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For The Culture Podcast
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The host of the 'For the Culture' podcast, Michael La Shon III, brings the black youth’s perspective on everything in the entertainment industry, black culture & everything in between. Black culture IS culture.

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For The Culture Podcast The black youth’s perspective on everything in the entertainment industry, black culture & everything in between. Black culture IS culture.
The No Good Podcast New episodes every MONDAY quick reactions every FRIDAY!
Two friends, HipHop, kicking game like its FIFA. @torontolingo @justesbaraheni
Reggae Lover Dedicated to Reggae Lovers - Hosted by Kahlil Wonda and AGARD, Reggae Lover pulls back the curtain on the issues, back-stories, and adventures of the global reggae music phenomena.

This reggae podcast features discussions on the culture, economics and all things relatable to reggae lovers. Highlanda Sound produces this Caribbean podcast with new episodes every Monday.

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HipHopFlex Podcast Hip Hop Artist Og Kid Turbo and Producer Tio Moore dive deep on past & current hip hop events and lead an interactive discussion on mainstream and underground artists. Subscribe, and stay tuned for interviews with REAL industry artists, producers and influencers! Don't forget to check out your youtube channel to watch our full length videos!
Listen Up Podcast Join Jamie, Nick, Jordan, and the occasional guest as they explore a different album and artist each week!
2020 Vision! Introducing R&B/Soul solo artist Ameerah “The Songstress”, who was born in Detroit, Michigan aka The Heart of Motown. As an avid fan of music, Ameerah started singing at the early age of 5. By being a self taught performer that often entertained her audience of teddy bears, she would always capture her listeners by singing the song entitled, “Silly of Me by Denise Williams. Her parents then secretly watched a performance and noticed that she was very talented beyond her years. During events held at their Detroit home, Ameerah would generously entertain family and friends with her singing. Her parents also helped to develop her skills by enrolling Little Miss Ameerah into local talent competitions and showcases.
Do You Speak Music The music lover's podcast, where we explore all types of music, reminiscing on the old jams and putting you onto what's new. We want to know, Do You Speak Music?

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Tell Laura I Love Her I have always liked good female singers with pin point accuracy....for example Celine
Dion with her gentle delivery...Gladys Knight with her perfect phrasing....Aretha
Franklin with her sharp jagged delivery ....Dionne Warwick with her faultless voice
(Heartbreaker being one of my favourite songs)....and of course Tina Turner with her
fabulous range.....a lot can be learned by up and coming girl singers from the likes of
these legends....and at the opposite end of the scale I would like to introduce one of
the worst records ever made...only .in my opinion of course....Tell Laura I Love Her by
Ricky Valance....which reached number one back in the day....but to me it is one of
the worst records ever.
Vince Tracy, Don Woods and our Memories in Music
Best Audio About Olivia Rodrigo On Vurbl Olivia Rodrigo is only 18 years old and she is dominating the airwaves and smashing streaming records. After the release of her debut single "Driver's License" in January 2021 put her on top of the pop charts, her album "Sour" can officially be declared the breakup album of the year. Her career spans only 6 years: she started off acting in the Disney Channel show "Bizaardvark" in 2016 until she was cast as Nini Salazar-Roberts in Disney+'s series "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series". After dropping her second and third singles "Deja Vu" and "Good 4 U", comparisons to pop queens like Lorde, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift were started by music critics AND Taylor herself! For those of you who still don't know this new Queen of Pop (Taylor Swift-endorsed), here is everything you need to know about Olivia Rodrigo on podcasts. Best Vurbl Music Audio
Jim Morrison and Me You want to know what it's like to be third row, center, at one of his best concerts? I'll tell you. Over 65 and Talking
Top Poddin' Moments Vol. 1 A short collection of big moments from the For The Culture Podcast For The Culture Podcast
Jam Sessions Discussing a random assortment of music topics Friends Talking Music with Beer

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Shellshocked Radio Recommendations - Lindemann - Blut (Live in Moscow) #168 Associated Playlist: ​​
Yes, I know I'm a bit late to the "Party". Lindemann has been disbanded in this form at least and Peter Tätgren is touring with Hypocrisy and Pain and Till Lindemann is ... well ... "Till Lindemann" now, besides his little "side project" Rammstein ;)
Anyway, this is not such a flashy song, not poppy metal as usual, more somber, slowly pulling you into its darkness.
A bit Gothic even I would say. It is a slow burner, but worth your time if you do not know it already:
and, of course, here it is in my playlist:
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​​
#recommendations #shellshockedradio #lindemann #blut #moscow
Shellshocked Radio Recommendations - SIDILARSEN - Comme on vibre - "Camembert" French Industrial #303 Hell Yeah Community!!! Welcome to ShellShockedRadio. You are currently watching
"Shellshocked Radio Recommendations - SIDILARSEN - Comme on vibre - "Camembert" French Industrial"
Do you love Dark Music? And craving for something darker and new in the Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Dark Pop, Industrial Metal, and Neue Deutsche Härte scenes? Then, I've got you covered with the latest and greatest in this exciting genre. Subscribe now, so you don't miss out on any future posts! Please show your support by subscribing to my YouTube channel:
Maybe for some of you this is no news, but for me, it was the first time that I have heard an Industrial Metal / Rock Band sing in French, and this is great! For me @Sidilarsen is a lucky find in the onslaught of, lets put it nicely, of "mediocre" music I get send each day. So I happily share this, at least for me, new find with you! A French Band singing in French ... how cool is that!!? Growing up with the believe that Rock Music needs to be English as it was the dominant language back then ... @Heroes Del Silencio Catálogo were the first time I heard "non English" lyrics in Rock Music ... Anyway, Sidilarsen are just great! Check out their asskicking tune "Comme on vibre":
and of course, here it is in my playlist:
From EBM to deathrock, industrial metal music to Neue Deutsche Härte, Darkwave to Dark Pop music – we've got it all! Whether you're a fan of classic gothic sounds or looking for something heavier, This channel is perfect for you! So come on in and enjoy the darkness! Chill out! 🤘🏻 Watch more videos on DeathRock, Industrial Metal, and Dark Pop Music.
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Thank you for being here! Stay Safe and Healthy,
#DarkMusic #DeathRock #darkambientmusic #ebm #industrialmetalmusic
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​
Shellshocked Radio Recommendations - U2 - With Or Without You #169 Associated Playlist:
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​​
Today an Oldie but Goldie, nothing new for the 30+ viewers I'm sure, but maybe the younger Generation might have missed it, so here I come to the "rescue" ;) "With Or Without You" is a quiet and restrained pop (rock) gem.
Thousands have been fallen in love with & by it, and who knows, thousands still might fall in love to & with it.
This is an absolute classic & I highly recommend it.
and, of course, here it is in my playlist:
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​​
#recommendations #shellshockedradio #u2 #withorwithoutyou #lovesong
Shellshocked Radio Recommendations - Black Nail Cabaret - My Casual God #170 Associated Playlist:
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​​
Today a more modern entry in my recommendation list, as this song as of this writing is 2 years old (2022).
This is a song full of coldness, coolness & despair.
Dark Pop / Darkwave at its finest. The Duo hails from Hungary where I also lived for 3 years.
I truly hope that they "will not perish without any legacy", to quote this song "My Casual God", as they are such a great act.
My biggest regret is, not having seen them as I was in Hungary.
Please check them out and dig deeper: and, of course, here it is in my playlist:
If you rather want to listen to my Talks as a Podcast, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google & in other places here:​​​
#recommendations #shellshockedradio #bnc #blacknailcabaret #hungary
Episode 237: Camo Chic Kyle gets heated, Brian gets catty, and they chat more NAMM 2022, and some guitar paint schemes. 
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Hosted by Brian Gower and Kyle McIntyre
Spit Fire Save The Matches Ep.39 ( Byron Love Luv) Byron LOVE Luv is actually a Dallas underground legend formerly known as "DTR - Down To Rock" with history dating back to 1982, prior to D.O.C. leaving the Fila Fresh Crew. He was an undefeated battle-rapper who went on to release two albums in
1989 (Dope Straight From The SouthSide) and 1990 (SouthSide Dopeness).

