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Poster Boys Podcast Episodes Every Poster Boys Episode! Poster Boys
Poster Boys Podcast Episodes Every episode of the Poster Boys Podcast can be heard right here! Tyler Regan
Best Clips From Exclusive Vurbl Podcast "Poster Boys" Listen to Poster Boys only on Vurbl! Brought to you by Tyler Regan and Jordan Kaplan (aka Judy), it's a weekly comedic examination of internet trends past and present. While the show is comedy focused, it also will provide valuable insights to the creator space. Tyler & Jordan have been fortunate enough to build full-time careers in content creation and social media, and have learned a multitude of tricks and tips that will be continually discussed on the podcast. Poster Boys
Mini eps My Poster Boys Mini episodes can also be here. Judy


The Poster Boys The Poster Boys are Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith, two designers who get together and discuss all things graphic design, share their influences, and explore and celebrate the titans of poster design history. Schaefer and Smith both work as poster designers in today’s film industry, working with clients including The Criterion Collection, IFCFilms, Oscilloscope, Death Waltz Recording Company, and Janus Films. Look as you listen by following
Poster Boys Listen to Poster Boys only on Vurbl! Brought to you by Tyler Regan and Jordan Kaplan (aka Judy). It's a weekly comedic examination of internet trends past and present. While the show is comedy-focused, it also will provide valuable insights into the creator space. Tyler & Jordan have been fortunate enough to build full-time careers in content creation and social media, and have learned a multitude of tricks and tips that will be continually discussed on the podcast.
‎The Poster Boy Podcast Your listening to — The Poster Boy Podcast! Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs in small-town America start, grow, and manage 21st-century businesses!The Poster Boy Podcast is brought to you by Find and follow us wherever you get your podcast! Visit us at to grab your copy of the book and learn about our courses at the Poster Boy Academy. See for privacy and opt-out information.
THE DON THE DON is a docu-drama on the life of the producer of TOP GUN, Don Simpson, which uses narration, clips, and fictional re-enactments via “lost tapes'' to take you behind the scenes into Hollywood’s decade of decadence, the 1980s. Before the era of MeToo, there was Don Simpson the poster boy of toxic masculinity, whose outlandish behavior was not only tolerated but encouraged by the film industry who profited greatly off Don’s movies. Don Simpson was, like the character he named after himself in his movie TOP GUN, a maverick. His signature style of filmmaking created one hit after another— AMERICAN GIGOLO, FLASHDANCE, BEVERLY HILLS COP, TOP GUN- they all came from the mind of Don Simpson. Don loved the movies so much that he created a mythological persona known as “The Don” to match his signature movies— loud, ballsy, cheesy— his movies were full of homo-erotic testoterone-driven race car drivers and navy fighter pilots and stripper/welders who wanted to be ballerinas— these were the movies from Don’s absurd
The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses Audiobook Back in the day before automobiles, a good horse trainer and veterinarian was the equivalent of “Mr Goodwrench”. A badly behaving or unhealthy equine was equivalent to breaking down on the highway or running out of gas on a lonely stretch of highway somewhere in Utah. My sources tell me that most of the training methods are ok, but stay away from the medical tips unless you are prepared to become the poster boy or girl for the local SPCA. Listen with tongue in cheek, and check with a professional before attempting any of these techniques on a real animal.
Mike Vendetti, narrator

Listen to The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses. Vurbl's free classic audiobook experience allows you to easily snip and save your favorite quotes or moments from The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses. You can even make a playlist with all your favorite chapters, quotes or moments, so that you can revisit and easily share your audiobook experience with friends and family. How many times do you read a book and highlight a quote or wish you wrote it down? With Vurbl's snippet tool, you can snip and capture that quote in seconds and add it to your station. Download the Vurbl app and listen, snip or save The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses on the fly.

Back in the day before automobiles, a good horse trainer and veterinarian was the equivalent of “Mr Goodwrench”. A badly behaving or unhealthy equine was equivalent to breaki” id-for-player=”6YnHAvZ5ATw” id=”the-arabian-art-of-taming-and-training-wild-and-vicious-horses-audiobook-84wfTCI2F4R” link=”/station/the-arabian-art-of-taming-and-training-wild-and-vicious-horses-audiobook-84wfTCI2F4R/” vid=”84wfTCI2F4R” csrf=”NZX0kmQTYILTlL36iHdV6pj3ver52Wpkuzmz8o8nAIn9lKu4X21H8k40LTHhDzKt” verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;” position=”vertical”>
The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses Audiobook Librivox recording of The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses by P. R. Kincaid Read by Mike Vendetti.

Back in the day before automobiles, a good horse trainer and veterinarian was the equivalent of “Mr Goodwrench”. A badly behaving or unhealthy equine was equivalent to breaking down on the highway or running out of gas on a lonely stretch of highway somewhere in Utah. My sources tell me that most of the training methods are ok, but stay away from the medical tips unless you are prepared to become the poster boy or girl for the local SPCA. Listen with tongue in cheek, and check with a professional before attempting any of these techniques on a real animal. Summary by Mike Vendetti.

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Listen to The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses. Vurbl's free classic audiobook experience allows you to easily snip and save your favorite quotes or moments from The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses. You can even make a playlist with all your favorite chapters, quotes or moments, so that you can revisit and easily share your audiobook experience with friends and family. How many times do you read a book and highlight a quote or wish you wrote it down? With Vurbl's snippet tool, you can snip and capture that quote in seconds and add it to your station. Download the Vurbl app and listen, snip or save The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses on the fly.
Mother of two boys, one on the autism spectrum and one that is not. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Join me, each week, to discuss topics of the heart with my friends and family” id-for-player=”9n8COiMSvEN” id=”your-moms-podcast-2ITIDk6tGIV” link=”/station/your-moms-podcast-2ITIDk6tGIV/” vid=”2ITIDk6tGIV” csrf=”NZX0kmQTYILTlL36iHdV6pj3ver52Wpkuzmz8o8nAIn9lKu4X21H8k40LTHhDzKt” verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;” position=”vertical”>
Your Mom’s Podcast Growing up a poster-child for ADD, my transition into “adulting” and parenthood has been an adventure worth sharing.
Mother of two boys, one on the autism spectrum and one that is not. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Join me, each week, to discuss topics of the heart with my friends and family, shedding a comical perspective on our personal experiences with anxiety, bullying, adult ADHD, FOMO, sleep disorders, toxic friends, special needs bs, etc!
Wackbag communities, the fans from the past like OpieAnt, ChuckRadio
from SyndicationUnderground (an old streaming/fan site around the early
2000s), TheBobWhooKidSamShow for preservation / clean-up / creation of
the rundowns. Included in thi” id-for-player=”6t6h5LlZqlf” id=”2001-wnew-7ik6R92xHDy” link=”/station/2001-wnew-7ik6R92xHDy/” vid=”7ik6R92xHDy” csrf=”NZX0kmQTYILTlL36iHdV6pj3ver52Wpkuzmz8o8nAIn9lKu4X21H8k40LTHhDzKt” verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;” position=”vertical”>
2001 (WNEW) SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the Opie & Anthony reddit &
Wackbag communities, the fans from the past like OpieAnt, ChuckRadio
from SyndicationUnderground (an old streaming/fan site around the early
2000s), TheBobWhooKidSamShow for preservation / clean-up / creation of
the rundowns. Included in this description will be the rundowns and a
fan-made collection of reviews, written by /u/ChuckECheese and /u/im_not
originally posted to reddit, recapping their experience while listening
to this material more than a decade later. The reviews are subjective
and opinion based, they also include many 'easter eggs' — things that
were said that foreshadow a later event, or hints that things were
happening that we now have the full story on later because they re-told
it on the XM show, etc. Enjoy!January and February Spaz
quit his job at the radio station for an undisclosed reason, so he is
now gone from Opie and Anthony and has been replaced by his protege
Stinky.Stinky accidentally introduces the show as "January 4th, 2000." instead of January 4th, 2001.Opie
and Anthony were almost fired during their vacation while a ton of
other jocks were fired. The reason is not announced on the air and any
mention of it is dumped out of.Apparently them almost being fired didn't have anything to do with the Voyeur Bus incident.Two teams Opie picked to win sports games lost, thus beginning the Sports Curse (TM)Black Earl came into the studio furious and shook the CD rack. When asked why, he couldn't provide a reason.Lady Di calls in. It's the first time I've heard her on the show but it's not her debut, apparently.Lady Di admits she has a crush on Anthony and is upset that he doesn't have a crush on her.Opie
was furious with management and wasn't going to go on with the show,
until Andrew "Dice" Clay contacted him privately and told him he has to
go back on the air.Opie and Anthony decide they want
to rename WNEW to "WONA." They research if these call letters are
already taken, and they are by a radio station in Mississipi.Opie and Anthony call the woman who owns the radio station WONA and try to buy the call-letters off of her.Anthony: "WNEW are iconic call letters and they belong in Mississipi!"Two cousins were supposed to come onto the show and eat each other out for WWF tickets but they no-showed.Opie and Anthony are sending Stinky and Black Earl to Mississipi to give gifts to the woman who owns WONA.Wynona,
Mississipi has no bars. Most of their stores aren't in business anymore
and strip clubs don't allow women to enter as guests.Opie and Anthony are finally using Street Fighting Man.Rich Vos and Jim Norton laid in bed together masturbating with a girl in between them. Rich Vos insists that this isn't gay.When
the guys arrived at Mississipi, the fan who drove them there dressed in
full KKK attire. According to the woman, "he's lucky he wasn't shot by
one of my neighbors."You cannot show the confederate flag in Mississipi. It's banned.Opie predicts that Stalker Patti will never have sex.Two hot girls shave Patti's nipples on the air. Then they do her chin, mustache and butthole.In
discussion of football, Opie keeps referring to The Giants as "us" and
"our." (aka "We totally beat them that year.") You're not on the team,
sir.Opie and Anthony were going to get syndicated in
Washington DC. They even played a "Best of" show on a station up there
but it was pulled when Opie and Anthony upset management.Opie
mentions The Islanders, and right after he says their name the coach of
the team is struck in the face on television. The curse is getting
worse.Lady Di and Marion came into the studio. It's noted that Lady Di is wearing leather pants and lingerie to impress Anthony.Lady Di says she's going to lose weight.During Sex for Sam, Psycho Mark let a couple have sex in the manager's office. He was immediately fired.Opie and Anthony have a one night show in Bostom on WBCN. It's being simulcast in New York City, but they're actually IN Boston.Opie and Anthony were given rooms at the hotel they were fired at when they said the mayor was dead.After
the Voyeur Bus incident, Opie and Anthony said that police arrived at
the studio to arrest them but they fled the studio before they arrived.Opie
and Anthony say that the old radio station in Boston they used to work
for has not contacted them since they were fired three years ago.The XFL pre-game show will have two hosts: Opie and Anthony.Opie
tells a story about a crazy ex he had who, after she broke up with him
and he moved on to a new girl, sent Opie 15 messages on his machine. The
last message had her getting fucked by a new guy just to make Opie
jealous even though she broke up with him. Opie apparently played these
tapes on the radio back in the day and got in deep trouble.AprilI
figured I'd take over the hindsight report here, since /u/CuckECheese
understandably couldn't take listening to this shit anymore. This month
wasn't easy, and I probably won't do another one of these for a while.
