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Crime Redefined Podcast
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The Crime Redefined true podcast is hosted by renowned DNA expert Mehul Anjaria and executive producer and former actor/stuntman Dion Mitchell. They go on a deep dive into the fascinating intersections of criminal justice, forensic science, and the media. Anjaria and Mitchell are the founders of the Los Angeles-based production company Zero Cliff Media. ...Read More
‎Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast
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Bloodbath, hosted by Ashley and Jamie, is a true crime podcast that focuses on the victims of each case. Ashley and Jamie have learned to cope with dark times through humor, so come along for the ride! Hit that subscribe button and become a Bloodbather! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!!
Reverie True Crime
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Paige Elmore wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? E-mail:

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Crime Redefined Podcast The Crime Redefined true crime podcast is hosted by renowned DNA expert Mehul Anjaria and executive producer and former actor/stuntman Dion Mitchell. They go on a deep dive into the fascinating intersections of criminal justice, forensic science, and the media. Anjaria and Mitchell are the founders of the Los Angeles-based production company Zero Cliff Media.
Reverie True Crime Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? E-mail:
‎Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast Bloodbath, hosted by Ashley and Jamie, is a conversational true crime comedy podcast!

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Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories From serial killers to the greatest heists ever recorded, check out Vurbl's best true crime audio. Listen to serial killers discuss their own crimes, podcasts that discuss infamous crimes, and more! For all you murderinos out there, come together to grieve and learn from these tragic tales of true crime from creators like Reverie True Crime, A Few Bad Apples, Bloodbath, and Serial Psych.
‎A Few Bad Apples This podcast spotlights cases of police brutality that have occurred in America throughout the decades. In these turbulent times, the police continue to use excessive force against citizens, some resulting in deaths. The purpose of the podcast is to inform listeners of the severity of some of these cases and to hopefully create a movement where police no longer use excessive force and to advocate for positive reform within police departments across the country.
Serial Psych A true crime comedy podcast where Jordan teaches Dan psychological concepts and the murderers who relate.

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Legally Insane Films Welcome to the official Vurbl channel for

We release two podcasts - the Legally Insane Films podcast, which follows our latest documentary, & Small Town Justice (STJ).

Small Town Justice exposes injustice & celebrates the heroes fighting it. Our first investigation is the Cabinet Con, which takes a deep dive into a scam network rocking the Florida Panhandle. One man’s been sentenced to 10 years + 25 years of parole & ordered to pay full restitution of nearly $100,000 to 16 victims. Believe it or not, this was the little man on the ladder. A second man is set to be arrested on multiple felony charges soon. Check out the first season of STJ right here!

As for our films, Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite is our latest, & it's available for pre-screener right now at If you want $6 off the price, join the Legally Insane Fan Club at the $9 Commander level, & get additional bonuses, outtakes, extended scenes, behind-the-scenes & lots more. Just head to & click the "Join the Fan Club" button.

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Just ten years after the conviction of its mayor on murder conspiracy charges, millions of dollars in city revenue is missing. Any residents who ask questions are falsely jailed by the police chief on the orders of Town Hall, forcing the story onto the pages of Orwellian prophecy. A sergeant loyal to his oath, & a new mayor pushing for answers, fight independently but for the same goal – to uncover the truth. The cops mutiny the chief & are fired for speaking out. Under armed guard, the council holds a closed-door meeting to oust the mayor, declare Martial Law, & turn over complete power to the chief who’s busy jailing local newspaper reporters to cover up allegations of drug cartel extortion. See the full synopsis at
Murdaugh Murders Podcast Mandy Matney of has been covering the Murdaugh family of South Carolina since the 2019 boat crash that killed Mallory Beach. Now after the double homicide of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, Matney's new podcast provides exclusive insight into the intrigue surrounding the murder investigation, life in Hampton County, and several suspicious deaths that are all interconnected.
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David Parker Ray & Shocking Audio of the Toy Box Killer You Need to Hear David Parker Ray, or “The Toy Box Killer,” was an American serial killer and rapist who allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and killed more than 50 women inside of his soundproof trailer that he nicknamed the "Toy Box." Ray was arrested in 1999 after one of his captives, Cynthia Vigil, escaped from his diabolical truck. During their investigation, police found that the "Toy Box" was filled with horrifying tools that Ray had specifically designed for torture as well as tapes that he recorded. For more details, listen to these snippets from The Serial Killer Podcast, Serialholic, The Undercover Coven and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Titans of True Crime Subscribe to the Crime Redefined Podcast and listen to our Titans of True Crime master playlist! The lineup contains the biggest names in true crime, infamous cases, and the most dynamic topics!

