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Drawing Inspiration Join self-taught artist Mike Hendley who shares his ongoing experiences in learning how to draw and paint with those interested in exploring art at any age. Mike also talks about the challenges of being creative, making space for these passionate pursuits in our hectic lives and beginning the artist journey late in life. Grab a pad and pencil or an iPad and follow along with Mike on his journey to become a better artist through tips, tricks, interviews, and stories.
Designer or Artist in a Digital World I'm Foo, and these are my thoughts, tips and realisations about the world living as a designer and sometimes artist. // Twitter: @FooPodcasts
MoMA Series » Podcast Depicting the iconic New York that captivates the world’s imagination and the idiosyncratic details that define New Yorkers’ sense of home, this exhibition from MoMA’s extraordinary photography collection celebrates the city in all its vitality, ambition and beauty. Made by approximately 90 artists responding to the city as well as professionals on assignment, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Lewis Hine, Helen Levitt, Cindy Sherman, Alfred Stieglitz, and Weegee, over 150 works reveal the deeply symbiotic relationship between photography and the ‘city that never sleeps’ – New York. Both an exploration of the life of the city and a documentation of photography’s evolution throughout the twentieth century, Picturing New York celebrates the great and continuing tradition of capturing the grit and glamour of one of the world’s greatest urban centres.
Talking Art WVIK interviews artists from all different genres and all over the Quad Cities about their work.Sponsored by Quad City Bank & Trust
Drawn To It Podcast This podcast, hosted by veteran animator Brian Finlay is about creative driven people and their journey. Not only do we talk about their successes but we also talk about the failures that come along the way, how do they over come when the odds are against them? How do they ignore the "nay" Sayers? Why do they go to bed and wake up thinking about their artistic passion? To put it in simple terms, they are Drawn To It!
‎Art Insiders New York Podcast hosted by Anders Holst Art Insiders New York podcast offers behind-the-scenes conversations with fascinating people who are making an impact in the world of art, architecture & design in New York. The podcast is hosted by Anders Holst.
‎The BRKLY School of Art Each week on the The Neil Berkeley Podcast host, Neil Berkeley, is talking to doc filmmakers from every entry on the call sheet and beyond. The conversation is an honest and entertaining discussion about not only the guest's work but their lives and what it's like living their own story while spending their days telling the stories of others.

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Best Art History Podcasts Picture yourself walking through the warm, welcoming walls of a museum as you explore this curated list of the best art history podcasts. Listen to discussions surrounding Chinese sculpture of Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, the history of and our relationship with death portraiture, the history of different sculptures, and so much more. Hear about the ubiquitous names in art like Michelangelo and Picasso, and as well as lesser-known artists like Lee Krasner and the nightmarish worlds of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture

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The Capital of Craft | Hilary Burns MBE Our latest podcast features the brilliant basketmaker, Hilary Burns MBE. Hilary is one of the UK's most respected makers. Recipient of Heritage Crafts Maker of the Year in 2018, she was also awarded MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2021, in recognition of her dedication to her craft.  She talks with me, Sarah James from Craft Festival and Find a Maker from her Devon home. We talk about her earliest memories of making and what keeps her exploring the possibilities of creativity. Hilary has been curating one of our most loved features at Craft Festival, Out of the Woods, for a number of years. You can meet Hilary at Craft Festival Bovey Tracey from June 9-11, 2023.  You can follow us on Instagram You can watch our films on You follow us on Facebook You can follow Hilary Burns on Instagram Hilary Burns (@hilaryburnsbasketmaker) | Instagram
MYTHICAST 84 Welcome to Mythicast episode 84! Today we cover the upcoming Taino Force for Mythic Earth. We take a deep dive into the wonderful Taino Force with Father Time, and Lord Mortis, two of the 3 main designers of the Taino Force (BT being our third designer, but he couldn't join us).  Sooch covers the latest in gaming news, and we of course cover our regular goings on with the Silverback gaming club and the Mythicos community.
MYTHICAST 85 Hello, Mythic Earth fans. We're back, and then Father Time is off on vacation again!But before he split, he and the crew discussed some of the ins and outs of the Primary Scenarios in Mythic Earth. This is part one of the scenario conversation. This week we cover the main ones (primary) in the core rulebook, in part 2 of this conversation, we will cover the new primaries and start discussing secondary scenarios. so this is a three-episode marathon! Enjoy, and catch you all on episode 86.
Crystal resonance meditation with Blue Saphire,Blue Topaz and Angelite through which we meet the cellular memories,synthesising these with the lightsource of Crystals, to receive inner wisdom from our own inteligent spirit guidance. In this meditation with Blue Saphire, Blue Topaz and Angelite we meet the cellular memories within our consciousness, synthesizing these through crystal resonance with the lightsource of crystals.Tuning in to receive the inner wisdom guided from our own intelligent spirit.Light up and enjoy.Big love.
Ep. 127 Ezra Brooks Andy and Jon discuss everything Ezra Brooks!
Ep. 128 Knocking on Heaven’s Door… Again Andy and Jon discuss everything Heaven’s Door!
Ep. 129 Driftless Glen Andy and Jon discuss everything Driftless Glen!
Happy Easter-Reveille To Resurrection Pastor Kaye SimsHappy Easter-Reveille To Resurrection Crystal Beach Community Church, Texas04.09.2023
Ep. 27: Venetian Sculpture – The Lombardo Workshop The Lombardo family workshop in Venice was the most prominent in the city for the development of Renaissance sculpture. This episode looks briefly at the history of the family before taking a more focused look at the works of Tullio Lombardo and how he revolutionized sculpture in Venice. What happens when classical revival combines with Netherlandish and Venetian design influence? Tullio worked with a large number of classical and contemporary influences resulting in a new sculptural genre. He additionally expanded the design vocabulary of the monumental tomb of the Venetian Doge's, particularly in that of Doge Andrea Vendramin. Instagram: italian_renaissance_podcast The Audiobook TrailThe show dedicated to all things Audiobooks – from inside the booth, to the tip of your…Listen on: Apple Podcasts SpotifySupport the show
Ep. 180 – Brewers Discuss Lagers at Little Beer Festival It’s a love of lagers episode from four brewers that have fully embraced the traditions to the style and are working to have modern conversations in the space. You’ll hear from Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Bagby Beer, Heater Allen, and Cohesion Brewing.It was a beautiful weather day in Duluth, Georgia last weekend as Good Word Brewing put on its third Little Beer Festival. Todd DiMatteo, who you’ve heard on this show, hosted a celebration of low ABV lagers and ales from top-notch brewers from around the country.  The brewery has already set the date for Little Beer IV: Saturday April 13, 2024. It’s a perfect setting and a charming town just outside of Atlanta and if you’re serious about great beer and the people who make it, be sure to be there next year.  It’s not just beer drinking at this fest but also some education. Under the shade of a large tree in the middle of the green John Holl was able to sit down with four brewers of note to talk about their love of lagers and the steps they are taking to create delicious beers.  The panel includes: Lisa Allen of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer in Oregon, Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer in California; Ashleigh Carter of Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver Colorado, and Eric Larkin of Cohesion Brewing in Denver.    For more Drink Beer, Think Beer check out All About Beer.
Host: John Holl

