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Remembering Sidney Poitier Enjoy this audio in remembrance of Sidney Poitier, a Hollywood trailblazer and activist who paved the way for generations of Black actors to come. Today, we celebrate his life with audio retellings of his life, career, and a few of his best quotes. Vurbl Variety: Random Audio from the Archives
Best Spoken Word Audio On Vurbl This collection of quotes, speeches, and poetry celebrates the spoken word and its power to unite people from all walks of life and celebrate their differences. Listen in to this wide range of talented poets, speakers, and leaders reading and discussing ideas and concepts to inspire and engage their audiences. Hear great moments from modern podcasts like Interesting People Reading Poetry, and archival moments from history by Albert Einstein and President John F. Kennedy. Vurbl The Spoken Word
Issa Word A word by Hunny Goddess that may inspire someone All Over The Place
Motivational speech Get the best motivational speech and inspiration from all of your favorite motivational speeckers. Daily Motivations by Tolu Dave
Audio Memorial: The Greatest John Lewis Quotes Listen to this playlist of John Lewis quotes to honor his career and legacy.

John Lewis was a civil rights activist and Congressman that fought for equality his whole life. From walking with Martin Luther King Jr., to his work in Congress, he was dedicated to fighting for justice. We made this playlist of some of his best audio moments in honor of the former congressman and American icon.
Vurbl Iconic Speeches
I Dissent: The Most Important Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes Listen to the most inspirational and charming Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as the Notorious R.B.G., was the second woman to ever serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Known for her tireless work ethic and scathing dissents, she had a long career devoted to equality and justice. Though she was small, her legacy looms large. Check out this playlist for some of her most important and inspiring quotes.
Vurbl The Spoken Word
Calls to Unite Even in Defeat: 10 Presidential Concession Speeches Listen to audio of these notable concession speeches from the most controversial elections in United States history.

From Nixon to Hillary, we've had a long cast of recurring characters in the hit American Drama series: The Presidential Election. Here, you'll find interesting interpretations of the traditional concession speech, making the act of losing more of an art than just simply custom. In the contexts of almost all of these speeches, volatile and polarized social and political climates result in elections full of mischief and inconsistency, the discontents of which must be addressed while simultaneously conveying a formal concession to Democracy's decision. How the candidates articulate their words on the victor, and how they stand behind him with dignity, is a truer test of their fitness for the presidency than any debate.
Vurbl Iconic Speeches
Audio of the 10 Funniest Presidential Quotes of All Time Few figures in the United States are as iconic as the Commander in Chief. They're everywhere, from our televisions to our currency, but aside from their actions, it's their quotes that long outlast their terms, especially the humorous ones. Presidents are known for their stern and powerful speeches, but as this playlist is about to show, presidential humor and wit is certainly underrated. Join Vurbl as we bring you the 10 most memorable and funniest presidential quotes of all time. No matter your side of the aisle, this playlist has something for you. Vurbl The Spoken Word
Top Mike Tyson Quotes From Podcasts Listen to Mike Tyson quotes and his best interview moments in conversations with Steve-O, Snoop Dogg, Logan Paul, and Wiz Khalifa. Discover the origins of Tyson's pet tigers, the reason he owns a flock of racing pigeons, and how his battle with mental health has shaped his new worldview. Stick around to the end to hear Tyson interviewed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show before his fight with Roy Jones Jr. Vurbl The Spoken Word
Listen to: Top 15 Funniest Barack Obama Quotes Listen in on some of Barack Obama's funniest quotes and moments caught on audio. An incredible orator, Barack Obama's speeches are not only incredibly distinct and memorable but also filled with individual comedic nuggets. From some of his best jokes at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner to unintentionally humorous moments caught in interviews, enjoy the best and funniest moments from Obama. Stick around at the end to listen to Obama's last interview as president with the Pod Save America podcast. Vurbl Iconic Speeches

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