Titans of True Crime is curated by Crime Redefined podcast co-hosts Mehul Anjaria and Dion Mitchell who serve as Vurbl ambassadors for true crime. Anjaria is a renowned forensic DNA expert and Mitchell is an executive producer and former actor/stuntman. They founded the Los Angeles based production company Zero Cliff Media.
Crime Redefined Podcast
True Crime - MISSING VICTIMS There are so many missing people whose cases have not been solved and the individuals have not been located. This playlist contains snippets of cases of the missing. ‎A Few Bad Apples
Best True Crime Audio Stories On Vurbl From the inside scoop on all of the big-name cold cases, infamous serial killers, and down-right chilling murder stories that are currently trending in the media to the freshest new podcasts to binge, this playlist featuring the best true crime audio and podcasts has everything a Murderino needs. Listen now for a sneak peek of chart-topping shows like Something Was Wrong, Dr. Death, and Solvable, as well as emerging podcasts like A Few Bad Apples, Bloodbath, Reverie True Crime, and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Intro To My Favorite Murder If you're a fellow murderino, this is just the playlist for you! Listen in to the top 10 episodes from one of the most popular true crime comedy podcasts, My Favorite Murder. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark's balance of banter and storytelling will bring you to tears from laughing one minute to sadness the next. Listen to infamous murders like the Black Dahlia, stories of survival like Mary Vincent, and everything in between. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
Top Favorite True Crime People a playlist of our favs in the true crime community! ‎Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast
9/11 The past 20 years of 9/11. Honoring those who have lost their lives, loved ones, served, and are continuing to serve. Thank you. ‎Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast
Disappearance of Terrence Woods, Jr. 27-year-old Terrence Woods went missing on October 5, 2018. He was working with a production crew that was filming a TV series in mountainous central Idaho. Reportedly he ran down a steep embankment in the Idaho wilderness never to be seen again Crime Redefined Podcast
Top 21 True Crime Podcasts Of 2021 Indulge in your fascination for real crimes and investigations with the most disturbing, puzzling, and downright spine-chilling true crime podcasts from 2021. These are the podcasts covering the most appalling criminal stories, mind-boggling disappearances, and downright unsettling true crimes from recent history. Listen to your favorites like My Favorite Murder, Dateline, Over My Dead Body, and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
The Best True Crime Podcasts Of All Time Get your true crime fix with these podcast episodes from the best true crime podcasts of all time! From the "real life Phantom of the Opera," to the first-hand experience of a detective's first homicide call, and much more, listen now to sample them all and see if you get hooked! Listen to the best true crime podcasts of all time like Bear Brook, Sleuth, Up and Vanished, and more. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories

