control, and take advantage of all they possibly can in a world that becomes increasingly complex. Where this all leads, no one knows, but it will surely be a rocky ride ahead.  Topics include: chatroom scuffle, mainstream and fringe narratives, rapid speed of change, systems beyond human control, intelligence community, Counterterrorism Era, great powers competition, 2016 sea change, geopolitics, world militaries, intelligentized warfare, machine learning, emerging technologies, Russian influence in US elections, information warfare, political divides, lack of national cohesion, many agendas of different players, technological competition with China, Chinese capitalist purge, Jack Ma, WeChat, American Factory, IT, cybersecurity, evangelical holy war, skewed ideas about American Founding Fathers, Great Replacement theory, white genocide, weaponization of alternative groups, Alex Jones, phone records released, January 6 Commission
Ted Talk 146: 14 Weight Loss Lessons I Learned in 23+ Years of Coaching If you were offered the knowledge of a lifetime about fat loss summed up in a 30-minutes podcast episode, would you take it? In this episode, Ted reveals the 14 most valuable lessons he learned in 23+ years of coaching people on how to lose fat. Listen Now!
515: Your Future Self Will Thank You. A Must Listen Episode What would you tell your younger self if you could travel back in time? If you knew what you know now, wouldn't you be ahead on your journey? In this episode, Ted shares the lessons he learned after years of blood, sweat, and tears that helped him crack the code of body transformation, elevate his lifestyle, and grow his business. Listen now!
Being an effective hypocrite w/ Jacy Tackett I have an amazing human to introduce you to this week.  My client, coach colleague, academic and fellow ADHDer, Jacy Tackett.  We started with hypocrisy, detoured through philosophy, got a little caught up with duality in coaching, cruzed around in sales processes and ended up with consent and so much more between.  It has been such a pleasure to be on her team and I’m thrilled to share her with you.We had so much fun together I had to split it up into two episodes.  Can’t wait to see you there.Get full show notes and more info here:
Entrepreneurship & Sales w/ Jacy Tackett I have an amazing human to introduce you to this week.  My client, coach colleague, academic and fellow ADHDer, Jacy Tackett.  We started with hypocrisy, detoured through philosophy, got a little caught up with duality in coaching, cruzed around in sales processes and ended up with consent and so much more between.  It has been such a pleasure to be on her team and I’m thrilled to share her with you.We had so much fun together I had to split it up into two episodes.  Can’t wait to see you there.Get full show notes and more info here:
The Transition Ep. 86 - 'Everyday Struggle' We took a hiatus...But NO more!
We're back on the road to 100 episodes, and this week we discuss what we've been up to over the past few months.
Enjoy the show!
Connect with US:
Episode #024-The dream the lead me in a new direction If you're like me then you don't put a lot of stock into a dream. Most of my dreams are meaningless and a little bit on the crazy side. They seem to have no rhyme or reason...that is until last night. It was an incredible reminder of something most of us forget and it is directly tied to our overall sense of purpose and happiness. It's so powerful, check it out.
The Final Vision pt 3 (Daniel 11) Click or tap here to watch on YouTube.
126 - Shaman Sisters: Walking Together on the Ayahuasca Shamanic Path | Andrea Lee Today I have on the show Andrea Lee. Andrea Lee, B.S.N., R.N. is the founder and CEO of Mindful Cube, a consulting company dedicated to helping individuals learn skills to live more fully in the present moment by skillfully working with difficult thoughts, sensations and emotions that arise. She is also an RN who has spent the majority of her career building oncology nurse navigation programs that bridge gaps in our fragmented healthcare system and improve quality of care for patients and providers. Andrea has been working with ayahuasca and plant medicine for almost 3 years now and is in the process of learning to become an ayahuasca  facilitator & shaman. I have been lucky enough to be on the shamanic path with Andrea the past 3 years. Topics we cover are: what it requires to become an Ayahuasca facilitator and shaman, working with plants spirits, what a shamanic dieta is & the importance of it in becoming a facilitator, working with unpredictability & the liminal state of groundlessness, teachings from the Redwood tree, more teachings from Ayahuasca just from last weekend, perfectionism, self doubt, shame, following your purpose. Enjoy!Connect with Andrea for Kambo, mindfulness coaching or sound healing:
124 - Stranger Things with Mr. Clarke | Randy Havens Today I have on the show Randy Havens! You may know him best from Stranger Things (2016) playing middle school teacher, Mr. Clarke, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) playing Dr. Tim Mancini, and Instant Family (2018) playing Michael. I know Randy because we have been drinking Ayahuasca together for about a year. I wanted to invite Randy on to talk all things, stranger things…including the very strange world of Ayahuasca!
Medicine Song (Icaro): Sequoia Ayahuasca forms the foundation of the indigenous plant medicine traditions of the Western Amazonian Shamanism, but the dieta plays a crucial role in building upon that foundation. It could be considered the support beams of the tradition, upon which the rest of the structure is built. So what is a dieta? In simple terms, a dieta is a contract made between a curandero, or student of curanderismo, and a particular plant spirit. For several days the dieter communes with the plant with no other distractions. No salt, sugar, spices, sex, touching others, electronics, or distractions. Food choices are limited to plantains, veggies and also fish if not vegetarian. The purpose of the dieta is to build a relationship with the plant spirit, and just like with building relationships with other people, the more sincere, honest, and well-intentioned attention a dieter gives to the plant spirit, the better the relationship will be. The spirit of the plant can be felt on subtle levels and dieters can become more aware of those sensations by directing their attention to them. A special bond is formed, a friendship between the dieter and the plant spirit. It is through this friendship that the curandero or student receives benefit from the relationship, the fruits of the dieta. This new friend provides information, guidance, and energy to assist in their personal healing process & can then call in these spirits into Ayahuasca ceremony to assist the passengers in their healing process. When dieting Sequoia last September, I experienced this massive tree as a gentle giant. His spirit was a beautiful purple color and this sweet melody came to me softly as I was looking out the window into the bright sky. As I hummed the melody the words & teachings came shortly after. Sequoia brings a sense of grounding and stability. If you are feeling swept up by life right now, listen to this Icaro to help calm your sweet soul back to your heart. Much love, Colleen
125 - Living a Courageous Life, Following Your Heart, Healing Trauma, Conscious Relationships & More! This podcast is an update on my life and musing on Ayahuasca&apos;s teachings, following your calling/purpose, different types of relating - monogamous and non-monogamous, conscious relationships, manifestation, courage, trauma healing, interoception and faulty signals our bodies can give us due to past trauma, and how to listen your intuition & following your heart. Note: I know that Top Gun is the Navy, not the Air Force! This podcast is a vulnerable one & it&apos;s not perfect & much more going into these ponderings that weren&apos;t presented today!
Medicine Song (Icaro): Agua De Florida Ayahuasca icaros, or ikaros, are traditional indigenous Amazonian songs that are performed as accompaniment to sacred plant healing ceremonies. They are musical prayers that embody the powers of spirits of plants and animals, deities, ancestors, and elemental forces. Channeled into this reality by Ayahuasca facilitators and Shamans, they are employed as efficient healing agents, powerful spirit weapons, or ineffable realm creators. Shamans learn icaros through years of training and communing with the plants, whose powers they are to use in healing or divinatory purposes. This training is commonly known as the ‘dieta,’ During the ‘dieta,’ shamans spend days & weeks in isolation from the community (but, not uncommonly, alongside other shamans in training), fasting on a basic diet which includes rice & plantains with no salt. They commune with the Master Plant once or a few times per day slowly gathering power, insight, and knowledge from the spirit world. Aside from food, they abstain from all other activities as well, leaving ample space for the Master Plant Teacher lessons to come through. Over the course of their training, future shamans slowly establish a strong connection with their plant teachers. As this resonance grows, the dreams, artistic inspiration and aptitude of the shaman diversify and develop as well. At some point, the apprentices are gifted with songs and chants, which they are to use for calling forth the lost souls and their spirit allies, and strengthening or modulating the actions of the plant spirits. I was gifted this haunting Icaro while I dieted an organic version of Agua De Florida. Florida Water is a mixture of several plants and has been used for centuries by healers for protection, cleansing and personal rituals. It is known as the Shaman&apos;s cleanse.
Mapping your Faith Journey: How to Receive God's Promises Sometimes in our lives, the situations around us tend to drown the voice of God. We become so conscious of the world around us that we begin to become deaf to the voice of the Spirit. At such times, it is important that we return to the last thing God said to us.

