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Claudette Robinson - First Lady of Motown Claudette Robinson was given the title of First Lady of Motown by Berry Gordy, founder of Motown/Tamla Records because she was the first woman on the label. She is also an original member of The Miracles who gave Motown their first #1 GOLD record with "Shop Around."
Beth Hart's Audio Station Beth Hart is as real as it gets. In a music industry full of glossy production and airbrushed photoshoots, this is one artist who throws down her cards, shares her darkest secrets and invites you to join her for the ride. With War In My Mind, this Grammy-nominated talent has never served herself up so raw on a record, one that embraces her merits and flaws, channels her bittersweet headspace and spins gold from her demons. “More than any record I’ve ever made, I’m more open to being myself on these songs,” Beth explains. “I’ve come a long way with healing, and I’m comfortable with my darknesses, weirdnesses and things that I’m ashamed of – as well as all the things that make me feel good.”

At 47 – and proud of it – Beth is basking in a golden period of time. The success of 2016’s Fire On The Floor album has garnered yet more critical acclaim, growing sales and sold-out shows at iconic venues from the Ryman Auditorium to the Royal Albert Hall (scene of last year’s triumphant live DVD). But as the singer reminds us, her life has always moved in cycles – “things get good then go to crap, get good then go to crap” – and it’s in these extremes that many of her best songs are born. “A lot of subjects are covered on War In My Mind,” she reflects. “I’ve always tried to seek the truth on every record I’ve done. But on this album, I’m even closer to vulnerability and openness about my life, about love, addiction, my bipolar, my dad, my sister…”

New fans might know Beth as the all-conquering global icon, dubbed “extraordinary” by The Times and “daring, brooding and angry” by The Guardian. But to understand her rollercoaster backstory, you need only read the War In My Mind lyric sheet. Highs and lows alike are candidly recounted as the songwriter reaches back through the decades and tells her tale without flinching. There are memories from her ’70s childhood in Los Angeles, where Beth announced her musical talent and renegade spirit, while rolling with the punches of a chaotic upbringing – about the loss of her beloved sister, Sharon – about the personal problems that derailed what should have been her major-label breakthrough in the mid-’90s – about her collaboration with blues-rock maestro Joe Bonamassa – about the redemption offered by her husband Scott, and the rebirth she found through the church.

War In My Mind also wraps up a frustrating strand of unfinished business for Beth. Back in 2003, the heavyweight producer Rob Cavallo was in the frame to mix the singer’s Leave The Light On album. “But the producer I was with at the time,” recounts Beth, “went ahead without my approval, turned the mix in to Rob – and he passed.” Fast-forward 15 years, and at a chance dinner party attended by the Green Day and My Chemical Romance producer, fate intervened. “I’d just written the songs Rub Me For Luck, Woman Down and Sister Dear, about my sister Susan,” Beth remembers. “The host wanted me to play them on piano, and I thought people would prefer me to just sit, eat and zip it, but in the end I just said, ‘OK, frick it’. After I’d played them, Rob came up and said, ‘You’ve grown a lot as a songwriter – and I want to record these songs with you’. And he turned out to be one of the coolest people that I’ve ever worked with.”
Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music Welcome to Yellow Brick Cinema, the home of the world’s best relaxing music. I’m Margie, and our purpose and passion is to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate through better sleep, reduced stress, greater concentration and improved mental wellness.

Our world-class composers produce relaxing music with binaural beats and state-enhancing frequencies to help you relax, sleep, focus, meditate and heal. We combine our music with imagery from the world’s most beautiful locations, ensuring that you will feel a sense of deep relaxation whilst watching them. In addition to our own compositions, we also produce music videos from top classical composers such as Mozart and Bach.

Subscribe to become part of the Yellow Brick Cinema community and escape the stresses of day-to-day life. I invite you to email us with suggestions and business enquiries, and click on the links below to purchase our music, visit our website or join us on social media.

Thank you for your support! Love, Margie.
NFR Podcast NFR offers the ultimate audio experience for all hip-hop fans. Stay updated with the culture by listening to our album breakdowns and getting insightful knowledge from our music analyses. We offer weekly episodes to ensure you stay connected to hip hop.
Best Vurbl Music Audio Hear sides of musicians and artists you never get the chance to experience with Vurbl Music, as we bring you the best clips and interviews from all the best. Whether it be classics like Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles or modern artists like Taylor Swift, Vurbl Music has everything you're looking for from all your favorites.
22 Grand Pod Harry H & Tom Atkin (The Paddingtons) revisit a heady era for British guitar music – 2001-2008 – via new interviews with the bands & people who were there.
Melleefresh Radio A bi-monthly podcast from electro dance diva Melleefresh, including some of her favourite dance tracks today and a selection of tracks from her own label, Play Records. With occasional guest mixers.
3 The Odd Way Formerly known as "Substantial Sundays", 3 the Odd Way is a podcast hosted by childhood friends, J. Cash, Sherm the Barber and, Substantial reviewing music, TV, movies, sports and more.
2020 Vision! Introducing R&B/Soul solo artist Ameerah “The Songstress”, who was born in Detroit, Michigan aka The Heart of Motown. As an avid fan of music, Ameerah started singing at the early age of 5. By being a self taught performer that often entertained her audience of teddy bears, she would always capture her listeners by singing the song entitled, “Silly of Me by Denise Williams. Her parents then secretly watched a performance and noticed that she was very talented beyond her years. During events held at their Detroit home, Ameerah would generously entertain family and friends with her singing. Her parents also helped to develop her skills by enrolling Little Miss Ameerah into local talent competitions and showcases.
185 Miles South A hardcore punk rock podcast.

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Past Daily: World of Music Listen to World of Music as Vurbl Partner Past Daily shares recordings the L.A. Philharmonic, Steel Mill, Stan Kenton, Dizzy Gillespie, Peter, Paul & Mary.

Gordon Skene, two-time Grammy Nominee and archivist runs The Gordon Skene Sound Archive and this website, which is dedicated to preserving and encouraging an interest in history and historic news, events, and cultural aspects of our society. Past Daily is the only place on the Internet where you can hear a Nixon speech, listen to an interview with John Cassavettes or play a broadcast of Charles Munch rehearsing the Boston Symphony in 1950, all in the same place. It's living history and it's timeless.
Past Daily: Amazing Historical Concerts & News
New Test 123 katemartem
My playlist with favorite audio All audio I like so much_ katemartem
Some playlist the best playlist katemartem
Tell Laura I Love Her I have always liked good female singers with pin point accuracy....for example Celine
Dion with her gentle delivery...Gladys Knight with her perfect phrasing....Aretha
Franklin with her sharp jagged delivery ....Dionne Warwick with her faultless voice
(Heartbreaker being one of my favourite songs)....and of course Tina Turner with her
fabulous range.....a lot can be learned by up and coming girl singers from the likes of
these legends....and at the opposite end of the scale I would like to introduce one of
the worst records ever made...only .in my opinion of course....Tell Laura I Love Her by
Ricky Valance....which reached number one back in the day....but to me it is one of
the worst records ever.
Vince Tracy, Don Woods and our Memories in Music

