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The Best of Shaving ASMR Need to kick back and relax? Are you a fan of ASMR? Check out this playlist to find the best podcasts and snippets for shaving ASMR. Keep listening to hear the sounds of squished shaving cream, crisp shaving, and applying aftershave. Vurbl Best of ASMR
The Best of Eating ASMR What’s more satisfying than taking that first bite into a crisp carrot? Listening to someone take that bite in front of a hi-definition microphone! This playlist of the best eating ASMR podcasts features audio of your favorite snacks to chomp down on, including chips, pickles, sushi and even Pop Rocks candy! For an extra sweet treat, be sure to listen to the end for an hour-long nosh-filled session of ASMR eating. Vurbl Best of ASMR
ASMR Creators That Will Knock You Out Listen to these talented ASMR creators who practically guarantee tingles galore with their amazing whispering, tapping, and mouth sounds that will be sure to knock you out.

ASMR can help calm you down from an incredibly stressful work or school day in a matter of seconds, especially if you listen to these creators who give you extra care and personal attention to make you feel at ease. You can finally put your feet up and rest to the sounds of a beautiful day at the beach with a puppy, a salon experience, or even an episode of The Office in ASMR style.
Vurbl Best of ASMR
Best of Mouth Sounds ASMR Listen in and discover the best of mouth sounds ASMR here! Enjoy everything from tongue clicking, fluttering, kisses, licks, and so much more. Vurbl Best of ASMR
Best Gentle Whispering ASMR Listen in and discover the best gentle whispering ASMR here! Find a quiet space to sit back, relax, and listen to these quiet, gentle whispering ASMR podcasts. Vurbl Best of ASMR
Chilling Sounds of Winter ASMR Cozy up and listen in to these wintery ASMR sounds. From snow crunching, howling winter winds, crackling fires, and more, get in a cold wintery mood with these chillings sounds. Vurbl Best of ASMR
Best ASMR Audio on Vurbl Listen to relaxing and tantalizing ASMR sounds that are guaranteed to ease all of your tension and stress. ASMR is an enriching practice to help calm the mind and body, focus your thoughts, and even lull you to sleep. ASMR signifies an experience of "low-grade euphoria" and is described as a combination of uplifting feelings and a tingling sensation on the skin and under the scalp. Lay back, relax, and enjoy the best ASMR creators like ASMR Art of Sound, ASMR Jonie, Hermetic Kitten, and more. Vurbl Best of ASMR
Sexy ASMR Audio to Turn You On Looking for ASMR that will do more than just relax your mind and body? How about stimulating it? Erotic ASMR is expanding the ASMR universe and people are fervidly embracing it. ASMRtists are carving out a space to create erotics orgasmic ASMR for you (and maybe a partner or two?) to enjoy. With male and female sex noises, whispered voices, or "things" that go bump in the night (or in public), no matter what kind of ASMR you find sexiest, it's here. For sexy sounds, steamy stories, and hot erotica, listen to this collection of the most erotic ASMR on the internet. If you haven't listened to sexy ASMR yet you may find your senses surprised. Sound is the second most impactful sense so the arousal of erotic ASMR is often surprising for listeners. Vurbl Best of Sex, Sexuality & Relationships

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Writing Letters ASMR pencil, pen, highlighter sounds *tingles and whispering*


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Reading ASMR - Analysis Paper I whisper a paper that I wrote about a story. *soothing tingles*


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Episode 11 - ASMR Edition it's the quiet one
Almost Healthy: Thanksgiving ASMR In this episode of Almost Healthy, hosts Emilee Klein and Sam Bozorgzadeh take a moment to relax with some ASMR and Thanksgiving mantras before giving some Thanksgiving hot takes. Plus, the girls discuss what its like to be vegetarian during Thanksgiving and rank Thanksgiving side dishes. 

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Produced by: Emilee Klein

Edited by: Emilee Klein

Music by: Skinny Kenny


Email Emilee Klein at and tweet her at emileekleinn.

Email Sam at
Writing Greek Alphabet + History (Language ASMR) Soft spoken ramble about the International Phonetic Alphabet, Writing systems of the world, and the History of the Greek alphabet. Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent - to help you relax and sleep. Also available on YouTube (Video+Audio). If you’d like to support me :)Patreon:
Map of Middle-earth on Chalkboard (Geography ASMR) Gentle chalkboard tapping and drawing while talking slowly about the geography of Tolkien’s Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings. Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent - to help you relax and sleep. Also available on YouTube (Video+Audio). If you’d like to support me :)Patreon:
Drawing Map of Mexico (Geography ASMR) Close up drawing sounds while talking slowly about the geography and history of Mexico. Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent - to help you relax and sleep. Also available on YouTube (Video+Audio). If you’d like to support me :)Patreon:
The 12 Labours of Heracles (Mythology ASMR) Tracing maps of the ancient greek world while eating a cough drop and talking slowly about Heracles mythology, in Swedish accent - to help you relax and sleep. Also available on YouTube (Video+Audio).If you’d like to support me :)Patreon:
This is ASMR -A Definition In this episode I'm rambling about ASMR in general. Trying to answer 8 questions on the topic, and at the end I'm trying to formulate my own definition of what ASMR is, in this Podcast Exclusive episode, only recorded in Audio.If you’d like to support me :)Patreon:
Exploring Mars (Astronomy ASMR) Soft Spoken episode about the History of Mars, from formation to exploration. Telescopes, albedo features, rovers and mysterious canals. Plus a lot of pointer tapping and tracing on the globe. Binaural in a swedish accent - to help you relax and sleep. Also available on YouTube (Video+Audio).If you’d like to support me :)Patreon: