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Tiktok Stuff about Tiktoks
Tiktok Tiktok is a fun entertaining , and addictive app which has surge in populary in the last few months
Tiktok: What is it Many people are using an app called Tiktok. I'm just saying how there are some easy dangers to avoid and Who made the app, and how they are making mony from it. And lastly, an interveiw from my friend who uses TikTok.
‎About Tiktok What Parents Need to Know
‎Tiktok And More Dancing music making Tik tok's
‎Tiktok Changes comes when he/she become a star …
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TJ is a roofing sales rep / project manager in Colorado. But he’s much more of a psychologist, in that he understands at a deep lev” id=”9uHcpUNGRWU” vid=”9uHcpUNGRWU” id-for-player=”9uHcpUNGRWU” link=”/listen/29-tiktok-for-roofers-an-interview-with-the-worlds-greatest-roofer-9uHcpUNGRWU/” is-authorized=”false”>
29. TikTok for Roofers | An Interview With The Worlds Greatest Roofer Should roofers be on TikTok? TJ McCormack, aka 'Worlds Greatest Roofer' has built up a following of over 160,000 people in just 6 months. And he's just getting started!
TJ is a roofing sales rep / project manager in Colorado. But he's much more of a psychologist, in that he understands at a deep level how people think and act.
Tune into this behind-the-scenes interview and learn:
– Is TJ actually generating sales from TikTok?
– How much time does this roofer spend on TikTok each day?
– What's his content strategy?
– What types of opportunities have opened up for TJ since he has built a following?
– What are the risks of being an influencer?
– What he recommends to anyone looking to build their brand on social media.

We are grateful to TJ for being so transparent in this interview, and not holding anything back.

TJ McCormack Worlds Greatest Roofer

Joseph Hughes
Contractor Dynamics
Episode 69: Sobriety, Inspiration, and TikTok: Mike’s Story Listening to Mike's story was an honor. Our motto here at the UT is: stories heal. Mike's story is authentic and raw. It is one that he has shared over TikTok. Not only did he gain a large following, but he also became an inspiration to thousands. His TikTok followers watched him go from "TheDrunkenTikTok" to "RecoveringDrunkenTikTok" and all the spaces in between.

Mike's motto that he shares with his TikTok community is: "You inspire me. I'll inspire you. Together, we'll inspire each other." He definitely inspired us and we know you will feel inspired after listening to this episode. 

Follow Mike's journey on TikTok @recoveringdrunkentiktok

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Should I use TikTok in my Classroom? Cybertraps Live 020 In this episode, Jethro and Fred discuss questions from YOU! To submit your questions, go to Our questions today:  What are things that educators can do if students’ families have extreme beliefs? Case law regarding educational forums, substantial disruptions, and first amendment rights are decades old. With the pivot to remote learning and the use of various learning management systems, what responsibility do schools have to monitor these educational forums outside traditional hours? How can teachers deal with all the gray areas in privacy, especially in Alaska, where so many people live in small communities where everyone knows each other? What are your thoughts on teachers using TikTok to show lessons/content?
E27: *Bonus Episode* SEASON FINALE: Fun w/ NFT's, TikTok, & Twitch via Karen Allen We did it! Host and Author Emily White truly feels we've covered the modern music industry, now including questions from you that we didn't cover in the episodes bringing to life the chapters from the book this podcast is based on. To wrap the season we're thrilled to cover the final audience question that has been posted to Emily: "Are NFT's good or bad?" The short answer yet another question: like anything we create – is it compelling?
To dig in on all things NFT's, whether you have no idea what that means or are an NFT expert, Emily chats with Author, Consultant and all around Music Tech Expert, Karen Allen. Karen has a wonderful book out called Twitch For Musicians so the conversation naturally evolves to best practices for live streaming and what's happening on TikTok.
Tune in, enjoy and thank you again for making How to Build a Sustainable Music Career & Collect All Revenue Streams the NUMBER ONE Music Business Podcast IN THE WORLD! Our minds are blown by the response and we can't wait to return in 2023 with live tapings of Season Two in workshop form. To be the FIRST to hear about that, sign up for this podcast and book's email list HERE. Thanks again and Happy Listening!
Questions? Reach out to @EmWizzle on Twitter
Book this podcast was based on: 10% off w/ code PODCAST
Creator, Executive Producer, Producer, & Host: Emily White
Engineer: Nathan Cain
Music: Matthew Wang
Sponsorship: [email protected]
Graphics: Neelu Mohaghegh

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Tiktok Tuesday: Big dream small minds What big dream do you have and what is holding you back?
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Answering TikTok Questions Today we're answering your questions—along with a bunch of others that we received on TikTok! Some are ridiculous, some are insightful, and some are insane! Listen in and see what you can learn. Answering TikTok Questions about Banking.mp3File Size: 14872 kbFile Type: mp3Download File […]
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? Join our Facebook group "Shopif” id=”A0p5CiHVVIJ” vid=”A0p5CiHVVIJ” id-for-player=”A0p5CiHVVIJ” link=”/listen/is-tiktok-only-for-entertainment-and-how-could-businesses-capitalize-on-its-rapid-rise-with-arthur-m-A0p5CiHVVIJ/” is-authorized=”false”>
Is TikTok only for entertainment and how could businesses capitalize on its rapid rise? – with Arthur Mooso Type of content people consume on TikTok & 5 best practices for using TikTok ads as an eCommerce brand. A discussion with Arthur Mooso, Customer Success at
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Trump’s TikTok Trouble Continues Recode Senior Reporter Shirin Ghaffary catches us up on the TikTok saga between Donald Trump Oracle and Walmart and ByteDance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Brad Johnson opens up on 17 Year NFL Career, TikTok and Life Today On this episode of the Beyond the Helmet we are joined by Super Bowl Champion and former Pro Bowl quarterback, Brad Johnson.Brad was a two-sport athlete at FSU before being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings back in 1992. He spent his first few seasons in the league as an understudy before eventually claiming the starting role. His play would eventually move the Redskins into trading for him. After a stay in D.C. for two years he would ultimately sign with Tampa.Johnson is perhaps most well remembered for his time as a Buccaneer; it’s where he won a Super Bowl and earned multiple nods to the Pro Bowl. Ultimately, he ended his career at 40 years old after backing up Tony Romo for 2 seasons in Dallas. Now Brad focuses on his two boys (one of which is a starter for LSU), being a football coach and of course being a star on TikTok. Check him @BigBadBrad14 or go to Instagram (@Brad_Johnson_14)If you like this episode please share it with someone who you think will enjoy it! At least leave a comment, subscribe, give it a thumbs up – anything so others can find us!Support the show (