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Houston ,Texas culture , Ghetto Boys Legacy, Sauve House and Rap-a-lot , is the Wack100 and J Prince beef gon fall on Larry Hoover Wack100 and J Prince beef is it healthy knowing the tryin to get Larry Hoover free does it affect Hoover the most ?Houston Texas culture reains very influential in Rap culture still today Sauve House and Rap-a-lot Ghetto Boys legacy New generation Houston rapReal Gangstaz by Tha MafiiaSupport the show
Woman Know Thine Worth: You Are The Gift and Don't Forget It I am being interviewed in this episode..The theme of this show is to honor women that are doing life's purpose and giving back. It's women that make the world a better place to be without us, men would not be complete. So women around the world are in the sisterhood in uplifting one another and are the headliners of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Let's give honor to the women and continue for us to inspire the world of women and let them know. "You Are Women of Worth, The Gift and Don't Forget It." and pay it forward to the next generations of women to come. Support this podcast at —
Blue Mountains Live | The Professor chats with Katrina Noorbergen and Louise Hales about the Propel Projects On Thursday 23rd of June, the Professor chatted with Katrina Noorbergen (BMCC) and Louise Hales (BMT&CH) about the new Propel Projects, an initiative of the Blue Mountains City Council's Cultural Development department. He also played some great tunes from the bands performing that weekend.
Blue Mountains City of the Arts presents a new project aimed at helping emerging performance artists in the Blue Mountains!
A new arts residency PROPEL PROJECTS has been launched for emerging performing artists residing and developing their practice in the Blue Mountains! With four placements available, each Resident will be offered access to professional space to create, rehearse and perform as well as connect with a team of mentors and additional support to help them hone their craft and propel their art practice to the next level.
Coordinated by the Blue Mountains City Council’s Cultural Development department in partnership with the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub, and with generous support from the City of the Arts Trust and MTNS MADE, Propel Projects Emerging Performers Residency (PROPEL) is an initiative created to help support and restimulate performing arts in the region.
To find out more visit


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Episode 34: Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan From Randy Michael: "Bob Dylan is Jesus in my house. He’s the Raekwon, the chief of the rock n roll. He’s the first person to make me care about lyrics but he did it in a way where he’s the hero - whether he’s right or wrong. I love this album."
Free Verse - Episode June 22, 2022 Playlist: Del Barber - The Party SongEmily Triggs - HomeT Buckley - Holding my PlaceNoca Project - I BelongMiranda Lambert - The House that Built meEmily Triggs - Light you upThe Cave Arcade - Had It Up ThereAshley Shadow - TonightHélène Barbier - Rambling onMaria DeHart - EmilyRyan Bourne - End of StoryLavender Country - All Disillusions Behind
EP - 260 Joey Mandigo & Zain Smith of Locust Grove This interview is from 5-25-22

Joey & Zain joins the podcast and talks about Locust Grove's debut album "Battle of Locust" out now. Also check out their debut video/single titled "Worth My Time" and new video/single "The Battle of Locust"
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Science vs Magic 32 man tournament day 2! The science vs Magic tournament continues
Cthlhu: The Forgotten God One of the most powerful characters in all of fiction, Cthulhu, was created in Febuary of 1928 in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" written by H.P Lovecraft. He is very unknown by most people and it is time his power finally gets noticed.
Moon Knight episode 6 review!!!!! Moon Knight ep 6 review and (SPOILER ALERT)
SCIENCE VS MAGIC! (Which is superior?) 32 man tournament quarterfinals! One of the most controversial and craziest debates in not just comics, but in all fiction, is “Which overpowers the other? Science or Magic?” Well, I am here to answer that. I made a 32-person tournament with 16 magic users and 16 science users throughout fiction! This tournament has 5 parts to it and this is part 1!
SCIENCE VS MAGIC 32 man tournament FINAL ROUND The final round of our science vs Magic tournament. The winner will be confirmed today!
How smart is Rick Sanchez? Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in the universe. Many people wonder how smart he really is. Well I am going to tell you!
The week that was in Music History - June 20th to 24th with Marty Miller Hi there.
Welcome to June 20th to 24th in Music History.
An aural listenback to the week just gone from the 60's to now!
This was the week in 2004 we had cloudbusting jets fly above a Paul McCartney gig so it wouldn't rain, in '75 Rickie Blackmore quit Deep Purple to start Rainbow (poed his colours, that lad!) and David Bowie records Space Oddity in 1969!
Thanks for listening
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Do Hip-Hop & R&B still go together? Do Hip-Hop and R&B still live in the same universe? Has a R&B song ever been made better by adding a rapper? or vice versa? Do we need to bring back fucked up record contracts? Find out on THIS episode of Where My Girls At? Thanks for listening!


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A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 2 With JADALAREIGN The 2nd episode of the "How To Handle Music Business" series has arrived and this time super producer, DJ and event organizer Jadalareign joins the show. She’s negotiated some big music deals in all corners of the industry from DJing internationally to booking incredible talent at her dynamic parties.The phenomenal Brooklyn-based DJ and producer has been shaking up dance floors since 2016 with her eclectic sound centered on Black underground dance and if you’ve never had a chance to witness Jada in action you're in for a treat. The New York native can seamlessly weave between records and CDJS taking party-goers on a journey with her carefully crafted sets that span between vocal house, rare grooves and jackin' dance anthems.But Jada’s ability to create harmony and unity on the dance floor can also be seen in her community activism. Jadalareign created her popular Skillshare series as a safe place for DJs of marginalized identities to cultivate their DJ skills and learn strategies on how to scale their passion for music into a full-time career.In 2020, Jada co-produced a virtual production camp called In Session alongside her teammates FIVEBOI and Sam Law that attracted participants from across the globe looking to learn the ins and outs of production.Now, as a talent booker at the legendary NOWADAYS, Jada continues to extend her passion for cultivating community with her incredible residency and programming. She had a lot to share in terms of negotiating pay, creating contracts and ways we can continue to center diversity on the dance floor.Support the show
Zach Top Welcome back, Ya'll! This week we were fortunate enough to chat with Zach Top who is a singer/songwriter out of Nashville, TN. This was a great conversation and Zach tells some awesome stories about his career thus far, and talks about his debut self-titled project that just dropped last month. Make sure you go check out his music and give him a follow on social media while you're at it.
Zach Top on Spotify:
Zach Top on Apple Music:
Zach's Instagram: @zach_top
Zach's Tiktok: @zachtop
Zach's Facebook:

Until next time, keep it country and take care of each other!
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Hooky with Sloane by Bird Creek Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 provided by FreeMusic109
Episode 1177: Black Heart Saints Return Again! Hello friends! Mark Sean from Austin Music Award winning, Billboard charting rock band, Black Heart Saints returns to the show for episode 1177! Black Heart Saints' latest single and video, "Lonely Is The Night", a cover of the classic Billy Squier song, is available now. Go to for music, videos, tour dates and more. Mark and I have a great conversation about recording "Lonely Is The Night" with producer, Omar Vallejo, playing outside of Austin, BHS TV, their controversial Sturgis gig in 2020, Web 3 and NFT's, their endorsement from Eddie Trunk and much more! I always have a great time catching up with Mark. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