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S2E79: Let's Get Furry Furries are people who have an active interest in animal characters with human characteristics. These characters are often created by the community members themselves, who take them on as a “fursona” (an alternate persona) who interacts with other 'fursonas' in the community via roleplaying and art.
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The Murder of Carol Lee Preslar In 1988, 27-year-old Carol Lee Preslar was enrolled at the University of Texas, working nights at Feather’s Lounge, and having fun with friends. She’d been back in Fort Worth for about 5 years after spending several with her sister in Utah. Carol had a lot going for her: a personality that drew folks in and hooked them, a successful boyfriend, and even a little dog named Georgie. But shortly after returning home following work and a little partying with friends, Carol was held in her apartment, tortured, and murdered. Details of the crime suggest Carol knew her killer, who also sought to demean her, but the cops couldn’t zero in on a motive, much less a viable suspect in the initial investigation. Though progress was made a decade later, and another decade after that, the case remains unsolved. Currently, Carol Lee Preslar’s murder case is being actively investigated by Fort Worth Police Cold Case detectives. If you have any information about the horrific murder of Carol Lee Preslar in June of 1988, please contact the Fort Worth Cold Case Unit at (817)392-4307. You can also report information anonymously to Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at (817)469-8477.Special thanks to Susie, Jodi, and Detective Leah Wagner for their invaluable contributions to this episode.Consider joining Laurah from The Fall Line, Sarah from Voices for Justice, Arlene, and me for a FREE special live podcast on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 7:30 CT to discuss Leon Laureles’s case. You can register at donate to help get #JusticeForLeonLaureles at Fort Worth Police Department still has nearly 1,000 unsolved cases dating back to 1959. You can help our diligent Cold Case Detectives by donating to the Fort Worth Cold Case Support Group at http://fwpdcoldcasesupport.orgIf you’d like to donate to law enforcement investigations that need funding or upload your DNA into a database used only for law enforcement investigations, you can at DNAsolves.comIf you don’t have DNA data from a consumer testing site, you can get a kit at connect.DNAsolves.comYou can support gone cold and listen ad-free at us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using @gonecoldpodcast and on YouTube at: Fort Worth Star-Telegram was used as a source for this episode.#JusticeForCarolPreslar #FortWorth #FortWorthTX #TarrantCountyTX #Texas #TX #GoneCold #GoneColdPodcast #TexasTrueCrime #TrueCrime #TrueCrimePodcast #Podcast #ColdCase #UnsolvedMysteries #UnsolvedMurder #Murder
CASE: Sid Vicious | Guilty of Murder? True Crime Personality and PsychologyTrue Crime Psychology and Personality is a podcast that profiles criminal personalities, discusses personality disorders, and examines real life events from a scientifically informed perspective. Want more mental health content? Check out our other Podcasts:Mental Health // Demystified with Dr. Tracey Marks Healthy // ToxicCluster B: A Look At Narcissism, Antisocial, Borderline, and Histrionic DisordersHere, Now, Together with Rou Reynolds Links for Dr. GrandeDr. Grande on YouTube Produced by Ars Longa MediaLearn more at by: Christopher Breitigan.Executive Producer: Patrick C. Beeman, MD Legal StuffThe information presented in this podcast is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not professional advice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Big Sky Burning When Norm Leighton and Patti Hubbert, a peaceful older couple, is violently murdered, locals fear quiet Billings, Montana, is turning into the Wild West. And when the couple's neighbor turns up dead, police are off on a wild ride to solve the case.Season 2, Episode 13 originally aired on ID on 7/1/2012.Stream full episodes of Nightmare Next Door on discovery+. Go to to start your 7-day free trial today. Terms apply. See for privacy and opt-out information.
George Joseph Smith: The Brides in the Bath In this episode we discuss George Joseph Smith, the Brides in the Bath killer, all the other pathologies, reverse sharks, Svengali, and dressing in Rue's mother's clothes.
Due to technical difficulties, Mark's microphone is apparently replaced by a cup on a string.
Episode 98: Mary Speir Gunn Episode 98: Mary Speir Gunn.This week Joannagh brings us a mystery dating all the way back to 1913, the case of Mary Speir Gunn.We hear how, in October 1913, Mary and her family were relaxing in their secluded cottage home when suddenly a hail of bullets tore through the room, hitting all members of the family, Mary fatally so.We hear how, despite some conclusions being drawn from evidence at the scene, the lack of strong forensics at the time meant a degree of guesswork was involved in the investigation.Joannagh describes the leads that were ultimately followed in the case, some stretching as far as Saskatchewan, Canada, as well as some of the more imaginative theories put forward by investigators at the time. Case research by Joannagh ShanksProduced by Emma Taylor & Joannagh ShanksEditing by Shaun O'NeillMusic by Tribe of NoiseSources of research:
Daquasha Jackson - 31 Years Old Found Shot during a Welfare Check → Baby Found Alone, Baby Father Responsible Daquasha Jackson, a 31-year-old mother, was one of two people found dead in an Irvington Township apartment in New Jersey on Thursday, June 9, 2022, according to police. A man, Dane Lawrence, 32, was also found dead inside the residence. Both were unconscious and unresponsive when officers entered the second-floor apartment, law enforcement officials said. Both had gunshot wounds, police said. Police also found Jackson’s baby inside the residence, but no injuries were reported to the child. "The preliminary investigation indicates it was likely a murder/suicide," authorities said.