Guests: Lisa Allen, Jeff Bagby, Ashleigh Carter, Eric Larkin
Sponsors: All About Beer
Tags: Beer, Lager, Malt, History, Tradition, Farming, Hops
Mischa van Leeuwen on NIJINSKY. We see RECOMBINATION in The Hague plus CALAMUS by Strike Me Pink Something for almost everyone in this programme. We talk to dancer Mischa van Leeuwen of Scapino Ballet about the show he is currently on tour with, DE SPRONG VAN NIJINSKY. We also pay a visit (@ 8mins40)to The Dome at the Meseon-Omniversum in The Hague to see the amazing RECOMBINATION -THE FULLDOME JOURNEY and talk to its creator Julius Horsthuis. And (@ 13mins30)we talk to two members of the Amsterdam-based English language theatre company Strike Me Pink about their new production CALAMUS.
Published Podcast Ep. 73 | Tap into BookTok and Bookstagram through Influencer Marketing with Danielle Green Welcome back to Published! Today we’re joined by Danielle Green, a book influencer and brand strategist at Greenleaf. She speaks about reader communities on social media, how authors can use TikTok and Instagram to promote their books, and how to collaborate with book influencers.
324. NFT Wine Club Metaverse by Creator of | David Harmon INTERVIEW The founder of is coming out of retirement to be a partner of the world's first NFT Wine Club. After selling one of the largest online retailers of wine in the world in 1999 for 10 million dollars, founder David Harmon sought out a new opportunity with NFT Wine Club and the Blockchain. Members get access to their real world vineyard in Napa, California, digital vine owner ship, wine reality game, educational workshops, and their NFT Wine Fest live event held in their vineyard. Their NFT Wine Club has 3600 real-life vines that are tied to a digital NFT on the blockchain. They are bridging the artistry of NFTs, crypto, and fine wine!Guest: David Harmon – Chief Wine Officer Website ➜ NFT Monthly Club ➜ NFT Founders Mint ➜
Creating Effective Experiences w/ Fonz Morris Welcome to Works In Process w/ George Garrastegui, Jr. / Ep 27 —Train for the skill the industry needs: I think it's an education problem. There's a ton of diversity on the planet. I think there's a skills gap that these companies are looking for. This caliber of talent. The same thing (happens) with the NBA, the NFL, with any professional league or organization.If you're not grooming or training certain communities to be able to develop those skills, then you're not gonna see them at the end result— I think that's what it is. So I would say yes, there's a diversity problem in tech, but I think it's a bigger problem with lack of education and lack of skills training."That’s my guest, Fonz Morris :In this episode, host George Garrastegui Jr. chats with Fonz Morris, a self-taught creative, discuss being a Growth Design at Netflix and how they get customers to value the service and stop password sharing. Also, Fonz shares the value of UX research that focuses on how design is more than a visual medium and the industry needs to expand its definition.I want to thank Fonz for taking the time out of his busy day in Cali to chat. It’s so interesting to hear how Netflix is a consumer-first business and the power that research plays in ensuring it can solve users' problems in ways that make people see value in their service.Enjoy!—Follow Fonz Morris via:Fonz's Website / @youngfonz on Twitter / @youngfonz on Instagram ————CreditsEditor: RJ BasilioResearch and Transcription Reviewer: Or SyzflingierIntro / Outro Music: The System Has Failed Us – The Passion HiFi————Like what you just heard? Support the process and rate us on Apple Podcast and Spotify!About the Works in Process Podcast:A podcast series by George Garrastegui, Jr. — designer, educator, and curator. Works In Process is a collection of discussions that explore the creative process. I interview individuals to gain more insight into the ways they work and the projects they produce.Follow Works in Process:Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter
Don’t Fear the “Dirty Dozen” Your Fruits and Veggies Are Safe Whether They Are Organic or Not The Environmental Working Group recently released its annual report known as “The Dirty Dozen” which identifies the fruits and veggies that have the most pesticide residue. But the fear it inspires might harm our health more than these pesticides. This week's guest is Dr. Steve Savage, a plant pathologist, and agricultural expert who has studied the data in great detail. Listen to our latest podcast to hear his findings. They may surprise you. He will answer whether organic is safer than conventionally grown produce. If you are not eating fresh fruits and veggies because you are afraid of these residues, you may be impeding your well-being. The chemicals in these fruits and veggies will do more to help you than the pesticides on them will harm you.
The Vidalia Onion: How Sweet It Is! Spring has arrived and spring vegetables have been showing up in your local produce aisles and markets for a few weeks now. But this week is the sweetest week of the spring vegetable season. That is because this is the week that the sweetest onions in the world will be first shipped for the 2023 season. Yes, it’s time for a fresh crop of Vidalia Onions. They are named for a small town in Georgia which is at the center of the growing region for onions in the state. The area there has a special soil that gives them their deliciously sweet flavor. Today we are going to celebrate Vidalia Onions and we have a very special guest joining us to tell us all about them. Delbert Bland and his family have been growing Vidalia onions for over 40 years. They started with just five acres of the onions but now are the largest producer of them in the region. From those humble origins, Delbert has grown the business into a nationwide and international farming success with farms in Texas, California, Mexico, and Peru.
JJP_S2-Ep#02: Conversation with the Queen In this BRAND NEW Episode 02 "CONVERSATION WITH THE QUEEN" of the JUST JUMP PODCAST – Season2, we'll be discussing the triumphant victory over depression and other challenges in her life, with our guest certified Spiritual Life Coach Amina Erwin. Join our Host, the Orator of Empowerment, Mr. B. Hakim Erwin as we help prepare you to JUST JUMP into your Dreams, God Bless!
Don't Blue Beam Me! Welcome to another episode of the Let’s be friends podcast with Let’s be friends first correspondent Nick Hinton.Nick is an author, podcaster and a good friend of mine.  He has been on the show 5 times, so I figured it was time to create a segment together which we are calling, "The Revelation Will Not Be Televised".  Nick and I will discuss current events happening worldwide and uncover the revelations behind the stories.  This is the news you won’t see on TV.In this episode, we discuss who the blue demons are and how this relates to Project Bluebeam.  We also discuss The Jesus Revolution, 7 spirits worse than before Luke 11:26, Leviathans, secret Satanists, Atlantis, The Whore of Babylon,  false prophets and the great signs and wonders, blue symbolism in Greek mythology, and how it all dies into a false rebirth into something worse than before.This episode is available exclusively for members of the Friendship Membership.  Head over to and sign up for only $8 month!Find Nick Hinton on Twitter or Instagram @nickhintonn
DIANA What happened to Princess Diana? Everyone remembers where they were when the death of Diana was announced–it was the heartbreak felt around the world.Join me in this special edition episode of the Let’s be friends Podcast as I discuss Diana's fascinating life and mysterious death. In this episode, I discuss the many symbolic clues surrounding her death, which I believe was a ritual sacrifice.  I discuss Diana’s early life and how she became the Princess of Wales, marrying into a family with a long, dark history in the occult.  In the episode, I talk about the symbolic meaning behind the torch and Lucifer, The Statue of Liberty, and how it all ties to Diana’s “candle” burning out long before her memory ever will.I also examine all the odd circumstances not just surrounding the death of Diana, but also her Mother in Law, Queen Elizabeth.  I take a deeper look into the Royal family's history of occult and pagan worship, the meaning of the Coronation stone, blue bloods, Vampires related to the family, who prince Harry’s real father might be, why Diana and Kate wore red pregnancy dresses and how Diana’s death may have been planned long before she was born.  Let’s reignite the candle of the People’s Princess, a flame that never blew out long ago because the essence of Diana still lives on today.This episode is included with The Friendship Membership or can be purchased for individual download.
History Not Taught In School–Mysteries Of The Mayans, Incas & Egyptians Welcome back to the let's be friends Podcast.  Back with us today is friend Derek Olson, a modern-day Indiana Jones. Derek is a researcher, explorer, and founder of Megalithic Marvels – a video, podcast & blogging platform dedicated to re-constructing the prehistoric past and investigating ancient mysteries centered around lost technologies, megalithic architecture & the ancient engineers who built them.In this episode, we discuss an amazing new discovery of a hidden corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Derek takes us behind the scenes sharing the story of how this corridor was found, why it is important, and what it was used for.  We also talk about who built the pyramids and what they were initially designed for.Our conversation also travels to Central America where Derek shares the mysteries behind the ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations of Central America.  We discuss the Elongated skulls of Peru and how they may connect to Genesis 6:4, the secrets behind the Mayan pyramids and the secrets to Machu Picchu.   We also talk about portals, what they are, why and where they existed, and hear Derek’s story of visiting an ancient site in Peru where a portal was said to be.Find Derek at: www.megalithicmarvels.comJoin Derek on his next Megalithic Marvels tour this May 17th—28th for a 12-day expedition to EgyptHe is also hosting the adventure of a lifetime this fall to Peru on Oct 1-12th 2023.  Reserve your spot here!Want more episodes of the podcast?  Become a member today,  by joining the Friendship Membership: Symbolism Syndrome Radio Dispatch (2-3 monthly) Two bonus episodes a month (or more!) Monthly friendship zoom hangout Tons of behind-the-scenes videos of interviews and events Access the Friendship library with exciting articles, episode notes, and all things censored.   Sign up today and help run the show for only $8 a month!
Episode 517: Bringing Your Vision to Life with Larry Fowler The latest episode of The Ryan Frank Podcast is a must-listen for anyone struggling to bring their vision to life. Ryan interviews Larry Fowler, a seasoned ministry leader from the Legacy Coalition, who shares valuable insights on how to cultivate a vision and turn it into reality.Larry emphasizes the importance of receiving a fresh vision from God and offers practical tips on how to plan, develop, and manage your vision. Drawing from his extensive experience working with leaders, Larry emphasizes the need to follow through with your goals, even when faced with challenges.If you're looking to unlock the potential of your vision and bring it to life, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to hear Ryan and Larry's engaging conversation, full of inspiration and practical advice for anyone seeking to achieve their dreams.Welcome to the Ryan Frank podcastRyan is a family man, first and foremost, but he’s also a pastor, publisher, and serial entrepreneur. This podcast will help you think, work, and create like never before.You can subscribe for more productivity, and life hacks to help you stay on the leading edge.
Carlos Perea Carlos Perea is an immigrant rights advocate and Director of the Harbor Institute for Immigrant and Economic Justice, a collaboration of movement academics and organizers. His work has focused on building the political power of undocumented immigrant communities in Orange County through community organizing, coalition building, advocacy campaigns and policy change. Some of the efforts he has worked on to address immigration enforcement along community and system stakeholders include Santa Ana’s Sanctuary Ordinance and Universal Representation Program. Carlos is also a public policy and strategy development consultant, he has supported local initiatives including the OC Opportunity Initiative and OC Grantmakers. He currently serves on Santa Ana’s Measure X Citizen Oversight Committee, which reviews the annual revenue and expenditures of funds from the tax authorized by voters of the city.Adjust Accordingly: Placing Equity into Practice is a series of discussions about personal experiences of inequity and how industries, organizations, and people are working to move equity forward.Each conversation will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for confronting these issues in our communities while collectively progressing toward a more equitable future.Produced with Orange County Grantmakers with support from Orange County Community Foundation.Guest: Carlos PereaHosts: Jon-Barrett IngelsProduced by: Past Forward
Paul Robeson: A Rebel with a Cause Joshua and Angela delve into the many facets of Paul Robeson, the man behind the voice that made him a household name on stage and screen. An academic scholar, bass-baritone concert artist, and stage and film actor, Robeson was as well-known for his artistic prowess as he was for his outspoken commitment to disrupting the hypocritical political strategies of the American government in the 1940s.Featured Music:"Scandalize My Name," arranged by Harry T. Burleigh, performed by Paul Robeson live from Carnegie Hall"No More Auction Block""Ol' Man River"Support the show