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S7 Ep. 4: Roe Against Wade Harry Blackmun wasn’t Richard Nixon’s first choice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. But after Blackmun was confirmed, he got the assignment of a lifetime: writing the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade. His approach to that case would have consequences he never imagined.Season 7 of Slow Burn is produced by Susan Matthews, Samira Tazari, Sophie Summergrad, and Sol Werthan.Derek John is Sr. Supervising Producer of Narrative Podcasts.Editorial direction by Josh Levin, Derek John, and Johanna Zorn. Merritt Jacob is our Technical Director.Our theme music is composed by Alexis Cuadrado. Artwork by Derreck Johnson based on a photo provided by Robert Wheeler.The season’s reporting was supported by a grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Independent artist show, broadcast 343 for June 19th, 2022 Sorry we're so late, I've not been feeling that well, and since I have to upload podcasts, better get this one up too.

Hello folks, welcome to broadcast 343 of the independent program. On this program, learn a little bit about my thoughts of the first two episodes of Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet. We also will have plenty of tunes, maybe your thoughts comments and the like as well.

Set 1:
Vate Apolo x 07:36
Voltergeist Inna Self Made Net 02:45
Twilight Archive Upon Repose 03:39
Ty Gibson Stop The Madness 03:55

Set 2:
hands upon black earth Aroha Eternal 05:26
Healing Muses Chinar es (You are a plane tree) 04:54
Scott Lawlor The Birth Canal into Eternal Life 31:05

Set 3:
Art Of Noise Moments In Love 07:50
CFCF Inorganic Streams 02:00
Paul Zim Program 4 (11 Songs) 12:39
Ninja Sex Party Objects of Desire 02:31
Rezz & deadmau5 Hypnocurrency 04:48
Shlomo Carlebach Rachmona Perauk (Take Off My Heavy Burden) 02:55
Sultans of String Mi Santuario (feat. Juan Carlos Medrano) 03:14

Set 4:
OGMA Surrender To The Mystery 03:17
Opened Paradise Xibalba 04:39
Ozzie Cruse Dude is Double DB 03:28
General Fuzz Mellow Drama 04:57
Greater Alexander Chances 02:05
Howard Ferre Wax Branches 04:11
Individual Choice Fusian 07:51
Ishwish Delight 06:59

Set 5:
Ehren Starks One Big Hope 04:35
Eight Gates Send A Warmth (with Trox) 05:12

End Of Program
94twenty podcast – Episode 95 Featured Artist - Blaine Holcomb -
In this podcast episode, we ask, "What happened to lead guitar solos in pop songs?" Also, we talk about the quintessential Nashville songwriting style and its influence on 90's country music. Our featured artist is Blaine Holcomb, who also answers our "Questions of the Week."

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Links from the episode:

Blaine Holcomb
Alan Jackson
Brad Paisley
Led Zeppelin
Guns N' Roses
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Van Halen
The Chicks
The Rolling Stones
Paul McCartney
Publicity Nation PR
Bruce Springsteen
Kinsey Rose
Elton John
<a href="https://streaklinks.
Crawlers Interview | New Single & Opening for My Chemical Romance Holly and Amy of UK band Crawlers sat down with Rob Herrera at Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles to talk about their new single “F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)” and their experience opening for My Chemical Romance in the UK.
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Lindsey Lomis Interview | “Save Your Breath” & Joshua Bassett Tour Lindsey Lomis reunited with Rob Herrera via Zoom for an interview on the creative process behind new single “Save Your Breath” and going on tour with Joshua Bassett this fall.
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Ethan Bortnick Interview | New Single “Engravings” & TikTok Success Ethan Bortnick caught up with Rob Herrera on Zoom to talk about the creative process behind new single “Engravings” and his success through TikTok.
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"The Art of Hip Hop" Feat. Michaell Magrutsche | S1 Ep. 73 This episode is all about art.  EC is joined by  hip hop connoisseur, podcaster and artist, Michaell Magrutsche. The guys go into a deep talk about hip hop&apos;s early beginnings and the art-form of hip hop&apos;s precious elements. As a seasoned Disk Jockey himself, Michaell shares what it was like to be present during the birth of hip hop and it&apos;s early adaptions. Wisdom is in abundance on this episode, tune in!Follow Michaell Website: https://michaellm.comPodcast: The Smart of Art - The Power of Art and CreativityIG: @michaellartTwitter: @michaellartFacebook: @michaellstateofartYouTube: The Smart of ArtHip Hop Leaf: MCLike the pod? Subscribe and follow:Instagram: @hhcloverleafTwitter: @hhcloverleafFacebook: @hhcloverleafYouTube: Hip Hop Cloverleaf PodcastSoundcloud: Hip Hop Cloverleaf PodcastWebsite: hiphopcloverleaf.comEmail: hiphopcloverleafpodcast@gmail.comCreditsArtwork:&quot;The-Art-of-Hip-Hop&quot; by Wendelin Jacober is marked with CC0 1.0. To view the terms, visit was modified.Production:ECMahfuzZahidEdgar P.Jay 717Adrian Stubb
On an Island ft. 2022 NFL & XFL Prospect Gary Bright II On this week's episode of the show, OG Cook dug up another old episode from the files. Back in March, prior to the NFL draft, a defensive back out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Gary Bright II joined the show to talk about his preparation for the NFL Draft and what it took for him to get to the level that he is at now in his career. Although Gary wasn't drafted, he expands his professional dreams to the XFL as he had a big showcase in June. Bright's career is full of opportunity and promise.

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Friday Exclusives 🛫 In This 🆕 Episode Of #FridayExclusives The PartyKingzKeyz 🎙Motivates The People And Delivers Two Exclusives From GBi.Vinci. Kevo Gotti & Tj2Nines. Enjoy


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The Razor's Edge : Interview with Simon Yarwood of Uprising Uprising takes place this weekend in Leicester, a unique music event covering three days and two venues all for just £25 a ticket!
We catch up with Simon Yarwood, festival organiser, to chat about whats in store for this weekend, the state of music festivals across the UK in general and more...
Buy Uprising tickets:
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Praise Through The Process Carvin Haggins sits down with Terrell (Ness) Greenlee to discuss the music industry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Traex Techno House Music Podcast No. 409 Great Techno and House Music Tracks brought to you with some Hardstyle Techno, Minimal Techno and Techhouse. Let's moove, let's groove with Traex Techno House Music Podcast No. 409.Don't miss to subscribe to download Hours of free Music and get the updates of the Traex Techno Music Podcast bringing fresh and free Techno and House Music to you every two weeks. Stay tuned and have fun listening.The following Artists are featured in this Podcast Episode:Tatan Ardilla - Feel good (cc by)Yronic - Fail To fail (cc by)DTenorio & Andrew's - Ateriminia (cc by sa)(cc = creative commons license)Stay tuned and subscribe to this podcast for free to get fresh beats and free techno house music tracks every two weeks.
Honestly, Nevermind - Ep. 66 The haters really thought we were gone for good this time, but NO MA'AM. We're back and more chaotic than ever. In this episode, you may hear some inhalations of VHS cleaner, you may hear uncontrolled laugher, and you may even hear us review Drake's latest album, Honestly, Nevermind.
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Cyberian Relic & Radmir Wayne - Constellation (Radio Version) [MixCult Records] MixCult Spotify Playlist -

There are times I can't even figure myself out.