The "buzz" was on as he performed with D.J. Earthquake (Floyd) , J-Blade (Johnny Nutson) and Vanilla Ice while recording with Goldfinger (Dale Lane of "Sheek Fool" fame) and Quint Black (Q. Banks of "Shake Dem Haters Off" fame).
He was on the way.

The streets took a hold of him and he went to prison in 1991. He returned in 1999.
He released an album Upgrade" in 2005.
The success of it resulted in Jive Records considering a recording contract. 

After the deal fell through, he released "Total Destruction in 2007
Raw Dirty in 2008 as he took the helm of his brother's (Willie Littlefield Jr.) record label - GO 2 HELL RECORDz

He began making yet another transition.

In 2010, he began doing the internet radio show - "Byron LOVE Luv & Tha A-1 Show" on 1st Amendment Radio. This was not Blog Talk or Fishbowl. The success propelled the station beyond a million listeners/followers.

He then transitioned into video and film. As an inexperienced film-maker he created a movie called "7-5-2-1-5". With minimal and sub par equipment, it was still marginally successful.
The show "Oak Cliff HouseWives" soon followed. It became a regional and YouTube phenomenon. So, it was taken to television. The show quickly became number one on YouTube and then television.(55.4 KAZD BCTV)

In 2013, carried over to 2014, there was the release of a mixtape that has received over 10,000 downloads.

More television shows (and possibly "Oak Cliff Housewives") are about to be on television in the Dallas, TX area again and two other television shows are in production, in addition to a new movie.
193 The King and Queen Just Do It BEN AFFLECK's untitled NIKE project gets some star power, QUEEN set to release an unreleased FREDDIE MERCURY tune, we get ALL SHOCK UP up for the ELVIS biopic. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUSIC AWARDS and win some CA$H, THE DUKE's FAMOUS HOT WINGZ could just be the unofficial snack for winter. Ben Just Do It · Queen announce new Freddie track · Win Some ca$h by voting for HOT102.7FM
(SEASON 5 EPISODE 21) “LAIKEN STROBUSH INTERVIEW” Los Angeles, Ca based R&B recording artist Laiken Strobush talks about her roots in Wisconsin and Minneapolis, and her transition from being in bands to becoming a solo artist. She also talks about her experience in teaching the youth piano, guitar, and voice lessons, song theory and more! For her catalog check ,


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Episode 109 - "Fizz" by The Hacky Turtles Music podcast hosted by brothers, Chris and Cam Willis based on a simple thesis that there are only two categories of songs; love songs and fight songs.Chris and Cam test this thesis against songs you've definitely heard and some you probably haven't. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don't. Often times they surprise themselves.You won't find two brothers that love music or each other more than these two. Come for the music, stay for the family and friendship.Start your own podcast and get a $20 Amazon gift card! Use the link below.Giftcard!In this episode the guys are completely fascinated by the song "Fizz" by The Hacky Turtles.If you want to check out the official video for this song you can do that here.If you want to suggest a song for an episode, leave a review of the show and drop the title in the review.Follow the guys on instagram: Cam                                                                    ChrisOR! We have an official show instagram now!And find the playlist on SpotifyThanks for listening!
Conversations from the Break Room with Matt Searles Dr. Matt Searles joins us in the Break Room today!Matt lives in Oxford, England and leads on Biblical Studies as a member of Crosslands Training faculty. Crosslands is an organization that exists for the sake of the local church; to provide trusted theological resources, training and networks that equip believers for mission and ministry – to the glory of Christ.Matt has his doctorate in Biblical Theology and has a passion to communicate the deep truths of the faith in a clear and accessible way to normal Christians of all backgrounds.He particularly loves teaching from the Psalms, helping people see how they are a gift from God to us to help us relate to him in all areas of life.He has written three books and has produced 6 albums focusing on the Psalms.His musical work has been very beneficial to congregations looking to sing the Psalms. He recently released part two of his album, Psalms for Congregations.Check out Matt's ministry here:Bandcamp:
79: Just the three of us!!! It was either us or the tech, but we lost Jordyn!! Well always have room for improvement!! Today we listen too James town revival, Rare Americans, Vaseline, The Revivalists, The Wrecks, and much more
The Femme Fatale Tour - Britney Spears - Music Director - Simon Ellis EXCLUSIVE interview with Britney Spears The Femme Fatale Tour Music Director Simon Ellis. We talk about preproduction and restrictions on the crew during this tour. Audio ripping of any episodes is strictly prohibited in every country in the world. The Original Doll with James Rodriguez unpackages music with the people who created the songs you love. and and or visit
Boy Spyce – Boy Spyce EP REVIEW Nigeria Nigeria has a habit of finding stars like it's nothing and the latest Mavin recruit, Boy Spyce, has quite a story to tell on that front! Here's a review of his debut self-titled EP "Boy Spyce"
Teni – Little & Legendary SINGLE REVIEW Nigeria Teni gives us a 2-track sampler titled 'Little & Legendary" - does this mean an album is around the corner? Here's my review
CMS | We’re Getting Fat In Cleveland! On this episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris read an article about Valerie Bertinelli and how she feels like gaining weight is helping protect her from men. Then, they end the show talking about the city of Portland and their chronic drug and homeless problems. Get all our episodes at with The Classic Metal Show at**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**Please take a moment to subscribe, share and leave us a 5 Star Review for this episode! It helps us grow and do better episodes for YOU!!WEBSITE: http://www.thecmsnetwork.comTHE CMS PODCAST NETWORK: https://www.cmspn.comHEAVY METAL TELEVISION: https://www.heavymetaltelevision.netCMStv: https://www.cmstv.netCMSRadio: https://www.cmsradio.netCMSPN App: Search "The CMS Network" In Your iOS or Android App Store!Become A VIP On Locals: https://classicmetalshow.locals.comRUMBLE: Search "The Classic Metal Show" in the Roku ChannelsAMAZON: Search "The CMS Network" To Add Our ChannelSOCIALSMinds: https://classicmetalshow.locals.comCENSORED BIG TECH:Facebook:**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**#theclassicmetalshow #comedy #parody #neeley #chrisakin #shockjocks #popculture #sex #hardrock #heavymetal #celebrities #socialjustice #socialmedia #woke #politics #humor #dating #relationships
TII | Chris Akin Joins The Show On this episode of TALKING INTO INFINITY, Jon is out at the Sammy Hagar concert, so Brian brings in guest Chris Akin to talk about bringing TALKING INTO INFINITY to The CMS Network, his stories about life and rock n' roll, writing books, and much more. Get all our episodes at
Episode 23: The Lumineers Today in The No Judgment Zone, we’re stomping away to 2012’s smash hit, “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. Four albums later, The Lumineers seem to have a solid fan base of barefoot stompers. How exactly did these New Jersey acoustic rockers become the embodiment of suspender-wearing folk rock? Listen to the episode to find out!Links from this episode:“Ho Hey” music video:“The Ballad of Cleopatra” extended video:“Ophelia” music video: short film: (For The Throne) lyric video: intro/outro music by Mike Dainer AKA Andy FusiaCheck Mike Dainer out on Bandcamp: https://mikedainer.bandcamp.comFollow The No Judgment Zone podcast on social media!Instagram: out The Official NJZ Queue to listen to all the songs from the show:
29th Election Results: The Time Has Come to Induct Our 65th Song Let's not waste time: Chris is back and joins Tim to induct the 65th song into our prestigious Hall of Songs. Which record will join the latest two, Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"?  Take the time to find out. Also, we discuss songs that are now eliminated from our Hall of Songs ballot ... and the thing that all the remaining songs have in common.
1984! Our Top-12 Songs From the Greatest Pop Culture Year Ever! OK, maybe we're guilty of using a little hyperbole. 1984 is, however, a year of huge stars, big sounds, and even bigger songs. In this episode of Hall of Songs, Tim and Chris select their top-12 from this year, and you'll get huge names like Bruce, the highest of NRG, and one dominant force whose fingerprints are all over this year.Listen, then vote for the best songs ever at
John Easdale of Dramarama John Easdale of Dramarama has quite an origin story. Local Jersey kid and his high school friends work at a record store and dream of being in a band, they make a record that gets picked up by a French DJ. The record makes its way to Los Angeles and is mistaken by a famous DJ for a French band. Yes, "Anything, Anything" can happen when it comes to rock and roll. We then segue to 1985, the year Dramarama's Cinéma Vérité was released and look at the top 10 year-end songs from KROQ, the radio station that first played "Anything, Anything".  We are a proud member of Pantheon Podcasts
Ep 111 - June 2022 Rundown - Power Chord Hour Podcast New music and music news of June 2022 plus:- Rationing summer concerts to save for Alaska- Interviewing a Funk legend- Seeing recent guest of the show Jeremy Porter perform in Buffalo- Listening to a ton of Joyce Manor and 3LH- Running out of shirts really really fast- Other peoples podcasts- Dream vinyl presses of obscure Drive Thru Records releases & much more!Support the artists heard on this episode - Doki Doki - I Was Killing It Man (Single) Eye Blind - Acoustic Erg - Love At Leeds out the Power Chord Hour radio show every Friday night at 10 to midnight est on 107.9 WRFA in Jamestown, NY. Stream the station online at or listen on the WRFA app.powerchordhour@gmail.comInstagram - - - - Episode Playlists -
Winging It EP 59 Acoustic vs. Original - Which Version of Popular Songs is Better? The original or the acoustic version. Which is better?  You might be surprised! 
Hosted by Christina Baldwin and Professor P-Soop!
Episode 251: 2022 So Far with Laylow Brewery On this episode we talked with Dan Bonifero of Laylow Brewery about rap in 2022... so far. 
This Week's Topics:
Half Way Point 2022
Best Verse
Best Track
Best Album
Rookie of the Year
Who's Winning This Year So Far