How do you listen to the voice of God?
How do you retrace your steps to the last instruction if you missed your step?
How can you rebuild your faith and confidence in God?

The thoughts shared here will stir in you a desire to press in on God again and fire you up for the journey ahead.
New Era: Birthing The New Season For everyone, there comes a time when the season changes. Those who are aware of it prepare better and make the transition almost seamlessly. Others just grope in the dark and allow life to happen to them. If you sense that there ought to have been a new season for you, then these declarations would boost your faith to lay hold of it. Declare them. Believe them. And more importantly, share the video with others.
S4 Ep14: TCRNo8 / Going Somewhere (DOC 05) Tom moves on to CP3, and reports on the action from the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. Expect a packed pod, full with rider, organiser, and volunteer chat as the heat builds literally, and at the sharp end of the Race. With leader Adam only stopping for 9-minutes, we're amazed he was happy spending half of it talking to us...

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
S4 Ep15: TCRNo8 / DAILY 10 - Berserk Mode In this tenth episode of the Transcontinental DAILY series, Tom hosts alongside regular guests Rob Quirk and Beccy Waters. The main topics include pushing for the finish line, the limits of racing, rushing to reach control point cut-offs, and the listener question of the day - are bikepackers camels? 

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
S4 Ep16: TCRNo8 / DAILY 11 - Detours In this eleventh episode of the Transcontinental DAILY series, Tom hosts alongside regular guests Rob Quirk and Karen Tostee. Race Reporter, Ross, joins and gives insight from his time following and meeting the riders over the last few days. Listeners question the challenges for fuelling properly on the TCR with dietary requirements, like veganism, vegetarian and gluten-free...

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
S4 Ep11: TCRNo8 / DAILY 07 - Multi-Purpose Tears In this seventh episode of the Transcontinental DAILY series, Rob and Karen host whilst Tom makes the final . The main topics include the CP2 cutoff yesterday, and the sharp end of the Race as the front riders make their way towards Romania. Listener questions spark debate into the characters and psychology behind the cap numbers.

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
S4 Ep12: TCRNo8 / DAILY 08 - Holding Back In this eighth episode of the Transcontinental DAILY series, Tom is back to host with Rob, Karen and special guest James Hayden (TCR Veteran and Winner). The main topics include the Danube dash for the critical ferries, the benefits of scouting a race route, the psychological benefits of using the internet and Social Media, and the gravel parcours...

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
S4 Ep13: TCRNo8 / DAILY 09 - Ice Cream Circus In this ninth episode of the Transcontinental DAILY series, Rob and Karen host alongside special guest Josh Ibbett (TCR Veteran and Winner). The main topics include the Danube as a mental as well as physical barrier and more ferry chat as the Race reaches its climax, ice-cream consumption analysis, and questions over the media surrounding the Race...