Artwork © marselinart

Order your new tracks now!

Want all future releases for free? Just purchase entire digital catalog at 80% discount. You`ll have a lifelong access to all future releases from MixCult Records and all vinyl sub labels.

DEMO for MixCult Records -

MixCult Records, Radio & Booking |
Performance Today - Piano Puzzler 6/22/2022 Contestant: David Hempling calling from San Francisco, CA
406 - Monstercat Call of the Wild Follow the show: Saxsquatch - Northern Lights [Instinct Spotlight]Curbi - Vertigo (ft. PollyAnna)PIXL - Here For You (ft. Q’AILA)Stonebank & EMEL - Good For Me [Monstercat Exclusive]Kaskade & WILL K - Flip ResetPegboard Nerds - BlackoutPapa Khan - So Far Away [Uncaged Spotlight]Koven - Lions [Monstercat Exclusive]Rome in Silver - Lies (ft. yasaquarius)LVTHER - Some Kind Of Magic (ft. MYZICA) [Community Pick]Pegboard Nerds - Emoji (Rogue Remix)Rogue - Guiding Light [Monstercat Exclusive]Aether - Jupiter & Saturn [Silk Spotlight]Maazel & Danni Carra - SundazeAu5 - Follow You (ft. Danyka Nadeau) [Fractal Chill Mix]Shingo Nakamura - Uncharted Waters (2011)Dustycloud & Kage - Ignore Them (ft. LexBlaze)Crankdat - Ding Dong [Gold Feature]Aiobahn - In Your Arms (ft. Ralph Larenzo) Thank you for listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild!
Sergio Vega Interview (Deftones, Quicksand) - Ep072 This week Scott welcomes Sergio Vega of Deftones and Quicksand for a great conversation. After playing bass for Deftones since 2009, Sergio announced he was leaving the band earlier this year when contract negotiations broke down. Since then, he&apos;s gone back to focusing on his time on Quicksand; a post-hardcore group he founded all the way back in 1990.Scott and Sergio cover a lot of ground in this conversation. Things start out with discussion of Sergio&apos;s early life and musical influences. His parents were a crucial factor in exposing him to different types of music. Sergio&apos;s early influences rum the gamut and it&apos;s interesting to hear where he comes from. Punk and Hardcore music were, especially, a big influence that led him on his path.Other topics covered this week include early band stories, cassettes, early touring days, bass lessons with Carol Kaye, bass influences, how he wound up in Deftones, Jerry Cantrell, and more!As always, Scott goes over the guest&apos;s discography and gets some great stories from Sergio about the making of albums by Deftones and Quicksand. Quicksand released a new album, Distant Populations in 2021. Check it out at We hope you enjoy Scott&apos;s talk with Sergio Vega and SHARE with a friend!
Erik Rogers of Stereomud Interview Ep070 This week Scott welcomes back Erik Rogers of Stereomud for a fun and insightful conversation. Eric was one of the first ever Good Company guests. Stereomud, formed of members from New York and Atlanta, made their mark from 1999-2003. The band released two full-length albums; 2001&apos;s &apos;Perfect Self&apos; and 2003&apos;s &apos;Every Given Moment&apos; before disbanding. Topics touch on in this chat include how Scott met Erik and reached out to him when Good Company was just starting out, Erik&apos;s early days, and the early days of Stereomud. Erik&apos;s current project, My Therapy, is going into its sixth year. In this disscussion, talks about the formation of the band, their cool hip-hop covers, and future plans.As always, Scott goes over the discography with the guest. They discuss both Stereomud albums in this episode. There&apos;s also some talk of the band Soundevice that included Billy Grey (Fozzy) and Cheney Brannon (Collective Soul) as well as Dangerous New Machine. It&apos;s a really fun conversation and we hope you enjoy Scott&apos;s talk with Erik Rogers of Stereomud and SHARE with a friend!
Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves - Ep071 This week Scott welcomes Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves to the show for an in-depth discussion. The conversation starts with Doc and Scott talking about their shared love of movies; especially Wayne&apos;s World. Doc grew up in New Jersey near Rutgers University. In this talk he reflects on his family and upbringing.Coming from a musical family, Doc was influenced through his parents love of Jazz music, classical and early classic rock. Additonally, his parents influenced him through 90&apos;s alternative music. They sound like cool people! Like many people, exposure to MTV helped to inspire Doc to become a musician.In this talk, Doc talks about how the culture of the time (including comic books, metal bands, etc) helped lead him to make connections and form bands. Doc Coyle also hosts the very popular Ex-Man Podcast. His show has grown to very big acclaim and popularity. It&apos;s highly recommended. In this episode, Doc shares his thoughts on the podcast platform and what shows influenced him.As always, Scott takes the guest through a walk down memory lane via past discography. It&apos;s a fascinating look back at Bad Wolves, God Forbid and more.Other topics covered include Stuck Mojo, Century Media, his bartending days, artist peers who&apos;ve given him advice, Five Finger Death Punch, and much more.We hope you enjoy Scott&apos;s talk with Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves and SHARE with a friend!
Karney LIVE @ DARK Melbourne 2022 01. Enrico Sangiuliano - Future Dust (Karney Intro Edit)
02. Bryan Kearney & Will Rees - Prime Example (Charles D Remix / Karney Edit)
03. Modeá - Era of Rave (Karney's Stealth Bomber Edit)
04. Karney - The Autopilot
05. Ultra Nate - Free (Karney Remix)
06. O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (I.D Remix)
07. Karney - Rumination
08. Karney - Habitual
09. John O'Callaghan & Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Karney Dark Dub)
10. Bicep - Glue (Karney Remix)
11. Trance Wax - Lifeline (Karney Remix)
12. Berg & Bryan Kearney - Deeper
13. Karney - Storylines
14. Karney - Ridiculous
15. Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Karney Remix)
16. Bryan Kearney - More To Life
17. Daisychain vs Joshua Ryan - MamaWhip (Bryan Kearney SMASH-UP)
18. Karney - Smiler
19. Karney - Say Nothing (Transmission Edit)
20. Key4050 - Cisza
21. Johnny Shaker - Pearl River (Karney Remix)
22. Karney - Beg Your Pardon
23. Bryan Kearney & Plumb - All Over Again (Karney Dark Dub)
Post Punk New Wave Wednesday's 6/22/2022 This week on Post Punk New Wave Wednesday's Danny plays an eclectic mix of early and rare post punk and some classics we haven't heard in quite awhile featuring Cyndi Lauper, Wang Chung, Madonna, The Pretenders, The Waitresses, The B-52's, Billy Idol, Kate Bush, John Foxx, Thomas Dolby, General Public, Tom Tom Club, Kim Wilde, Berlin, M, The Only Ones, Fad Gadget, Zero Vision, Modern English, Blue Kremlin, Toni Basil and more. Original Airdate 6/22/22.© Copyright Danny Diess 2022.
Club Room 217 with Anja Schneider Hello my dear friends, hi and welcome. This is another Club Room. I hope you’re enjoying the summer and maybe even enjoyed last week's Sonar Festival. We’re gonna start with David Bowie - This Is Not America (Orlando Voorn Remix), Mr. G is on the show and then we have something that I can’t really pronounce All Is Well - Sajkvfighosgo (Lost Heroes Dub Mix), Gabriella Vergilov is on the show, WK7 as well as a new record from Roland Leesker in a Confidential Receipe Remix and we’re gonna close the show with Upercent and Mr. G. So enjoy the Club Room for this week. Thank you and have a great weekend!