Beer(s) of the week
Lightworks - Hibiscus Witbier -  4.3% ABV - Laylow Brewery
Dorfbier - Munich Dunkel - 5.2% - Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
Hip Hops and R&Brew - American Pale Ale - 5.5 % ABV - Funkytown Brewery

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3 Year Anniversary Show With Stephen Pearcy The Hook Rocks celebrates 3 years with legendary Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy. We discuss  his current solo tour, music coming out later this year with a few surprises, and what Van Halen meant to him early in his career . Stephen also shares his thoughts on The Stadium Tour as well as the constant state of dysfunction within the band Ratt, plus much more. Please enjoy the episode.Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network Stephen Pearcy The Hook Rocks
Show 513 – Duke Dumont Special

Neon Nights hosted by John von Ahlen / Parralox & Costa Lakoumentas proudly presents: “Duke Dumont Special”. We celebrate one hour of this Grammy nominated DJ, with his original tracks, collaborations and remixes.
Tracklist for “Duke Dumont Sepcial”
Let Me Go (feat RY X / Cerrone Remix)
Nightcrawler (feat Say Lou Lou / Tensnake Remix)
The Power (feat Zak Abel / Vintage Culture & Volkoder Mix)
Red Light Green Light
Therapy (Will Easton Mix)
The Fear (feat Niia)
Real Life (feat Gorgon City & Naations / Extended Mix)
Need U (100%) – feat A*M*E
I Got You (feat Jax Jones / MK Remix)
Won’t Look Back (Jax Jones Remix)
Alter Ego (feat Channel Tres)
Ocean Drive (Extended Mix)
All this and always Looking Back on Neon Nights, the NUMBER ONE most downloaded music podcast on JOY949.
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Episode 49 - The One Where They Both Get The Number Wrong Spotify playlist for this episodeFollow up:Bjéar ConcertReviews:Asher reviewed ‘I Am Origami Pt. 4: Marathon Daze’ by John Van Deusen and ‘Flutterama’ by Half-Handed CloudJosh reviewed ‘Nine Waves’ by Ye VagabondsHomework:Josh gave Asher ‘McLusky Do Dallas’ by Mc LuskyAsher gave Josh ‘Mutemath’ by MutemathHonourable Mentions:Ricky MontgomeryBjéar Bret McKenzieSad Cowboy SongsPeiNow OnlyEven OxenMarty O’Donall and CoThanks for listening! - Josh and AsherWWLT
FTMP S4 E24 Season Finale Live Performances and Discussions We have reached the end of Season 4! Thank you to everyone who has supported us from Season 1! We will see you and hear you for Season 5!!!! PEACE!

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The Modern Lovers - Self Titled - Album Review In this episode of the Check Out This Record podcast, Marc and Frank look at the self-titled debut from The Modern Lovers.  Listen as they go track by track as they discuss this cult favorite. Want a one-stop-shop for all things guitar? Head over to for product reviews and more!!! If you want us to review an album let us know! Join our facebook group: Instagram: @checkoutthisrecord Youtube: Twitter: @checkrecord
Somewhere Along the Line Somewhere Along the Line is the ninth song, just before Captain Jack, on the Piano Man Album released November 9, 1973. This one's definitely a strange one, as Billy talks about 4 things that will catch up to us somewhere along the line. Of course, Billy made it through all of those things so -- now the songs irrelevant. Good for him. 😉 See for privacy and opt-out information.
EP75: I Don't Give A F*** With BDUB Music Welcome To Blue Presents A Podcast! Today my guest is a long time friend Brandon Winchester aka BDUB Music. Join us as we discuss Brandon's journey into music, talk about the Jacksonville, FL music scene and so much more!!Check Out My
Peter and Adam's MOST Inspirational Tracks Peter and Adam share tracks that have inspired them the most over the years!Check out the tracks right here!You can find the video here!

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Episode 76 - Top Gun: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Nubs leads the discussion and review of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Top Gun, released in 1986 – including, as always, albums + songs on our radar and much more!