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Dave Nelson - Tracking Missing Persons EP 1 Human trafficking is is an ongoing threat to our communities. After retiring from law enforcement, Dave Nelson decided to personally take action. He  shares stories  with us about his success in recovering missing persons,   as well as some particularly eye opening statistics. Dave is the CEO and Founder of ReCov Investigations.
Dave Nelson - Tracking Missing Persons EP 2 Human trafficking is is an ongoing threat to our communities. After retiring from law enforcement, Dave Nelson decided to personally take action. He  shares stories  with us about his success in recovering missing persons,   as well as some particularly eye opening statistics. Dave is the CEO and Founder of ReCov Investigations.
Dave Nelson - Tracking Missing Persons EP 3 Human trafficking is is an ongoing threat to our communities. After retiring from law enforcement, Dave Nelson decided to personally take action. He  shares stories  with us about his success in recovering missing persons,   as well as some particularly eye opening statistics. Dave is the CEO and Founder of ReCov Investigations.
The Blood Countess with Fiona Frawley Countess Elizabeth Báthory was a Hungarian noblewoman who, along with four of her servants were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls and women between 1590 and 1610. She is purported to be the most prolific female serial killer ever - but how much of her legend is fact and how much is fiction?Julie Jay (@juliejaycomedy) chats to the brilliant Fiona Frawley (@fionafrawl). If you have enjoyed the podcast please rate or review us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your pods.Big love,J x See for privacy and opt-out information.
S2 Ep84: Danielle Redlick: Romeo and Juliet? (Part 1) The statistics tell us that intimate partner homicide is far more common than any of us would like to believe, with nearly one out of five murder victims being killed by a person they were in a romantic relationship with. It’s hard to understand how love and passion can turn to hate and violence, but if you look at the studies, it seems the most common motive is jealousy. But when the woman in the relationship is the attacker, and the man is the victim, and there is a history of domestic violence between them, we have to examine the details a bit more closely, because for society as a whole, it’s hard to determine what is right, what is wrong, and what is a moral gray area. In January of 2019, after allegedly dealing with years of physical abuse and emotional neglect, 46 year old Danielle Redlick stabbed her husband of over a decade. It would be eleven hours before she would call 911 to report his death, at which time she claimed 65 year old Michael Redlick had died from a heart attack after stabbing himself. During a police investigation, law enforcement discovered that the true situation was not as straightforward as Danielle had made it seem, and she was soon under arrest for murder, but during her trial all of the details came out, painting a complicated picture of a relationship that had maybe always been far from perfect.

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Create-a-Cult With Justine and Kat! (Season 1 Finale/Q&A) In this Season 1 wrap-up (don't worry, we'll be back for season 2!) Justine and Kat answer your questions about yoga creeps, cults, and crimes and more — your queries ranged from serious to silly, and you even got us creating our own cults at the end. You won't want to miss this one, friends.Join our Patreon: us on social media: @darksideofthematpod on Instagram @matdarkside on Twitter and Justine’s book: Kat’s books:
No one is a monster: what a clinical psychologist thinks we should know about violence Dr Ahona Guha is a Melbourne-based Forensic and Clinical Psychologist. Ahona works at pointy end of mental health and treatment - with people who have clinical presentations of harmful behaviours, trauma histories, and those who have offended against others - sexual offences (including against children) violence, stalking, arson… Dr Ahona Guha, DPsych works in the field of forensic psychology to understand offending behaviours such as stalking, sex offending and intimate partner violence with the intention of assessing risk and providing psychological treatment to people who offend; thus contributing to community safety and the protection of victims. She believes it is important to understand and discuss these behaviours to ensure that people receive the treatment they need to stop offending. She also works with victims of trauma to support them with managing post-traumatic responses. She writes widely for the media on matters related to mental health, health, social justice, and equity, and her work has appeared in The Age, The Guardian, SBS, and ABC. She has a book on complex trauma, and the perpetration of harm forthcoming in 2023. All views are her own. See: CREDITS:Host: Meshel Laurie. You can find her on Instagram Co-Host: Emily Webb. You can find her on Instagram here and listen to her podcast Killer Content here. Guest: Dr Ahona Guha. You can find Ahona on Instagram @drahonaguha and read some of her articles at Psychology Today and ABC Everyday - Google her. She’s written a lot of useful things.Ahona has written a book on Trauma that will be released in early 2023 by Scribe Publications.Producer/Editor: Matthew TankardExecutive Producer: Jacqueline TonksIf you have been affected by anything discussed in this episode you can contact: Lifeline on 13 11 14 13 YARN on 13 92 76 (24/7 crisis support phone line for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) GET IN TOUCH: Follow the show on Instagram @australiantruecrimepodcast and Facebook Email the show at this show See for privacy and opt-out information. Become a member at
120 : Manson Family Murders - Part 2 The episode where we continue to discuss the Manson Family murders. This is our conclusion to the Manson story, so make sure you check out last week’s episode for part 1. This week we will discuss the murders, the investigation and trial, and the aftermath of the crimes that rocked our nation. We’re throwing out all the trigger warnings for the graphic descriptions.
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Prince Andrew's Royal Protection Cop On The Royal Family & Ghislaine Maxwell: Paul Page | True Crime Podcast 298 Paul Page on Twitter:
You can contact Shaun Attwood on his social media platforms:
London's Craziest Weed-house By Stoke Newington Cop-shop: Little Joe & Tuggawar | Podcast 299 HARRY'S SHAVER:
With the whole street by Stokey police station congested with traffic from potheads, business booms at the craziest weed-house run by Pappawar with help from Little Joe. When gang members come to rob Pappawar, he either grabs their weapons or draws his own. But good times never last in these situations - especially when the Stokey cops get involved. 