If somebody else wants to take the torch, please, for the love of God,
help me.Opie introduced the story of how he went diving on
vacation with Sandy and he got in an altercation with a scuba diver and
threw a punch at him underwater. Hearing him describe this story made me
embarrassed to be alive.The show is soo high energy. There's
something to be said for circa 2013 O&A, when they weren't easy to
please. But boy these guys in 2001 sure get a good laugh out of
everything. Especially Ant. He's just high on life, this guy. Whether
it's a caller, some inside joke/show reference, or a good string of
soundboard clips, these two radio hosts are giggling like a couple peas
in a pod. Fuck whatever Opie said last year about Ant’s divorce in 1999
ending their friendship, these guys are the furthest thing from enemies
and it shows.It must have just been the style of the time, but I
find it difficult to get through this. Maybe this type of radio at the
time was fresh, new, and exciting. And to an extent, it still sounds
more genuine and edgy than any show you’d hear on regular radio today,
but their over the top giggling and "Oh boy we might get in trouble for
this one!" attitude is so douchey .There was a technical problem
with one of their computers at the beginning of the April 10 show that
made it so they couldn't use Napster. They spent the first 10 minutes of
the show trying to figure out what a router is and what purpose it
serves.Ant recently moved to Bay RidgeThey make fun of a guy on staff for wearing UFO pants.They're now making parody songs to celebrate WoW. Steve C made "The Boobs are Back in Town" a la Thin Lizzy. Ugh.A
commercial aired that was promoting the new Matt and Trey project
"That's My Bush" on Comedy Central, a sitcom based on the presidency of
George W. It would go off air a month later.One of their sponsors is Cafe Java.Club Soda Kenny can no longer work for Dice. Nobody is entirely sure why.They've been interviewing all the contestants from Survivor the Australian Outback and they ask them sex related questionsA
Norton clip was featured in a WNEW station promo. Jimmy says that the
US government at the time was trying to genetically alter species of
monkeys so they could glow in the dark (seems unlikely, maybe Jimmy was
lying but needed it as a set up), and the promo featured Jimmy saying
"the government is doing this so homeowners can identify where their
televisions are disappearing to at 3 o'clock in the morning…this was a
company-approved promo on regular radio.They always allude to X or E. The kids are doing lots of ecstasy these days.Opie is still, in fact, using the term 'patch' and 'taking a crunch' without a hint of ironyAside
from that though, Opie really isn't that bad. he’s still a chronic
complainer when it comes to management, but he otherwise sounds like a
different guy from today. Not sure where he turned into the jackass he
is now, but very few of the crutches we attack him for today he has in
2001. It's almost as if his mental function has significantly
deteriorated in the years since, because here he seems pretty coherent
and engaged most of the time.These guys are straight up having 17 year old girls in studio on a regular basis.Opie
got mad at KROCK for not letting Buckcherry interview with O&A.
They send out the pests to call up and annoy KROCK. Opie says phrases
such as "let's go, you wanna play? Let's do it. Let's take it street
level" many times.The boys say that Dane cook, an upstart comic, doesn't like them. So they won't ever have him on.Tough
guy Jeff Norris recounts the infamous story about how he got in a car
accident and his gun flew upward onto the dash. The boys, who have
gradually begun to think of Norris and his stupid Archie Bunker
impression as completely hack, pick his story apart. It becomes obvious
that he only called up because he is needy and just trying to get
attention from two radio hosts that never have him on anymore. I think
this is the point in which they pretty much excommunicated Jeff Norris
from the show.MayThis was a very jam-packed month
and was actually pretty good in comparison to the past several months
of shock jockery. This post is a little long, so bear with me.For
the first time, O&A have gone meta. "Possum Kingdom" by Toadies was
played as a rejoiner and the boys reminisce about how they used to hear
that song a lot back at WAAF.Opie said that about 20 years ago (1981) his grandma sued his mom. He's still bitter about it, and says he is glad she is dead.Stinky
rolled a joint for Rodney Dangerfield and they smoke on air. It's hard
to tell, but I think you can hear Anthony coughing. Rodney says "This is
good shit." Opie does not indulge.Here is every Lewis Black
appearance. Anthony: "Hey so there's a news story where a random guy did
this silly thing…" Lewis Black: "HAS EVERYBODY GONE INSANEEEE?!"Stalker
Patty called in complaining that somebody on the Opie & Anthony
message board photoshopped a picture of her beheaded on a train track,
and it scared her. This perhaps marks the beginning of years of fan
Photoshops, which I guess weren't a thing back then.The
Yankee/Red Sox rivalry is actually intense and not contrived. I guess
the Sox are visiting the Bronx for the first series of the year, and
they did a huge “Red Sox haven’t won the series since (historical event)
happened” break with some callers.Rich Vos is in studio, and
he's hilarious. His stupidity isn't the butt of any jokes yet, and Opie
actually treats him like a human being and a friend.Vos is abrasive
and shits on people's personalities at a deep level, in a way that the
show would come to trademark and master over time. The O&A show in
2001 was somewhat edgy, I guess, but they didn't master the art of
vicious roasting quite yet. They still sorta cared for people's feelings
when the jokes hit too hard. Vos, however, is singlehandedly
responsible for bringing a new type of savage comedy to the show. Check
out any of his fights with Jeff Norris. There's a few fights in which
he savagely attacks the douchier aspects of Norris's stale 8 minutes of
material. This is the perfect symbolic moment of O&A moving on from
fairly hack comics to whom they'd too often give the benefit of the
doubt when they bombed, to new guys like Vos who are downright hilarious
off the cuff and who will call you out on anything. Vos is able
to articulate things that everybody else in the room was merely
thinking. Maybe this is what people were talking about all along when
they said the WNEW days were the best. Fucking hilarious. Oh, and by the
way, the boys have now completely turned on Jeff Norris and openly mock
him.Miscellaneous ads and promos: shock local news story saying
that your neighbors might be swingers, ad for Grounded for Life, Linkin
Park's "One Step Closer" is a rejoiner (fawk yeah middle school)Ant said he always stops by the local gas station whenever he sees high school girls doing car washes.Opie
thinks it's funny how tourists and non-New Yorkers still think 42nd St.
is a terrible area and continue to avoid it like the plague. Anthony
says 42nd St. is pretty much Disneyland these days. I guess using the
phrase 'Disneyland' to describe Times Square was actually a clever,
original observation back then.May 7 – hilarious soundboard
opening followed by their first ever discussion of "I hate this place,
nothing works here, the medications don't work, I've been here for 7
yaaars" – check that show out, it's pretty good.Movie break! Ant
loved The Mummy Returns, Opie loved Memento, they think Pearl Harbor
and The Fast and the Furious look awesome, and Jurassic Park 3 looks not
so great.O&A fire a truant intern over the phone after only
three days of employment and tell him to say his last words. Opie says
that some day it’ll be a trivia question for people to remember each
fired staff member's last words, and Anthony says, “You mean like when
Mark said ‘your mom’s box?'”The O&A message board is
mentioned, Opie says they kiss Anthony's ass a lot on there. Wackbag
(possibly spelled Whackbag at the time) is mentioned as another
competing fan site but nobody really posts there.Anthony is getting
sick of Jon Stewart because he’s losing his cool vibe and becoming sort
of a snob. He says new guy Stephen Colbert is hilarious. Daily show
staff writer Paul Mercurio makes his studio debut. He would eventually
encourage a couple to do anal in St. Patrick's cathedral and you know
the rest. Apparently Opie still hates him for that.Robert Blake murder happens, everybody thinks he is so obviously guiltyMick Foley's show debut. He was much less of a weirdo then.Steve
C has been getting criticism over the new layout of the website, and
the criticism is kinda annoying Steve. Opie says, "On a daily basis
Anthony and I get negative emails and negative calls but you can't let
it get to you… We've been doing this a long time, we've heard it all."