Feel like playing with the boys?  Then grab a volleyball, put on some jeans, grease yourself up and let’s go. Tune in to hear our recollections of a franchise (including a new sequel) that has found its longevity, and the soundtrack that helped it do so.  And, while the boys may not agree on all things, they concur that shadowy, sillouetted tongue kissing is not only bad advice – but was quite traumatizing at a young age.  Jester’s dead, but we’re alive and well…so get your butts above the hard deck and tune in!
Are Aliens Racist? Join YFM and stay update our live stream every Saturday at 1 PM EST on YouTube @ YFM Podcast podcast goal is to analyze the infinite topics urban culture presents with a focus on the Hip-hop music genre.  Using the point of view of a music artist and an experienced podcast/music lover, we will converse on each topic from a unique perspective.Wayne favorite artist is Eminem, and Jimmy B Fearless (JBF) favorite artist is Future which represent two distinct types of artist within the same genre. Those differences in music listening habits will be evident in each conversation, making for lively discussion.
The Dog House - Episode June 25, 2022 Sled Island 2022: Guest mix by MYNXY (YVR)Playlist: Handsome Tiger - FoundationsChubbycree - RYW (Handsome Tiger Remix)Capozzi - Lay It DownNiteshade - Keep It RealBassani & Prayer Handz - WaveKindaColt - FriedbannockboisGlass Petals - CardioCross, Teknicoz - MetroSan Pacho - TrompetaQuintino - Keep Movin'
"Even Flow" by Pearl Jam 90s Music Got Me Like... "Even Flow" by Blondie The podcast that looks back on one song from the 90s every episode, hosted by Eric and Kendra Mikols. RSS - Twitter - Facebook -
Ep. 113 Part 2 (Album Reviews) On the 2nd installment of Episode 113, the Gahhd Cast Boyz review the new Maino & Jim Jones project, "Lobby Boyz."  We also review a new project titled, "976," by Miami artist & friend of the show, Evaize.  So make sure to tune in and catch our opinions on these new musical offerings, and do  remember to follow us on the socials:
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S E385: Did Diddy Make a Mistake Not Signing Chris Brown? Pharrell Producing an NFT Album, Lil T Jay Shooting Updates Happy Thursday! Chris Brown is on a major press run and he is going to be the next guest on Drink Champs podcast and hosts Ashia Skye and Ayeeedubb have some details about the new episode. Other topics include Pharrell producing a whole NFT album and we have some updates regarding what happened with the Lil T Jay shooting.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
S E386: Most Chaotic VERZUZ Ever? Lil Nas X Disses BET Awards, Chris Brown Ready for His Own VERZUZ Chaotic energy all weekend long! Hosts Ashia Skye and Ayeeedubb have to recap what happened during the VERZUZ battle last night with Omarion and Mario. Other topics include Lil Nas X dissing the whole BET Awards during BET Awards Weekend, ONE Music Fest announced their astounding lineup for this year's fest in Atlanta, Rick Ross wants to own part of the 76ers sports team, and Chris Brown reveals that he could be in a VERZUZ battle soon!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
ASTV | RED SUN ATACAMA Embed[tcb-script]!function(a){var b="embedly-platform",c="script";if(!a.getElementById(b)){var d=a.createElement(c);,d.src=("https:"===document.location.protocol?"https":"http")+"://";var e=document.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];e.parentNode.insertBefore(d,e)}}(document);[/tcb-script]On this episode of Aftershocks TV, the guys from French desert-punk trio RED ATACAMA join the show to discuss their sophomore release 'Darwin'. The guys talk about several changes that were made compared to their debut full-length 'Licancabur', how they successfully write extensive tracks without losing the listeners interest, the bands influence from the Atacama desert in Chile and much more.Please take a moment to subscribe, share and leave us a 5 Star Review for this episode! It helps us grow and do better episodes for YOU!! Get all the metal music, videos, shows, commentary, interviews, radio and tv at THE CMS PODCAST NETWORK: HEAVY METAL TELEVISION: CMStv: CMSRadio: CMSPN App: Search "Classic Metal Show" In Your iOS or Android App Store! Become A VIP On Subscribestar: RUMBLE: BITCHUTE: ODYSEE: ROKU:
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XCIX. Honestly, Nevermind | Drake This week Demar and Adriel discuss Drake’s seventh studio album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’, Drake finally being unpredictable and him returning to being an artist rather than a scientist. Demar’s rating: 6.5Adriel’s rating: 6.5The Love List: Massive, Texts Go Green, Jimmy Cooks, Flights BookedPS. Is there a single song that’s more out of place than Jimmy Cooks on this album? It’s a great song, but uh…Follow us:Twitter / Instagram/ TikTok:@AlbumModePod@AdrielSmileydotcom@DemarjGrantClubhouse / Greenroom:@demar@adrielsmiley
Havin' A Talk With God- Omniscient OmniscientThyme thought she had it all figgered out …This series, Havin’ A Talk With God, is a preview of a new Podcast Musical set to premiere in September 2022.Get to know Thyme Quinn — and through the course of her conversations with her good ol’ pal, God, eavesdrop on the prayers of a most complex character searching for Truth in her daily struggle to understand  her own complexities – complexities that we all struggle with daily.We’ll be presentin’ this weekly, an’ doncha worry none, each episode won’t take ya’ more ‘an 5 or 6 minutes a shot.  Along the way we promise lots a’ food for thought, a lotta laughs, an’ even a revelation or two regardin’ your own life.Try it. He’s a different kinda God. He talks back … in plain English.Scattershot Symphony is presented by Watchfire Music
LOGS | Can you Haiku? Welcome back to another episode of Logs. This episode we have Sasha Camille telling a story of a great life lesson through folktale.Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share !!!We Do It For Us Instagram: Do It For Us Twitter: Do It For Us TikTok: this podcast at —
June New Music Round Up with Andrea and Kitzy SO much good music out this month. Kitzy and Andrea are bringing you six new songs they can't get enough of. Check 'em out. Pick up their albums. You know the drill. And as Andrea mentions in this episode, our killer new theme song is a cover of The Replacements' "Left of the Dial" by the incredibly talented and lovely band, The Tisburys. You can hear the whole thing and check out the rest of their music over on Bandcamp.FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE:Gully Boys - "See You See"Bartees Strange - "Wretched" (and on Jimmy Kimmel)Beach Rats - "Blown to Bits"Boy Jr - "Meet Me in the Middle"A Day Without Love - "Caffeine"Mikey Erg - "Sick as Your Secrets"Follow us on Twitter and InstagramFollow Kitzy on Twitter and InstagramFollow Andrea on Twitter and Instagram and check out the other thing she does, New Jersey Is the World.CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING TO US ON PATREON AND HELP US SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS AND OUR WRITERS!
Winging It 59 Best Songs About America We may agree to disagree with the source that provided this list, but do we also disagree with each other?  Listen and find out. 
Hosted by Christina Baldwin and Professor P-Soop!
759. CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe (Out of My Body, Perfume) 759. CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe (Out of My Body, Perfume) This episode of CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe is so jammed packed with NEW QUALITY Freestyle Music, we had to stuff it all in one hour.Featuring CPR’s Freestyle Countdown and Exclusive NEW Music from Denine – Out of Body (Artistik Remix) plus Pure Pleazure – Perfume (Klubjumpers Remix)Plus The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts with a 10 Minute Mini MixCPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe is now syndicated in 6 States!MASSACHUSETTS/CONNECTICUT/ YUBA CITY AND SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA/NEBRASKA/KANSAS AND NEW YORKThis is the Podcast Edition of CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe which features exclusive, extended and unedited audio from the Radio FM Broadcast
Classic Rock Remixes of the 70s pt 2 Here are some of our favorite remixes of classic 60's and 70's artists that we use to rock nightclubs in 2022!The Who, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, The Hollies, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Doors, Rod Stewart,  and Manfred Mann's Earth Band are all represented here with remixes by RUN DMT, Kublaii, Bobby C Sound TV, Ultimix, Wick-It The Instigator, The Crystal Method, PINEO & LOEB, MidasTouch and Alan Wilkis!Track List:"Who Are You (RUN DMT Remix)" - The Who"Rocket man (Kublaii Remix)" - Elton John"Kashmir (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)" - Led Zeppelin"Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)(Ultimix edit)" - The Hollies"Have a Cigar (Wick-it remix)" - Pink Floyd"Karn Evil 9 (Remix) - Emerson Lake & Palmer"Roadhouse Blues (The Crystal Method Remix)" - The Doors"Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (PINEO & LOEB Remix)" - Rod Stewart"Blinded By The Lights (MidasTouch Remix)" - Manfred Mann’s Earth Band"Baba ORiley (Alan Wilkis Remix)" - The Who Let us know what you think:)Part of Pantheon Podcasts
How to Play Jazz Melodies Like a Pro (Thought Experiment) In today's episode, we're gonna do a little thought experiment that will help us get in the mindset that we need to be, to play melodies and solos creatively and at the top of our game, to take a boring expression of a melody and truly turn it into something that is riveting for the audience and riveting for ourselves. Main Points:1. Playing a melody by the book vs. the way a pro jazz musician would play it2. Example of a "basic" melody3. The "Bluenote Thought Experiment"4. Example of a pro-sounding jazz melodyImportant Links:LJS Inner Circle MembershipFree Guide to learn standards by ear: Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way50% off Offer
Quick Win: The Best Jazz Practice Advice If you wanna be a good musician of any kind then you know you need to practice, especially if you want to play jazz.So, I'm gonna give you the very best practice advice I can give you to help you get set up for success.CHAPTERS:IntroTip #1: Can't find more time to practice? Stop trying.Tip #2:  Practice lessTip #3:  Ditch these if you don't want themTip #4:  Focus on the things you're not good atTip #5:  Give it some spaceTip #6:  Keep a sense of accomplishment***Important Links and Resources***Get our FREE "Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way" Guide and Masterclass Join our powerful jazz learning communityListen to the Learn Jazz Standards PodcastGet our Amazon Best Selling bookSee you in the next video!50% off Offer
"This is The Pitch" W/ Bec Sandridge Fresh off the release of her latest single, "Cost of Love", Max chats with Sydney pop artist Bec Sandridge. They cover the importance of the song's shuffling beat, the darkness on her upcoming EP, and whether The Veronicas or Tina Turner get a starring role in a DJ set.Connect with Bec Sandridge  on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to her latest single  "Cost of Love" on Spotify and Apple Music. Discover more new music and hear your favourite artists with 78 Amped on Instagram, on Facebook.
S2E11 Bringing Lyrics To Life Podcast "Energy" *DISCLAIMER: This podcast declares that we do not own the rights to this music/song. All rights belong to the owner. Music is played for commentary purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.*