David Bowie / This Is Not America - Orlando Voorn Edit
Mr G / You Feel Mi
All Is Well / Sajkvfighosgo - Lost Heroes Dub Mix
Gabriella Vergilov / Kristalen
Uncertain / Affection
Gabriella Vergilov / One Step Ahead - Dustin Zahn Remix
WK7 / Rhythm 2 Power Snap Mix
Roland Leesker / The Demon At Rashomon - Confidential Recipe Remix
Gabriella Vergilov / The Love Anthem - Lindsey Herbert Remix
Upercent / Ara
Mr G / Transient
Music History Today podcast - June 24 On the June 24 edition of the Music History Today podcast, Beyonce has two releases, Weezer and Nina Simone debut, things get auctioned off, and the Beatles go around one last time. Plus, it's Jeff Beck's birthday.


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East meets East There are different types of hammered dulcimers across the globe, sharing similar tonality and appearance. The Chinese dulcimer is called the Yangqin.
Over the past decade, Liu Yuening, a Yangqin professor with the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, has committed herself to using music as a bridge to enhance intercultural communication.
In 2009, she spent nine months in India to learn the Indian dulcimer, classical music and culture, and also introduced the Chinese dulcimer to the nation as she gave lectures and performed in local cultural activities.
Behind the Beats with Abebe Lewis - EP 30 Kent Jones Abebe Lewis interviews Kent Jones! Artist, producer, We the best music's recording artist. Stay tuned for this exclusive interview.


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Lzzy Hale, James LaBrie & Rikki Rockett This week on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Eddie brings you 3 recent interviews; first, it's his conversation with Halestorm's Lzzy Hale to talk about the making of the latest record, Back From The Dead, then his chat with James LaBrie about his solo record, Beautiful Shade Of Grey, and wrapping up with Poison drummer Rikki Rockett calling Eddie to talk about The Stadium Tour.  Catch Eddie Trunk every M-F from 2:00-4:00pm ET on Trunk Nation on SiriusXM Volume Channel 106.And don’t forget to follow Eddie on Twitter  and Instagram!
Episode 69 - Terry Reid The gruesome twosome bounce back quickly after the long weekend and bring you the sounds of music and the boys also take the bottled water test.
On the Guest List... with Ice Cube Ladies & Gentlemen... WE HAVE ICE CUBE ON THE PODCAST THIS WEEK. We we're lucky enough to sit down with a cultural icon while he was in Chicago this week with his Big 3 Basketball League for an unbelievable conversation. We go over the origin and current state of the Big 3 (:39-16:06), his movie career, music career, thoughts on current hip hop, The Rolling Stone Top Rap Albums list, & his son calling him from the set of "Star Wars". Absolutely unreal conversation with a living legend. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
Hisessions Hawaii Podcast Episode #118 - Justin Young Justin Young stops by the pod to talk about the movie he produced called "My Hero The Hitman." We also talk a bit about Top Gun, the start of his career, and how he goes about his songwriting.

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Ep.5: Mid-Season Finale with Zachary Westinghouse Move over Jim Cornette's Drive Through. There is a new podcast that only exists to be controversial and a pain in the neck. Mr. Westinghouse returns to the podcast to share even more of his controversial opinions. Thank you for sticking through with the first half of this season as we will return soon with the second half. Mr. Westinghouse's opinions are his own and are not shared by any of the production team of The Colonelcast.

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Jawbreaker "Want" (ft. Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor) Junebreaker week 4. Yes, we're still talking about Jawbreaker, for better or worse. This week is all about the bass-led anthem "Want," and we're joined by our friend Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor. Barry shows up around 1:40:45.
Bottom of the Bill Episode 78 - Jose Villalpando and Liston Gregory III Jose and Liston are two phenomenal young musicians that are just coming off the road from several national tours. They are taking their chances and moving to Los Angeles with dreams to make it big in their music career. This episode goes from funny to off the rails quickly from unpopular opinions to full out conspiracy theories in the white house. Follow us and share with every person you know!
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Episode 704: Untombed - interview with Tombs It almost feels like Halloween in June around here. You can't help but feel that way in the prescence of Micheal Hill, he of Tombs fame. The Season of Mist recording artist had a recent stop with Origin and Abysmal Dawn. We were eager to talk to Mr. Hill as we have more than just good music in common. We discussed the new "Ex Oblivion" EP, finding their home with Seasons and his love of all things horror. Currently, the Rolling Stones rock n roll exhibit "Unzipped" is in town. So in our "News, Views and Tunes" we discuss the artists we'd like to see get the same treatment. Musically, we crank new and used from Tombs, Gwar, Septic Death, Hexis, Fulci, VHS, Sundown, and Denouncement Pyre! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!! 
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Bonus Episode: Billy Joel In this episode, Mika and Nick take a look at one of Nick's all-time favorite artists: Billy Joel. They talk about Billy Joel's career and his life, one hit song at a time. 
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DayLife | Volume 9 DayLife | Volume 9
(Mixed by Dave Matthias)

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Official Website:

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Miss Julia Violet (6/21/22) South Shore singer-songwriter Miss Julia Violet performs on the WATD Almost Famous Tiny Stage. Learn more at
077 - District Eight Sessions (Downbreaks Guest Mix) This week's episode features a Drum & Bass Mix hosted by Downbreaks.
En el episodio de esta semana traemos un Mix de Drum & Bass por Downbreaks.
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Episode 14 w/ Kasual Ownly decoding his song "Broke As F***" After hearing so many wack artist make Kasual Ownly felt like he could make it as a rapper. With a background in acting he has a humorous outgoing likeable personality. Once he wrote his first song his father and brother's reaction gave him the confidence he needed to continue. He has since made his own lane in Chicago as an up and coming hip hip artist. Averse to being put in a box Kasual considers himnself an artist. We had a lot of laughs during this interview and I hope that you laugh as much as we did.
Kasual Ownly Music
kasual16 | Beacons mobile website
Hosted by
Jermaine Price The Reason
Camera & Lighting
Stage Manager
Production Assistant
Audio,editing, graphics - Jermaine Price
#jermainepricethereason #andreaushaley #chicagohiphopartist #chicagohiphop #90shiphop #oldschoolhiphop #newmusicalert #barcodevlog #chicagopodcast