Hosting, Production & Editing: Tom Probert
Music: Joe Skinner
The Life of a Disciple If you think you know it all, you’re immediately stuck. Interrupting a cycle of suffering involves using your authority and coming into agreement with God’s path. Anything you don’t surrender to the path of “living in the way” restricts you from the ability to maintain and sustain your inheritance.
The EU’s Quarterly Economic Forecast, Summer 2022 This episode features Balazs Parkanyi, Counsellor for Economic and Financial Affairs at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, in conversation with Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, Executive Director of the EACCNY. Their discussion centers around the European Union’s Summer 2022 Economic Forecast and offers an overview of the toll of the war in Ukraine, a deep-dive into inflation (its causes and effects), the EU labor market, EU policy responses, including a look ahead into 2023.Balazs Parkanyi is Counsellor for Economic and Financial Affairs at the DELEGATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION TO THE U.S. His primary areas of responsibility include US economic and economic policy developments, transatlantic economic relations and relations between the EU and multilateral financial institutions, mainly the IMF. Prior to joining the Delegation, Balazs held various positions in the European Commission Directorate General for Economic and Financial affairs (DG ECFIN).He spent five years at the International Monetary Fund as Advisor to European Executive Directors. Prior to joining the European Commission, he was a macroeconomic modeller at the central bank of Hungary.  Balazs holds a Master&apos;s Degree in Economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest and an MPhil Degree in Economics from the Central European University.
9. Future of Finance: The Metaverse Welcome to our ninth episode of a look into the crystal ball on &quot;The Future of Finance.&quot; In this episode, learn more from Jibran Ahmed, Managing Director and Head of Digital Delivery within Wholesale Transformation at HSBC and Feargal O’Sullivan, Founder & CEO of USAM Group as they discuss the impact of the metaverse on the financial industry. Jibran &apos;Jibs&apos; Ahmed, Head of Digital Delivery within Wholesale Transformation, HSBC:Jibs joined HSBC in July of 2021 with responsibility for driving our core change delivery, combining digital transformation skills, business and functional knowledge, and high technology literacy. Before joining HSBC – Jibran (Jibs) worked as a Management Consultant with 15 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector designing and delivering innovative digital solutions for both large banks and fintechs. Specialities: Digital transformation, architecture design, Blockchain, RPA, Machine Learning, Data Analytics.Feargal O’Sullivan, Founder & CEO, USAM Group:USAM’s Chief Executive Officer, Feargal, is a proven business leader with the rare ability to blend business acumen and deep technical knowledge. With over 20 years of experience at BlackRock, Reuters, and NYSE, Feargal understands the needs of clients and vendors in equal measure.Both HSBC and USAM Group are members of the EACCNY.
Lessons Learned (Season 2 Finale) And with that, Season 2 of the Queer Joy Podcast comes to an end. Join Keely and Melisa as they recap the first half of the year in the season finale. Hear it all on this episode; where these two relationship therapists explore what it looks like to see joy in queer relationships. Shop at As You Like It here: Connective Therapy Collective website: Rebel Heart website: FB & IG: @connectivetherapycollective
From the Queer Vault: Tara I decided to reach into the BIG QUEER vault and re-release this episode. Tara even sings an original song for us. 
Listen to their stories. Learn it from their mouths. Love their journey. 
for more information and exciting news visit:
Listen. Learn. Love.
What is Liberation? What is Liberation?Air Date: Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PSTSadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati at Parmarth Niketan discusses the following topics and answers questions from seekers from around the world during her Satsang from the banks of the holy Ganga River:~ How Do We Deal With the Cycle of Birth & Death?~ Is it Salvation or Liberation?~ How do You Stop Yourself from Doing Something Wrong?~ What is Liberation?~ How Can We Purify the Soul?#Liberation #Spirituality #SadhviBhagawatiSaraswati #InspirationAndTransformationVisit the Inspiration and Transformation show page more about Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati on her Host Page Sadhvi Bhagawati SaraswatiSadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, Ph.D., was raised in an American family in Hollywood, California, and graduated from Stanford University. She was completing her Ph.D. in Psychology when she left America in 1996 to live at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India. She has been living there for the past 24 years, engaged in spiritual practice and service.Sadhviji was officially initiated into the order of Sanyas (monastic renunciation) in the year 2000 by her Guru, His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, one of India’s most revered spiritual leaders and the President of Parmarth Niketan.At Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, where Sadhviji lives most of the year, she gives daily spiritual discourses and Satsang, teaches meditation, provides counseling, and oversees a myriad of charitable and humanitarian projects.Sadhviji leads discourses and question-answer sessions on topics ranging from Indian spirituality to the bridge between science and spirituality to the keys of true happiness and meaning in daily life and teaches meditation to seekers from every corner of the globe. She travels worldwide, giving spiritual discourses, question-answer sessions, and meditation courses. Her talks blend the knowledge and logic of the West with the insights, spirituality, and wisdom of the East.Connect with Sadhvi at https://www.sadhviji.orgSubscribe to our Newsletter with OMTimes on Facebook and OMTimes Radio
Working Pains: Finding Hope In A Repetitive Cycle All of us have to work in order for us to survive but sometimes we forget to reflect on what we want in order to live the life that we want. Sometimes we allow societies expectations and rules to dictate our future, even if that means that we will be unhappy. If you’re someone who’s tired of working and feel like there’s no way out, tune into this episode for some thoughtful insight.


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Leonard H. Calabrese, DO - Recognition and Management of Axial Spondyloarthritis: Best Practices for Family Medicine Physicians Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. In this activity, an expert discusses the recognition of axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) and integrating the latest evidence into the management of patients with axSpA. Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to: Identify the specific domains of axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) and their relationship to quality of life; Apply classification criteria and diagnostic tests into clinical practice to identify axSpA in patients with inflammatory back pain; Assess efficacy and safety data related to novel biologic options for axSpA, recognizing the potential clinical impact on the management of patients who do not respond well to traditional pharmacologic therapies; Employ treatment plans for individual patients with axSpA in accordance with current evidence, expert recommendations, and patient needs and preferences; and Collaborate with rheumatologists to provide optimal treatment and longitudinal support for patients with axSpA.
Hussein A. Tawbi, MD, PhD - New Rules for Sequential Care in BRAF-Mutated Melanoma: Rethinking Upfront Selection and Sequencing of Immunotherapy and Targeted Agents in Metastatic Disease Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. Treatment advances in metastatic melanoma have been characterized by the use of immunotherapy, including PD-1 and CTLA-4 checkpoint inhibitors, as well as targeted agents in BRAF-mutated disease—and collectively these modalities represent the driving forces leading to improved clinical outcomes across disease settings. How will new evidence change this current paradigm? In this MasterClass & Case Forum video activity, based on a live event at the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting, an expert panel explores the latest practice-changing clinical evidence for managing BRAF-mutated melanoma, while providing case-based practical guidance on modern treatment decisions with immunotherapy and targeted agents. Learn how these experts are using novel immune-based options in this setting to improve outcomes for their patients with BRAF-mutated disease. Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to: Cite current evidence on the efficacy of modern sequential approaches to using immunotherapy and targeted regimens in the setting of BRAF-mutated, metastatic melanoma; Utilize optimized strategies with immunotherapy components for the initial and sequential management of patients with BRAF-mutated, metastatic melanoma; and Develop team-based, collaborative strategies for managing toxicity associated with the sequential use of immunotherapy and targeted agents in patients with metastatic melanoma.
Laurent Miéville: Unitec When Laurent Miéville met one of his first mentors at Stanford University, he was told that Switzerland was about to become a hotspot for innovation and so he made the decision to return and join, in 1998, the University of Geneva where he set up the tech transfer office, Unitec.

He’s led the office ever since, and in that time saw the sector in Europe evolve into the profession it is today. He was president of ASTP from 2007 to 2009 and also found time to write a book, in 2010, looking at how corporations can better collaborate with universities. Over the past decade, that situation has improved in many regards, though Laurent laments the increasing legal complexities of licensing deals.
In this interview, he also talks about how Unitec helps refugees become entrepreneurs and reveals what sectors offer promising opportunities around Lake Geneva (spoiler: despite the abundance of banks in Geneva, fintech isn’t yet one of them).
&#8220;Funk Game Loop&#8221; Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Own your Sh*t!! Today on the podcast I come to you after a long break and we talk about the key steps to taking ownership. To own our life and our actions. To stop passing blame, to be intentional along with exercising forgiveness. I hope you enjoy and sorry for the long hiatus.
5 minute motivation Today is a quick motivational pep talk about pushing through those test days. Pushing through the anguish and anxiety. Pushing through to the version of yourself that provides you comfort and bliss. As I say in here, “this to shall pass”. It’s temporary.
Ep 76 - Huang Fan and Zero with The Hugonauts “Unmasking a universally accepted lie or overturning an irreplaceable idol will produce something akin to a mental collapse.”