Coming straight out the gate! Blessed in abundance look who raised from the dungeon. This young black man stays true to his message and what he represents. Ace Hood does it like no other. Relaying this message....protect your peace....protect your energy!


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"Checc Me Out" Review (from Rap Rankings: Mixtape Reviews E26 - Nipsey Hussle, Crenshaw) Nipsey Hussle's anthemic "Checc Me Out" gets deconstructed by Moulz & Mel in their Patreon-exclusive review of Crenshaw.Full episode:
LOGS | Can you Haiku? Welcome back to another episode of Logs. This episode we have Sasha Camille telling a story of a great life lesson through folktale.Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share !!!We Do It For Us Instagram: Do It For Us Twitter: Do It For Us TikTok: this podcast at —
80 - Break Stuff The guys get into the sick mind of Frederick Durst and his merry band of misfits this week with Break Stuff. A song that dares to ask the tough questions like "have you ever had one of those days?" and "how about I break your fucking face?" (yes and no respectively, for the record.) Hit play and take a ride with the biggest chainsaw wielding madman since Leatherface.
The Last in Line - Dio John and Darin discuss the second Dio album "The Last in Line" as well as remember the passing of Ronnie James Dio on the anniversary of his death.
Sacred Heart- Dio John and Darin discuss the Dio album "Sacred Heart".  Featuring songs like the title track and "Rock 'n' Roll Children" the album would be a turning point for the band with the departure of guitarist Vivian Cambell.
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That's The Bag I'm In Listen in this week to a textbook discussion of the process of garagification:  the transmogrification of Fred Neil's "That's The Bag I'm In" from a corny folk ditty to a  titanic garage tune. Casey Anderson gets us started with the first released version of the song , way back in 1962 (5:18). A very Greenwich Village rendition, from the era represented by "Inside Llewyn Davis."  In 1965, the mysteriously and awfully-named Dalek/Engam: The Blackstones rearranged the song and made it ROCK, even giving it some Beatles-esque chords and "Woo"'s! : a crucial step in the alchemy of garagification (56:37)  In '66, Billy Lee Riley crosses the song with "Hallelujah I Love Her So" and reveals a strange connection between the two songs (1:19:47). Oh, and there's bongos! Fourthly, The Fabs finalized the process in September of the same year, adding a cool bass riff, FUZZ, and ORGAN (1:36:08). If you know it, you love it, and if you haven't heard it, you gotta!
What’s in the crate? Episode 99 Tracklist

Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (C.J.’s Dub)Cajmere – Percolator (Jamie Jones Vault Mix)Voices of Life – The Word Is Love (Silk’s Anthem of Life)Uffie, Pharrell Williams – ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Roger Sanchez & Junior Sanchez Remix)Kenny Dope, Josh Milan – Be Your Freak (Kenny Dope o’gutta Mix)Nick Curly – Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight (Kid Creme Vocal Dub)Crookers, Baxter – Innocent (Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Groove Dub)Basement Jaxx – Get Me Off (Superchumbo Mix)Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)
Season 2 | Friday June 24th | RIPE in the X1039 studio with Shawn Lucero Boston's Ripe stopped by the X1039 studio on Monday June 20th for a live interview and acoustic jam of their new hit single "Settling".  Big thanks to Jon, Robbie, and Samson of Ripe for all the laughs and good conversation. We hope they come back to Colorado soon so we can experience their plugged in set.
Motown (Jr. Walker, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie) The Motown record label has produced some of the most iconic American music from the last 50 years. Under the direction of producer Berry Gordy, artists like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and Smokey Robinson brought RnB music to a mainstream pop audience. Today on the show we discuss 3 Motown records that have plenty of pop-appeal.

Jr. Walker and the All Stars – Shotgun (Andy)Diana Ross and the Supremes – Love Child (Don)Lionel Richie – Can’t Slow Down (Dude)

What do you think of these records? What Motown record do you keep coming back to? Tell us on the Album Nerds Discord, Email us, Leave a voicemail at (585) 210-2454‬.