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Tee Johnson (Lil Xan's Manager) On Born Dead Tour Controversy, Dropout Kings Lying About Xan, & More Tee Johnson is a longtime music industry veteran who's served as a label head, promoter, & is currently Lil Xan's manager. He joins the show to discuss how he recently entered Xan's career. His motivations are to correct a number of financial injustices that have been perpetrated against Xan in his career, which includes the failed Born Dead Tour. We discuss Lil Xan's health, new music, the Born Dead controversy, members of the Dropout Kings lying about Xan's involvement and character, the janky promoter who manages the Dropout Kings and was passing herself off as Xan''s manager, Tee's history as a fight promoter & his career as a bail bondsman, how accurate Snowfall is in depicting South Central in the Eighties, a surprise announcement about Lil Xan, & much more. If like most people you haven't heard of the Dropout Kings, according to their website they aspire to be a new version of Limp Bizkit.
Watch the episode HERE
Getting Your Tracks Out There | Live at Reading's Music Meet Up Listen back to Team Readipop at our live &apos;Music Meet Up&apos; masterclasses, where industry experts give inside knowledge on how the Music community can best progress their music and careers.In our first live recorded meet-up, we&apos;re joined by Chris Bound (Mystic Sons / 1985 PR) who gives the low down on the best ways to promote your recorded music.
Team Readipop Discuss the Education Programme In this Music Changing Lives podcast you get a chance to meet the Readipop team. Amy, Louise, Yusef, Abbie and Harrison,  talking about their individual roles at Readipop, alongside what we do as a charity in and around Reading.This is also our first video podcast, so check it out here on YouTube
Vance Joy "Ed Sheeran said come to Shane Warnes Club 23 and don't forget the password!" After 3 years away Vance Joy is finally home!Have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes and being hand picked to support Taylor Swift or what about Ed Sheeran? Or Maybe watching Metallica front row at a festival in Chile, or playing to 15,000 people in Toronto - then getting COVID!?He takes us through his wild career so far, we touch on his new album and he describes his "Perfect Melbourne Day"Make you're following Triple M Aussie on LISTNR. for privacy information.
June 22nd - Billie Eilish Reveals She Used a Decoy at Coachella & Her Stance On Having Children, Vince Staples Calls Out Drake, NCT DREAM, LOONA & More Added to 10th Anniversary KCON Lineup | Billboard News Billie reveals how she fooled her fans at Coachella and how much she desires to have children, Vince Staples Calls Out Drake for 'Honestly, Nevermind', KCON is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, and entertainment company CJ ENM announced its second round of performers for the Los Angeles event. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
June 23rd - Taylor Swift Will Drop New Song 'Carolina' Tonight, Dua Lipa is Being Sued By the Paparazzi, Adele's All Female Hyde Park Lineup & Gloria Estefan Opens Up About Performing With JLO and Shakira At the Super Bowl Taylor Swift will drop 'Where the Crawdads Sing' theme song 'Carolina' at midnight tonight, Dua Lipa gets sued by a paparazzi photographer for posting his images on Instagram, Adele announces all female lineup at BRT Hyde Park Festival and Gloria Estefan opens up about why she passed on performing with JLo and Shakira at the 2020 Super Bowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
7. Best Bangtan Hairstyles and Colors Hi ARMY!!! This week we get into our favorite hair on each of the boys! As we all can see, Bangtan got the best hair in the game PERIODT. We love how they play around with different styles, colors, and cuts. This was a listener requested episode so thank you! There were way too many options to choose from but we enjoyed having this discussion. We add in some specifics around the era the hair was involved in or a specific hairstyle for that color.
Going in fanchant order, we start with Daddy Joon and end the episode with the Golden maknae JJK. Some of these were easier than others. Sorry to say but we did not choose RM fire blue hair or Hobi's Butter yellow but rest assured, there are many, many good hair colors that they have rocked over the years. We quickly realized it can be tough to describe some of these without pictures so make sure to go to our Instagram @btsbombshells for some examples. It's crazy to look back on the past 9 years and see how many different hair colors and styles the guys wore, they are always trying new things!
Please kindly understand we recorded this a few weeks ago so if we say anything that doesn't make sense now that they are taking a break that's why. Enjoy!
Jun 23 - QB Nick Arbuckle on facing his old team the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday Edmonton Elks quarterback Nick Arbuckle on facing his old team the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday.See for privacy information.
105 MIDDAY MIX FIX on Mix93FM 105 Mid Day Mix Fix is a Nu Disco inspired mix featuring tracks and remixes by SG Lewis, Chromeo, Roisin Murphy, Dua Lipa, Help, Flamingo Pier, Bungalow Sinkane and more.

MIDDAY MIX FIX is a Weekly Radio Show every Thursday on Mix93FM in Los Angeles, California at 12pm PST, 2pm CDT, 3pm EST, 9pm in UK! 

Listen from anywhere around the Globe – Dance Music all day and all night.  &#8220;Where Dance Music Lives&#8221;.
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Bedroom Bangerz - May 2022 | House Remixes | New Music Yoo! Brand new mix show. Dropped some of my favourite house edits & remixes.


1. Joel Corry & Lekota - What I Need
2. B.I.G. - Big Poppa (B.TA Update)
3. Kelis - Milkshake (Vandal On Da Track Remix)
4. Edwin Starr- War (EchoStorms Remix)
5. Daddy Yankee vs Chuwe vs Alvaro & Funk D - Gasolina (DJ OD VIP Edit)
6. Bad Bunny & Daddy Yankee - La Santa (Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf Bootleg Remix)
7. Black Box vs Noize Ninjaz - Everybody (JD Live Vocal Edit)
8. Richard Grey - Bootylicious (Original Mix)
9. Ivan Kay Fiorez - Jump (Original Mix)
10. Jack Harlow - First Class (Dave Summit Flip)
11. Kesha, CID - We R Who We R (Deville 2022 House Edit)
12. Flux Pavilion, Drop The Cheese & BINGEWATCH - I Cant Stop (Ango x NIK-ILL Edit)
13. Dillon Francis & Valentino Khan - Move It (Original Mix)
14. 2 Chainz - Money Maker (GNote Remix)
15. Blink 182 vs Jauz - All The Small Things vs Bring It (NIK-ILL VIP EDIT)
16. Lil Wayne - A Milli (Maross VIP Club Edit)
17. Eminem - Lose Yourself (HÄWK VIP Edit)
18. ABBA vs Lowdown - Gimme Gimme & Lowdown (Sam Collins & Nitefield Mashup)
19. Robin S vs Ownboss Sevek - Show Me Love (JD Live MYB Booltleg)
20. EURO TRASH, Yellow Claw, Sky Sky, Groove Armada - The Function (Deville Vocal Re-Edit)
21. Drake - Gods Plan (Hypelezz Mashup)
22. Taiki Nulight, BIG - King Of The Monster (Sam Collins & Nitefield Edit)
23. Mancodex vs The Beat Boyz - Nation Under Lasers (Ango & NIK-ILL Edit)
24. Swing (DJ Beatzilla x Bossa Nova 'Horns 20' Edit)
Bedroom Bangerz - June 2022 | Summer House | New Music New summer mix to get you in the mood.