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MURDERED: Mary Yoder Mary Yoder was a known for being a health guru in here Upstate New York community. Everyone knew her as a healthy, energetic, and a hard worker. Which leave everyone puzzled as to why Mary, all of a sudden, falls extremely ill and ultimately dies for an unknown illness. Was it a freak accident or someone close to her who was responsible for her death?  

S3E6 Where is Nancy Lynn Green? On this episode we speak to April Green Thompson the daughter of Nancy Lynn Green who disappeared September 30th, 2002 from Wheeling, WV.
She vanished on Sept. 30, 2002, after being dropped off on the campus of the Ohio Valley Medical Center for an appointment. It wasn’t the first time Nancy had gone missing. Just a few months before her disappearance, she was gone for a couple of days before emerging from the woods near Wheeling Hospital. She admitted to her daughter that she had planned to remain hidden, but a raccoon scared her, and while she was running a member of law enforcement spotted her and returned her home.
The local PD never conducted a search of the area Green disappeared from, instead leaving it up to her family to search. It has been 20 years and the family is still searching......Where is Nancy Lynn Green?


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The truth about Betty Broadwick I believe this is the truth about Betty broadwick and a criminal act as she had done when she murdered her ex husband Dan broad wicken a young wife
55: Local Folklore And Strange Encounters With The Paranormal w/ Eric Freeman VISIT US AT: to listen to GREAT Books and Podcasts on the go?!?!Try Audible!! : OUT TO US!LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL @ 814-320-3432OR SEND US AN EMAIL @ creepyunsolvedmedia@gmail.comA BIG thank you goes out to our Patreon Members! and Supporters! Consider becoming a Patreon: leave us a REVIEW wherever you are listening from! On today's episode Dylan and Laura are joined by Podcaster and Aspiring Author Eric Freeman to discuss local folklore stories and strange encounters with the paranormal.Be sure to check out Eric's Podcast ---> Unsolved Outro music by White Bat AudioShow your support with a one time donation with buyusacoffee: Unsolved instagram: Creepy Unsolved#ad #Aff: Above are affiliated Amazon product links which means I may earn a small commission if used within 24 hours at no extra cost to you. Thanks!
The Fagans of the underworld Andrew Rule explores the utter tragedy when old crooks induct young kids into their life of crime.
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If you or anyone you know needs helpLifeline: 13 11 14Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800See for privacy information.
“It’s Creepy That It’s So Incompetent”: The Battle of Blue Licks In this episode we talk about one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War: the Battle of Blue Licks. This was fought on August 19, 1782 near present-day Mount Olivet in Robertson County. What happens when an outnumbered band of tired settlers with floundering leadership faces a much larger force of British and Native Americans with a three day head start? Nothing good for the settlers. Also we complain about the heat which is basically all I’ve been doing for weeks now.
Classic Open Shudders: Inferno: The Upstairs Lounge Tragedy On this anniversary of the Upstairs Lounge Fire, we are reposting our episode from a year ago.On June 24, 1973, the Upstairs Lounge, a gay bar in the New Orleans French Quarter was torched killing 32 people and injuring 15. The complacent attitude of the police, firefighters and politicians was beyond hateful.Follow us on:Twitter: @AShuddersInstagram:@ ooenshudderspodcast Facebook: The Official Page for Open Shudders: A Creepy PodcastEmail:openshudders@yahoo.commovieshudders@aol.comEnjoy The View From The Open ShuddersBUT DON'T FALL OUT OF THE WINDOW
France’s First Serial Killer & The Haunting of Elmwood Mansion Hey there and thanks for listening to When Killers Get Caught! Welcome to our new release time! Noon Saturday EST!

This week in true crime Brittany gives an update to a murder trial she’s been following and Brian reports on some fast food shenanigans!

Brittany’s super deep dive is into France’s first serial killer and killer couple Martin and Marie-Ann Dumollard. Brian is deep into ghost stories, this week a haunted mansion in York!

If you love True Crime documentaries Be sure to watch Brittany in her film debut in Sins of the Father: The Green River Killer now streaming for free on Tubi!