Thanks for listening!
Stateside Madness podcast, episode 49: Dave Robinson interview This week, Stiff Records’ cofounder Dave Robinson drops by to chat with Laurie & Poly! Robbo talks about discovering and signing Madness, making the bands’ iconic videos, a few other Stiff acts... and the one band he regrets not signing. This is a Stateside Madness exclusive interview that you won’t want to miss!
The Twosome Drinking Spree (John Cougar Mellencamp and Mastry’s Brewing Co.) Barry and Abigail discuss The Lonesome Jubilee by John Cougar Mellencamp and sample Just Like Old Times, Spring Shake-Cation, Acai Juliet, and Ambient #7 from Mastry’s Brewing Co. in St. Pete Beach, Florida.
Many thanks to Matt Dahm, Owner-Founder of Mastry’s Brewing Co., for sitting down with us to discuss the history of the brewery!
Although she did not visit the Abigail Hummel School of Speaking Smartly about Music this time, Abigail did hear similarities between The Real Life and Light the Fuse by Jack Cornell [previously interviewed on Friendship Wins (Jack Cornell and Tripping Animals Brewing Co.)]. The message of the song and the specificity of the storytelling reminded Barry of Growing Older But Not Up by Jimmy Buffett.
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes is reminiscent of an O. Henry tale.
Ambient #7 is brewed with hops grown by the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, Florida.
Up next… How to Save a Life by The Fray
Jingles are by our friend Pete Coe.
Follow Barry or Abigail on Untappd to see what we’re drinking when we’re not on mic!
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Off The Record (aired on 2022-06-25) with Jordan Deen and James Collins
DJ B-12 Deep Acid House Experience #38 - June 2022 Hello and welcome to episode 38 of The DJ B-12 Deep Acid House Experience. This episode is for the month  of June 2022. This episode is packed with 44 tracks and has a runtime of 107 minutes, just shy of 2 hours. Loads of brand new music and a handful of mid 90's classics, some of which I ripped from my vinyl collection. This set is all over the place in styles, so buckle up and get ready for the one-of-a-kind journey that you’ll only find here with me. I think this is a really good show and I hope you enjoy it as well. Big summertime and 90's vibes!Thank you for your support and listenership!If you enjoy these shows and want me to keep making them, please write a rating and review on my Facebook pages: DJ B-12 Deep Acid House Experience | Facebook and DJ B-12 | FacebookPlease listen, like, share, repost and comment on Soundcloud: Stream DJ B-12 music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloudPlease listen & Subscribe on these platforms: iTunes / Apple Podcast: Podcast: Podcast: episode features tracks and remixes from these artists and labels: Dosem, Anjunadeep, Rabbit In The Moon, Framerwerk, Robert Babicz, Babiczstyle, Bexxie, Anjunabeats, Simon Doty, Knee Deep In Sound, Scott J , Jay Kay , Club Session, Mac & Ward, W&O Street Tracks, Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill, A Deal With God, EMI, Budakid, Exploited, Chris Walker, House Music, Cleveland City, Mr Jay, Block & Crown, Paul Parsons, FUNK SUPREME, Diana Miro, Nick Coles & El-Barco, Redford (NL), Vivifier Records, Charles Feelgood, DJ Feelgood, Feelgood Music, The Acoustic Hoods, OLAN, Bajau, Zoe Kypri, Stress Records, DannyXtreme, Renaud Genton, Rebellious, Swales, Rhythm Department Records,MoMa Ready,HAUS of ALTR, Love Inc., Sm:)e Communications, Boxer - Total Uphoria, Colorize (Enhanced), George Acosta, Windbreaker, SO GOOD, Strictly Rhythm, Ladebare, Because of Art, Lauer, Drumpoet Community, Doc Martin Presents Discfunktional, Doc Martin, Moonshine Music, Slab, Rampant Prankster, Carl Cox, TC'95, Sure Is Pure, Planet Four Communications, Shelley Johannson, My Friend, W&O Street Tracks, Vitess, Novaj 新し Records, Capital Heaven, Narcotik, Blue, Shall Not Fade, Earth Trax, Huda Hudia, DJ Santana, It's A Fine Day, Opus 3, Opus III, Kirsty Hawkshaw, kaleidoscope Music, STRCTRTracklist01. Dosem - All The Love (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]02. Rabbit In The Moon - East (Framewerk Rewerk)03. Robert Babicz - Last Rose (Part 1) [Babiczstyle]04. Bexxie - The Time (Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats]05. Simon Doty - The Beacon [Knee Deep In Sound]06. Scott J - Feel Me Baby (Jay Kay Remix) [Club Session]07. Mac & Ward - Moods [W&O Street Tracks]08. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [EMI]09. Budakid - Phantonym (Original Mix) [Exploited]10. Chris Walker - House Music [Cleveland City]11. Mr Jay - Aquarius [Cleveland City]12. Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - Pump All Night Long [FUNK SUPREME]13. Dosem - Recovery (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]14. Dosem - Time After Time (feat. Diana Miro) (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]15. Nick Coles & El-Barco - El Piano [Cleveland City]16. Redford (NL) - Don't You Let Nobody (Extended Mix) [Vivifier Records]17. Charles Feelgood - In My Heart (Fever Front Room Mix)18. The Acoustic Hoods - Cycles Of Time (Framewerk Rewerks)19. OLAN - Material [Anjunadeep]20. Bajau - I Am You (feat. Zoe Kypri) (Extended Mix) [Stress Records]21. DannyXtreme - Jingeling (Renaud Genton Remix) [Rebellious]22. Swales - Tempura [Rhythm Department Records]23. MoMa Ready - Acid Minister [HAUS of ALTR]24. Love Inc. – R.E.S.P.E.C.T. [Sm:)e]25. Simon Doty - Rave Generator (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]26. Simon Doty - S4 [Knee Deep In Sound]27. Boxer - Total Uphoria (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]28. George Acosta & Windbreaker - To The Sky [SO GOOD]29. Ladebare & Because of Art - Everything (Extended Mix) [Stress Records]30. Lauer - Dimmo [Drumpoet Community]31. Doc Martin Presents Discfunktional - Free [Moonshine Music]32. Slab - Rampant Prankster (Carl Cox's Jumper Remix) [Sm:)e]33. TC'95 - Just Get Up And Dance (Sure Is Pure Remix) [Planet Four Communications]34. Simon Doty & Shelley Johannson - Candy and Feels (Extended Mix
Max Creek: Live on October 12, 2001 In episode 37 of Hooked on Creek, Korre Johnson reviews Max Creek's performance on October 12, 2001, at The Starlight in Fort Collins, Colorado.This Max Creek show is available to download or stream here: you have feedback or suggestions for future episodes, send a message via the contact link located on the Hooked on Creek website:https://hookedoncreek.comThis episode also features full performances of the songs Louisiana Sun and Big Boat.Setlist from October 12, 2001Set one1: Louisiana Sun2: Big Boat3: Rainbow4: Emotional Railroad5: Columbus Stockade Blues6: Darlin'7: Love Makes You Lose Your Mind8: I Know You RiderSet two9: Blood Red Roses10: Season of the Witch11: If You Ask Me12: Life During WartimeEncore13: Lawyers, Guns and Money14: Pissed OffRead a transcript of episode 37 on the Hooked on Creek website:
A conversation with Bill Carbone from Max Creek In episode 38 of Hooked on Creek, Korre Johnson talks with Bill Carbone from Max Creek. Bill talks about his background in music, his introduction to Max Creek, his perspectives on playing in the band and how music has influenced his life.This episode features a segment of the song The Bees performed live by Max Creek on January 25, 2019. you have feedback or suggestions for future episodes, send a message via the contact link on the Hooked on Creek website:https://hookedoncreek.comRead a transcript of episode 38 on the Hooked on Creek website:
Episode 199: Songs under the Microscope, Vol. 25- ”Any Road” by George an Epic Rant! In this episode, we go back into the lab and dissect George Harrison's song, "Any Road" from his posthumous 2002 album Brainwashed. How does the song stack up in George's catalog, what's interesting about the music and lyrics, and can Chris find any covers of note?
Following our discussion of "Any Road," Chris launches into an epic rant about the latest McCartney release (the McCartney I,II, III box set) and why the McCartney camp doesn't seem to be listening to what fans actually want. What do you think?
Also, if you want to send us a recorded audio question for our Q/A 200th episode, send an audio file/link to We recommend using for a free audio recorder. We'd love to hear your questions or comments on any subject!
Complete episodes can be found at
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Our video venture: "Song Album Career!"
The Tiarras at Far Out Lounge Photography by Jay Ybarra.
If you know, you know, and make no mistake, Margaret Moser was onto something with her dedicated support of this Austin-based sibling trio. The artists formerly known as The Tiarra Girls are confidently moving into the next chapter of their musical journey, boldly and proudly redefining their identities as songwriters, and as a band not stifled by genre parameters. Three-time Austin Music Award winners The Tiarras explore an endless expanse of influences, while actively supporting and representing their community.