its real folks

Auto-Experiment: Hyper-Masculinity:″ id=”8hLybZ6Xv0g” vid=”8hLybZ6Xv0g” id-for-player=”8hLybZ6Xv0g” link=”/listen/infowars-goop-wellness-products-8hLybZ6Xv0g/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Infowars & Goop: Wellness Products All the "wellness" products Americans love to buy are sold on both Infowars and Goop:

its real folks

Auto-Experiment: Hyper-Masculinity:

**recorded: July 2, 2020**” id=”XaYqiDwHxo” vid=”XaYqiDwHxo” id-for-player=”XaYqiDwHxo” link=”/listen/my-political-journey-n-XaYqiDwHxo/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
My Political Journey: N My guest is a 20 year old Left Communist. He began by exploring 4chan, /leftypol/ and kik messenger. In 2019, he joined an IRL political organization. We discuss Bookchinites, leftcom killing fields, proletarian discontent, shitposting and animation.

**recorded: July 2, 2020**
The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 584 This week, we discuss Meanwhile… A Comic Shop Anthology. Starring Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Kevin Sharp, and Toby Sidler.
The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 583 This week, we discuss NPD BookScan 2022 numbers, how much Roy Lichtenstein sucks, losing both Rachel Pollack and Al Jaffee, Shazam! Fury Of The Gods' box office run, and Marvel/DC movie crossover possibilities. Starring Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, and Kevin Sharp.
Thanks for downloading and listening to this episode of For” id=”9Yuewrgtu4q” vid=”9Yuewrgtu4q” id-for-player=”9Yuewrgtu4q” link=”/listen/forking-around-town-festa-italiana-tampa-9Yuewrgtu4q/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Forking Around Town: Festa Italiana Tampa Tracy sits down with Vince Pardo and Mario Plazza to discuss the upcoming annual Festa Italiana in Ybor City. Vince and Mario share a little bit of the history behind the event and what guests can expect during this delicious two day event.
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Forking Around Town: Frozen Pizza Friday Tracy shares her weekly Instagram feature, Frozen Pizza Friday. She is joined by Ian Beckles and they sample a couple of pizzas.
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Trevor Hill (EP 108) Episode 108 of RhymeBeat’s in-house podcast ‘Benny’s Crib.’ This time around we got Maine hip hop artist 'Trevor Hill' on the futon. Topics of conversation include Petey Pablo, hazardous Portland intersections, his collective 'Flowershop' and their latest album 'Shopping For Flowers,' the importance of discomfort, the genius of Prince, learning lessons while living in NYC, his upcoming mixtape 'W.A.T.O.V.I.,' and tons more! This podcast is sponsored by the beautiful Yardie Ting. Much luv to y'all.

Big ups to Willow Pix on the video production assistance.

Krate Killer (EP 109) Episode 109 of RhymeBeat’s in-house podcast ‘Benny’s Crib.’ 207 producer and musician 'Krate Killer' slid thru the crib this week. We chatted about different eras of The Alchemist, his background as a drummer, the importance of going to local shows, touring, upcoming collaborations, Barcelona, and a whole lot more! This podcast is sponsored by the delightful Yardie Ting. Much luv to y'all for supporting!
Featured in this Episode:

The Terraformers by Annalee Newitz
Cro” id=”6hiplprKHzn” vid=”6hiplprKHzn” id-for-player=”6hiplprKHzn” link=”/listen/rhody-recommends-different-time-same-people-6hiplprKHzn/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Rhody Recommends: Different Time, Same People Rhody Recommends brings you a short segment on our off weeks where we tell you what we’re reading, watching, and listening to. Everything you hear about in this segment is available at your local library, or freely available online.
Featured in this Episode:

The Terraformers by Annalee Newitz
Crowded written by Christopher Sebela, with art by Ro Stein + Ted Brandt, colors by Triona Farrell, and lettering by Cardinal Rae
Starship Troopers (1997)
Bubble (podcast)

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Opening the Oyster: Black Rhode Island Foodways In 2011, Robb Dimmick, co-founder of the award-winning non-profit, Stages of Freedom, curated the groundbreaking exhibit, "Creative Survival: African American Foodways in Rhode Island, 1690 to the Present." Held at the Culinary Arts Museum, the exhibit, the first of its kind, garnered national attention and achieved the Museum's largest attendance and longest run. In this episode, Dimmick shares his talk, "Opening the Oyster: Black Rhode Island Foodways” for Rhody Radio listeners. "Opening the Oyster" is a fascinating and illuminating talk which explores how the culinary genius and excellence of Rhode Island African Americans bought their way out of slavery and created a foundation of community prosperity. Learn about Duchess Quamino, the Pastry Queen of Rhode Island; master chocolate grinders; turtle frolicks; and more!