Ha. Just wait until you get breasts.With 10 days to go in their
contract, O&A start the show with a long rant about how the company
treats them like shit and they might not be back on the radio again.
Both of them insist this isn’t a work, and Opie is particularly adamant
that he isn't going to stick around WNEW if he isn't compensated fairly.They hated the season finale of The Sopranos.The
show's staff, as a 'supporting cast' of sorts, is boring in my opinion.
Ben is boring, Steve C they don't make fun of yet, and Stinky is
whatever. Psycho Mark got fired a few months ago but for some reason
still hangs out in-studio every so often and just shrieks like a retard
half the time.Opie complains about EVERYTHING. The latest
problem is that the promos for other shows on the channel are too long.
He wants them under 30 seconds, not 40!Lady Di and Marion call
in to win tickets to an NSYNC show for Lady Di’s 10-year-old son. They
haven’t changed one. fucking. bit. Marion talks about herself
constantly, Ladi Di lies and re-asks questions to she can think of lies,
she takes everything literally, she drives Anthony crazy (much to
Opie’s amusement), and interrupts constantly. Ant and Opie also ask her
to respond to the message board rumor that she lost her job and has a
drinking problem, but she denies it and they move on. They then ask them
embarrassing sexual questions. On the topic of anal, Lady Di says “no
comment”Keep in mind that Anthony Cumia is 40 years old during
these broadcasts. In a kindergarten somewhere in New York, there is a
5-year-old student that will grow up into an alien-looking freak who
ends up getting Ant sent to the clink for a weekend.With zero
days left on their contract – both Opie and Anthony haven’t signed a
contract and they have no clue what is going to happen. Will they
re-sign? Will they leave NYC??? Stay tuned!!!!!JuneAfter
a week off the air, Opie and Anthony have a new 3-year contract and are
syndicated to Philadelphia. WYSP flipped from music to all-talk, and
O&A kicked off the first day of new programming. We are introduced
to Tim Sabien, the Program Director of WYSP. He goes on the air to riff
with the boys and say how excited they are to have them in Philadelphia.
Their first show is a bit of a regression toward cringey,
because it's obvious they're trying to ingratiate themselves with a new
market by pulling out all their Greatest Hits: taking fake callers who
say O&A are the best, playing "Guess what's in my pants", playing
the "Butt Plug" phone call, the "100 Grand" call, "Hi Mom, I'm in
porn!", Gay Marco calls in to say how gay he is, the obnoxious Ol' Dirty
is in studio, Keith the Cop is in studio, retarded Lavirne and Shirley
say hi, Stephen Lynch is in studio to play some hack unfunny falsetto
nonsense, Brother Joe in studio to play his song parodies (they were
pretty okay, just dated). I basically could've saved myself
endless hours of frustration over the past several months by just
listening to the first show of the month, because it basically condenses
all over their douchey elements from 1998-2001 into a single 3-hour
show.Whenever Jimmy is in studio, he always seems to be going
with this "Angry Jim" type persona. With the benefit of hindsight, I
know how bad of an actor he is. It's obvious that his anger is just a
schtick. However, he is very, very funny and edgy off-the-cuff.Budweiser sponsors the show nowThe boys refer to the shows growing nationwide popularity as the "O&A Virus" for the first timeJune
12, 2001 – The Motley Crue Challenge. Two fat chicks share a double
dong and the first one to take it down to a dotted line wins money.Opie's verbal crutches that have started in full this month: "ehh whatever", "eeeasy!" whenever a joke is told at his expense.Ant's verbal crutches that have started appearing here and there: "allllright"The
boys seem to more or less dislike Don Imus. A guy named Sid on Imus
said something racist and had to apologize on the air. On-air apologies
where somewhat of a novelty back then, so it was fairly big news. The
boys mock Imus and say that he is an old douche who is on oxygen and
probably doesn't have much time left.Opie loves playing the Hang-up Game, he’s now leaning on it three or four times a show for laughs.June
12 – the debut of Twatto. Opie screams (he screams a lot for comedic
effect, for some reason) and "pukes" after seeing it. He "pukes" very
loudly and on-mic. A young lad Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in studio at the
time, is mortified.Ted Nugent is in studio to talk hunting, guns, etc. He actually sounds pretty well-reasoned.There's
still a select few very douchey elements of this show that just don't
fit in with the recent improvements, but continue to stick around
anyway. Stephen Lynch’s sing-songs are, in my opinion, absolutely
unlistenable, but O&A seem to love it. Also, WOW continues to be
promoted via song parodies such as “Whip ‘em out” instead of “Twist and
Shout.” Terrible. Sometimes I feel like everybody on staff knows these
songs are terrible, but nobody wanted to let such terrific production go
to waste.Jimmy is in studio a couple of days each week,
although there’s no evidence that O&A are using him as a third mic
yet. His contributions are minimal, aside from a few sharp one-liners.Ant’s
fear of sticky objects is becoming a recurring bit, as is Opie’s sports
curse. Although the curse bit has been around in some form since, I
think, WAAF.O&A open their June 14 show to mark the 7-year
anniversary of OJ being found guilty or something like that. They go
down memory lane and can’t believe seven years have passed, and they say
that OJ is basically the reason the two came to become the duo they now
are. They talk about how they became friends, and then Opie wrecks the
mood by saying, “And now you hate me.” But at least he laughs it off and
says “Just kidding” – nowadays he’d just let it sit there while Anthony
awkwardly moves on.The term "taking a crunch" continues to unironically be used when referring to shitting.Anthony's
weird attraction to young girls is a recurring joke that comes up
nearly every day, in fact he almost seems to relish in it and he is
usually the one who brings it up! He announced in one show that it was
Mary Kate and Ashley's 15th birthday and they were only three years away
from "the big one." For as long as I can remember, he's been bringing
up those two.There's an NEW spot that advertises "Brother Wease
at 10 – endorsed by Opie and Anthony!" What I found funny was how all
the other shows that they like, The Sports Chick and Ron & Rez,
don't get an "endorsed by o&a" stamp of approval during their promo
spots. To be honest, my guess is that Opie pulled some strings to get
the hack on WNEW, and the 'endorsement' during the promo was a way to
quell the listeners who probably heard the terribleness of the show and
said "What the hell is this shit?" I doubt Anthony ever listened to
Wease, let alone endorsed his program.They got a homeless guy
named Ziggy from one of the shopping sprees to come in and they made him
sing the national anthem. It was pretty cruel actually. But I'm sure
they paid him thousands of dollars and were great friends with him
behind the scenes.Destiny's Child got booed mercilessly by 76ers
fans during the NBA finals. It probably didn't help that they were
obviously lip syncing and they were wearing Lakers jerseys. This was
before Beyoncé became the most amazing, powerful, strong person to ever
walk the earth. She was way thicker then, too.Jay Mohr and
O&A talked briefly to Richard Jeni for the first time, and Jay made
fun of him for having very little material. Opie played the Hang-up Game
on him repeatedly as he tried to plug a gig, utterly brutalizing him.
Conclusion: Opie is responsible for this man's untimely death.Opie actually said "I stand corrective" once.They
played tracks from STP's new album and shut off the faxes so they
couldn't say they received any cease and desist letters from the label.Richard
Jeni comes in studio the next day and they leave him hanging out in the
lobby and don’t let him come in for a solid 10 minutes. Once he’s in
studio, Opie brutalizes him and it's definitely funny and uncomfortable.
I think the whole Good Cop, Bad Cop routine they perfected only because
Opie really did have big balls at times and Ant would get uncomfortable
much easier. It was a good dynamic.Stalker Patti touches Ron
Jeremy's dick for U2 tickets. She works at McDonald's loading fries so
she can't afford them otherwise.Opie was at SUNY Geneseo for
five years. All of his siblings are named after TV names – I guess one
of his brothers Quinn is named after Quinn Martin. And he may have a
brother named Elmo.The boys also got syndicated to Chicago this month.I can't tell you how many times Ant refers to hairy pussy as "Fidel Castro eating a London broil." So many times. So, so many times.One
of the comedic topics that new comics bring in is always "the
Internet." Like not even discussions on certain sites or web culture in
general, just comedy that's like "so what is it with this internet
thing?" Seems so strange how that generation literally couldn't
comprehend it, and the mere existence of the internet was comedic fodder
for them. Even my grandparents in 2016 use it just fine these days. Hearing 35-year-old comics not understand it is just weird.They refer to any photos they take and upload to their website as "digital pictures" for the fans to check outI
didn't consider this worth mentioning at first, but now it’s
unavoidable. Apparently there’s a recurring bit that Anthony does where
he pretends he’s Mike Tyson and he basically does a Tyson impression of
him always punching women constantly. I guess this was like THE bit that
Ant did back then, like there was nothing he did during the WNEW era
that was as good as this. Everybody loved it. For me, I never really
found it that funny, but I wasn’t sure if you WNEW-era folks liked it at
the time. It’s okay, but I am not crazy about it.At the
beginning of one show, Anthony says he has to leave early to get to the
Aerosmith show later that evening. Opie jokingly goes, "Jeez, I don't
know if I can do a show by myself!" And here I am thinking that I might
get to hear a younger and less insecure Opie from a bygone era get out
there and riff for a couple of hours. But alas, he brings in Ron and
Fez. It's good to hear what appears to be one of the first AFRO shows,
but I was hoping to hear Opie alone for a while.Everybody very
openly mocks Fez for being, or at least behaving as if he were gay. He
takes it in stride and rolls with the jokes, insisting he's straight.