In the seventy sixth episode of The Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast we are hitting Zero (零 / líng). Joining me on deck are The Hugonauts, as we navigate a dystopian world that might be a postmodern riff on 1984 by amorphous author Huang Fan, or might be something far more sinister. All seasoned rebels know: sometimes you crash the system, and sometimes the system crashes you.
READ: Cao Kou’s The Wall Builder, translated by a pair of familiar names
Can Xue’s Mystery Train now available for preorder in the US
Yan Ge nears the end of draft 1 of a new (in a sense) Chinese language novel
 SFRA publishes Xi Liu’s Stories on Sexual Violence as “Thought Experiments”: Post-1990s Chinese Science Fiction as an Example
East Asian astroturf: a flood of “books” on Taiwan, China, and Nancy Pelosi hits Amazon

(理 - lǐ  - reason)
Angus’ musical pairing: Way out of Here by Porcupine Tree
The ‘four industrial revolutions’ theory
The PRC’s blocking of Wikipedia and efforts to ‘delete’ Tiananmen 1989 from collective memory
Postwar Taiwan as a US-backed, far-right dictatorship
Hao Jingfang’s Folding Beijing and its win at The Hugo Awards

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SuperModel Damia Gordon AKA Sassy, On How To Be Confident! With Samia Bano Imagine being told you're ugly, you have a big nose, you're short, you're fat, that you will never amount to anything... Imagine the suffering such #BodyShaming causes. Learn how #Supermodel Damia Gordon AKA Sassy, turned such #TraumaIntoTriumph and became #ConfidentlyBeautiful and #UnapologeticallyConfident -- And that's not all! Damia is the CEO of Confident Curvess, LLC & #Author of “The Little Black Book of Modeling: Beginner & Intermediate Career Guide”. Through her work, Damia is now inspiring and guiding others to #liveyourdream and #beconfident!Want to #Party with #DamiaGordon? Join her on August 21st, 2022 at her upcoming party! It is all about promoting positivity & confidence. Plus there will be a Best Dressed Model Competition, Food, & Other Festivities. RSVP at: out Damia's book at: connected with Damia through her Free subscription! can also connect with Damia on your fav social media site.- - TikTok: @sassyclassymodel#confidenceboost #confidentwoman #confidentcurves---------------------------ABOUT SAMIA:Samia Bano is the #HappinessExpert, author, speaker, podcaster & coach for coaches and healers. Samia is most known for her book, 'Make Change Fun and Easy' and her #podcast of the same name. With the help of her signature Follow Your Heart Process™, a unique combination of #PositivePsychology and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective #ChangeMakers, Samia helps you overcome #LimitingBeliefs, your chains of fear, to develop a #PositiveMindset and create the impact and income you desire with fun and ease…Samia’s advanced signature programs include the Happiness 101 Class and the Transformative Action Training.Samia is also a Certified #ReikiHealer and Crisis Counselor working to promote #MentalHealthAwareness. Samia models #HeartCenteredLeadership and business that is both #SociallyResponsible and #EnvironmentallyFriendly.Samia is a practicing #Muslim with an inter-spiritual approach. As someone who has a love and appreciation for diversity, she is a #BridgeBuilder between people of different faiths and cultures. Although Samia currently lives in California, USA, she has lived in 3 other countries and speaks Hindi, Urdu, and English fluently. To Book your Free HAPPINESS 101 EXPLORATION CALL with Samia, click:
103// Detoxing Is Not A Green Smoothie Detoxing is one of those hot words that is thrown around in the health community like a cool-kid fad. “I need to detox.” “This product detoxes your body.” “I’m detoxing.” “I bought this infrared sauna to detox.”But, as you might have figured out in your own life, just because you did something that is supposed to detox you - like green smoothies - it might not have cured all your problems. Why? Turns out - there are 7 pathways to detoxing. AND - 3 steps to truly detox ANY toxin from your body. On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about these 7 pathways, 3 steps, green smoothies, and MORE. I am so excited to be jumping into this topic with you today. It’s time to be empowered with knowledge. EPISODES MENTIONED:Ep. 66// 6 Reasons Your Doctor is Reading Your Blood Labs Wrong + How You Can Do It BetterEp. 55// The One Question You Need to Ask to Know If You Have a Gut Pathogen LINKS FROM THE SHOW:Virtual clients: Apply for the Foundations Program WaitlistCurious? Learn more about the Foundations ProgramLocal to metro-Detroit? Book a New Client Evaluation at our in-person officeIf our office scheduler is full, join the waitlist to be notified as soon as a New Client appointment opens!Leave a Rating and Review  - because you love us!  FREE RESOURCES:Download my Free Constipation Relief Guide Have a question you want answered on the show? Send me your question to, and it may get featured on the show! CONNECT:Facebook → @betterbellytherapiesInstagram → @betterbellytherapiesWebsite → *This episode was first published at
The Emergence of Global Data Networks #98. In this episode, Darren reminisces with Chetan Venkatesh, CEO of MacroMeta. Venkatesh has a long history of data management from the beginning days of Grid Computing and has started MacroMeta to tackle data management across the globally dispersed edge, data centers, and clouds.