For more information about Stages of Freedom, visit

Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay.

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Pomimo tego, że Stephen King jest obecny na naszym rynku wydawniczym od wielu lat, cały czas polscy fani mogą borykać się z „białymi plamami” w jego twórczości. Dotyczy to głównie krótszych tekstów, które ukazywały się na przestrzeni lat w różnych czasopismach i antologi” id=”2a5V6NmvhbO” vid=”2a5V6NmvhbO” id-for-player=”2a5V6NmvhbO” link=”/listen/rsk-559-double-feature-weeds-i-the-furnace-2a5V6NmvhbO/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
RSK #559 Double Feature: Weeds i The Furnace Pobierz audycję w pliku mp3

Pomimo tego, że Stephen King jest obecny na naszym rynku wydawniczym od wielu lat, cały czas polscy fani mogą borykać się z „białymi plamami” w jego twórczości. Dotyczy to głównie krótszych tekstów, które ukazywały się na przestrzeni lat w różnych czasopismach i antologiach, a nie doczekały się później wznowienia w ramach zbiorów opowiadań. Radio SK postanowiło przybliżyć tego rodzaju teksty swoim słuchaczom i tak powracamy do zapoczątkowanej kilka lat temu przez Skurę formuły double feature poświęconego właśnie opowiadaniom. A dziś Mando i Jerry biorą na warsztat opowiadanie „Weeds” (1976) – opublikowane pierwotnie w magazynie „Cavalier” oraz ciekawy eksperyment jakim jest tekst „The Furnace” (2005) z „Weekely Reader”, do którego King napisał tylko pierwsze dwa akapity, a cały tekst był rozwijany i skończony przez kilkudziesięciu młodych autorów.Jeżeli podoba ci się to co robię to możesz mnie wesprzeć na
SFP #185 Is Your Photography Business Really Just A Hobby? Here's how to find out for sure… Is your photography business really just a hobby? In this episode let's get real and figure out if your photography business is really just a hobby (which is totally ok, btw) or a real business and how to move from a hobby to a photography business if that is what you really want it to be! In this episode, let's discuss the difference between photography as a hobby and as a business, the factors to consider when deciding to turn your hobby into a business, and the steps to take to turn your photography hobby into a business!   Listen here! Have friend who might like this episode? Share it with them! LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW: Access the FREE Photography Business Class and transition from hobby to business! Join here:   More Episodes You Might Like! Ouch! You’ve Got Imposter Syndrome! How to Overcome it as a Photographer 5 HUGE Things Stopping You From Starting Your Photography Business…and how to get past them. The 3 Things to Know to Move from “Mom with a Camera” to Business Owner

As a licensed therapist, Latrice is passionate about breaking the st” id=”82r5jVLJMBG” vid=”82r5jVLJMBG” id-for-player=”82r5jVLJMBG” link=”/listen/latrice-richards-all-things-therapy-and-how-artists-can-thrive-82r5jVLJMBG/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Latrice Richards: All Things Therapy and How Artists Can Thrive In this video, I sit down with Latrice Richards, a licensed therapist to talk about individuals navigating through life's challenges. Latrice provides valuable insights and practical tips on mental health, therapy, and creativity.

As a licensed therapist, Latrice is passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding therapy and creating a safe space for individuals to explore their emotions and experiences. She understands the unique struggles that creatives face in expressing their vulnerability through their art, and provides guidance on how to thrive while being vulnerable.

In this video, you'll find thought-provoking discussions on topics such as the importance of finding a good therapist, overcoming the challenges of mental health stigma, and the benefits of using creativity as a tool for self-expression and healing. With her warm and empathetic approach, Latrice shares practical strategies and techniques to help viewers navigate the complexities of their emotional well-being.

Whether you're a creative looking for ways to thrive in your art while maintaining your mental health, or someone seeking guidance on finding a therapist, this conversation is a valuable resource. Join us in exploring the intersection of therapy, creativity, and mental health, and let's break the stigma together. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on BlkWmnAnimator's latest videos!

Latrice Sampson Richards Social Media

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Is It Better to Rent or Buy a House? How to Know Which Is Best for You There is no one-size-fits-all approach to where you live and how you pay for it.
The Benefits of Spending Time In Nature All the healthy reasons you should head outdoors more often.
How to Make Your Home Feel and Look Bigger A couple small changes or smart renovations can give your space a more expansive appearance.
Ted King on returning to racing after two years of setbacks Ted King returns to the show to talk about the string of setbacks that left his career in limbo for the past couple of years. Some of those hurdles have been public, such as the numerous broken bones, while others have been largely private, such as an unexplained blood clot that has left him on blood thinners for the foreseeable future. The past two years have been a series of stopping and starting, from hospital visits and rehab to short-lived comebacks. This year, however, he’s back to racing, and he’s chosen a schedule that looks a lot different from his pre-2021 events lineup.In this conversation, Ted tells Payson about the rollercoaster of the past two years, including some unexpected upsides. He talks about what it was like to line up in the age-group category instead of with the pros at this year’s Mid South, how he used his tentative race schedule last year to raise money for charity, and why the cycling community has kept him coming back to races even when he was still processing his most recent health scare. He also explains why he’s decided to pursue an alternative schedule this year in which he will compete in ultra-long distance races like Unbound XL and the Great Divide instead of lining up for the Grand Prix.  Instagram: @theadventurestache
Brennan Wertz, gravel racer and former champion rower Brennan Wertz spent eight years as a top-level rower before transitioning to cycling. During that time, he raced for Stanford, nabbed a world record, and chased the Olympics before injuries sidelined him. When he picked up cycling to pass the rehab time, he fell in love with the sport and never looked back. In 2021, he jumped into Unbound and landed in the top 10. This year, he’s racing in the Life Time Grand Prix, which brings a whole new set of unknowns.In this conversation, Brennan sits down with Payson in Monterrey, CA to talk about his rowing career, finding his way into cycling, and why he was hooked on gravel from the start. With only a year and a half of racing under his belt, he’s aware that he doesn't have the experience that his competitors have, but with years of rowing, he’s got the power numbers and the mentality to make up for it. He talks about how much he enjoys getting out of his comfort zone, how he's tried to bring the team spirit of rowing into his gravel training, and how he hopes to prove that bigger racers can perform at the highest levels of the sport. This year, he isn’t looking forward to the events that his 6 foot 5, 200-pound frame is most suited for, but to the races that pose new challenges. Mountain biking at Sea Otter and elevation at Leadville are two of the events he’s most excited about, and he tells Payson about how he's training for them, and whether he'd ever be interested in dipping his toe in professional road racing.Instagram: @theadventurestache
Aidan Haley, film editor of "Crossing Tasmania" Aidan Haley has edited productions for HBO, Mercedes, and Patagonia. Most recently, he helped edit an episode for the Emmy-nominated HBO docuseries Edge of the Earth. He's also just wrapped up Payson's latest film about his one-day ride across Tasmania last November. In this episode, Aidan talks about his teenage years climbing mountains in the Pacific Northwest with his cousin, Colin, who is now one of the premier alpinists in the world, as well as moving to Paris after college to talk his way into a photojournalism internship, and finding his way in Hollywood after landing a job on the set of an Oscar Mayer commercial. He also discusses his approach to editing, whether he's working on a documentary, a commercial, or a feature film, and how his work has affected his ability to enjoy movies as a pastime.Instagram: @theadventurestache
WMQ&A Episode 253: Under Kingdom Once Over with Marie Enger & Christof Bogacs Marie Enger and Christof Bogacs join the show to talk about their new Dark Horse graphic novel, Under Kingdom.
Episode 161: Jeff Chapman Jeff Chapman, long time bass vocalist with the Kingdom Heirs and new member of Gold City joins the show to talk about a new chapter in his career.
How to triple your fireball damage: The Cloaker In this week's episode Ellie, Jarred, and Will take a look at Cloakers from DnD 5e's Basic Rules! A simple-sounding monster with some unique flairs.FanRoll (use code MM10) – the show: music by @Thisisbardcore. us and the YouTube version:'s Backgrounds: the show
Cleric/Monk Multiclass Guide 2023 #dnd5e Due to being, hopefully, better at our jobs than when we first started 4 years ago, and all the changes to 5th edition since then we're taking a fresh look at some of our old multi class breakdowns! In this episode, we're taking a second look at Cleric/Monk. Do any of the Monk redesigns and new Cleric subclasses mesh well? And is there any great combinations we missed last time?!FanRoll (use code MM10) – the show: music by @Thisisbardcore. us and the YouTube version:'s Backgrounds: the show
217. The 10 Types of People You Meet in Bars For his birthday a few years back, Dan's mother gave him two gifts: a copy of Mitch Albom’s best-seller The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and a gift certificate from a local skydiving company. He didn’t read the book, but he doesn’t need to read it to feel ripped off. Five people. That’s it? You’d think that after all the time and effort you put into churchgoing and praying and not coveting your neighbor’s butt, God would giveth up a tad more variety in the afterlife. What giveseth, Yahweh? Still, it got Dan thinking about bars (if you haven’t noticed, everything gets him thinking about bars). Because no matter what watering hole Dan walks into, he runs into the same people over and over again. And in this episode, he tells us all about them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
255. Expanding Your Art-Money Mindset with Samm Wehman This week’s episode features Florida-based artist Samm Wehman. Samm has been a part of the Academy since the early days (a few years ago) and this is actually her second interview. You can find her first on episode #45. I told you she’d been around for a hot minute! We decided to do a second interview (something I rarely do) because her art business has expanded so much, along with her mindset around spending her hard-earned art money. We focus a lot on the mental shifts that happen from the early days of hustling as an artist to the later years of THRIVING as an artist. I’m excited to share this unique human with you again. Go give her a follow on Instagram so you can see exactly how colorful and compassionate her world is. Let me know what you think of this week’s episode with Samm Wehman. www.ArtistAcademy.coSamm's IG Link:
256. To Take a Deposit or Not to Take a Deposit? To take a deposit or not to take a deposit? That is the question in this week's episode. I’ll also be talking about the pros and cons of asking for money upfront, how much to ask for, and how to collect it. I’ll share all of the different ways I’ve taken a deposit for a canvas or mural project in the past 10 years of running an art business, so you can decide which method is right for your business.
257. A Chat with Tim Jacobus- Illustrator of the Goosebumps Series This week’s episode will give you a flash of nostalgia as we chat with Tim Jacobus, the illustrator for the famous Goosebumps series by author R.L. Stine! Tim shares all about his experiences in the illustration business back in the 90s and compares them to today’s digital methods. He is an open book when it comes to answering all questions about his creative process. From sketching out the iconic cover ideas to color blocking and choosing the perfect layout. It’s a lot more methodical than I realized! Tim is a master illustrator and I feel so honored to have been able to chat with him about his experiences in the industry. If it’s been a minute since you’ve laid eyes on a Goosebumps cover, do yourself a fun favor and check out Tim’s Instagram where you’ll get a refresher on just how eye-catching his work is. I’m even more impressed looking at his work now, as an adult artist, as I was looking at it as a kid years ago. Let me know what you think of this week’s episode with Tim Jacobus. Tim Jacobus IG:

