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Updated On: Aug 14, 2022
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Insight: PolitiFact / Antonio Villaraigosa / UC Davis Ground & Theatre Festival PolitiFact: Debunking Las Vegas Shooting Hoaxes
PolitiFact National Editor Angie Holan verifies claims made by TV personalities, bloggers, and online media in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.
2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa
Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler kicks off his six-part series interviewing candidates for the California Governor's race in 2018. This week, Ben Adler is interviewing former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
UC Davis Ground And Field Theatre Festival
A new festival at UC Davis explores new musicals and plays to be developed for the stage. Veteran Director and choreographer Mindy Cooper explains the shows in store this year and the process.
Insight-170110 Governor's Budget / Snowstorm In Sierra / Wild And Scenic Festival / SAYS Insight: Governor's Budget / Snowstorm In Sierra / Wild And Scenic Festival / SAYS
Ben Bradford talks about the Governor's proposed budget; we follow the snowstorm in the Sierra; the Wild and Scenic Festival returns for its 15th year and a UC Davis program promotes spoken word and poetry.
Brody Stevens Festival Of Sports Brody Stevens is here to talk sports, apple cider vinegar, positive push, being from the valley, and comedy. Yes! Enjoy it!
Druids In Cars, Going To Festivals Three Cranes Grove, ADF, provides this podcast, typically with Revs. Jan Avende and Michael J Dangler hosting. We discuss Druidry, ritual, magic, paganism in general, all while seeking to bring those great pre- and post-festival discussions to a wider audience. Ride along with us, won't you?
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Hay Festival Conversations with the world's greatest writers and thinkers to inspire and entertain, recorded at Hay Festival events globally.
The Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship Brody Stevens is a whirlwind of comedic talent. Join Brody as he assesses his life and moves forward to a future of POSITIVE ENERGY! Yes!
Renaissance Festival Podcast A weekly podcast of Renaissance and Celtic music and Renaissance entertainment for fans of Renaissance Festivals around the world

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Lunch with Paula To be with someone who knew me as a kid is pricelss Over 65 and Talking
Born on islands Islands communities, like Tasmania often have their own distinct culture and often have many things in common, regardless of geography it seems , for example, a sense of community and closeness that may be lacking in other places. Also there is a sense of independence 177 Nations of Tasmania
Best New Podcasts in the Last Year 2021 has been a wild ride, but it's also bought us some of the best new podcasts we've ever heard. This is a rare playlist where no matter what episode you listen to, you're sure to be taken on a journey.

Seth Rogan, slime mold, spies, Selena, Alison Bechdel, Cathy comics revisited, reality TV breakdowns, pop culture commentary, and the world of wellness reimagined.
Alex from Vurbl
Best Art History Podcasts Picture yourself walking through the warm, welcoming walls of a museum as you explore this curated list of the best art history podcasts. Listen to discussions surrounding Chinese sculpture of Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, the history of and our relationship with death portraiture, the history of different sculptures, and so much more. Hear about the ubiquitous names in art like Michelangelo and Picasso, and as well as lesser-known artists like Lee Krasner and the nightmarish worlds of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture
Intro To Philosophize This! If you're looking to listen to the "Philosophize This!" podcast but don't know where to start, this is just the place for you! We've created a starter pack for new listeners by collecting the top episodes of "Philosophize This!" here in this playlist. Listen to discussions of philosophers like Hegel, Descartes, Mary Wollstonecraft, Kant, and more. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture
Philosophy Of: Nihilism What is nihilism? Listen in and explore some of the best philosophical podcasts about existentialism here. Discover what nihilism is, why it's still important to us, the leading philosophers of nihilism, and much more. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture
Podcast Episodes with Blavity Founders, Staff and More Here are all the Blavity staff chats around the Podcast universe. Vurbl Voices: Vurbl's Creators & Influencers
Philosophy Of: Stoicism What is stoicism? Listen in and explore some of the best philosophical podcasts about stoicism here. Discover what stoicism is, why it's still important to us, the leading philosophers of stoicism, and much more. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture
Philosophy Of: Existentialism What is existentialism? Listen in and explore some of the best philosophical podcasts about existentialism here. Discover what existentialism is, why it's still important to us, the leading philosophers of existentialism, and much more. Vurbl Arts, Society, and Culture
Deep Dive: Reproductive Rights The battle for reproductive rights continues to this day, and these are the best podcasts covering the issue. Listen to the conversations about the movement with reproductive rights advocates, stories from women and their struggles attaining reproductive health care, as well as legal updates in individual states and Supreme Court decisions to stay up to date with where the fight is today. Vurbl Variety: Random Audio from the Archives