Catch The Tiarras’ performance at Far Out and Proud, the Pride Month music series at The Far Out Lounge and Stage happening tonight, Wednesday June 22. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the line-up features sets by queer post-punk outfit Transy Warhol and electro-pop duo AZXO.
MATTIE at The Parish You get the sensation that MATTIE is not of this world. Those wondrous vocals are like nebulae, luminous, mysterious, always in motion. Though a Dallas-based artist, MATTIE’s spirit is interstellar, and a wonderful introduction to her art can be experienced on her debut EP, Jupiter’s Purse, a journey of its narrator Mhuv (pronounced “move”) exploring the duality of existence. “It’s really a story of myself as Mhuv, and how it’s felt for me to be at times identified with the body as a person,” MATTIE says, “and then other times being able to observe the body, and know myself as that as well, and what that has felt like, kind of being in this sense of duality.”

MATTIE experiments with the fluidity, the narrative, beats and chords of R&B, soul, hip-hop and beyond, resulting in a breathtaking and otherworldly style and performance. Don’t miss MATTIE’s show this Saturday, June 25, at The Parish on Brushy St. Doors open at 8 p.m., with Butcher Bear doing a DJ set afterward.

Special thanks to Soundfounder and Butcher Bear of Exploded Drawing for further presenting the AMM with more great musical discovery.
Angélica Rahe at 3Ten Photography: by Megan T. Baker.
The message reigns on Angélica Rahe‘s powerful 2020 debut, the regal Reina. It’s crystal clear on Rahe’s latest release, autorretrato. And, in case you missed it and needed further clarification, Rahe gently reminded listeners during her recent KUTX Studio 1A performance: She writes songs that are unabashedly, unashamedly, about femininity (in all humanity), female empowerment, and self-love. And it’s not simply the lyrical oeuvre of each song, but Rahe’s vocals that carry this distinctive power.

Following years spent as a supporting musician for numerous artists, Rahe knew it was time to pursue her own art, leading to a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas) for the EP Love Translated, and soon the autobiographical Reina, a rediscovery of not only Rahe’s cultural and musical roots, but a reclamation of herself. All this paved the path to autorretrato, written, engineered and produced by Rahe, reiterating that inner strength within a natural flow of soul, R&B, and Spanish influences throughout.

Angélica Rahe celebrates her new album with a release party tomorrow night, Saturday June 25, at 3Ten, with special guest Torre Blake opening the show. Doors at 7 p.m.
Episode 229- FIREHOUSE- FireHouse (debut) The R4 Podcast is joined by Matt Karweick, The Fat Bearded Vinyl Guy, as they review FireHouse's 1990 self-titled debut album! Rock on!Website: https://ridiculousrockrecordreviews.buzzsprout.comBecome a Patron and help support the show!Patreon: us! e-mail: ridiculousrockrecords@gmail.comFacebook: @R4podcastAaronInstagram: out Matt's music review website!The Fat Bearded Vinyl Guy
The H Word You knew this episode was coming- we discuss all things Festa Dinner party, the announcement of Chapter 2, and solo activities. Please give yourselves the space and time you need, or skip this week's episode if you don't feel up to a lengthy discussion.

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#187 | Temple Of Void Temple Of Void's fourth album, Summoning The Slayer, is one of the heaviest, doomiest slabs of music released this year. The band returns to Horns Up to talk to Animesh and Peter about the switch to Relapse, songwriting, production, and why their next appearance on Horns Up should be about pink guitars and old school music.More Temple Of Void here: https://templeofvoid.bandcamp.comCatch up with Peter and Animesh at www.hornsuppod.comSubscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or add the RSS feed to your preferred podcast player. Follow the podcast on Twitter @hornsuppod, Peter @trendcrusher and Animesh @asmoani. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Did Joe's date with Taylor look like a scene from Goodfellas? 2nd Date Update-- Evidently Joe went to a steakhouse where he knew the staff--the idea was to impress Taylor because he was super connected...seems like it backfired because she hasn't returned his texts in weeks.  Can we put them back together?
Is Ray's excuse for not getting back to Victoria the lamest EVER!? 2nd Date Update--Wow is Ray's excuse ever lame for not returning any of Victoria's texts and calls!  What do YOU think!?
Episode 245: Episode 245: Wilco’s “Summerteeth” with Gorman Bechard & Jeff Frame The guys are joined by film maker Gorman Bechard to discuss the Jay Bennett documentary “Where Are You Now, Jay Bennett” and “Summerteeth” from Wilco. Repeat Revisitor Jeff Frame also joins the conversation because he would disown Ben as a friend if he didn’t get the invite. Plenty of other discussion including the best opening line in music history (according to Gorman), the brutality of sequencing, Solid Sound, a huge difference of opinions for “Pieholdensuite”, Beatles references, hidden tracks, and Gorman has seen Wilco and Eric Bachmann how many times? Check out Wilco at: out Gorman’s films at: out other episodes at, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Castbox, iHeartMedia, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Additional content is found at: or twitter @podcastrecords or IG at or join our Patreon at
Most Influential Southern Albums Listen as Spike Lou and Animal Brown react to the XXL Freshman Class, Drake's dance album and TI vs VH1.
Also, we list our 10 most influential albums from the south.
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91. Comeback: Proof! Hey ARMY! It's your two favorite Unnie's here to talk the T about BTS!
This episode, it's all about Proof!! We cover the entire comeback schedule that happened over the past two weeks!
We recap the OT7 Vlive, and chat about the Proof Live on Youtube where we welcome Anderson Pak back to Celebrity Friend Corner. We go over the Yet to Come music video, and the special In the Soem version! Too Cute!
Lastly, we dive into the outfits, sets and camera work that took us out during the Music Award Show performances!
Join us as we obsess over BTS and everything they have to offer!


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92. The Purple Pledge Hey ARMY! It's your two favorite Unnie's here to talk the T about BTS!
It's Part 2 of our catch-up coverage! We dive deep into the last of the Festa content, including sharing our thoughts on Festa Dinner and the break from group activities, and how we look forward to what the members do on this new journey!
We also have a special Unnie's playlist where we each bring a song we would have added to Proof :)
Join us as we obsess over BTS and everything they have to offer!


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Episode 229- FIREHOUSE- FireHouse (debut) The R4 Podcast is joined by Matt Karweick, The Fat Bearded Vinyl Guy, as they review FireHouse's 1990 self-titled debut album! Rock on!Website: https://ridiculousrockrecordreviews.buzzsprout.comBecome a Patron and help support the show!Patreon: us! e-mail: ridiculousrockrecords@gmail.comFacebook: @R4podcastAaronInstagram: out Matt's music review website!The Fat Bearded Vinyl Guy
TV EYE/EYE ON TV: FX's 'Pistol' on Hulu (Part 2) The KOPPOD troika wraps up Danny Boyle's 'Pistol' miniseries. How did Mr. Boyle portray the SEX PISTOLS' final hours of infamy? Will this television program leave you feeling cheated? Give this episode a listen and get the KINGS' takes on these questions, plus plenty more.