Wilhelmus à Brakel (1635-1711)

From The Christian’s Reasonable Service, Vol. 1, 193-198,

Reformation Heritage Books,

Song Credit: Brooks Was Here by Thomas Newman” id=”9p7pqVeAk1g” vid=”9p7pqVeAk1g” id-for-player=”9p7pqVeAk1g” link=”/listen/gods-decree-defined-by-wilhelmus-a-brakel-9p7pqVeAk1g/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
God's Decree Defined by Wilhelmus à Brakel God’s Decree Defined

Wilhelmus à Brakel (1635-1711)

From The Christian’s Reasonable Service, Vol. 1, 193-198,

Reformation Heritage Books,

Song Credit: Brooks Was Here by Thomas Newman
108: Getting too excited or overwhelmed about dating a new person? Here’s how to regulate your nervous system Are you dating someone new and getting too excited or overwhelmed about it? You’re not alone! This is so common for anxious preoccupied, dismissive avoidant, and fearful avoidant attachment types. In this episode, I explain how the different attachment styles are activated when dating someone new.I break down how to regulate your own nervous system for each attachment type so you can get back to a secure mindset. Good for you for putting yourself out there and dating! It’s really brave to put yourself out there. Now go meet your needs and communicate with this new person about them.Follow Lit AF on Instagram: @itsmesarahcohan.comVisit the Lit AF Website: to heal your attachment so you’re showing up securely while dating? Book a discovery with me to see if attachment coaching would be the right fit for you. You’ll learn about your unique attachment style and how to heal. Book your call here: Botanicals Incense – Get $10 off your first order: favorite fragrances are Hermitage, Herbal Renewal, Qoth the Raven, and White Lodge. These four fragrances represent all 12 zodiac signs.
Using Your Food with Tamar Adler Tamar Adler does such cool work with cooking – her new book, The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A-Z, outlines how to actually use all the food you have in your kitchen. It’s extremely helpful and I really appreciate her point of view – there’s a tendency in the US to be like "here are things to buy to be more earth-friendly.” No. That is not the vibe today. Also I bonded with Tamar over the dirty looks we get in the grocery store for doing something that is considered so gross – but it’s not! The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A-Z   Listen to Smart Mouth: iTunes • Google Podcasts • Stitcher • Spotify • RadioPublic • TuneIn • Libsyn • Amazon Music   Check out all our episodes so far here. If you like, pledge a buck or two on Patreon.   Tamar IG   Katherine TikTok   Smart Mouth newsletter   Smart Mouth IG   Related: Home Economics with Shauna Sever   Music: Money for Nothing – Dire Straits   Sources: Encyclopedia Washington Post Purity and Danger: An Analysis of Concepts of Pollution and Taboo Utah State University Vinny Thomas
Grand Opening Exhibition at Rehs Contemporary in NYC, April 28
Forefront Festival: A Night of Art with Jos” id=”7n5iyVMxq3N” vid=”7n5iyVMxq3N” id-for-player=”7n5iyVMxq3N” link=”/listen/special-event-preview-with-josh-zac-tiessen-7n5iyVMxq3N/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Special: Event Preview with Josh & Zac Tiessen In this special episode, Nate talks to artists Josh & Zac Tiessen about two upcoming events based on Josh's new painting series, Vanitas and Viriditas. Click below to learn more or get tickets.
Grand Opening Exhibition at Rehs Contemporary in NYC, April 28
Forefront Festival: A Night of Art with Josh & Zac Tiessen in Rochester NY, May 4
Gushing About Paper Crafting, Creativation 2023, & More – A Laughter-Filled Chat with Bridget Casey Get ready to laugh out loud and reminisce as we take a fun trip down the crafty memory lane! Join Jen and Bridget on this must-listen episode as they gush about their love for paper crafting and share their unforgettable experience with the Altenew team and other crafting companies at Creativation 2023. Discover Bridget's latest crafting obsession, snag her FREE card making classes every Saturday, and find out who the "MacGyver of Altenew" is when it comes to capturing the perfect photos and videos. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your heart out!Check out Artistry by Altenew website:Artistry by Altenew | Watercolor, Markers, & Art Supplies – ArtistrybyAltenewInstagram: your life with Altenew! Follow us for more design inspiration:Instagram: blog: blog: https://www.mixedmedia.altenew.comVisit to shop for your crafting stash.Contact our Customer Happiness Team at [email protected] if you have any questions.
#346 ​​Dina Ávila​​ – Photographer Dina Avila, one of Portland's most prolific photographers in the food industry, joins Chris to talk about her craft and her life.    We talk about her childhood food influences, how misery in Hawaii caused her to move to Portland and take a job at Whole Foods, and how she forayed into full time work as a photographer.  We'll hear what she's reading these days, how the pandemic caused her to rethink her priorities, and where she may be in a few years. @dinaravila   Right at the Fork is supported by: Zupan's Markets: Oregon Dungeness Crab:  RingSide Steakhouse: Portland Food Adventures:
#347 Gary the Foodie – Best Cheap Meals in Portland Gary Okazaki, our most prolific and worldly guest, joins Chris to discuss his recent lists of best cheap dishes in Portland.  You'll definitely hear about some places that will be new to you!  As part of this discussion, we talk about the increasingly expensive cost of entry to eat out these days, and yes, you guessed it, TIPPING!  The topic has been in the national news lately, and while we don't solve anything, Chris was glad to know he's not alone in his personal frustration with encountering tip lines to get a donut.  He's not cheap (full disclosure: he's writing this)–he offers a solution.   Gary also reels off his top 5 pizza spots in PDX.  Not really any surprises there, but most importantly, we think, is that the landmarks still hold up after so many new places have opened over the past 7 or 8 years.   Gary is always a fun conversation and can be found at @GarytheFoodie on Instagram.   Right at the Fork is supported by: Zupan's Markets: Oregon Dungeness Crab:  RingSide Steakhouse: Portland Food Adventures:
#348 Adam Evans – Why the Customer is NOT Always Right Adam Evans recently embarked on a writing career with his first book. "Why The Customer is NOT Always Right" takes a different perspective on dealing with bad customers from his experience of more than 20 years in the hospitality industry as an owner and operator in Florida. He uses his unparalleled access to his group of over 30K quality hospitality employees across Florida to provide staff for all occasions.  He's had lots of experience with all sorts of employees and customers.  Check out Adam's book on Amazon here.   Right at the Fork is supported by: Zupan's Markets: Oregon Dungeness Crab:  RingSide Steakhouse: Portland Food Adventures:
Tip of the Tongue 174: Must Milk Come from an Animal? Tip of the Tongue is a podcast on the Nitty Grits Network of the National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB). The podcast host, Liz Williams, is the Founder of NatFAB and the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. In each episode Liz has a far-reaching 30 minute conversation with a food expert, practitioner, chef, home cook, author, farmer, manufacturer, artist, or almost anyonewho can elucidate some aspect of culinary culture. And the intersection of food and drink with culture provides possibilities that reflect the endless ways that food touches every aspect of our lives. We are all joined together by our need to eat. And Tip of the Tongue explores our common humanity whether by examining the past, aesthetics, economics, issues of race and gender, waste, hunger, war, and so much more. And by recording and disseminating these expansive conversations she is creating a document that reflects and embraces the culture of food during our time.
Tip of the Tongue 175: American Feast: Cookbooks & Cocktails Tip of the Tongue is a podcast on the Nitty Grits Network of the National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB). The podcast host, Liz Williams, is the Founder of NatFAB and the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. In each episode Liz has a far-reaching 30 minute conversation with a food expert, practitioner, chef, home cook, author, farmer, manufacturer, artist, or almost anyonewho can elucidate some aspect of culinary culture. And the intersection of food and drink with culture provides possibilities that reflect the endless ways that food touches every aspect of our lives. We are all joined together by our need to eat. And Tip of the Tongue explores our common humanity whether by examining the past, aesthetics, economics, issues of race and gender, waste, hunger, war, and so much more. And by recording and disseminating these expansive conversations she is creating a document that reflects and embraces the culture of food during our time.
