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Updated On: Nov 04, 2023
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Poster Boys Listen to Poster Boys only on Vurbl! Brought to you by Tyler Regan and Jordan Kaplan (aka Judy). It's a weekly comedic examination of internet trends past and present. While the show is comedy-focused, it also will provide valuable insights into the creator space. Tyler & Jordan have been fortunate enough to build full-time careers in content creation and social media, and have learned a multitude of tricks and tips that will be continually discussed on the podcast.

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The Problem With Prank Videos Pranks suck. That's it. That's the description.
Stupified Are you ready to use some dirty language with me, Altoona, Pennsylvania?
Almost NOBODY Knows This Disneyland Secret Tyler learned something new today
So Atomic Judy officially changes his name to Atom.
So Atomic Judy officially changes his name to Atom.
So Atomic Judy officially changes his name to Atom.
Egg Bypass After I scroll tiktok, I’d like to be board certified. Thank you
I Don't Wanna Go LA traffic is the worst
The Emperor's Frumpy Dresses What is the purpose of clear nail polish?
Snorlaxin' On Duty Two LAPD Officers were FIRED for catching a Snorlax instead of a criminal
A Change of Fart The fart selling lady won me over.
Showing Up Late or Smelling Like Sh*t School had some weird unspoken ultimatums
Artist, Art, and Shades of Grey Can the art be separated from the artist?
The Love Below As Andre 3000, I liked Don't Look Up.
Anime x Anime Anime is amazing. Full Stop.
Live Stream 'Gifters' Fall into 3 Categories Tyler explains what type of people donate to live streamers.