Make Sure You’re Taking Care of Yourself On this episode of the Transition, I stress the importance of making sure you’re taking care of yourself by getting back in the gym. I know the hustle porn out there that tries to sell you all these different life hacks, that's not what I’m talking about.
Episode CXVIII - What Will You Become? w/ King Tom Chansky! Episode 118 is live!!
This week i'm joined by none other than the King himself, King Tom Chansky!!
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Loud & Queer: Stonewall Myths and Queer History Quizzes w/ Brooke Khaki Local drag queen Brooke Khaki joins Sammy and Liz to take a pop quiz on queer history; we learn, laugh and love along the way. Sammy and Brooke also chat Stonewall myths thanks to a recent article from Pink News.
Keep up with Brooke: @brooke_khaki
Originally Broadcast: 31/07/2022
Make sure you listen to Loud & Queer live Sundays from 3-4pm, you'll here more talks and great queer music. Tune in to SYN 90.7FM, listen online at or search for SYN on digital streaming platforms.
June Jones - Goblin Mindset
Katie Day - sharp teeth
Alice Skye - Stay In Bed
Angel Haze - The Altar
Okay Kaya - Asexual Wellbeing
Stev Zar - Schadenfreude
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Interview with Felicia D. Henderson: The Council of Lesbians We were fortunate enough to have showrunner and legend Felicia D. Henderson join us! We had a real and genuine conversation about racism in Hollywood, what creating a diverse workplace really means, and of course her vision for Calliette and First Kill. This chat happened before the cancellation of the show, but we feel like this conversation was too good to not share with you!
Designing Inclusive Social Innovation with Jordana Armstrong Social innovation refers to the creation of a new product, approach, program etc. that supports social change. Inclusive social innovation is social innovation that has diversity, equity, and inclusion principles at its core.  Inclusive Social Innovation is fundamental to all of the impactful work being done by the Social Innovation Hub (SIH) at the University of Calgary, of which today’s guest, Jordana Armstrong, is the Director. During this episode, Jordana shares the meandering journey that led her to her current position, an overview of the programs that the SIH has implemented to support social innovation, and some of the many success stories to come out of the SIH. Jordana’s advice to anyone looking to enhance social innovation at their own institution: start with curiosity!    In This Episode: [00:51] Introducing Director of the Social Innovation Hub (SIH) at the University of Calgary (UC), Jordana Armstrong. [02:10] Jordana shares the atypical journey that led her to her current position.   [05:19] The role of the SIH at UC, and the story of its evolution.   [09:15] Defining social innovation, and how it differs from commercialization.  [12:01] The people who make up Jordana’s growing team at the SIH.  [15:41] Programs and services that the SIH provides for social enterprises that come out of UC. [19:49] A deep dive into UC’s CATALYZE Program. [22:36] Funding opportunities that are available to social enterprises in the SIH.  [28:35] Jordana’s advice for people looking to enhance social innovation in their institutions.  [31:44] Some of the SIH’s many social enterprise success stories.  [36:18] The biggest challenges that Jordana and her team are facing.   [39:19] The SIH’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  [43:13] Jordana’s hopes for the future of social innovation in Alberta, and in the SIH.   Find Jordana: Email LinkedIn Innovate Calgary
S03 E04 AUSIT’s In Touch Magazine – August 2022 Issue, Hayley Armstrong, Managing Editor In Touch is the official magazine of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators. In this episode, Hayley gives Fatih a sneak preview of the upcoming August 2022 issue of the magazine. If you have any questions for Hayley regarding the magazine or would like to contribute, you can email her on Guest Bio: Hayley is the current Managing Editor of AUSIT&apos;s In Touch Magazine. She is also a Spanish to English translator and interpreter specialising in the legal and business areas. Hayley grew up in Brisbane/Sunshine Coast, and has been based in Guadalajara, Mexico, for the last 13 years and has interpreted for the US Consulate in Guadalajara, Monterrey Institute of Technology, and translated for the Guadalajara International Book Fair. She has recently arrived back in her hometown, Sunshine Coast.
Mapping Your Passion During this interview with Marnie and guest, Kay Hall, you’ll discover:
What passion is (from a godly worldview)Why Christians need to understand its role in life and ministryWhere passion comes fromThe simple process of identifying your unique passionsHow to access and use it in a God-honoring wayHow to release your passionate self for supernatural results
Kay Hall is a certified professional life coach, speaker and the author of “Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame,” a book under contract to be a movie. Through her own life challenges and victories, Kay leads all women. Especially those who are post-abortive, beyond shame and into forgiveness, grace and redemption.