Tip of the Tongue 173: What Is It about the Restaurant Kitchen? Tip of the Tongue is a podcast on the Nitty Grits Network of the National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB). The podcast host, Liz Williams, is the Founder of NatFAB and the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. In each episode Liz has a far-reaching 30 minute conversation with a food expert, practitioner, chef, home cook, author, farmer, manufacturer, artist, or almost anyonewho can elucidate some aspect of culinary culture. And the intersection of food and drink with culture provides possibilities that reflect the endless ways that food touches every aspect of our lives. We are all joined together by our need to eat. And Tip of the Tongue explores our common humanity whether by examining the past, aesthetics, economics, issues of race and gender, waste, hunger, war, and so much more. And by recording and disseminating these expansive conversations she is creating a document that reflects and embraces the culture of food during our time.
A New Dad's Guide to Ramadan The month of Ramadan is here, and James Beard Award–winning writer Ahmed Ali Akbar is a new dad. He wants to pass down his family's traditions to his newborn daughter, but he wonders: How do you navigate fasting and nourishment and as a sleep-deprived parent? Ahmed talks to experts, nutritionists, and other families as they navigate Ramadan together.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Cooking School for the Blind What if you knew you were quickly losing your sight? That’s something reporter Jason Strother has thought a lot about. In this episode, Jason takes a crash course at the Colorado Center for the Blind to navigate what cooking or grocery shopping might be like while blind. (Jason’s reporting was supported by the 11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship at UC Berkeley.)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Meditation: How to increase confidence This episode provides information about meditation; describes benefits of meditation to our some explanations why it is important, at the end summaries how we can achieve that balance..Also, provides the full meditation that you could practice any time during the day..
Sometimes This poem is about longing for love, wondering about own existence..
Art: It's in the Eye of the Beholder On this episode of the Black Girls eating, Candace and Tanorria welcome to the studio mixed media artist Faith Blackwell. Faith shares the journey of her art, how shes sustained connection in a bustling art community and her favorite city to travel to. Grab your crayons or ipad and listen in to this colorful episode.
In the Business of Faith: When Deconstruction Happens On this episode of Black Girls Eating, Candace and Tanorria are joined by pastor and culture curator Kristian Smith. The trio dives deep into faith, what it means to question it and how sometimes, a deconstruction of that faith is imperative to your survival. Grab your prayer cloth and some Kleenex. This episode is food for your soul.
Get Your Glass in Gear – The Importance of Beer Glassware This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the importance of glassware. But today we’re doing a deeper, more scientific dive specifically on beer glasses. We at Barrel to Bottle firmly believe you should always drink your beer out of a glass. But will one of those straight-sided pint glasses suffice, or is it worth spending some money on a beer glass that had fluid dynamics test performed on it? We’re here to definitively answer that question today. Roger brought in three beer glasses that we will be comparing to the straight sided shaker pint control glass: Sam Adams Perfect Pint Glass Duvel Chalice Dogfish Head IPA Glass We’ll be sampling these three beers in each of the four glasses: Sam Adams Golden Pilsner Duvel Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA After our scientific sampling, we’ll also try some of the new innovations from Sam Adams, Duvel and Dogfish Head, each in their brewery’s respective glass: Sam Adams Boston Lager (Remastered) Duvel 6.66 Dogfish Head Citrus Squall If you have a question for the Barrel to Bottle Crew, email us at [email protected], or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If we answer your question during a podcast, you’ll get a $20 Binny’s Gift Card! If you like our podcast, subscribe wherever you download podcasts. Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts.
#309 – The Friendship Episode, Part Two with Laura Tremaine Let's continue the conversation with friendship expert, Laura Tremaine! In this episode, she shares the rest of her list of 10 ways to start small in friendship, and there are so many things I wrote down like I was highlighting the conversation. You will get so much encouragement out of this episode that I think will translate to your actual life. And lucky for you, her book, The Life Council, does that in spades. Helpful Companion LinksGet Laura’s book The Life CouncilFind Laura on InstagramListen to part one of this conversation hereDavid Gate's Instagram accountmeetup.comLove Languages by Gary Chapman Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
#310 – How to Pivot Around Any Obstacle One of the most beautiful things about being a Lazy Genius is that you can Lazy Genius literally anything. Some of those solutions are linear, but frustratingly, a lot of them are not. There isn’t always a straight line from a problem to a solution. Or is there? Today’s episode is as close as we’re going to get, and we’re going to get really really close. Helpful Companion LinksThe Instagram video of pivoting from my carSign up for the Latest Lazy Listens email.Grab a copy of my book The Lazy Genius Kitchen or The Lazy Genius Way!Download a transcript of this episode. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
The Morbach Monster In this episode, we delve into the fascinating tale of the Morbach Monster, a legendary creature said to inhabit the forests of the Rhineland region in Germany and who at the end of the cold war terrorized an American airforce base.Songs used in the episode  by Kevin MacLeod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: – Lessons in LossFormer U.S. Navy podcaster and communications professional Michelle Heaton, now…Listen on: Apple Podcasts SpotifySupport the show
Dana Gun violence has become commonplace in America. People directly and indirectly affected by it are increasingly finding it tough to cope with mass shootings. Dana is a teacher who sees the effect that school shootings have on students, educators and staff. She describes the stress felt inside school buildings where active shooter drills are as important as learning English and math.  See photos for this episode at
Our next guest is a
Harrisburg Native and the best rapper you never heard of, Mazon dropped his 1st mixtape in 2007 and has been on go ever since. Releasing numerous albums and singles over the years, he is now gearing up for a new project. He has his own shoe brand, Novique, and ha” id=”4ztSoADvKoD” vid=”4ztSoADvKoD” id-for-player=”4ztSoADvKoD” link=”/listen/mazon-4ztSoADvKoD/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Mazon ✌? to the Gang.
Our next guest is a
Harrisburg Native and the best rapper you never heard of, Mazon dropped his 1st mixtape in 2007 and has been on go ever since. Releasing numerous albums and singles over the years, he is now gearing up for a new project. He has his own shoe brand, Novique, and has the long-standing freestyle Friday on Facebook @ mazonmusic, where he spits something crazy every week. Ladies and gentlemen, Mazon.
Ve' Lightfully Vegan ✌? to the Gang Our next guest is the founder and CEO of “Ve' Lightfully Vegan LLC. " She became Vegan 5 year's ago after starting a 40 Day Fast also known as the “Daniel Fast”, "once Marilyn completed the fast she chose to continue on the journey, she absolutely LOVE Food, she loves cooking, and she love to Serve"! Ve’Lightfully Vegan is a plant based organization where they focus on healthy tips on transitioning to a Plant Based lifestyle.
Chef Lady M~
(Executive Chef of Ve’Lightfully Vegan LLC)
Ep. 55 How to Study the Bible – The Basics In this episode, we spend some time laying out some basic steps to studying the Bible. Many people have a desire to study the Bible, but they are not always sure how to approach it. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. However, with these few basic steps that we offer, we believe that you can have a more fulfilling and effective time of Bible study. We hope this is a help to you!If you would like to donate to the Podcast, you can do that here:–giving.htmlType the amount you would like to give in, proceed to the next window and in the "Special Instructions" box simply type "Podcast". Contact us here:[email protected]:
EP 88 Seasons in the City with Photographer Mike DiPietro Did we miss a season? Whoops! Luckily, the guest for this episode is all about keeping up with the times. Mike DiPietro is the photographer behind the project Seasons of East Van and has been chronicling what's in fashion in this city since 2018. Plus, he teaches chemistry to teenagers. Find out more about Mike, why he hates the title of his project, and what inspires him to stop strangers on the street for a photo.
With music from Babe Corner.
Theme music and interstitial music by Kimmortal.
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SAD Magazine has new co-publishers! Meet the team.
Lenny Returns Lenny Returns to help me prep for my upcoming interview with Mari Ruti.
Impact of VA or FHA Appraisal It’s a crazy time! People are selling their homes for more than the neighbors home. However, if your buyer is purchasing with a VA or FHA Loan be aware that appraisal stays with the home for 6 months! That means if you listed at $300,000 and the appraisal comes in at $275,000 your home is now worth $275,000 for 6 months! You can lower the price to the buyers new offer or the buyer can walk away. But your dream of $300,000 sales price is gone for the next 6 months.