There's some absolutely hilarious ribbing from the June 20 show that's
worth listening to as Fez comes up for excuses as to why the gay stuff
littered around his apartment isn't gay at all.Ant says he dispises Rudy GiulianiMario Cantone was the guy who did that "Stoned Cartman" impression. He is the most flamboyant man I have ever heard.It's
kinda weird hearing Opie and Anthony refer to Jimmy simply as "Norton"
and basically use him as the shows sexually deviant stunt boy. On one
show, they have a chick shoot ice cubes out of her ass and he
spontaneously picked one up and threw it into his mouth.By the end of the month they're now syndicated in Dallas and Cleveland.June
25 – 0:03:00 into the show. It was Anthony, not Opie, who was the first
one to propagate the alleged myth that O&A had things lined up at
WNEW before they did the April Fools prank. I still blame Opie for
running with it all these years, but let it be known where it started.
By the end of the discussion, Opie dropped his “save the rest of this
story for the book” line. God how many years has he been hinting about
that fucking book.Jimmy is definitely "Angry Jimmy" and his entire comedic routine consists of pedo and rape jokes.Opie
gets really defensive whenever callers mention Howard. And when they
accuse the guys of imitating Howard, it bothers him immensely.Opie
elaborated on his "underwater scuba fight" story. When questioned on
its authenticity, Opie insisted that the story is true, but he adds that
the fight underwater was somewhat done jokingly, and he had been both
swinging at the scuba instructor and laughing at the ridiculousness of
the situation at the same time. He seemed to have redeemed himself by
saying this, but then five minutes later he blew it when he claimed that
both he and the scuba guy had to be separated once they got on the
boat. So, they weren't joking around…?Jim Breuer and his mom are in studio. She is 74 and completely coherent.They
had a bunch of MILFs in studio. Boring radio, any way you slice it. In
the Sirius years, when the boys would reflect on the chicks they'd get
in studio, they were looking back at that shit with some major
rose-colored glasses. Sure it's cool to see chicks going down on each
other, but I think O&A have this illusion that they used to have 9s
and 10s in studio, as if there were chicks as hot as the ones you'd see
in The Bachelor just running around naked. But the reality is that all
of these chicks are pretty rough and tumble sluts. All this show had
going for it was lenient FCC laws and a massive metropolitan area to
pull slutty girls from. I don't think they were somehow magically
reeling in beautiful women and persuading them to take a wiffle ball bat
in their cunts. These chicks are all pretty haggard.They wrap
up the month with an interview with the son of Bob Crane, the guy from
Hogan’s Heroes who was really into porn and ended up getting murdered or
something. It was one of the least interesting exposés in recorded
history for anybody under the age of 65.On the June 29 show,
occasional guest ODB says that Osama bin Laden is kinda gangsta. He and
Ant agree that the guy can get his underlings to do pretty much
anything.After failing to perform anything funny or interesting
during the June 29 show, Anthony proclaims that this is the last time
Retarded Lavirne and Shirley will ever make an appearance on the Opie
& Anthony show.Overall a pretty good month, I enjoyed listening to these to pass the time. Not a terrible amount of douche chills.JulyAnother packed month, so excuse the length of this postAfter a wild weekend of partying, a picture of a drunk Keith the Cop wearing a g-string leaked onto FoundryMusic.comColin
Quinn makes his debut appearance on the July 3 show. Unsurprisingly,
he’s the same as he’s every been and is very funny. Worth hearing.They
have a couple of women come in to do live cat fighting. I forgot that
cat fighting vids were a sort-of porn trend in the early ‘00s for some
reason.Movies that the boys hate: Tomb Raider, Fast and the
Furious, Pooty Tang. Ant couldn't wait for Planet of the Apes, but both
hated it when it came out.Steve C sounding gayer than he ever has in his entire life during this "don't do drugs" PSAOpie
was talking about a mouse and he wanted to use the possessive plural
form of the word, which we all know to be "mice's" …he said meese's.
He also said that their show isn't for everybody and is a "required
taste."Stalker Patty is now living in a hotel/hostel with an entire floor of tenants that she has to share a single bathroom with.To
my knowledge, July 6, 2001 is the first show that features Line of the
Day, but they don't go back to it again for the rest of the month.O&A had a roadshow at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park that attracted 4,000 people and resulted in lots of public nudity.I'm convinced that John Valby and Doctor Steve are the same person. Their voices sound exactly the same.A
girl called in to play "Guess what's in my pants", only to reveal that
he was a guy pretending to be a girl. It was funny and it really showed
how played out and awful that game has gotten.Psycho Mark is
suing the company to receive compensation for bits that he claimed to be
either a part of or that he claimed to have created. Opie is angry,
claiming that Mark wanted to try to get back on the show ever since he
was fired. Mark had been appearing at live events and was calling into
the show regularly like a needy douche that couldn't move on with his
life, so apparently he began doubling down with this lawsuit. In a
statement, he claims to have created the 55 gallon drum challenge, the
Jay Mohr vs. Air Sick fight, the hot wax girl, and other extremely
specific duties that really weren't bits as much as they were just
things that are said over the airwaves during a radio show. Opie
insinuates that Mark had sex with a lot of listeners he couldn't
possibly have banged otherwise.Brian Regan is in studio and he
has plenty of prepared bits! It’s funny how whenever comedians come in
studio, it's just a total “hang” as Opie likes to say. But with Regan,
it’s pretty much a performance. Ant and Opie don’t seem to mind it at
this point. In fact, Ant is totally in stitches despite probably being
prompted off-air with how to set Brian up for his prepared bits.They
started a series of bits called Cripple Bouts, where people with
various disabilities box each other in studio. I think the title and
premise is meant to be more shocking than the bit itself. One legged
boxing and blind boxing both weren't that compelling to listen to. The
show has been great at pulling off visual bits, but this one fell flat.The
boys did an interview in Time magazine with Joel Stein, and Anthony is
disappointed that Opie was quoted so many times and Anthony was only
quoted once saying that "Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are hot." They get
Joel on the phone and he singlehandedly makes the two of them look like
whiny babies. Joel just lets their criticism roll off his back by acting
casually, while these two self destruct. Especially Anthony, he's
livid. The interview was during the July 17 show and is worth hearing.Rick Delgado bumbling like an idiotDuring conversation, Opie jokingly said "Wait til we start fighting, it's gonna be great"They
interviewed a chick called Jackie Fine who was talking about some sort
of sexual cream that increases libido. O&A made fun of her, played
sound clips, and had callers phone in just to make fun of her. I think
it was the first of their interviews with random people who were trying
to hawk something, and it was hilarious.Ant and Jim feed off
each other's pedophilia jokes. It seems like 50% of the jokes from both
of them are about fucking kids, although granted at least Jimmy makes it
absurd by implying his experiences are with toddlers. Ant is always
talking about adolescent teens and it's pretty creepy in retrospect.Ant
introduces to the show "", a website featuring young teen
girls in provocative poses. He acts all, "This is terrible!" He's so
appalled by it, more than everybody else. Then again, I mean, he was the
one who brought it to the show…Norton never just hangs out,
I've noticed. Every single line he says has to be a joke. He's good at
improvising but it's also kinda needy that he has to prove his worth at
every opportunity and can't just participate in a discussion.Opie
had to stay at a dirty hotel in Times Square. And guess what guys, he
slept naked! And he wore the same underwear today that he had on
yesterday!! He really relishes telling people about his poor hygienic
habits.Ron and Fez intern Al Duke got drunk on air and started
giving his assessment of other personalities at WNEW. He said Anthony
gets along with everybody and is down to earth, but he thought Opie is a
little standoffish and cocky. Opie immediately becomes indignant.They love playing the “pull the strings!” soundclip from the Ed Wood movieJuly
25 – the legendary Cindy Williams from Lavirne and Shirley interview.