1. Marshmello x Khalid - Numb
2. The Chainsmokers & Ship Wrek - The Fall
3. Swedish House Mafia With Connie Constance - Heaven Takes You Home
4. Amorphous ft Kelly Rowland & CeCe Peniston - Finally (Cannot Hide It)
5. Conro - back2u
6. Hook N Sling & Nico & Vinz - Break My Heart
7. Diplo, Paul Woolford & Kareen Lomax - Promises
8. Francis On My Mind - Swimming Pools (Wankelmut Remix)
9. Lecky - Do You Really Want Me
10. Daddy Yankee, Rauw Alejandro & Nile Rodgers - AGUA (Play-N-Skillz, Muzik Junkies & Scott Summers Remix)
11. Jax Jones ft MNEK - Where Did You Go
12. Moody Jones & Fireboy DML ft Clayton William - Para Peru
13. R3HAB ft Amba Shepherd - Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. Sam Smith - Love Me More (Regard Remix)
15. Shift K3Y - Let U Have Me
16. Set Fire To The Rain (DJ Beatzilla x Bossa Nova 'Don't Wanna Wait' Edit)
17. Aluna & Punctual - Summer Of Love
18. MK feat. Carla Monroe - 2AM
19. Navos & Galantis ft YOU - What It Feels Like
20. Noel Holler - Get Down
21. Post Malone & Doja Cat vs Oliver Heldens - I Like You (A Happier Song) (Zillionaire Edit)
22. RUDY - Move Ya Body
23. Stev Dive - Gypsy Woman (Original Mix)
24. Who To Blame - Erase Me
25. Chico Rose Ft. Amanda Collis - Losing My Religion
26. DAmico & Valax, Casiraghi & Rachel Morgan Perry - I Follow Rivers (Original Mix)
Best of Spot Lyte On - James Felice - the Felice Brothers We've put the "Gone Fishing" sign up here at Spot Lyte On… as we wrap up Season 6 and get things ready for the next one. But that doesn't mean we want you to miss out on your weekly dose of LP’s conversations with his fascinating guests. So we'll be featuring a few "best of" Spot Lyte On… episodes over the next few weeks.James Felice of the Felice Brothers joins LP to talk about growing up in upstate NY, the early days of the band, and the story behind their latest record, "From Dreams to Dust."The Felice Brothers, Ian (guitar and lead vocals) and James (multi-instrumentalist and vocals) hail from the Catskills, NY, where their early songs echoed off subway walls and kept company with travelers and vagrants. Their current lineup, with the addition of bassist and inaugural female Felice member Jesske Hume (Conor Oberst, Jade Bird) and drummer Will Lawrence (also a singer/songwriter) as their rhythm section, promises to be the best yet. Nathaniel Walcott (trumpet) and Mike Mogis (pedal steel player) act as an accompaniment throughout the tracks, the latter of whom mixed From Dreams to Dust, which was produced by The Felice Brothers. A folk-Americana-rock-country band with deep roots in varied genres, The Felice Brothers are what Rolling Stone lauds as “musician’s musicians” and poets. Indeed, Ian has proven his pedigree as a poet with the publication of his limited-edition collection of poetry Hotel Swampland (2017).They are known by fans for their catchy tunes like “Frankie’s Gun,” “Love Me Tenderly,” “Cherry Licorice,” and “Lion” and, more recently, 2019’s “Undress” and “Special Announcement,” but they offer much more than a great sound. Seamlessly interweaving bizarre catalogs of literary and pop-culture references with vivid portrayals of life and its kaleidoscope of tragedies and hopes, their lyrics and dazzling musical accompaniment not only sound good but demand introspection.  Some of the themes that run through their music, as Ian states, “are perennial” and are centered around “searching for something or transformation.”  Others explore “characters trying to achieve some ideal they’re striving for” or who are “being weighed down by reality.”
144. Honestly, Nevermind (Bonus) On the latest episode of Made In Chafford the lads take on:Honestly, Nevermind2Demz - @6thfebEman - @EmanG45Cole - @ColeSanusiPlease share & follow! - @MadeInChafford #MadeInChafford Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“Why Are You Evangelising When People Are Drunk” | The RARE. Podcast In this episode of TRP we discuss the latest series of Love Island and give our thoughts on Ekin-Su’s behaviour. Did she handle her situation with Davidè and Jay correctly? We also discuss a variety of other topics such as, what music you should and shouldn’t whine to at a motive.
Mariah Carey: Charmbracelet Album Review On this week's episode on, The Obsessed Podcast, we are doing another album review for the criminally underrated album, Charmbracelet! We are also joined by a special guest, and amazing friend of the podcast, @jenicate01 !

Not only are we doing a track by track album review, we are also breaking down the era, and the Charmbracelet tour! @jenicate01 was lucky enough to receive backstage passes to meet Mariah at the Charmbracelet tour, and graciously shares her story about that amazing moment - because you know we're all about the moments!

What are your thoughts on the Charmbracelet album, and where does it rank in your favorite albums by, Mariah Carey? Let us know on any of our social media platforms, and make sure you follow us @the_obsessed_podcast