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179. Coach's Corner: 2 MUST KNOW Communication Tips! “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” -James Humes   This is what I like to call a “sprint podcast”… meaning it’s less than 15 minutes and we get right to the point:) As a leader, I am passionate about continuing education and am currently knee deep in leadership and coaching training programs from casual courses to highly accredited “world renowned” universities and these are 2 big communication tips that are coming up all over the place. I would encourage anyone to do any of these full courses, but I also think it’s highly useful to share the gold nuggets I have minded out of the experiences- to streamline the process for all! These are 2 must use communication tips that can change the flow of the conversation and the energy in the room to better create space to effectively communicate and make someone else feel seen and heard. I know the more we model simple skills like these the sooner we will see people exercising them back to us (#influencers) – everyone wins! Personal, professional, team, family- these are tips anyone and everyone can use… and always remember, being a good listener is always the most important skill in communication. Enjoy this one and give these a try- cheers!   Highlights: Humanizing leadership! Leveling up your communication! Be seen and heard, seeing and hearing someone else. Building connection, building a team. Meeting people where they are at. Problem resolution and solution. Operating from genuine, authentic space. Practicing what you preach and setting the tone for future generations.   Kristen M. Olson: Creative. Coach. Leader. Athlete. Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Pup Mom.  Uniting mission driven humans everywhere.  SEASONED MARKETING MANAGEMENT & BRAND DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL  CULTURE MARKETING | STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP | STRATEGIC PLANNING  Highly skilled and passion-driven professional with demonstrated success and progressive growth in leading fundraising efforts, organizing and managing large-scale events, as well as acquiring artists while scaling large and small events. Champion at human relations, fashion & creative, organization management, and relationship management. Instrumental in managing strategic partnerships, marketing, and branding efforts, identifying culture marketing opportunities, developing potential culture activations, and leading activation strategy. Success in designing and launching marketing campaigns leading to increased audience growth rate by 15%. Excel at identifying regional artists and opinion leaders to boost culture plans, executing culture marketing business plans, managing event ticketing plans, achieving media outcomes and building high-performing teams.  Former D1 athlete, CrossFit Games Athlete, and current podcaster, Turmeric & Tequila™. . . . Get In Touch With T&T: IG: @TurmericTequila Facebook: @TurmericAndTequila Tik Tok: @TurmericTequila Website: Host: Kristen Olson IG: @Madonnashero Website:
Glittery Goodness: "Draggity Drag Drag"/Episode Six Glittery Goodness is Back!! In this Episode, Ross deep dives into the Drag Race Espana Promo & Touches on Lego Masters: Grand Masters. Plus, gives you the run down of the week in pop culture & reality TV. #GlitteryGoodnessPodIn this weeks' show:RECCOMENDATIONS:Glittery Goodness: The Playlist. Apple Music | SpotifyHeartBreak HighDrag Race Espana Meet The Queens Get the best glittery experience possible (all episodes ad-free AND Exclusive extras by becoming a member, just follow this link.