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Special thanks to Myuu for the music you heard on todays episode. You can find him at


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156: The Murder of Fred Mangione In 1996, there were 11,039 victims of hate crimes in the United States. One of them was Fred Mangione, an extremely gregarious man who treated everyone like his best friend.Fred was more than just a statistic - he was a human being. And he was killed simply because he was gay. Hosted and produced by Erica KelleyWritten by Haley Gray and Erica KelleyResearched by Haley Gray and Anna LuriaOriginal Graphic Art by Coley HornerOriginal Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma RadioEdited & Mixed by Next Day Podcast & Erica KelleySources:Sponsors: Friends without the “R” - Best Fiends
Episode 51 "John Wayne Gacy Part 2- Send in the Clowns” In the final part of our series on John Wayne Gacy, we cover John in Chicago. From John taking up the mantle of Pogo the Clown to his sex fueled murder spree results in the deaths of 33 young boys.
E60: OFFICIAL BRIAN LAUNDRIE MURDER CONFESSION AND SUICIDE LETTER This podcast is the official transcript from Brian laudries journal. It is his last words and confession of killing Gabby. Let me know what you think.


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E61: Analyzing Brian Laundries confession to killing Gabby petito Analyzing the brian laundrie murder suicide confession letter


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E62: Burn after reading? Brian Laundries mom writes secret letter Brian Laundries mother wrote a secret letter to him that had burn after reading on the envelope. What do you think was in the letter?


