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What To Know: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Hear the latest news and controversies surrounding the upcoming Summer Tokyo Olympics told through podcasts. After being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the games will continue and athletes will have another chance to compete head-to-head with the world's best. How is Japan gearing up for the games? What new sports have been added? And what new controversies surround the games this year? Listen and find out. Vurbl Sports, Iconic Athletes & Unforgettable Championships
JEDI & Olympics 2021? (Justice, Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion) The Olympic Games provide one of the biggest platforms for athletes to call attention to social injustice, more equity, diversity, and inclusion. ‎WakeUp to PowerUp
Best Olympic Hurdler Interviews on Podcasts or Audio about Olympic Listen to audio about Olympic Hurdler. Browse for Olympic Hurdler interviews, guest appearances, and call-ins. Make snippets of Olympic talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. Vurbl People: Interviews, Commentary, News, and More

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First Olympics It's the greece olympics!
Olympic Aftermath Analysis of recent Olympic Games
Olympic Aftermath Why do countries not want to host the olympics anymore?
Winter Olympics Welcome to the Winter Olympics podcast from Matt Vincent
The Fix Olympics What is The Fix Olympics? Probably thinking Athletes using range of banned doping methods in an attempt to cheat and other range of cheating methods to get the advantage. This podcast is about United States growing ethnic diversity reaching for The American Dream (Gold Medal).

Success is for you, and it starts with your mind.

Mindset Olympics (briefly known as My Little Podcast) features Kianna, and her everyday thoughts, and i” id-for-player=”4WbsqkRGIiq” id=”mindset-olympics-AtvtZIuUOJE” link=”/station/mindset-olympics-AtvtZIuUOJE/” vid=”AtvtZIuUOJE” csrf=”cGLzRAVlUXT76n5nQXydki3Xi7MXM5Mi5BnCouEgI1nF5p9cgtwpRYwCUfJNXXNX” verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;” position=”vertical”>
‎Mindset Olympics I dedicate this podcast for the shy, the highly sensitive, the deep thinkers of the world. And also shout out to the ENFP & INFP personalities!

Success is for you, and it starts with your mind.

Mindset Olympics (briefly known as My Little Podcast) features Kianna, and her everyday thoughts, and interviews with others too! Support this podcast:
Cover art photo provided by Vanessa Ives on Unsplash:” id-for-player=”7xX0TYo87cj” id=”panic-at-the-olympics-1fZnCxkU4p9″ link=”/station/panic-at-the-olympics-1fZnCxkU4p9/” vid=”1fZnCxkU4p9″ csrf=”cGLzRAVlUXT76n5nQXydki3Xi7MXM5Mi5BnCouEgI1nF5p9cgtwpRYwCUfJNXXNX” verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;” position=”vertical”>
Panic at the Olympics Jamal Lewis a professional runner get pushed right before he wins the gold metal. Jamal broke his back and got paraplegic paralysis. Listen to this book and here about Jamal and his jouney
Cover art photo provided by Vanessa Ives on Unsplash:
Special Olympics Australia Podcast by Special Olympics Australia
Popular Olympic Sport. They do so in a bobsled and are timed so as to determine which person accomplished it faster. In the Winter Olympics, this is a popular Olympic Sport.