They introduce the interview to her as the first in their "Has-Been
Corner" interview series. Very cringe, a classic must-listen O&A
clip.Opie, who constantly says that he doesn't really care about
Howard or what he does, sure does get triggered every time a Stern
caller phones in. One such instance, he dug into how Howard sucks for
close to 30 minutes. It’s kinda funny hearing how furious Opie gets at
the drop of a hat, while insisting how he doesn't care at all about
Howard. Meanwhile, Ant sits in the background and interjects
occasionally. It seems like this is 100% Opie’s fight.Richard Cheese and Frank Caliendo in studio doing pretty much exactly what you'd expect them to.Bud Light is a sponsor to the show and Ant is openly drinking beer most days of the week during the show.They
brought listeners in studio for a "who has the biggest man boobs"
contest. Winner gets gynecomastic surgery. Opie was not in consideration
for this particular contest.Lady Di and Marion are hilarious. They haven't changed one bit. Di got a horrible haircut that they mock relentlessly.They had a band in studio called Clutch that performed the song “Careful with that Mic” and my god was it fucking terrible.Tom
Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce was finalized after 6 months, which
drives Anthony crazy since his divorce has been going on for 2.5 years.Rich Vos is hands-down the best guest they have. Every time he's in the show becomes a roast and feels like classic O&A.AugustThis
was a short month for a couple of reasons. I think the boys went on
vacation for a week or so at the end of the month, and I believe there
were a couple of shows that aren't on the internet. Overall this was an
okay month, but for the sake of doing these reports, there wasn't much
to talk about from an 'archivist' perspective.Sarah Silverman is
in studio explaining a recent Asian joke she did on Conan that has
caused a bit of controversy. It's amazing how she isn't groveling or
giving in to special interests, she even repeated the joke on O&A.The
Ron & Fez promos (“Next time on a very special Ron & Fez…) are
actually very well written and incredibly clever most of the time. They
have a new one almost every day, and each promo is a little vignette
that reads almost like a 3-pane comic strip.Whenever anybody
says a mild joke at Opie’s expense, Opie will go, “eeeeasyy….” Like, you
better watch it or The Psycho is gonna lay into you hard, buster!Sex
for Sam 2: The boys host their second annual contest to see how many
random iconic NYC locations couples can have sex in. It’s pretty fun to
listen to, and it’s incredible to hear it unfold. The fact that there
was absolutely zero legal supervision of this radio show proves that
both the FCC didn’t care at the time and WNEW were willing to turn a
blind eye as long as the show's ratings continued to dominate. Jim Koch
from Sam Adams is in studio, Vos is supervising his own team but has a
hard time following them around the city because his chain smoking
leaves him short of breath.Opie & Anthony have returned to
the Boston airwaves for the first time since April ’98. They are now
syndicated on WBCN, the rival station to WAAF. They consider it a major
achievement and hold a huge grudge against WAAF (or at least Opie does).
Both of them mock old WAAF host Rocko for still working there,
defending Dave Douglas, and not being syndicated like they are. Anthony
is particularly livid, saying that Rocko is a fat sellout who sold out
his old radio partner Birdsey and kept doing a solo show without him
after WAAF Birdsey go. Opie says that if that ever happened to O&A,
they'd both go elsewhere together. In fact, I've never heard Ant so
angry at another radio DJ. It's like how Opie gets mad at Howard – Ant
really is pissed off at Rocko. (In later years, both Opie and Anthony
looked back on Rocko with reverence, so it's weird that they're
attacking him so hard here. I think Boston was still fresh in their mind
at the time.) Ant even says "You're worthless, you're useless, you're
gonna rot there, you're gonna die there." Rocco eventually died in 2012
at age 46.The word must’ve got out in Boston that O&A have
returned to the airwaves because guess who phones in – good ol’ Scorch!
O&A immediately rag on the Kingdom of Nakedness and bring up the
pizza-hamburger thing. He’s in Syracuse now and says, in no uncertain
terms, that he is making “six figures,” so it's all good!Bruce Mittman calls in to recount the old days at WAAF. The three of them seem to be on great terms.When talking sex positions to a girl on the phone, Opie says he likes ‘backward cowgirl’Johnny Knoxville and friends are leaving Jackass, and Knoxville says he would like to put the show behind him and pursue movies.Bill
O'Reilly interviewed them on his Fox News show. I looked for the video
but can't find it, so if anybody has it please let me know.Opie's
girlfriend Sandy called to say that she caught Opie masturbating in bed
the night before. He was jerking off to something on the TV despite the
fact that she was sleeping next to him.Stephanie McMahon got a
boob job and it's a huge deal for the boys apparently. They question her
on it, but it's not particularly interesting or scandalous. During the
interview she mentions the recent battle with the World Wildlife Fund
but dismisses it pretty quickly.Scorch calls in again to tell
everybody that he was the one who made Chyna who she is. He says he
drove down to NYC just to get on the show, but the boys forgot about him
and he was left hanging. He says it's all good as long as they get him
in the next day, it's just that he couldn't afford to take a flight from
Syracuse. So much for six figures.During a brief discussion of
dating young, Jay Mohr says "I figure my second wife is in 5th grade
right now." I did the math, and Self Cutting Girl was probably in kindergarten or so when this show aired. Ant was 40 as of this show's airing.Instead of saying something like, "Nice!" In response to something cool, Ant always goes "Rock!"Needy
Scorch in studio! Surprisingly, he kinda just hangs in the background
and lets the boys do their thing. He seemed pretty cool actually.There
are reports of riots near the area where the boys had their previous
shindig at the Stone Pony. People from Asbury Park call to defend the
area and say that Asbury Park isn't that bad and is gonna get better
soon.Anthony’s obsession with teen girls just gets deeper and
deeper. I can’t go a single show without hearing a Mary Kate &
Ashley reference. One teen girl called in and Anthony interrogated her
about how far she’s gotten with guys. Opie chimed in and asked if any
guys had “reached patch” yet with her.The two main message boards are the Opie and Anthony Message Board and Wackbag.The
Little Bronx Bombers are doing very well in the Little League World
Series. A young Danny Almonte has been performing very well and it looks
like they're going to represent the US.Opie is beginning to use
the word “the” unnecessarily. During a discussion of airlines, Opie
says “I like the JetBlue! I flied it recently.” To which Jimmy
immediately called out Opie on the fact that Opie said the word ‘flied’
instead of ‘flew.’ It’s cool to see Jimmy call out other guys on random
grammatical errors, he’s definitely getting more confident in studio.Suicidal
caller Mark called to say he took 10 muscle relaxer pills and is drunk
trying to kill himself, but he wants to talk to O&A before he dies.
His girlfriend dumped him, so he decided to pull over on the side of the
road and kill himself. O&A are able to pry some information out of
him, including where he is parked, and before you know it a bunch of
listeners and cops show up.Mario Cantone is a pretty funny,
flamboyantly gay guest. It’s too bad they never had him on much after
WNEW, I wonder why. I really enjoy his Judy Garland impression, as weird
as that sounds.The show is pretty good, but I think what it
really needs is a mass slaughter of 3,000 innocent civilians to stir
things up. Hopefully next month delivers.SeptemberForgive
the length of this month’s posts, but I had to break them up into
different sections. The past week or so has been “brrrutttall” listening
to this show. This month has been listening to nothing but a 9/11-based
show. It’s been listening to hours upon hours of a radio show where
there are hundreds of callers and station personnel and recurring guests
reacting to a tragedy none of them have experienced before. This has
been the most unique month of these hindsight reports thus far, and it’s
been very eye-opening to re-experience how the weeks after 9/11
unfolded, especially knowing what we know now. Very little “funny” going
on this month. To start, here's the first part of the month:Opie and Anthony are back on the air after a long two-week vacation. Opie
says he didn’t talk at all with Anthony since they were last on the
air, although that was partly due to the fact that Opie was on vacation
in Turkey and Istanbul. He saw Muslims there that made their women cover
themselves in full black, and he was very surprised by that culture.
The way he described it makes me think that fundamental Islam was a
completely foreign concept to the US at the time. He saw a bunch of
Muslims bent over in silent prayer in front of a shrine of sorts that
held some strands of beard hair of Mohammed. Opie shouted out, “What’s
the big deal?” to Sandy, because he's edgy that way. He also mentioned
that he didn’t know what a bidet was, so he used the one in his hotel
room as a foot-washer.Ant watched Jerry Lewis’s muscular
dystrophy telethon and said that Jerry Lewis is looking fat and Ed
McMahon is looking old and can barely talk at this point. He jokingly
gives McMahon a week left to live.Scorch calls in again with
nothing really to say. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that he is
just trying to ingratiate himself with the boys now that their stock is
on the rise after syndication. O&A just kinda humor him.Lady
Di and Marion take off work (at the beer bottling plant and
‘maintenance’ job, respectively) to go on the VMA red carpet. Marion’s
horrible comebacks and Lady Di’s literal interpretation of everything is
on full display, and it is hysterical. A must-listen, classic show.