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#97 Just Me Pt.2 Fiishing up my journey here with you all and we talk a little about the new docuseries Deep End.
Episode 497: Leopold and Loeb Part III - What About The Birds? To conclude the story of Leopold and Loeb, the boys discuss the murder trial and we learn how, with the help of attorney Clarence Darrow a.k.a. "The Attorney of the Damned", the murderous duo was able to avoid the death penalty.
TCG Proper:
So for tcg proper this week, Since Lorne and Michael did such a good job on their Gangster accents over on SandU Stories, we decided it was time to do another mob case. But not just any mobster guys, hes kind of a big deal. 
SandU proper is taking a trip down the Nile this week. As Michael tries to give some insight into the mysterious pyramids of Egypt.  We know there hasn't been any bodies found in one so far, so what really was their purpose , and what can we still learn  from them today.
Fantasy Football:
And over on the west coast, Lorne and the guys sit down to hash out some more Dynasty picks and how they think their season might turn out. Also what's been going on with the league, like suspensions, trades and pickups. So tune in for that and let them know how you think they’re gonna do
5 Min Murder 
Now for all our patreon listeners, Lorne returns to the screen with the 5 Minute Murder show. This time covering another mystery cold case that finally was cracked over 40 years later. Two men found shot on their own properties, taken out from a distance. Sounds like a profession huh?.. Doubt it
Q&A PT 2 Thank You for watching! Follow me on Twitter @ThescarynightPC
Episode 70: Eric Pyles - Missing (2000) Eric Pyles got off the bus after a typical day. Instead of walking home he walked to Jonestown Bible Church. He was seen by a church worker and it assumed he was going to use the bathroom. That was the last time he was seen. The worker left later that night and saw footprints headed to the woods. Bloodhounds confirmed his scent to the woods as well. Did a rough home life contribute to him walking off, or did his bad habits of running away and hitch hiking lead to his demise? Listen as Chelsea tells the story and discusses theories with Sarah. Sources and additional information available at
Late night live with FFS In a new segment for patreon the team sits down live to research Mondays show.  The topic? If 9/11 was a conspiracy, who and why? what was the motive? and why the towers? Join us live every Saturday night with your comments!
DOM Ep182 - Meat Rain!!! On a sunny cloudless day in March of 1876, meat began to fall from the sky over a small farm in Kentucky. To this day, no one is quite sure where it came from or how it happened. In our 182nd episode, we discuss this strange event, along with other weird things that have fallen from the heavens, like frogs, fish, red rain and even spiders. Redbeard Sound RedBeard Sound specializes in live sound engineering, recording, music production & audio editing.
The Cannibal Pedophile : The true story of Jamie Rose Bolin Part 1 Jamie is a sweet and trusting 10 yr old who befriends a very dark and sadistic man . All she is looking for is a friend for companionship. He wants her to be his sex slave and his dinner.
The Cannibal Pedophile : The true story of Jamie Rose Bolin Part 2 please listen to part one first or you will miss much of this story.Having kidnapped assaulted and murdered 10 year old Jamie this killer tries to live out his fantasies. He realizes pretty quick reality and fantasy will never line up
Last man standing (Pt 1) - On the trail Anthony Loyd begins his investigation into the disappearance of journalist John Cantlie, who was taken by ISIS in 2012. He explores the events of a prior kidnap and asks: what compelled John to return to Syria after his first escape? This podcast was brought to you thanks to the support of readers of The Times and The Sunday Times. Subscribe today and get one month free at: Hosts: Manveen Rana and Anthony Loyd, War Correspondent, The Times.Clips: BBC, 5Live, CNN, NBC, Broadcasting House (BBC Radio 4). See for privacy and opt-out information.
TCG Proper:
So for tcg proper this week, Since Lorne and Michael did such a good job on their Gangster accents over on SandU Stories, we decided it was time to do another mob case. But not just any mobster guys, hes kind of a big deal. 
SandU proper is taking a trip down the Nile this week. As Michael tries to give some insight into the mysterious pyramids of Egypt.  We know there hasn't been any bodies found in one so far, so what really was their purpose , and what can we still learn  from them today.
Fantasy Football:
And over on the west coast, Lorne and the guys sit down to hash out some more Dynasty picks and how they think their season might turn out. Also what's been going on with the league, like suspensions, trades and pickups. So tune in for that and let them know how you think they’re gonna do
5 Min Murder 
Now for all our patreon listeners, Lorne returns to the screen with the 5 Minute Murder show. This time covering another mystery cold case that finally was cracked over 40 years later. Two men found shot on their own properties, taken out from a distance. Sounds like a profession huh?.. Doubt it
A 5 Story Special It's a pod swap featuring the Short Shorts Podcast! In this episode 5 fictional, life, and true crime-based short stories are done in a dramatic reading style. Featured stories include:1. I am From the Future2. Rose3. The Room4. Hero Within5. Otzi The Ice ManThe Short Shorts Podcast aims to give you amazing stories in short bites, perfect for a busy life. If you like their content, please follow them on Twitter @TheShortShorts1 and listen to more episodes on Spotify and Apple. Be sure to visit for more!Guest Links:
The Murder of Shanda Sharer After being lured out of her home by four older teenage girls, Shanda Sharer, only 12 years old, was brutalized for more than 9 hours until her death the following morning on January 11, 1992. The death of a child never makes sense. The death of a child at the hands of individuals who are all still children as well, between the ages of 15 and 17, makes even less sense. In her short time on earth, Shanda brought light into this world and had an energy that attracted others to her and she was willing to be a friend to all. She was not allowed to share all that she had to offer in its full capacity because her life was cut short by the acts of four others... three that had never even met her. This case is baffling... because we all ask why? Even to this day... why? And there will never be any solid answers. All we can do is hope for some kind of positive actions by the perpetrators moving forward.
Matthew Shepard // 117 // Part 2 // hate crime Matthew Shepard was brutally attacked and tortured by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson on October 6th, 1998.  His attackers tied him to a fence, and he died in a hospital a few days later.  His death set off a nationwide debate about hate crimes and homophobia that led to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (2009).   Website:  RESOURCES:Vigil for Matthew Shepard – Oct. 14, 1998 | Archives of Women's Political Communication ( Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act | The First Amendment Encyclopedia ( Story - Matthew Shepard FoundationAmazon - The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed: Shepard, Judy: 9780452296381: Books
Season 2, Episode 23: The Murder of Steven Newberry- part 1 of 2 Today we discuss the 1987 murder of 19-year-old Steven Newberry of Missouri by his three acquaintances. E-mail me at; visit me on Instagram as True Crime University_Donate via PayPal to help me keep the show going: bullymom7@yahoo.comFollow this link to get a free month of BarkBox! Tamara Jones in the LA Times, Lawrence Journal-World, Kansas City Star, The Daily Journal, St Joseph News-Press, St Louis Post-Dispatch, Springfield News-Leader,, The Joplin Globe,
Ni Una Más (Not one more) - Las Desaparecidas The Women of Juarez. In the 90s women and girls started disappearing near the US/Mexico border. This is part 1 of this three part series. This episode was written by Jackie Moranty.Patreon: Valdez, Diana; Locke, Robert . The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women . Kindle Edition.,eventually%20became%20simply%20El%20Paso.íguez Teresa, Montané Diana, Pulitzer, L., Montané Diana, & Pulitzer, L. (2008). The daughters of juárez: A true story of serial murder south of the Border. Simon & Schuster.
E214 Take 1 Big 'O' And Call Me In The Morning We're continuing Stephanie's deep dive of topics, and this one is all about the "Spiritual Leader" Teal Swan.
Just to recap: we went from Recovered Memory Therapy, to Satanic Panic, to false allegations, and now we're ending with a current cult leader!
**Content warning for: suicide, abuse, and self harm**
Teal Swan gained notoriety through her popular self-help YouTube videos and courses that taught a method called "The Completion Method". But what she is most known for is her method of dealing with suicidal ideologies. This episode is about her rise to fame, what her teachings are, and how they can turn problematic. And...while it's not an MLM - you can't convince us it's not a cult.
If it looks like a cult, walks like a cult, and quacks like a cult -- it's a cult.

