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Updated On: Nov 04, 2023
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Sexual Kung Fu with Johnathan White The world is full of sexual traumas and issues… we are all obsessed with sex, but unfortunately this obsession gets acted out in unhealthy ways. By implementing Qigong, Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation, we've helped hundreds of men & women around the world overcome sexual dysfunction and limitations, and become masters in the bedroom.
Our mission is to educate YOU to overcome limitations, whether these are limitations in the bedroom or out in your daily life. We're here to help you MASTER your sexual energy so that you can MAGNETIZE your ideal life.
Meditation: Being a Light Be-ing Qigong-based meditation to help connect you to the brightest source of your human and universal wellness.
My Seven Chakras With AJ My Seven Chakras is a podcast that provides ancient wisdom for the modern mind.

Through long form interviews, solo episodes and breathwork meditations, Aditya (AJ) helps his viewers discover how to calm their mind, relax their nervous system and experience deep states of bliss.

Our community is called 'Action Tribe', so we're all about providing you simple, practical, proven, evidence-based techniques and methods to improve the quality of your life and notice a paradigm shift in how you look at life.

Some of the topics we regularly explore include Breathwork, The Chakras, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Qigong and Spirituality.

Try out an episode. I'm confident that you'll fall in love with our easy going, relaxed approach to personal transformation 🙂

We're inspired by thought leaders like Wim Hoff, Anthony Robbins, Dan Brule, Ben Greenfield, Aubry Marcus, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Tim Ferriss, Niraj Naik, Anodea Judith, Oprah and Wayne Dyer who have all paved the way for Aditya Jaykumar
Yoga, Meditation & Qigong This show is dedicated to transforming your life through the teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Qigong. Hosted by certified Yoga and Qigong instructor, Cindy Bartz of InterConnections, this show makes the teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Qigong accessible to everyone. When you weave these practices into your daily life you reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and renew your spirit.
‎Qigong and Tai Chi The 501(c)3 non-profit Qigong Institute has created a podcast discussing the extraordinary benefits of Qigong, an ancient Chinese health practice which combines movement, meditation, and breathing.
‎The Secrets of Qigong Masters Discover the Secrets of Qigong masters… they don't want you to know
Woke & Wired – Expanded Consciousness and Entrepreneurship WEB8 holds conversations that weave inner and outer technology as a vehicle for your soul’s expression in the world. We explore entrepreneurship, creativity and ritual in the digital age.

Welcome to the space where you weave a new world of soul led self expression, in a world of infinite possibility.

May the frequencies you tap into on this podcast remind you that you are the weaver of your own reality, expressing soul through your humanity.

May you be moved into peace, truth, joy, playfulness and inner knowing. May you have the courage to invite in synchronicity as an expression of God, and miracles as a natural side effect of being alive.

Synchronicity brought you here because you're ready, and deep inside your soul knows why.

I am your host Ksenia Brief and my intention is to activate ripples of courage for you to share your own voice and medicine with the world. I’m here to hold space of curiosity, play and unwavering trust as we dive between the physical, the digital and the unseen realms.

I inv
‎Qigong Meditation podcast qigong audio meditations and exercise videos

Popular “Qigong Meditation” Playlists

Positive Energy, Constantly Expanding Calming meditations from Lady Moonlight Subliminals Theo's Storage
Best Meditation Audio On Vurbl Listen to an audio collection of the best meditation podcasts, hand-curated by Vurbl. With this being such a chaotic year for everyone, many have turned to guided meditations to help them through it. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stress, and are craving a moment of peace, take some time to sit down and reconnect with this playlist. Explore and enjoy Vurbl's hand-picked collection of some of the best meditation podcasts, including The Workplace Healer, Mindful In Minutes, Roaming Yogi Guided Meditation Podcast, and The OneMind Meditation Podcast. Vurbl Guided Meditations, Sleep Sounds, and Relaxing Audio
Top Meditations and Mindset Hacks For High Performers We have put together a playlist highlighting all the top hacks and tricks used by high level performers to maximize your unlimited potential. If you are on the rise or at the top and wanting to go even higher, you will love this playlist! Put on your headphones and get ready to rewire your mind for optimum performance and enjoyment of life. Heavily Meditated
Full Circle The Full Circle of Innerstanding Higher Frequencies
Meditations to help change your life My selection of meditations that can be used to help make positive changes in one's life. ‎The Gentle Yoga Warrior's Conscious Conversations Podcast
Earth Meditations Quick meditations to help one connect with the earth ‎The Gentle Yoga Warrior's Conscious Conversations Podcast

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Study Music Studying for an exam and hoping to stay calm while you do it? Look no further! Dream Sounds has a thoughtfully curated playlist of relaxing piano melodies just for you 🙂 Press play and let these songs take you to that perfect relaxed zone so you can bring your best to this test ?

p.s. You've GOT this!
Dream Sounds

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