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E51 - Linkin Park - One More Light Way back on an early episode of the podcast we looked at the 2001 debut album from Shinoda, Copperpot and the boys so let’s see how they rounded out their as-of-now resume with 2017’s One More Light. 
Released barely 2 months before Chester’s death, the overall sound of the record is completely different to any of the previous output and divided an already fractious fanbase. 
Copperpot’s no.1 fan Neil Strong hops onboard with Simon to dissect this one.
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Population Three in Porcupine Tree land: Richard Barbieri on Closure/Continuation, sound design and attention spans One last Progtalks episode before our summer break: Porcupine Tree’s Richard Barbieri talks about different approaches to composing, sound design and of course the most anticipated album of the year in the Prog world: “Closure/Continuation”. Don’t miss out on the last Progtalks episode before our summer break!Chapters:00:55 Porcupine Tree’s growing popularity during the hiatus02:15 Closure/Continuation: the songwriting origins and process05:25 exploring ambient sound design worlds in a more metal environment09:25 combining electronics & acoustics11:00 combining the melancholic pop era with the abrasive metal riffs: is “Closure/Continuation the definite Porcupine Tree album?14:25 upcoming live plans17:30 RIchard’s favourite Porcupine Tree songs18:48 more Closure? Or more Continuation?🎵 Porcupine Tree is:Steven Wilson - guitars, bass, vocalsRichard Barbieri - keyboards, sound designGavin Harrison - drums💿 Discography:On The Sunday of Life (1992)Up the Downstair (1993)The Sky Moves Sideways (1995)Signify (1996)Stupid Dream (1999)Lightbulb Sun (2000)In Absentia (2002)Deadwing (2005)Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)The Incident (2009)Closure/Continuation (2022)✔️ Follow Porcupine Tree!:Website: https://porcupinetree.comFacebook: https://www.**********☕ BUY US A COFFEE ☕We bring these interviews to you with our own resources and have no monetization at all. Do you like what we do and would like to support us? Help us by buying us a coffee on the link below?**********PROGTALKS by The ProgspaceThe Progtalks produced by The ProgspaceMain Hosts: Rune Belsvik Reinås, Dario AlbrechtProduced by Rune Belsvik Reinås, Dario Albrecht, Vanessa and Matthias KirschAll graphics and animations by Vanessa KirschIntro theme by Giuseppe Negri - Follow: themes by Zach Munowitz - Follow: you for watching and listening to The Progtalks! If you liked this interview, subscribe now to this podcast and to The Progspace Channel on Youtube. For more information about Progressive rock and metal, reviews, interviews, contests and much more, bookmark The Progspace and follow us on all our social media channels. https://theprogspace.comFollow us at:
Episode 68 | Bill German ["Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (& Lived to Tell About It)"] At age sixteen, Bill German began publishing a Rolling Stones fanzine out of his bedroom in Brooklyn. And when he presented an issue to the band on a street in New York, he obviously made an impression: before he knew it, the Stones had hired him to document their career, inviting him into the studio and to their private jam sessions. He traveled the world with them, stayed at their homes, and, for almost two decades, witnessed their wild parties and nasty feuds. Yet through it all, he never lost his identity as that “nice boy from Brooklyn.”“Under Their Thumb” is a fish-out-of-water tale about a fan who wanted to know everything about his favorite rock group—and suddenly learned too much. Bill German majored in journalism at New York University until he dropped out to follow the Stones. He co-authored “The Works” with guitarist Ron Wood and has written about the group for Rolling Stone and Spin. He lives in New York City. To purchase a copy of the updated edition of “Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (and Lived to Tell About It)” visit Backbeat Books’ website to a playlist of the music discussed in this episode: Bill German’s website: https://billgerman.comFollow Bill German on Facebook: Booked On Rock Website: www.bookedonrock.comFollow The Booked On Rock with Eric Senich:FACEBOOK: Your Local Bookstore! Find your nearest independent bookstore here: The Booked On Rock Podcast:thebookedonrockpodcast@gmail.comThe Booked On Rock Music: “Whoosh” & “Nasty” by Crowander (
Sonickraft Selections #029 This one's as hot as the weather!

Expect heaters from Dale Howard, Tom & Collins, LUCATI and many more including our latest EP release on Night Service Only!

Full tracklist will appear, as usual in the coming days on TL1001
Sonickraft Selections #028 After a few months hiatus from being busy in the studio and the club, WE ARE BACK, and with a big one.

3 recent releases from us, past present and future, so bend your ears around this and for more information check out TL1001 as per for the full low down!
Phil Troll Motown hour 20th June Phil Troll Motown Hour
Ship of Fools Peter Twyford on Wednesday evening
Thursday Evening Soiree 23rd June Cookie's Thursday evening show
#SlamRadio - 499 - KAAI KAAI is a young up and coming Glaswegian DJ + Producer who has become a resident at Slam's Return To Mono nights at the Sub Club and their Pressure parties at SWG3, he has also guested at nights across Scotland

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Where It's ATT - Sound of the Street II Australian DJ duo Where It's ATT showcase the deep, bass-heavy flavor of their new album Sound of the Street II in the latest "DJcity Podcast." 💥Follow Where It's ATT on Instagram: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Dan Richer Pizza genius and owner of Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City, Dan Richer has always had laser focus on whatever his current love might be, which is why his pizza rules and he's no slouch on guitar either. He may have been pushing it a bit though by watching that loooonng Beatles documentary seven times!Razza Pizza Artigianale Support the show via Patreon! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Episode 36 - No Chance, That's What You Got Chuck and Ju discuss Drake's newest release Honestly, Nevermind, Boldy James buying up what remains of J Dilla's beat catalog, the latest controversy regarding DJ Akademiks, the Steam Deck, and lyrics in music including what makes a musical, and Vince McMahon stepping down as CEO of the WWE. Tune in and check out all the madness!
Local Singles - Episode June 22, 2022 Catch Sufyvn at Sled Island 2022, performing Wednesday night at Commonwealth!Playlist: Eine Kleine China - Carpe DMSunalta - Whistle WhineBlue Odeur - I've BeenSean Beaver - RideHomeSick - Like This 202010D3R - Pink FreudLittle Snake, featuring Flying Lotus - TO FIND LOVE IS TO SEEK THE END
Abscast 022 | GFX "Groovy & Fast X"

GFX is a Spanish producer based in Geneva, and more recently in London since 2020.

Co-founder of Introspective Records, resident of Somnus London and La Republike.

Mostly inspired by 90's acid and 00's hard groove, GFX combines severe grooves, harsh bass lines and paced-up sonorities, allowing him to express his emotions in a unique way.

Having released on numerous record labels such as Rave Alert, Jaded, Khazad Records, Coup, MOTZ, Jaded London and many more. GFX is definitely an up-and-coming artist to keep an eye on.

Discover more about GFX

SC | @groovyandfastx
IG |
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Show #8: David Torn Jason Crane interviews David Torn, a man of many talents. He&#8217;s a film composer whose music you&#8217;ve heard in Friday Night Lights, Believe In Me, and The Order. He&#8217;s also contributed tones and textures to films like this year&#8217;s Best Picture winner, The Departed, and the 2000 hit Traffic. Before his film days, he was known for daring musical collaborations on albums such as Cloud About Mercury (ECM, 1987). And he&#8217;s worked as a guitarist and/or producer for everyone from David Bowie and David Sylvian to John Legend and Tori Amos. David Torn has returned to ECM after two decades for prezens (ECM, 2007), an adventurous record that features Tim Berne, Craig Taborn and Tom Rainey. Learn more at
Show #2: Luis Perdomo Jason Crane interviews pianist Luis Perdomo. Since coming to New York from his native Venezuela, Perdomo has blossomed as a player. As a student at the Manhattan School of Music and at Queens College, he studied with pianists Harold Danko and Sir Roland Hanna. As a professional musician, he&#8217;s played with Ray Baretto, Ravi Coltrane, Miguel Zenon, Dafnis Prieto, and Timbalaye, to name a few. Perdomo&#8217;s adventurous new record is Awareness (RKM Music, 2006). It features his working trio of Hans Glawischnig on bass and Eric McPherson on drums, and on several tracks, an expanded group with bassist Henry Grimes and drummer Nasheet Waits. Find out more about Luis Perdomo at
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