Learn more at and invite Kay to speak at your upcoming event via
Kinks with Kai This episode, Haley teamed up with Kai of @Rotten_Treasure for one of the kinkiest episodes of the entire show. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a partner into the same things, in the same general geographic area--before Grindr, Craigslist, or  KinkD, there were personal ads in the local LGBTQ magazine. Listen as we match with voyeurs, foot worshippers,  Gumdrop Danglers, and more! (Personal ads begin around 1 hour and 2 minutes.) We mentioned: Amanda Hess, “The Foot Fetish Brain Map,” Washington City Paper, 13 April 2010. Justin Lehmiller, “Rats With Jacket Fetishes? What Animal Sex Studies Reveal About The Origin Of Unusual Sexual Interests,” Sex and Psychology, 16 January 2015. Gayle Rubin, “South of Market Gay Leather History: A Short History and Walking Tour,” San Francisco Frontiers, 20 September 2001. Kelsey Borresen, “The Difference Between A Fetish And Kink, According To Sex Experts,” Huffington Post, 25 July 2018. “English Rockers in Leather” Gay Leather Fetish History, &quot;Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice&quot; by Caroll Truscott. JP Larocque, “A brief history of BDSM: From Sparta to Weimar Germany, kink has always been part of our sexuality” 13 November 2014. Cameron Glover, “It’s Time to Recenter Kink and BDSM as Part of Radical Queer History” Slate, 7 November 2018.J Raúl Cornier, Hanky Panky: An Abridged History of the Hanky Code, 23 April 2019.Palmer Haasch and Canela López, “The debate over &apos;kink at Pride&apos; divides the internet, but the kink community has been part of queer protest and celebration since Stonewall” Insider, 7 June 2021.We read: Drummer extras,  “Tough Customers 4” published  c. 1990s. The Washington Blade (Washington, DC) , 27 November 1998. OUT FRONT (Denver, CO) 15 February 1991Outweek (NYC) 11 July 1990Outweek (NYC) 8 Sep 1990Southern voice (Atlanta, GA) February 17 and 23, 1994 The Body politic (Toronto, Canada), March 1984 The San Francisco Bay times. (California), Sep 1989Support the show
#239 Queens, Riots, & Pox On Today’s Menu on Marsha’s Plate
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S02 Ep96 Rise as Inspired By Christopher Martin On May 25, 2020, Christopher Martin, then 18 years old, was working at a store in Minneapolis. A customer came in to buy cigarettes and Chris believed that he paid with a counterfeit $20 bill. Chris reported this to another employee who went out to talk to the customer. The police were called. Within a half hour, that customer, George Floyd, was dead and the officer who knealt on Floyd's neck, was found guilty of murder. Following this tragedy, Chris experienced profound guilt and wondered if he had done the right thing. Chris described his experiences and his motivation to rise for George Floyd in his TEDx Fargo talk in July 2022. #TEDxFargo ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Ever Better Today: the daily podcast for creating your optimal business, career, or overall life in ten minutes or less. I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Ever Better Coaching and Consulting. Let’s jump in! -------------------------------------------- From his TEDx Fargo talk, here are some of Christopher Martin’s lessons for rising after a difficult experience… Recognize that you should not take on burdens not meant for you. It can be tough to discern which are your burdens. Chris ultimately realized that George Floyd’s murder was not his fault.  Acknowledge that you cannot control circumstances.  You can only do the best you know how to do in the moment.  Tell someone if you are not feeling well mentally. Get help. Your mindset matters. Saying “I’m fine” doesn’t help you to rise.  Call 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the U.S.  ---------------------------------------------- To learn more about working with Ever Better, send me an email here or book a complimentary call with me here
S02 Ep 97 What's the Worst Behavior That You Tolerate? At TEDx Fargo, Randy Hedberg, Associate Head Coach and Quarterbacks Coach for the North Dakota State University (NDSU) football team, described the principles and cultural touchpoints that guide his team’s culture.  Between 2011 and 2022, the NDSU Bisons won nine national titles. So their culture is one to be studied!  One of Hedberg’s lessons that stood out for me was:  The daily environment of Bison football is shaped by the worst behavior the leaders are willing to tolerate. Coaches and all Bison teammates pay attention to behaviors that might drag the team down and behaviors that might elevate the team.  This is a philosophy that everyone should apply in business and in every other aspect of life.  Don’t tolerate a horrible culture.  Instead, be a catalyst for change!  #TEDxFargo ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Ever Better Today: the daily podcast for creating your optimal business, career, or overall life in ten minutes or less. I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Ever Better Coaching and Consulting. Let’s jump in! ----------------------------------------------- How to apply the “worst behavior tolerated” philosophy to your life.  Business If you’re a business owner or senior leader, you are responsible for modeling your culture. Don’t tolerate or personally demonstrate inappropriate behavior.  Leadership happens at all levels. If you’re not a senior leader, you have the ability to speak up and report inappropriate behavior.    For example, if you see that someone is being bullied in your workplace and you remain silent, you contribute to the tolerance of that behavior.  Family If you’re a part of a family with unhealthy dynamics, consider how you can make a difference for this generation and the next.  If you’re not sure how to make a difference, talk to someone else who might be able to help. What situations are you tolerating? ---------------------------------------------- To learn more about working with Ever Better, send me an email here or book a complimentary call with me here
S02 Ep98 Coach Question Friday - What is Community? It's Coach Question Friday when I ask you to consider a coaching question. What does community mean to you? How can you help to create it? These coaching questions were inspired by the entrepreneurial community in Fargo, ND, and TEDx Fargo that I discussed in episodes 94 through 97.  #TEDxFargo ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Ever Better Today: the daily podcast for creating your optimal business, career, or overall life in ten minutes or less. I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Ever Better Coaching and Consulting. Let’s jump in! ----------------------------------------------- What is a Community? For me, a community is a group of people that support each other and… A community does not have to be limited by geography. A community can be virtual. A community should not be stagnant. Community members should come together on a regular basis and be open to new discussions. A community welcomes new people who add energy, engage in different ways, and generate new ideas. Members who left the community can be regarded as alumni or alumna.  Members who left are welcomed back to re-engage should they decide to rejoin the group. Communities should have fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Community members keep learning and taking risks together. What communities do you belong to? Consider these communities: Your family Your neighborhood  Professional associations Online groups like LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups Employees at the company you work for or own Individuals at your co-working space Alumni of schools and training programs you’ve attended How can you add more value and energy to your communities? ----------------------------------------------- To learn more about working with Ever Better, send me an email here or book a complimentary call with me here
S02 Ep94 Fargo TEDx - How to Build Community I was introduced to the Fargo, ND community in 2016 when a friend recommended that I invite Greg Tehven to be on the Ever Better Podcast. You can listen to that podcast here. That conversation with Greg continued as he introduced me to many other entrepreneurs and change-makers in Fargo. In July 2022, I spent almost a week in Fargo and thoroughly enjoyed seeing friends, some of whom I had never actually met in-person, meeting with clients in real life (IRL), and participating in fun, energizing, and inspiring experiences. It takes just one person to spark change and to get others engaged and involved. If you’ve got an idea you’ve been thinking about, start talking to others and make it happen! ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Ever Better Today: the daily podcast for creating your optimal business, career, or overall life in ten minutes or less. I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Ever Better Coaching and Consulting. Let’s jump in! ----------------------------------------------- In addition to TEDx, Emerging Prairie creates other opportunities in Fargo, ND for developing skills and creating ventures. These include:  Founders Only Retreat. Founders come together to share ideas and challenges and plan for the future in a relaxed environment. Emerging Digital Academy. Participants learn full stack software development skills, allowing them to get jobs immediately and help fuel the local economy. Startup brew. A weekly get-together where founder and community organizers share what's happening with their ventures and activities. Grand Farm is modeling the farm of tomorrow. Here are some of the ways Emerging Prairie created a memorable and impactful TEDx event.  Two days before TEDx, attendees were invited to participate in “curated dinners” where they had dinner with people they had never met before. This was beneficial to the participants as well as local restaurants.  When talks were not in progress, TEDx attendees enjoyed lawn games, live music, lunch, coffee, kite-flying, and other activities. The setup was a catalyst for meeting new people and hanging out with friends. After TEDx, participants enjoyed an after-party and an after-after-party! Encouraging participants to post on social media using #TEDxFargo ---------------------------------------------- To learn more about working with Ever Better, send me an email here or book a complimentary call with me here
S02 Ep95 Think Outside the Fence At TEDx Fargo, I was inspired to think outside the fence by John Doan from Black Leg Ranch. #TEDxFargo ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Ever Better Today: the daily podcast for creating your optimal business, career, or overall life in ten minutes or less. I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Ever Better Coaching and Consulting. Let’s jump in! ----------------------------------------------- In his TEDx Fargo talk, John Doan discussed how his family’s business continues to evolve. They introduced new business ventures within the ranch including:   A microbrewery Selling and shipping grass-fed beef and bison Hunting trips Events like weddings and retreats John discussed keeping the next generation engaged by thinking differently. Recognize that evolving is important for any business and beneficial to employees and owners. Acknowledge that you are ready to evolve the business by discussing ideas and preparing for change to happen over time.  Research new ways of doing things. This may take you back to traditional ways!   Get other people involved and excited about your ideas.  Hire new staff and interns to bring renewed energy to new ventures. How can you think outside the fence? ---------------------------------------------- To learn more about working with Ever Better, send me an email here or book a complimentary call with me here
| S4 | Episode 22 | Letting go of Ghosts | Part 5 | Season 4 | Arc 48 | Episode 22 | Letting go of Ghosts | Part 5
The ending of something but not of others. There are still things that need to be addressed.
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Men's mental health talk with Paul. This week I was glad to talk to Paul. He mentions mental health struggles, his clothing line and why men should talk about mental health.Find him here!
Tea Time and August Collective Tarot Reading 2022 🫖✨ Hello Beautiful lovelies! 💕 It’s me Auset, back with another episode!
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Discovering Your Authentic Self With Gayle Lynn Welcome to Life Transformation Radio

Today we are talking all about sex and relationships. You have been warned. In this episode, Gayle Lynn and I discuss how to discover your authentic self. So if you want to understand what it means to feel worthy, whole, and safe in your true knowledge of your authenticity so you can show up authentically in all types of relationships, tune in now!