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Episode 2: The Olympic Games – Speed Up – Ps Josh Cole July 25th, 2021 9:00amThis week we are taking a brief break from the Miracles of Jesus as we take a focus on the Olympic Games. Today Pastor Josh will be looking at how we use technology to increase our faith. How can we use the tools that are being provided today in order to ensure our faith is not hindered by technology but make it better!!Pastors Prayer Partner Sign Up –…Please Subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications!Follow us on Facebook us on Instagram website
156. First USA Cycling Lawyer & two-time U.S. Olympic racing cyclist: ROBERT MIONSKE YOUTUBE: Mionske is a nationally-known cycling lawyer and advocates for the rights of cyclists. A former U.S. Olympic and pro cyclist, Bob amassed a record of over 100 wins during his racing career. Bob represented the United States in the 1988 games in Seoul, South Korea, where he made the winning break in the men’s Individual Road Race, finishing in fourth place. In 1990, Bob was the U.S. National Champion in the Men’s road race. Bob again made the United States Olympic team for the 1992 games in Barcelona, Spain, assisting teammate Lance Armstrong to a fourteenth-place finish. Bob turned pro after the 1992 games, racing for Team Saturn for one season, and then retired to become director of the team for 1993.At the end of that season, Bob left pro cycling behind and headed off to law school. After passing the bar exam, Bob set up the first bicycle law practice in the nation, representing professional racers David Zabriskie, Michael Barry, Tom Danielson, and Kevin Livingston, while also defending the legal rights of weekend warriors, commuters, and messengers. Bob also began writing his internationally acclaimed bicycle law column, Legally Speaking, featured on Bob’s perspective on bicycle law and the rights of cyclists has also been featured in national magazines, including Esquire, Bicycling, and Outside.In 2001, Bob wrote the legal analysis section in Bicycle Accident Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer, and in 2007, Bob authored Bicycling & the Law, the first book on bicycle law written for cyclists since The Road Rights and Liabilities of Wheelmen was published in 1895. Since the publication of Bicycling & the Law, Bob has made numerous media and speaking appearances advocating on behalf of the rights of cyclists. In 2009, Bob continued his advocacy on behalf of the rights of cyclists with Road Rights, a new column on bicycle law for Bicycling magazine. Bob returned to writing his Legally Speaking column for VeloNews in 2015.Follow the HOST Sylvie D'Aoust at Cycling Skills Workshop for WomenDecember & 2022 Workshops availableThe most extensive Cycling Skills Workshop you'll ever find covers it all.Learn the fundamental cycling skills you need over 4wks.Weekly Workshop & Q&Awk1-Pedal Strokewk2-Hill Climbingwk3-Nutritional Timingwk4-Speed, Strength & WeightsCommunity / HomeworkSign up http://www.cyclingskillspro.com25% OFF Til Dec 31Code: DTS25GET your FREE DOWNLOADS:NEW: Planning your Training Season TemplateGo to
Overly Olympic Hopeful On Episode 79, Aaron, Danny, and Jon were playing a man down without Rigs, but still with plenty of laughs and banter.  The men and women's Olympic ice hockey was the topic to start with, before we moved on to MSL taking the reins for the Habs. Nostalgia is fun, so we reminisced about Marty's 2004 Lightning team as well.
COVID Olympics This week we do some quick news, talk about the ridiculous Olympics, and check in on the change that the GOP is taking with COVID.
Ep. 700: Two-Time Olympic Skier – Kaylin Richardson The rugged mountains of Utah, Colorado, and California are usually the homes of the names we see every four years on some of the biggest slopes and stages at the Winter Olympics. That wasn’t the case for Kaylin. She cut her teeth on a 125 ft. hill in Minnesota, mastering the fundamentals. From those humble beginnings, she advanced her skills enough to represent the U.S. Olympic team twice!It took living a life without compromise for her to reach the heights she has. Since her “retirement” at 25, she has pursued other interests like being a mom and being featured in eight Warren Miller ski films. Her story is inspiring and her love for the winter will get you excited for the season!Her Instagram: @kaylinrichardsonShop Athletic Brewing's award-winning non-alcoholic beer here. Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Olympic Swimming Wagers, NBA Draft lines, Cincinnati + other conference foe win totals July 26: Sara Perlman (@saraperlman) and Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper) analyze the start to the Olympic Games in Japan, and Drew breaks down a marquee matchup in Women's Swimming what out for in Tokyo. Corey Parson (@TheFantasyExec) stops by to detail why he sees value in NBA Draft markets right now – particular as it relates to prospects Scottie Barnes and James Bouknight. Thor Nystrom (@thorku) also makes his weekly appearance to preview the College Football season, and explains why he likes Cincinnati and Houston to hit the over on their win totals in 2021. Sara and Drew wrap up the show with their Edge of the Day, with Sara eyeing a total between the Reds and Cubs, and Drew backing an underdog in the Women's 100M Backstroke at the Olympics.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Who” id=”feotWqaEka” vid=”feotWqaEka” id-for-player=”feotWqaEka” link=”/listen/the-tokyo-olympics-are-helping-us-survive-lockdown-feotWqaEka/” is-authorized=”false”>
The Tokyo Olympics are helping us survive lockdown Week two of the Tokyo Olympics is a healing balm on our lockdown-chapped souls. Peter Bol’s heroic run in the 800m final unified Australia; Simone Biles made a comeback in gymnastics to snatch bronze on the balance beam; New Zealander Ruby Tui’s post-match BBC interview served energy and light.

Who are the 'strangest’ women in music, and what makes them strange? Melbourne writer Lesley Chow puts words around the ephemeral pleasure of pop music in her new book, You’re History: the Twelve Strangest Women in Music.  

Along with the Tokyo Olympics, BL is obsessing over the ‘nerd Olympics’ otherwise known as Australian Survivor. Meanwhile BW is tickled by the HBO limited series, The White Lotus.

Also: a horny farewell to Twitter Fleets; YouTube bans Sky for a week; all the ways we love to be insulted with free stuff.

Show notes:

You're History: The Twelve Strangest Women in Music:

Ruby Tui's BBC interview:

Mike White:

Sky's YouTube ban:
Olympics, Protests, Artistic Swimming, Oh My! So the Olympics are starting tomorrow. After a year delay the games are back on! Gabby and Malaika go through some of the new rules and scandals surrounding the impending games, what they are excited to watch and give you some insight on new sports coming to the olympics this year. Enjoy!
Connecting the Olympics Gender and Racial Equity with our Organizations The Olympics shows us how diverse the field of competition is. They've even taken pains for gender equity this year, with a 50/50 athlete split. What can we learn from the Olympics when we use that lens to look at our organizations. This discussion gets into that topic.
The Oilers are having fun, the Olympics, and team toughness A new week means the boys are back with a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast to help you get your new week started and make sense of the world around us. In today’s episode, the guys talked about whether Connor McDavid is having fun, looked ahead at the Olympics, and a whole lot more. To kick off today’s podcast, the guys got started with a conversation about weekend beers affecting the start of the week, and how getting going on Monday can bring you through to the next weekend without even knowing it. Sticking in the fun lane, the guys wondered if Connor McDavid is taking a minute to enjoy what's happening right now or if he has to actually win something before he lets loose a little bit. Talking about McDavid led the guys into some Olympic talk and specifically tried to come up with a drinking game for Canada against China provided that the latter is allowed to participate. Turning the podcast back towards the Oilers, the guys looked at the roster and wondered where they could reasonably address some of the deficiencies that came up. That, however, was also where the podcast fell off the rails as the guys got into everything from Tyler's romper, the strings hanging out from underneath the TVs, and anything else that came to mind.