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Afternoon Delights-14-04-2023 Handel In Afternoon Delights Tony presents a range of music and composers. This prog features Handel
Everything Goez Podcast with TAK #178 MLB opening day, Frozen four NCCA, Kings clinch playoffs, Cam Newton pro day Run sheet #17800:00 Intro, MLB Opening Day03:45 Frozen Four NCAA Hockey Minnesota and Michigan make04:55 NHL Wild and Bruins in 1st and early playoff matchups 13:15 NBA Kings clinch playoffs since 2007 17:25 New Wolves ownership brings life to dead franchise21:10 Playoff matchups 27:00 MLB Opening Dayyyyyy 37:35 NFL Cam Newton's pro day wowsers 40:55 No suitors for Lamar??53:05 MLB additional rule changes and format58:30 Outro
Everything Goez Podcast with TAK #179 OBJ signs with the Ravens, NBA playoff bracket, John Rahm wins masters and MLB news Run sheet #17900:00 Intro, Wolves mess, The Masters recap and MLB nuggets01:05 Cardinals shopping 3rd overall pick 02:25 Jalen Hurts is a top __ QB06:55 Cam Newton still getting clicks10:25 OBJ signs with Ravens – 1 yr 15 mil25:25 Wolves v Lakers, Wolves are the Charlie Brown of the league  34:40 Luka's gotta go according to Kris ?  36:35 Congrats to Jon Rahm on winning the 2023 Masters 45:35 MLB what's most surprising58:30 Outro, congrats to Quinnipiac against the Gophers in NCAA Men's Hockey
Jesus’ Big Move Easter Sunday 2023
Make A Move April 16, 2023
207. Art Nerrd Takes Manhattan Hi, everybody. The cohost juggling act continues this week as Kristin and Rich are out of the office leaving George to welcome Rodney back to the show. George raves about Clobberin' Time from Marvel Comics, Rodney weighs in on Swarm then tells us all about his trip to New York City! All this plus a taste test live in studio. Yum! Go to and nominate talented cartoonist and writer Gregg Schigiel for Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel and Best Cartoonist for his Zooperhero Universe books: Top Speed Team-Ups, Hero-Sized, and Hearts or Minds. Nomination voting ends May 11, 2023. Please check out to sign up for his monthly newsletter and order his Zooperhero Universe books, PIX graphic novels, and more (plus you can shop on Amazon and make sure your local bookstores, comic book shops, and libraries carry his work). Browse his t-shirt designs at Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @greggschigiel. Thank you for listening. Connect with Meanwhile At The Podcast on social media. Don't forget to #livetweet! Share the show, subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and rate us on your podcast apps. Those much coveted five stars are always appreciated. Stay safe out there. NOW ON SPOUTIBLE @MeanwhileATP Rodney (AKA Art Nerrd): Kristin: Rich: NOW ON SPOUTIBLE @doctorstaypuft
Artificial Intelligence in End of Life Decisions Can artificial intelligence, based on machine learning, predict more accurately the care a loved one would want at the end of life compared to next of kin?
Wigging Out EP 79: Madame Vivien V "The MADAME will see you" On today’s episode, your hosts Martyr (@dragthemartyr) and Cate (@ctepper) sit down with Brooklyn's resident Lady In Charge, Madame Vivien V! We discuss growing up on a farm, where her emcee prowess came from, and how she became the resident drag queen of House of Yes. Later we hear about working with the likes of Diana Ross and Kacey Musgraves, and how the NYPD threatened her party… THRICE!

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Cover art: @glitterbabyonline
Music: “Club” by Andrew Huang ( under Creative Commons.
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383: I Wanna Lex You Up Inspired by the announcement of Waid & Hitch on “The Last Days of Lex Luthor”, we look at the many versions of that hairless hater of Superman, talk about our favourite versions of ol’ Lex, then decide… Hey, never mind… Continue Reading → The post 383: I Wanna Lex You Up appeared first on Zero Issues Comic Podcast.
The Classics: "Superman Chronicles Vol.1" by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster And now a rambling and too brief review of "Superman Chronicles Vol.1" by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, a 2006 trade that collected the very first adventures of Superman.
The Classics: "Superman: Birthright" by Mark Waid & Lenil You And now a rambling and too brief review of "Superman: Birthright" by Mark Waid and Lenil Yu, their classic revamp of his origin for the 21st century.
The Classics: "The Tick: The Complete Edlund" by Ben Edlund And now a rambling and too brief review of "The Tick: The Complete Edlund" by Ben Edlund, collecting all twelve issues of the classic satirical comic.
The Rat The ratty
New Avengers: Breakout with Marvel editor Annalise Bissa In this week's episode of Marvel's Pull List, hosts Ryan "Agent M" Penagos and Jasmine Estrada highlight this week's exciting comic book releases, including CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR ALPHA #1, MARVEL'S VOICES: SPIDER-VERSE #1, and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1, offering a sneak peek into the latest adventures of beloved Marvel characters.Listeners can also participate in the Quote of the Week contest, with a chance to win a free Marvel digital comic of their choice. Simply send an email to [email protected] or tweet at us using #MarvelsPullList, and mark it "Okay to read"! For more information and full quote of the week contest rules, visit Terms and conditions apply. Open to US residents 18 and up.But that's not all! In addition to this week's new comics, the hosts are joined by Marvel associate editor Annalise Bissa for an action-packed discussion on the iconic storyline New Avengers: Breakout! Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by David Finch, this thrilling comic book run brings together a new team of Avengers to face off against formidable foes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, The Sentry, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Wolverine!! In subsequent issues, the New Avengers face new challenges and confront mysterious forces, as Captain America seeks to make the team a permanent force for good. As secrets are revealed and unexpected twists arise, the stakes are raised and the true villain behind the Breakout is unveiled, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown.Throughout the episode, Annalise Bissa provides behind-the-scenes insights as a Marvel associate editor, shedding light on the creative process and the significance of New Avengers: Breakout in the Marvel Universe. She shares her thoughts on the team dynamics, the character interactions, and the impact of this storyline on the Marvel continuity. The hosts also discuss their favorite moments, panels, and characters from New Avengers: Breakout, and speculate on the ramifications of the story for the wider Marvel Universe. Don't miss this exciting episode of Marvel's Pull List, featuring Marvel associate editor Annalise Bissa and an in-depth discussion on New Avengers: Breakout. Tune in to hear insider perspectives, thrilling story highlights, and engaging discussions about one of Marvel's most iconic storylines!What we're reading with Annalise Bissa:New Avengers (2004) #1-6Additional Material:Avengers DissembledAs always, shout out your local comic shop or send us your questions or comments by emailing us at [email protected] or tweet using #MarvelsPullList. Make sure to mark it "Okay to read!"  Follow us at@agentm,@jasmiest New comics this week:BLOODLINE: DAUGHTER OF BLADE #3CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR ALPHA #1CAPTAIN MARVEL #48CARNAGE #12FANTASTIC FOUR #6GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1MARVEL'S VOICES: SPIDER-VERSE #1MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN
New Mutants: Demon Bear with Rod Reis Join hosts Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Jasmine Estrada in this week’s episode of Marvel’s Pull List, as they bring you the latest updates on Marvel Comics releases, including their top picks of the week! From the finale of Jason Aaron’s Avengers run in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE OMEGA #1–an epic that promises to leave a lasting impact on the Avengers mythos–to a double-sized issue of She-Hulk that also marks the Sensational one’s 175th legacy issue in SHE-HULK #12, to X-FORCE #39 which brings some colossal changes to that team, and shaking things up before Fall of X, this week’s picks are all killer, no filler!Listeners can also participate in the Quote of the Week contest, with a chance to win a free Marvel digital comic of their choice. Simply send an email to [email protected] or tweet at us using #MarvelsPullList, and mark it "Okay to read"! For more information and full quote of the week contest rules, visit Terms and conditions apply. Open to US residents 18 and up.Finally, our reading club for this week features a special guest, Marvel artist Rod Reis, who shares his insights on New Mutants: Demon Bear, a classic storyline known for its breathtaking artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz. Written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, this iconic comic book arc takes the New Mutants on a harrowing journey as they confront a malevolent entity known as the Demon Bear. Bill Sienkiewicz's unique and groundbreaking artwork is explored, highlighting its surreal and haunting style that has captivated readers for decades.Rod Reis also discusses his recent work on New Mutants and his upcoming projects with Marvel. Throughout the episode, Rod Reis, known for his incredible art on titles like New Mutants, Daredevil, and Black Widow, shares his insights into the craft of comic book art, discussing his approach to storytelling, character design, and visual storytelling techniques. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process and the challenges and joys of working on Marvel comics. What we're reading with Rod Reis:New Mutants (1983) #18-20 Additional Material:New Mutants #1New Mutants #3New Mutants #17As always, shout out your local comic shop or send us your questions or comments by emailing us at [email protected] or tweet using #MarvelsPullList. Make sure to mark it "Okay to read!"  Follow us at @agentm,<a href="
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