In this episode, you'll discover:I discovered my authentic self I am worthy and whole I am living in a safe Universe


About Gayle Lynn

Gayle Lynn is a relationship coach specializing in non-traditional partnerships. She has a passion to help everyone have the relationship they desire, not what society, family or religion says. She empowers her clients to make educated choices about their relationships. She has no agenda and wants people to make their own choices, whether monogamous, open, polyamorous or swinging.


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August 5th 2022 Queer Voices Houston Chronicle Music Critic -- Women&apos;s Convention 2022 -- Queer Improv Jam (Station Theater)We speak with Houston Chronicle Music Critic, Joey Guerra about the recently released album from Beyonce, &quot;Renaissance&quot;. Joey Guerra is the music critic for the Houston Chronicle. He also covers various aspects of pop culture. He has reviewed hundreds of concerts and interviewed hundreds of celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Dolly Parton to Beyonce. He’s appeared as a regular correspondent on Fox26 and was head judge and director of the Pride Superstar singing competition for a decade. He has been named journalist of the year multiple times by both OutSmart Magazine and the FACE Awards. He also covers various aspects of pop culture, including the local drag scene and &quot;RuPaul&apos;s Drag Race.&quot;GUEST: Joey Guerra  We speak with Rachel Carmona, executive director of the Women&apos;s March. We discuss the upcoming Women&apos;s Convention to be held on August 12-14th at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The Women’s Convention is a weekend of workshops, strategy sessions, inspiring forums, creative expression, and intersectional movement building. It will be a place where cause, community, and creativity intersect. We will provide a space where people can meet, share common interests, and engage on issues of civic engagement, accelerated by pop culture. We will engage activists by melding traditional organizing programming with non-traditional programming, including salons, art spaces, screenings, social programming, and women’s workforce development. This convention will leverage the power of culture shift through skilling up and storytelling to create an empowered space of feminist momentum. This event will mobilize and unite movements for gender justice, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and environmental justice and bring thousands of participants to combine activism and creative expression among everyday people. GUEST:Rachel Carmona Improv Jam is an LGBTQIA+ improv jam for those who identify as QUEER, TRANS, LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, GENDERQUEER, and their allies!  This jam is 18+ and free of charge. All experience levels are welcome – no improv experience required. Please come as you are, that’s more than enough.  The Queer Improv Jam is a relaxed and non-intimidating event.It is a safe space to explore queer identities and relationships onstage. They want this to be a fun place to meet new people, create, and explore together.They’ll have a quick introduction to improv followed by some scenes onstage and a discussion at the end of the event.GUESTS: Jessica Brown and Aaron Michaels
RS90: What Will the Future of EV Recharging Infrastructure Look Like? Jason Gies knows that you don’t want your new electric medium-duty truck to run out of juice just because your route took it out of range distance. So, he’s talking to truck stop operators, shippers, regulators, policy makers, and people at the local power company to help architect a sustainable charging infrastructure - one that makes 600-kilowatt battery charging just as easy as plugging in that Chevy Volt. In this episode, RoadSigns’ Mike Freeze gets the buzzy Geis, Navistar's VP of eMobility Business Development, to spill the tea on everything from how fleets are charging now to how far policy makers are wiling to go to up the public charging game. Tune in, and you'll never go out of range again.

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Biggest Risks of an SAP S/4HANA Implementation Is your organization considering implementing SAP as your new ERP system? There are a number of risks that you should be aware of as you embark on your implementation journey. 
In this episode, Eric Kimberling explains the risks and mitigation tactics you should consider before you move forward with a SAP implementation. 
DOWNLOAD 20 LESSONS FROM 1,000 ERP IMPLEMENTATIONS: http://resource.thirdstage-consulting...
Feral Fancy Furai Models We’ve got info from interviews with the Hasbro folks at SDCC last week, Flame Toys has more awesome Furai model kits in the works, and we look over a bunch of leaked images of the yet to be announced Masterpiece Cliffjumper. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions!
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This episode was edited by Michael Ordway (@minervion).  Please check out his work in 3D modelling and animation and video and audio post-production at!  Huge thanks to Michael for his hard work!
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Welcome Guest Host Dr. Pants!

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Empire of Rust Episode 81 – Reservoir Bears just came out Monday August 1st!
Jeremy was on Better Podcasting Chats with SP talking about the history of TransMissions

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Darryl&#8217;s next Let&#8217;s Talk Transformers episode drops Thursday! Special guest David Wallace of TFNation!

Toys [0:08:28]

SDCC Hasbro & Kotobukiya Show Floor Q&A [0:08:35]
Flame Toys Furai Model Shockwave And Beast Wars Megatron Color Images [0:20:07]
Transformers Masterpiece Cliffjumper New Images [0:28:28]
Rapid Fire Toys [0:39:12]

Toyhax July Update

Trips To The Store [0:43:58]
Convention News [0:56:34]
Closing [1:01:17]

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Let's Talk Transformers With David Wallace Darryl talks with David Wallace, one of the people responsible for bringing the convention TFNation to life! But first they must discuss their love of comics, debate the pros and cons of the MCU and the DCEU, and of course Transformers.
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I am 17 years now and have been using Minoxidil for over a year now but my hair loss continues. Please advise. | Dr John Watts #AskDrJohnWatts I am 17 years now and have been using Minoxidil for over a year now but my hair loss continues. Please advise.
Vishnu Vardhan Reddy asks: “Sir, I have hairline receding problem since I was 14 years old. I am 17 years now and have been using Minoxidil for over a year now but my hair loss continues. Please advise.”
In his response, Dr John Watts tells Vishnu Vardhan that if there is considerable baldness, a hair transplant could be a solution. “However, if the hairline recession is due to male mature pattern characteristic then one need not worry as it is a common phenomenon. You need to consult with your doctor on it,” he advised.
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Should I apply Minoxidil after applying Growth Factor Concentrate or before it? | Dr John Watts #AskDrJohnWatts Should I apply Minoxidil after applying Growth Factor Concentrate or before it?
Anonymous asks: “Sir, should I apply Minoxidil after applying Growth Factor Concentrate or before it? Which is advisable between the two?