Lady Di and Marion are given instructions on what to ask celebrities as
they stroll through the red carpet, and it's hysterical.Opie
apparently has a phobia of vacuums because, as a kid, his mom would
obsessively vacuum his house and it used to scared the shit out of him.Norton
was at the VMAs too (probably to get celebrity photos), and he was
pulling the "you dropped something" gag to all of the celebrities as
they walked by.It's kinda cool hearing O&A reflect on old
shows, many of which were only a few years old at the time. During the
September 10 show, they recount some hilarious Buddy Ebsen stories.So
there's been a fair amount of speculation as to when Opie and Anthony's
relationship first started turning sour. From everything I've heard,
they seemed to manage just fine in 1999-2000. I have noticed that Jim
Norton's continued presense in studio throughout 2001 might be a sign
that things are amiss, kind of like how, during the recording of the
White Album, George Harrison brought Eric Clapton in studio to a) help
with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and b) get the other Beatles to be
mature and on their best behavior in front of a guest. This is probably
what O&A did with Norton, and it's worked well. But 9/10/2001 here
is the first time I've heard O&A have a bit of a spat on-air. It's
very minor and they seem to move past it easily enough, but it's also
telling of some of the tension that might be going on behind the scenes.Opie
and Anthony are both becoming openly hostile toward Ron & Fez
producer Al Dukes. A few shows prior, he got drunk on-air again on
R&F and broke Anthony's foosball table.This month’s emerging or increasing verbal crutches: “ehhh whatever” by Opie, and “alllllright” by Anthony.September 11, 2001 Show:The
9/11 show begins in the afternoon with O&A simulcasting from a
smaller station, WLIR, on Long Island. It's amazing having gone through
the motions of listening to months of this show, the comedic guests, the
recurring bits, the Horny Goat Weed ads, and then tuning into this show
and hearing how all of that has been put on hold. It's a fascinating
broadcast and I highly recommend you listen to it in its entirety.The
two are at their best – no fighting, no jokes, no Dice impressions, no
Ant having a hard time dealing with his emotions. It’s them at their
most real, no varnish. They both show incredible maturity, both are
talking openly about their feelings during the entire ordeal, mainly
because this is the first time something like this has happened that has
unified the entire country into a state of shock (something far more
difficult to do in the pre-social media era). Nowadays I guess people
are jaded to these sorts of unifying events and are more willing to poke
fun at it right off the bat.Ant can actually be pretty
clairvoyant at times. He said that this situation is so much worse than
Oklahoma City, that we can't let the President and the government go
through the usual 'rah rah' speeches only to have nothing done. He wants
a fierce attack done now in response, before the visceral emotion of
this day fades and before complacency ultimately leads to inaction. He
often mentioned in later years how people's emotions during 9/11 had
faded and people eventually took for granted the feeling they had on
that day, and here he is almost preparing for that to happen.Ant
even pretty much spells out the basic concept of the Bush Doctrine when
he describes how he thinks the US should retaliate: we should wage war
on not just the perpetrators, but whichever country harbors them.Anthony
says that 9/11 now raises huge concerns for airlines, since airport
security has been lax for as long as he can remember.Ant says
tactical nukes should be considered as an option going forward, and he
continues to defend that sentiment over the coming weeks.The
show's callers are panicked, some suggesting that anybody with a long
beard be wiped out. One caller said he was disgusted by CNN airing
Palestinians cheering and handing out candy following the attacks.Keith the Cop is down on ground zero helping.Psycho Mark eyewitness report“The
one place I would give up my privacy is the goddamn airport.” –
Anthony. Another guy says “they can strip search me if they want, I
don’t care”Lewis Black and O&A agree that there is no humor that can be derived from this, maybe 75 years from now.WTC 7 collapses during the broadcast.Although
the motives and the perpetrators are still unknown, the US seems to
have the gist of it. It's probably Osama bin Laden, it's probably
Afghani terrorists. Half of the discussion on who committed these
attacks is also geared toward Arafat and the Palestinians.A guy
called the show saying that his sister's boyfriend just got a job at
Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment company that lost over 2/3 of its
employees on 9/11. The caller was still waiting to hear from his
sister's boyfriend and isn't sure what to do. Based on the caller's
description of his brother in law, I did some detective work and found
Raymond Rocha, Brown University class of '95. Unbeknownst to the caller
and the boys in studio at the time, Raymond died in the attacks and was
likely trapped with his coworkers on the 105th floor of the North Tower
until the building collapsed. I went to the 9/11 Memorial after
listening to this episode and laid some flowers at Raymond's nameplate.
If anybody on this sub lives in New York City and would like to pay
their respects to Raymond, he is located at the North Tower pool section
N-44.BREAKING: Due to the tragic events of September 11, Opie
and Anthony announce on September 12 that this week's Whip 'em Out
Wednesday has been canceled.The boys are upset at the scripted
nature of George Bush's speech the night of 9/11; they deem it far too
stiff and lacking emotion.Anthony doesn't want a memorial built at
the World Trade Center, but rather a massive building that's larger than
the old buildings. Over the course of the week, no less than five
callers phone in saying that the new building should, in fact, be five
buildings – with the middle building the tallest of all. Like a giant
middle finger pointing at the Atlantic Ocean! …People are
starting to call in talking about not just where they were when the
planes hit, but their opinions on future military strikes. Some even
call in claiming that Nostradamus predicted 9/11, and that the flight
numbers have hidden messages when you add/subtract/multiply/do basically
anything to them.Although there hasn't been much cursing, the
Sept. 11 – 14 shows have all been fully uncensored and un-dumped. A few
callers phone in and says 'fuck' and 'shit' a few times but they let it
go. One guy calls in crying about how his goddaughter's father died and
how he is the one who has to explain to her how it happened.
Surprisingly, Ant consoles him as best he can over the phone and doesn't
shy away from telling the guy that it's okay to feel raw emotion. After
the phone call, O&A decide to sign off with a moment of silence,
which they continue to do for the rest of the week.Jeff Norris
left a message bawling and saying how much he loves and admires O&A,
thanking them for how much they've helped his career.There's a burning smell in the air that O&A describe as burning plastic and electronics.There
is a rumor that Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose, but her
publicist has denied it. This is pretty much the first major bit of pop
culture news to emerge following 9/11.Anthony says it's really
terrible to see Arab-Americans get treated poorly because of 9/11,
especially since many of them came to America to escape the crazed
Muslim ideologies of their home countries. Although the callers mostly
cry out demanding that every "towelhead" be wiped out, O&A remain
very civil. They even say that they can sometimes be twisted and try to
make fun of everything, but they draw the line here.Opie is
incensed that other stations have resumed playing music. K-Rock
allegedly played "Alive" by Pearl Jam and other songs deemed to be in
poor taste. The boys have been 100% 9/11 talk since Tuesday and do not
plan on even playing ads for the entire week. Four hours straight, four
days in a row, of 9/11 talk.By Friday, the country and NYC
especially are filled with American flags everywhere. The mood is still
grim and the effects of the attack are all encompassing. FDNY/NYPD and
other volunteer contractors call into the show requesting food, water,
helmets, dry socks, and anything else to assist rescue and cleanup
efforts. Elsewhere in the city, certain film posters (Big Trouble,
Spider-Man) are being pulled and the films' promotional schedules are
postponed, since there are certain images of planes and New York City
that might be unpleasant. The show begins shifting away from personal
stories and phone calls of the tragedy toward commentary on how pop
culture (i.e. WWF) and national figures (i.e. Queen Elizabeth) are
reacting.By the next week, Anthony notices that commerce is
slowly returning to normal. There are still flags everywhere, but
traffic on the highly is slowly returning to normal, the media now has
the usual talking heads seeming skeptical of a future US invasion, and
the French seem to have reservations about entering alongside the US in
its certain military invasion. They even kinda start to rag on people
who say the standard “I was supposed to be near the WTC that morning”
when in reality the place they should have been was like, Houston Street
at noon for lunch. After hearing this, Jimmy admits to being a “watery
worm” because he had been telling people he normally does stand up at a
cellar about 10 mins away from there.Opie remarks that he and
his brother noticed on a drive out of New York City that the Long Island
parking garages, which were usually empty when they left after the
show, were always packed. His brother and he conclude that this is
because many of those drivers worked in the Twin Towers and their cars
were left in the lots.By the following week, Norton is back in
studio, ad breaks are back, stingers are back, although the discussion
is wholly dedicated to 9/11. Norton is pretty much just equal parts
faux-edgy disgust for terrorists/the French and agreeing with whatever
Anthony says.O&A critique a list of songs that ClearChannel
deemed inappropriate to play on the radio. They don’t make fun or mock
it, they just look at the songs they deem silly to cease playing and the
songs they think make sense (i.e "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm
should stay, "Jump" by Van Halen should go).This shit is making the rounds on the internet.The
stock market tanked in the busiest trading day ever, but frequent
caller Stockbroker Dave says this is a great buying opportunity,
particularly for airline stocks.O&A are grilling Hillary
Clinton, who is probably in the middle of campaigning for something, for
being cringey and phony and having no genuine emotion aside from
pretending to get riled up to rally the public.Ant has begun using his plan flute to make fun of songsAnt
said he flew first class a couple of months ago for the first time
after they re-signed. Chances are, the two of them got fucking paid upon
re-signing. Both hint at getting a really big paycheck.Scorch is
pretty much phoning in every few days at this point. After his proposed
radio fundraiser to help provide food for the Ground Zero rescue dogs
was mocked by both O&A and members of the NYPD, Scorch comes back on
a few days later to announce a new bit: Douche or Dressing. He is
summarily ridiculed and, as usual, wraps up the break thinking the boys
are just giving him a gentle ribbing like guys do.The boys were really touched by David Letterman's monologue. Aside
from Dave, they do think that, a week later, the saccharine sentiments
of the moment are getting to be a bit too much. They play a bunch of
hokey tribute songs and poems that washed up artists have been put out
in the past few days. Some tribute songs are so hacky that the boys are
able to pause the song and predict what rhymes they'll say next. It is
revealed that some of these songs are produced by PrepBurger, a service
that sells pre-packaged radio bits. O&A have never heard of this
service before but immediately deem it as horrible.Apparently things
behind the scenes with Psycho Mark have been settled out of court,
because now he’s back on the phone during nearly every single show.Anthony does a bit that directly makes fun of Opie’s stinginess. Apparently
it’s a recurring joke that Opie always gets testy whenever it’s his
turn to shell out money for the group’s morning coffee or dinner out.