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Deepdale Podcast – Farm Chat, Local Wildlife, Luxury Camping at Deepdale and David’s Beer Push This month the Deepdale Podcast includes:

00:00 - Introduction music by Jess Morgan

02:16 - Farm Chat with Nathan & Jason

20:46 - North Norfolk Coast Wildlife from Oli at One Stop Nature Shop

23:45 - Luxury Camping at Deepdale with Gin of MarGins

33:56 - David's Beer Push from Moon Gazer Ale in aid of Its On The Ball

Thanks for listening to the Deepdale Podcast, produced by the team at Deepdale Farm, Deepdale Camping & Rooms and Dalegate Market in Burnham Deepdale on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.
Deepdale Podcast - Favourite Albums of 2021 Chris and Jason discuss their favourite albums of 2021, 10 great albums with 2 honourable mentions, and many sample tracks.

00:00 Title music by Jess Morgan

The favourite albums are:

08:08 - The Wishing Tree by Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys

09:59 - Midnight Chorus by Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy

13:48 - Carondelet by Quarterman

18:09 - Hunter by Christina Alden & Alex Patterson

20:59 - More Notes From The Field by Jacob & Drinkwater

24:37 - The Wanderer (a tribute to Jackie Leven) by Various Artists

30:27 - Home Recordings by Martin Simpson

33:12 - The Eternal Rocks Beneath by Katherine Priddy

40:50 - Jigsaw by Hope & Social

45:42 - Inner Symphonies by Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher

Honourable mentions

50:11 - LIfe and the Land by Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn (EP)

51:32 - Folk 'n' Glory by Bleeding Hearts
Deepdale Podcast - Haunted Deepdale, Deepdale Festival Review & Soundscape, Farm Chat - October 2021 The October 2021 episode of Deepdale Podcast looks forward to Halloween with the arrival of Haunted Deepdale. Chris & Jason review the amazing Deepdale Festival. Plus Nathan & Jason do Farm Chat.

00:00 - Intro music by Jess Morgan

03:20 - Haunted Deepdale - Jason chats with three of the Slow Theatre team who are organising, writing and acting in Haunted Deepdale, our first ever promenade theatre Halloween event. Steve Keyworth (writer), Vanessa McAuley (actor) and Danny O'Hara (director) chat about how Haunted Deepdale came about, how they got involved and what we can expect from this unique event on The Orchard at Dalegate Market.

20:04 - Deepale Festival Review - Chris and Jason chat about the amazing artists who performed at Deepdale Festival this year.

34:45 - Deepdale Festival Soundscape - Snippets from performances throughout the weekend in chronological order, including Man The Lifeboats, Ben Denny Mo, Quarterman, Ebb Tide, Mammal Not Fish, Inlay, Little Red Kings, Ouse Washes Molly Dancers, Kirsty Merryn & Ben Walker, Zong Zing Allstars, Katherine Priddy, John Ward Band, The Shackleton Trio, Cut Throat Francis, Goat Roper Rodeo Band, Bleeding Hearts, Lisa Redford, Katie Doherty & The Navigators, Alden Patterson & Dashwood, The Drystones, Martin Simpson and 3 Daft Monkeys.

44:13 - Farm Chat with Nathan & Jason - They chat about what's going on at Deepdale Farm, from drilling crops to rural craft workshops and everything in between.
Deepdale Podcast - Farm Chat, North Norfolk Coast, Wildlife, Pop Up Shops - November 2021 This month the Deepdale Podcast includes Farm Chat with Nathan & Jason, North Norfolk Coast chat with Chris & Jason, Wildlife Update from Oli at One Stop Nature Shop, chats with artisans joining us in the Christmas Pop Up Shops, information about Local Events, and a soundscape of Sparrows & Geese.

00:00 - Intro music by Jess Morgan

01:03 - Farm Chat with Nathan & Jason

18:47 - North Norfolk Coast Chat with Chris & Jason including local event information

29:34 - Local Wildlife Update from Oli at One Stop Nature Shop

32:32 - Chats with artisans coming into the Pop Up Shops this November & December - Angela Humphreys Designs, Miller & Ward, The Olive Tree, You and Me and Daisy Too

48:20 - Soundscape of Sparrows at the feeder, Sparrows having a chat, and Geese flying over. Thanks to Hans van den Berg who recording the sparrows.

52:31 - Thanks for listening

Produced by the teams of Deepdale Farm, Deepdale Camping & Rooms and Dalegate Market, with additional material from adhoc participants.
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