In his response, Dr John Watts tells the viewer that Growth Factor Concentrate is nothing but Advanced PRP. “Generally, one may avoid using Minoxidil a day before applying Growth Factor Concentrate. You can comfortably start using Minoxidil after the GFC application. However, if you notice any reaction, it is better to stop using Minoxidil two days before and after GFC use,” he advised.
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* Trichos is ultimate destination for high quality hair transplant
* We are dedicated to provide real, permanently long lasting and growing hair that look natural.
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3rd Floor no.1, Above Aishwarya fertility ,
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Call or WhatsApp : +91 6303151659
Call or WhatsApp : +91 8008003115
Colin Day on Social Media Governance: Harnessing B2B Social Media Opportunity Colin Day, Managing Director of EMEA and APAC at Oktopost unravels social media governance and why it should be on every marketers agenda of discussion when building a social media strategy. Whether you're a small business or a large multi-national company operating globally, risk management and compliance needs a rethink when it comes to social media.
Hot Topics of this Episode Include:
- The biggest struggles that companies are facing today when it comes to social media governance (both in regulated and non-regulated industries)
- How marketing, legal and compliance teams can come together to create a safe and practical social media policy
- How B2B organizations are prioritizing social governance efforts, especially in regulated industries– and where Oktopost can help
- Colin’s biggest lesson learned post-recovery after he had to hit the big red button to stop all social media
Alternatives to Venture Capital Funding Thomas Charlton, CEO of Goliath Technologies, discusses alternatives to venture capital funding. Thomas has been a CEO of five venture-backed technology companies, but chose to forego VC for his latest venture, Goliath Technologies. He talks about some techniques to take-off without venture capital and we explore the advantages and disadvantages of outside funding. Listen for three action items you can use today. Host, Kevin Craine Do you want to be a guest?
“Around the Well” Joey Bear retells the story of “The Woman at the Well” and invites us to reflect on who it is in our lives who sees, hears, acknowledges, understands, knows, accepts, and approves of us.


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[Episode #178] – How the Transition Will Unfold The energy transition is an extremely complex undertaking, with every country, company, and individual taking action in various, largely uncoordinated ways, and often in pursuit of different targets. This has led some observers to warn that the transition will be messy, and its outcome uncertain. But is that really a problem, or just another challenge to be met and overcome?
In this episode, we speak with a researcher who has studied the history of technological innovations with a focus on the evolution of solar power. Dr. Gregory Nemet is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin where he teaches energy systems analysis, policy analysis, and international environmental policy. His research focuses on understanding the process of technological change and the ways in which public policy can affect it, and he offers some helpful insights on how the transition will unfold.
He suggests that we needn’t just plunge blindly into the uncertain future and hope everything works out, nor should we hesitate to proceed until we are confident that we have a workable plan. Rather, he believes we can have quite a lot of confidence about how to proceed, without knowing exactly what all the steps are, and without knowing exactly where we’ll end up. In any case, simply staying along our current course is not an option. We discuss the general discourse about the energy transition, where it is confused about the fundamental nature of this transition, and how it will unfold. Whether you’re a full-throated transitionista or a skeptic, this episode is guaranteed to be thought-provoking.
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#0240: How to Think Big and Make your Dreams Come True Imani in conversation with Orlando the founder of Giants of Lovers Rock
Sharing his personal development success secrets
Ep. 128: Monkey Ass Bitches / We Wish You the Worst Let's pray for America but in the meantime…
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Edits by Adriana
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From the Queer Vault: Tara I decided to reach into the BIG QUEER vault and re-release this episode. Tara even sings an original song for us. 
Listen to their stories. Learn it from their mouths. Love their journey. 
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02 November - Proximo Weekly Debrief featuring Darryl Murphy - Aviva Investors This week's Proximo Weekly Digest features special guest Darryl Murphy, head of infrastructure at Aviva Investors. Darryl gives us his top story of the week as well as some helpful tips for working from home.
09 November - Proximo Weekly Debrief - Guest: Jonathan Turton This episode features an interview with Arup's Jonathan Turton about UK infrastructure investment in the wake of Covid-19.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
30 November - Proximo Weekly Debrief - Guest: Ian Cogswell Ian Cogswell of Portland Advisors and CCC Training joins this week's podcast to discuss the oil and gas sector in relation to Covid-19.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
29 March - Proximo Weekly Debrief - Guest: Pierre Georges This episode features an interview with Pierre Georges from S&P Global Ratings, who discusses his recent report 'The Energy Transition and the Diverging Path for European Utilities'.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
20 September - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Brad Fierstein, Apollo Global Management Proximo talks to Brad Fierstein, a principal at Apollo Global Management, about the future of the US offshore wind sector following the closing of the Vineyard Wind project financing.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
05 October - Digital infrastructure talk with Digital Bridge and SMBC In this special episode we talk all things digital infrastructure with Tom Yanagi, managing director, head of capital markets at Digital Bridge, and Quynh Tran, co-head of infrastructure at SMBC.
Focusing specifically on the different types of financing options available to active players in the digital infrastructure space, Proximo, Tom, and Quynh explore how project finance works in the sector, how non-bank lending plays a role, and what the greatest risks and challenges are for the industry over the next few years.
18 October - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Scott Mackin, Denham Capital Proximo talks to Denham Capital's Scott Mackin about Denham’s Sustainable Infrastructure debt platform.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
15 November - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Nicholas Beatty, Zenobe Energy Proximo discusses the battery storage and e-bus sectors with Nicholas Beatty, founder director at Zenobe Energy.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
20 December - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Anne Lapierre, Norton Rose Fulbright Proximo talks to Anne Lapierre about the implications of the COP26 climate conference for project finance and infrastructure development.
Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod
31 January - Proximo Weekly - Guest: John Casola, Canada Infrastructure Bank Proximo talks to John Casola, chief investment officer at the Canada Infrastructure Bank, about the evolution of public-private infrastructure in Canada.
14 February - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Jason Segal, Javelin Capital Proximo talks to Jason Segal, a managing partner at Javelin Capital, about the future of the renewables market in the Dominican Republic.
28 February - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Allan Marks, Milbank Proximo talks to Allan Marks, partner at Milbank, about President Biden's Build Back Better Bill and it's potential impact.
21 March - Proximo Weekly - Guest: Daniel Riordan, Vantage Proximo talks to Daniel Riordan, global head of political risk & credit at Vantage, about what the current unsettled political environment might mean for political risk insurance demand and product evolution.
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