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Shirley Road Records: USE PROMOCODE "KOPPOD10" (no quotes) for 10% off all orders. Visit to listen to tunes.
Kyau & Albert The German Duo Kyau & Albert is celebrating 25 years of making and playing music together. They sat down with Ruben de Ronde to talk about how they discovered artists for their label Euphonic, but also give an insight on their future plans.
Episode 3 Super Reg - LOVEBURNSWarthog - Terrestrial ProgressKhiis - VenomHeavy Discipline - Voyeuristic Lust - ReckoningDeterioration - Forced ConversionInternal - Throw in the TowelSidetracked - On the BacksVile Sect - FoulTrauma Bond - The Violence of SpringSkag - Ivory DripScorching Tomb - Rotting AwayWrithing Shadows - Carcass of a GodbeastSulfuric Hatred - Flayed Upon HornDenunciation - German Suplexed to Death
#150 - San Antonio Symphony Dissolved | “Ample Samples” | “Guess the Guest” The San Antonio Symphony, nine months into a labor dispute with the orchestra musicians, decided to dissolve as an organization last week. First opened in 1939, the Symphony has been mired by financial troubles in the past decade, but it makes San Antonio the largest U.S. city without an orchestra. Nick wants to know why this matters and that’s what we discuss… [San Antonio Report]Song: David Fiuczynski - “Bright Size Life”Greg is coming off a slew of shows in Western Pennsylvania and was settling down in his parents place in Maryland when he joined us with a brand new in hand. In “Ample Samples” we listen to a song and try and figure out what later song sampled it. Some sound identical to they source and others have been significantly altered, this one was fun, we hope you enjoy.Original Song -> Sampled Song:King Floyd - “Please Don’t Leave Me Lonely” -> Wu Tang - “For Heaven’s Sake”Jackson 5 - “All I Do Is Think of You” -> Jay Dilla - “Time: Donut of the Heart”B.B. King - “How Blue Can You Get” -> Primitive Radio Gods - “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand”Jay came up with a clever variation on “Guess the Guest”, a game where we hear a song and have to name the guest singer or musician. We can’t tell you what the clever variation is, because that would give it away…but we can show the songs he picked. Let us know if you get it before Nick & Greg do…Songs:Young MC - “Bust a Move”Johnny Cash - “Heart of Gold”Alanis Morissette - “You Oughta Know”
UAWIL 82: YES - Close To The Edge 50 Live in London Review YES marks the 50th anniversary of their legendary Close To The Edge album by performing it live in its entirety.  After waiting more than 2 and a half years, I arrived at Royal Albert Hall in London to soak in the atmosphere of progressive rock greatness.Just weeks before the start of the tour, drummer Alan White died suddenly which shook the band & its fans to the core.  YES has chosen to soldier on and dedicate the tour to Alan's memory with Jay Schellen filling in for him.  With iconic artist Roger Dean on hand to introduce the band and pay tribute to Alan, it really set the stage for a memorable night of great music.There really was a sense of community in the crowd that night, despite the railway strike which ultimately kept a few fans from attending and The Wolf enjoyed a special evening amongst the prog rock heroes.  He and Action Jackson walk through the setlist, the people we bumped into and the performance from June 21, 2022.
Hyperblasts: The Fast Volta Reports from the first Nine Inch Nails UK shows in 4 years as well as SeeYouSpaceCowboy..., the first new music in a decade from The Mars Volta, new Megadeth, and a surprise Spiritbox banger heading up a wealth of new music, and one of the most overwhelming release weeks of the year.Releases:Alexisonfire - OthernessCoheed & Cambria - Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking MindFinal Light - Final LightNervus - The Evil OnePorcupine Tree - Closure/ContinuationCandy - Heaven is HereDune Rats - Real Rare WhalePetrol Girls - BabyGraywave - RebirthSaor - OriginsKhold - SvartsynEntrails - An Eternal Time of DecayDarkane - Inhuman SpiritsWerewolves - From the Cave to the GraveCalderum - Mystical Fortress of Iberian LandsVicious Blade - Siege of Cruelty
THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 299: What’s Next for Europe w/ Christine Louis Dit Sully Jason, Marcus, and Pascal speak with Christine Louis Dit Sully about victim culture and the issues shaping European political discourse.

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TIR PRESENTS BEYOND THE RED ZONE EP. 12 Did Golden State change the modern NBA game? And we talk the gentrification of youth sports with Oakland High's coach Will and Woke Bros Wosney Lombre.
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Get ready for the FIRST This is Revolution LIVE SHOW (in cooperation with @SublationMedia). PROJECT PARLOR, 742 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 on June 26th 2022 – 3pm to 10pm.

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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 300: The Racial Wealth Gap Considered w/ Bertrand Cooper Jason and Pascal discuss with journalist Bertrand Cooper about the racial wealth gap. 

Get ready for the FIRST This is Revolution LIVE SHOW (in cooperation with @SublationMedia). PROJECT PARLOR, 742 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 on June 26th 2022 – 3pm to 10pm.

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215 - Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day June 22nd, 2022 -- Tanner brings in his girlfriend Kami to the show.
216 - Advice to Younger Self June 23rd, 2022 -- Tanner talks about why Walker Hayes is set for life, the Ugliest Dog Competition, sharing toothbrushes, and more!
217 - Amazon's Strange New Feature June 24th, 2022 -- Happy Friday! Hopefully Amber comes back from COVID protocols soon (send her good vibes). Tanner talks about how his apartment is haunted, weird celebrity encounters, Jimmie Allen, and more!
Episode 13 -Music and Life Featuring Jason Ferg Part 2 This Episode is the second part of a 2 part series that features Jason Ferg ( Novek and Know Sage welcome Jason Ferg to the show to discuss music, life, and everything Chicago. Be sure to check out this legendary series. Please Check our Jason Ferg's album Wrong Turn
Dripfield in D - An Interview w/ D. James Goodwin Greg, Joey, and Carina (and Bruce!) are dripping with excitement to drop our latest studio episode, featuring an interview with the producer of the latest Goose album, Dripfield - the acclaimed D. James Goodwin!During this episode, the hosts gush about Carina while completely neglecting Bruce’s feelings, and talk about big news in the Goose world, covering their huge appearance at Bonnaroo, the Dripfield album release on Friday, June 24th, and the band’s first headlining shows coming up at Radio City Music Hall! They also head #downthepathway with the renowned record producer, recording engineer, and musician, D. James Goodwin. The group (sans Bruce) talks with Goodwin at length about creating the Dripfield experience; his background as a music fan, musician, and producer; his take on working with the slowest band on the planet; the differences and similarities between musical genres and blending it all together in the jam world, and so much more…even a horde of tree frogs make an appearance! Goodwin also reveals some unannounced plans for the future, including intel on forthcoming studio work beyond Dripfield. This is one of the most insightful conversations about the band we’ve had to date, so be sure to listen in! For more information about our guests, visit our socials!FB: The Great BeyondIG: @thegreatbeyondpodcastThe Great Beyond is a production of Osiris Media. It is hosted by Greg Knight, Bruce Robinson, and Joey Parisi. The Great Beyond is mixed and edited by Greg Knight at his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The executive producers of The Great Beyond are Brian Brinkman, Matt Dwyer & RJ Bee. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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