Anthony describes these scenario as him asking Opie for change to pay
for the coffee, and then Ant plays the Godzilla sound effect to
represent how Opie reacts (apparently he immediately flips his shit
every time people ask him to pay up). Listening to Anthony directly mock
Opie like that actually made me get anxious in fear of Greggshells, but
he kinda took it fairly well. He always says, "Eeeeasy!" whenever
somebody teases him, almost like "Careful buster – or you just watch
what I'll do next!"During sports talk, the boys laugh at how
terrible Armando Benitez is, comment on how the Yankees are only a
couple of games away from clinching the division, and Opie quickly
teases Ben because his Patriots are 0-2. Also one of the shining stars
of the Islanders is a guy named Mike Peca, and it's just funny to hear
Opie say 'peckah'Opie was laughing at how Jimmy always pulls out his
dick whenever everybody goes to a live event at a bar or something, and
Opie goes, “And you don’t even drink! Imagine what you’d be like if you
drank?” Jimmy jokingly laughs and says, “Well…there’s a reason I’m
wearing long sleeves in the middle of fall” alluding to the fact that he
has visible cutting scars.MBTA officials in Boston are now pulling Opie and Anthony WOW advertisements because they are deemed offensive.This photo is making the rounds via email chains and nobody in studio believes it to be real.Ant
is ranting pretty regularly about how frustrating it is that the US has
yet to launch a military action against the perpetrators, and he is
especially mad that all the US has really done is "freeze assets" from
known terrorist organizations. There is definitely a huge shift from
high-energy, impression master, "happy to be here" Anthony to the Angry
Anthony that we got to know by the end of the Sirius/XM days. I'm not
going to try to connect the dots are make a convenient, pinpoint period
of time where Ant's emotional shift began, but I will say that 9/11 has
had a signifiacnt impact on his mood for the end of this month. He is
much more prone to extended rants, which are things that Opie had only
done up to this point. And most of Opie's rants were industry-related
radio wars. Curious to see how that develops going forward.Opie
says he has never been with a black girl before. This contradicts
previous and future statements that he has been with a black girl, so I
guess he's just gonna keep flipping on that for the next 13 years of
radio.October – December (The following are rundowns created by /u/TheBobWhooKidSamShow at the ClassicAFRO blog)O&A 2001-10-160:00 Boston ratings/War with WAAF38:00 Sports curse/Team Songs1:01:34 Bad callers/Taint age guessing replay1:08:51 O&A CDs/Tom Brokaw Anthrax/Bad Ronald call1:33:36 Jane's Addiction in Studio2:13:01 Interview recap/Bad wine2:44:53 What did we learnO&A 2001-10-170:00 100th Philly Show intro/Travel/Sightseeing with Sabean16:33 Sales meeting27:22 Psycho Mark/Black Earl freak bus33:45 Lady Di & Marion42:30 Pat Croce in studio1:00:54 Lady Di & Marion outside1:05:24 Travis Meeks in studio1:31:27 Philly Phanatic 1:33:59 Jim Breuer in studio/Dr. Gregory Pistone1:59:10 Lady Di & Marion liners/Stephen Lynch/Old Dirty2:18:38 Tim Sabean in studioO&A 2001-10-18 0:00 Return from WYSP/Stories15:06 Patti gets soaked19:54 Vos calls in/More Stories48:36 Brother Joe's bit1:01:11 Phsycho Mark calls in1:05:32 Lady Di & Marion Stories1:18:00 Clips from the freak bus1:21:23 Ozzy Osbourne phoner1:39:28 Lady Di & Marion clips continue2:02:15 Foul mouth Tom Brokaw replay2:11:24 Boob-o-lantern planning/Show running out of steam2:29:56 Comes back in Best ofO&A 2001-10-190:00 Chicago ratings/Ozzy ID25:20 Days of the new bad sound/Boob'o'Lantern Talk/How ya doin52:53 Rock Stars back on the show/False Anthrax Reports1:11:40 Joe Perry phoner1:30:00 C4 and Anthrax1:41:37 Jimmy Walker's Radio Show Pranking1:50:45 Dennis Quaid phoner2:19:01 Joe Pesci phoner replay2:24:45 Jessie from Survivor Africa in studioO&A 2001-10-230:00 How you doin song/Baseball talk/Guardian Angels25:27 Boob-o-lantern talk/Celebrity Weakest Link/Hillary Clinton56:22 Patti on the phone1:17:24 Rick went to a gay bar1:39:40 The Wig shows up/Gary Ackerman phoner2:06:30 Bill Stanton in studio2:14:06 Patti gets her head shaved2:33:59 Shaving continues with R&F in studioO&A 2001-10-240:00 Ratings/Markets/Rick opens a letter21:56 San Francisco sucks/O&A in Playboy/Boob-o-lantern talk/Tom Brokaw46:03 OJ not guilty/Patti stops in/Double D girls51:37 Colin Quinn in studio1:21:56 Lynne Koplitz in studio1:31:00 Chaos in studio/Sandy Kane joins1:50:30 George Carlin phoner2:02:19 Patti is Stinky/Sandy Kane vs Lynn Koplitz2:24:19 Ted Knight Songs/Sandy's Song2:40:01 Show wrap upO&A 2001-10-25 0:00 Mick Foley's Book/U2 show recap/Ant is pissed/Hillary Clinton31:54 Don West Cipro/Preempted in Chicago/Rush Limbaugh49:51 Going to Boston/Progeria kids/Ant seated next to Patti1:13:32 Mick Foley in Studio1:53:42 Grave rave talk/Kid Chris prank call/Retarded Songs2:22:04 Tom Brokaw/Boob-o-lantern girlsO&A 2001-10-260:00 Syndication talk/Halloween costumes/Gay Concerts54:32 Flight simulators/Adam Ferrara in studio/Bad Porn stars1:23:44 Bad Stoner caller1:33:40 Larry Storch phoner/Rush Limbaugh bit replay/Bob May phoner2:06:53 Cipro song/Don West Cipro bit replay2:12:33 Rangler Jane/Mistress Rhiannon/Joe Pantoliano phoner2:36:05 Dr. Carl from survivorO&A 2001-10-290:00 Bad start at WBCN/Sales Meeting with Jimmy/Grave Rave26:26 WBCN amenities/Nik Carter in studio47:35 Travel talk/Boob-o-lantern contestant1:10:26 Pumpkin carving party1:24:13 The Crystal Method in studio2:02:49 Boob-o-lantern contestant/Tom BrokawO&A 2001-10-300:00 Technical Problems/Grave rave recap25:35 Boob-o-lantern contestant40:14 Boston paper review44:06 Scott from Crystal Method phoner47:47 Queer Circus/Terrorist Threat1:05:37 Suzuki the Photographer/Boob-o-lantern contestant1:32:07 Jim Cook in studio1:50:43 Chris Robinson in studio2:19:37 Chris Robinson recap/Jim Cook's Awnsering machineO&A 2001-10-310:00 Sports talk/Other radio stations23:37 Giving Afghani people diarrhea/STD haunted house44:13 Robert Englund phoner/Drunk Costume contestant1:00:35 Stalker Patti's letter1:05:35 D.C. trip talk/Super Patti1:33:24 Costume Contestants1:54:04 More ContestantsO&A 2001-11-010:00 World series/Jim Breuer phoner/Sports curse20:12 Sales department/Sports curse/Chicago station problems40:12 Lewis Black phoner48:53 Anthrax/Terrorists1:07:11 Day time talk shows1:28:00 Angry Caller/Conjoined twins1:53:34 Deformed fetuses/Ticket giveaway/Gross pictures2:19:37 Rocco's fake bitsO&A 2001-11-02 0:00 Mad at the dump guy/World series talk/Jim Breuer phoner1:01:06 The state of NYC/Dark Angel spot1:21:54 Jeffrey Ross in studio/Otto phoner/Hugh Hefner roast1:36:17 The Amazing Kreskin phoner1:41:00 "The Pictures"1:59:17 Paul Mecurio in studio/Clinton2:13:28 Lesbian couchO&A 2001-11-050:00 The Yankies lose/Sports talk/Random stuff55:07 How ya doin guys in studio1:07:26 TV shows/Marathons/11 year old Gary traded/Old clips1:33:42 Opie's problem with comedy clubs1:41:35 Mario Cantone phoner2:02:36 Rascal's booker call/Amazing Kreskin in studio2:26:16 Figuring out the card trickO&A 2001-11-060:00 O&A signs on Raw12:37 Jay Mohr phoner20:37 Big Chocolate the paraody master41:12 Kidd Chris phoner/Drink names/Marathon last finisher1:20:10 Maury freak show1:36:43 11 year old Gary/Drudge junior2:02:50 Stephen Lynch/Mike DeNicola in studioO&A 2001-11-070:00 Muary freak show12:34 Police chase38:58 Heidi Fleiss phoner56:14 11 year old Gary saga continues1:06:52 Red Cross donations/Bill O'riley 1:23:19 Robin Leach in studio1:48:02 Rich Vos/Banged up Porn Girls in studio2:15:39 O&A 2001-11-080:00 Ant is mad at CNN/Horrible parents/New enemy/O&A signs26:55 Crazy caller Peggy/Anti WOW lady/David Wells in studio1:28:11 Old Dirty in studio/Rev Al/Peggy is back2:15:53 Does size matter/FetishesO&A 2001-11-090:00 O&A sign contest/Opie left Rick behind/The Grease man23:21 Guess whos outside the studio47:54 Soupy Sales phoner57:50 Mario Cantone/Vanilla Ice in studio1:49:50 Porn girls in studioO&A 2001-11-120:00 Plane crash/Black Earl had a vision1:08:07 Ozzy broke his leg/Xbox contests1:27:38 Paul Mecurio in studio/Stallone1:55:36 Rhonda from friday calls in1:18:33 Pope discovers the internet/Xbox contests/Feels for meals2:37:33 Ant goes to Disturbed showO&A 2001-11-130:00 Philly meeting/Crazy ride/Infomercials31:24 Picking cherry darts contestants/Plane crash talk58:45 Unlucky lottery/Rush Limbaugh1:18:29 Michael Jackson special1:36:29 Bit getting dumped/Broken equipment/Steve C reads 1:59:07 Rocco stealing bits/Angry AlexO&A 2001-11-14 0:00 Opie's anger problem29:20 Road rage stories/Michael Jackson Special1:06:27 Foundry music complaint/Monique/Possible contestants1:31:58 Wrestling weakest link1:50:30 Christopher Titus phoner/Stoner chick call2:22:07 Mr.DVD in studio O&A 2001-11-150:00 Syndication talk/Changes in Afghanistan/Shave your bush for bush27:53 Contestants calling/Flight 587/Stoner chick in studio42:15 Exorcism/Dice find god replay1:08:03 Disciplining kids1:36:28 Paul Williams phoner1:49:03 Cherry DartsO&A 2001-11-160:00 FU Danny Glover/Donald Rumsfeld/Bush shaving set up34:17 Big Chocolate calls52:11 T-shirt guy/Shavers in studio1:10:29 Kenny from Crystal Method phoner/Girls in studio1:27:24 Shave your bush for bush1:47:46 Stalker Patti in studio 2:18:21 Lady Di & Marion in studio2:40:54O&A 2001-11-190:00 Mormon girl16:15 Suicide/Fight with Richard Jeni(Ironic)30:52 Contract Breach44:03 Shave your bush for bushO&A 2001-11-200:00 Marsha Brady intros/Opie went to far/WWF talk21:05 Scott Weiland arrested1:08:13 Whats that contest set up/killer duck1:29:57 Limo Ant is back/Tom Brokaw bit1:47:09 Stinky has to work thanksgiving1:52:40 Berry Williams in studio/Shave bush for bushO&A 2001-11-210:00 Ant's addicted to EverQuest/Video games35:21 Colin Quinn in studio/Scorch phoner/11 Year old Gary57:26 Ronald Regean bitO&A 2001-11-260:00 Thanksgiving recap/The Furby Mobster21:26 Moives/Video games46:39 Bad presents/Mommy what you doing for tickets talk1:02:34 Satellite radio ad1:36:41 The Amazing Kreskin in studio2:22:58 Trying to figure out the trickO&A 2001-11-270:00 Rocco stealing bits22:08 More Rocco/Mommy what would do for tickets44:43 Cloning/The Bible1:06:56 Sex with your clone/Raw/Seeing parents naked1:37:44 Ant's Nyquil/Chyna phoner2:02:24 Gay Randy can selfsuck/Jimmy Carter's hemerroids/Patti's feet2:31:50 Chris Barron in studioO&A 2001-11-280:00 Ant is sick/Office issues29:57 Mono's ass hair/Mommy what would you do/Band Member calls54:27 Future Chicken Farmers/Jim Breuer in studio1:15:43 Steven Baldwin calls in1:32:38 Oddness/Ron Jeremy/Steven Baldwin/Penthouse pet in studioO&A 2001-11-29 0:00 WBCN CD/Ant went to Rocky Horror on broadway/Steven Bladwin22:21 E-mail from DJ/Remembering Voyeur bus/Al Gore update45:52 Mommy contestant1:04:59 Past events/More Mommy contestants/WAAF santa bit recap1:40:57 Jerry the king phoner1:54:14 Jim Breuer in studio O&A 2001-11-30 0:00 WBCN trip talk/Ant is addicted to Nyquill/Voyeur bus anniversary12:12 Remembering The Voyeur bus53:36 Carlos Mencia in studio 1:40:27 Mommy what would you do for tickets/Satellite Problems1:52:18 Satellite problem fixed/Mommys in studio/Patti toe sucking2:18:31 Toe sucking recap/WOW sticker bikini on the streetO&A 2001-12-030:00 Everyone is sick/Ant took Amtrak/Ant's trip from LA to NY as a kid19:57 Jimmy's Palm Pilot/Israeli attack/Richard Cheese in studio48:22 What is that talk/Homeless shopping spree talk1:03:52 Jim Norton in studio1:25:23 Richard Cheese sucks/Tom Brokaw/Earl calls from the hospital1:54:56 Stalker Patti in studioO&A 2001-12-040:00 New citys/Commute to work15:02 OJ in the news again38:12 Music talk1:10:21 Black Earl from the hospital/What is that contestants/Pharrell calls1:36:04 More contestant calls/Opie's roof drive bet2:00:26 Erin calls in/Tom Brokaw2:20:49 Jay Mohr phoner/Jim Breuer phonerO&A 2001-12-050:00 A syndicated PD pissed off O&A18:37 Adam Ferrara in studio/Big Chocolate calls in36:05 Tippy Tom on the phone51:58 Homeless Shopping Spree talk & clips1:18:01 Jay Mohr in studio/Jim Craig in studio2:11:25 Update from Black EarlO&A 2001-12-060:00 Homeless shopping spree talk/Geraldo in Afghanistan23:41 Jimmy is mad at the Yankees/Pirates/Urban Legends48:28 Lewis Black in studio1:37:18 Jay Mohr phoner/Black Earl tribute1:49:31 Teri Weigel in studio/Wiffle ball bat challange2:15:01 Stalker Patti gets her toes fixedO&A 2001-12-070:00 The Stinky Cam is back/Black Earl tribute replay19:10 Female Doctor from Temptation Island38:55 Homeless Rock'n'Roll Tommy/What the hell is thatO&A 2001-12-100:00 Jim Norton in studio/What the hell is that recap25:53 Osama bin laden/Grand theft auto 358:47 Tippy Tom and Rock'n'Roll Tommy in studio1:12:12 Gene Simmons in studio2:02:34 Tippy Tom and Rock'n'Roll Tommy back in studioO&A 2001-12-110:00 Homeless are in the bus/Norton & Vos going on the bus15:35 On the phone with the bus1:39:15 The bus arrives at the mallO&A 2001-12-120:00 Homeless shopping spree recap/Jim Norton in studio41:12 Bad Callers/Clips from the bus57:40 American turned Taliban/GTA31:30:13 Jerry Springer1:55:53 Rich Vos phoner/Mario Cantone in studioO&A 2001-12-130:00 South Park/Video games/New show characters/Condom piss contest44:20 Limo Anthony/Coffee drama1:06:23 Fart protocol/Opie got smacked1:27:59 Earl is back at work/Mark Burnett phoner1:48:60 Condom Testing2:08:37 More planning/Homeless holidays CDO&A 2001-12-140:00 Washington ratings/Bin Laden tape/Condom contest41:29 Brian & Dennis Regan in studio1:32:52 Lady Di & Marion in studio2:11:38 Privilege girls teaseing2:28:28 Contest ConclusionO&A 2001-12-170:00 Ratings talk/Saturday party with Lady Di22:20 More stories from the party49:44 Christmas shopping/Mick Foley in studio1:10:39 Lady Di picture/Don Imus1:31:18 Vince Neil in studio2:16:14 Teen litter box idea/Jim Nortons commercialO&A 2001-12-180:00 Gary Hoey/Steve Irwin phoner/Brother Joe's song stolen24:48 Big Chocolate/Geraldo Rivera50:41 Stalker Patti christmas present1:17:09 Liquor Ads/Tom BrokawO&A 2001-12-190:00 Jim Norton in studio/Litter box girl shows up/This year I learned22:32 Can't say litter box37:20 Rich Vos in studio/The Litter box gets used1:02:30 Topless bar tenders in studio1:41:01 Stephen Lynch in studio/2nd Kitty litter girl

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In October 2016, Tippo International's manufacturing facility in Nenagh was destroyed in a fire.
81 people were employed with the bespoke furniture manufacture and all seemed lost.
A little over four years later they have are back as strong as ever.
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