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My Last Name Starts with the Letter M Lady Ace is on this case and its a wild one. One persons actions causes heartache and loss for so many people. Any guesses?
Full Circle & The South Pole Poisoning Fringe Theory, Episode 20   Full Circle & The South Pole Poisoning      Recorded by Kit and Abbey*Drink of the Week*    Kombucha and Vodka     3 oz Kombucha   1 oz Vodka  lemon juice or lime juice to taste   Add vodka and lemon/lime juice together and shake with ice.  Pour over fresh ice. Stir in kombucha and garnish with a rosemary sprig. Enjoy!     ***Keep up with us on facebook @FringeTheoryPod, or on instagram or twitter @FringeTheory_***Support the show
Daniel Kovarbasich What would you do if you were at your breaking point? What would you do to end your abuse? Listen and find out what one child did to stop his abuse.


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Thomas Quick aka The Hannibal Lecter of Sweaden How sick and depraved can you be? Thomas Quick went to the far outside of sickness and depravity. Listen and find out how.


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George Hennard : Luby's Cafeteria Shooting George Hennard didn’t have much luck with women in the US. It happens. Some people just aren’t that sociable. According to George though, it wasn’t his fault. A group of white women were conspiring to keep other women from dating him. When the government wouldn’t help him stop this group of nefarious women, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

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Episode 19: The Horrendous Case of Thomas Huskey... The tiniest lowercase d individual we’ve covered yet First of all... All the Trigger Warnings... This is not a drill. I repeat.  This is not a drill. 
Second of all... This is a Paige-esode and she out did herself! Make sure to tell her.  Also, this story is horrendous.  We feel comfortable in saying he is the tiniest lower case d individual we've covered yet...  This horrendous individual, Thomas Huskey, sexually assaulted multiple women, was arrested multiple times, the system failed the victims (and the victims unfortunately didn't feel safe enough to follow through with the system), which led the the murder of four women.  Unfortunately, we were not able to uncover many details on any of the victims, as the surviving victims wished to remain anonymous.  
As always, have a fan-fucking-tastic week, my lovely bishes.
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Coffee Tea and Crime | Lost in Ozark A horrific kidnapping, sexual assault and double murder in Ozark, AL.Come check out the YouTube video of this case and others...maps, diagrams, drawings and pics.
99: Pride - Jehovah's Witnesses Part 2 In part two we peel back the layers of the Jehovah's Witnesses shunning practices and examine why they believe higher education is a dangerous waste of time. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Episode 118: The rise of 'The Gypsy King' Tyson Fury and his ties to Daniel Kinahan He's the world heavyweight boxing champ who has just been refused entry to the US as a result of sanctions levelled against the Kinahan Organised Crime Group.

So, just what are Tyson Fury's links to mob boss Daniel Kinahan and how far back does the relationship go back?

Will the travel ban against Fury and other associates of the Irish mafia chief affect their boxing careers and futures prospects?

Nicola Tallant talks with Sunday World Deputy Editor, Niall Donald, about the rise of 'The Gypsy King' and the influence of Kinahan on his career and extraordinary comeback.See for privacy information.
Episode 119: The story of Joe Joyce jnr - bare-knuckle boxer to slash-hook killer He is the bareknuckle boxer from a long line of champions - but it will a lifetime before he gets back to fighting.

Joe Joyce Jnr said he was only defending himself and his home when he took a slash-hook to a young neighbour, who would later die from his injuries.

Despite his claims of self-defence, a jury convicted him of the murder of 18-year-old John Paul McDonagh. So, who is Joe Joyce Jnr and what is bare-knuckle boxing?

Nicola Tallant talks with Sunday World journalist Eamon Dillon and author of 'Gypsy Empire' about the traditional way disputes between rival clans are settled, how social media videos are used to goad underground contests and how one of its most infamous characters has fallen foul of a violence that often spills out of competitions into personal lives.See for privacy information.
Real Life Haunt: Russ Kellett Real Life Haunt: Russ KellettWe take a trip back to England for another UFO story...and this one will leave you wondering if there really is something else out there. Russ the author of a book called E. T. Rider shares with us his encounters with the  extraterrestrial and takes us through the multiple abductions that he was experienced.We want to hear from you have a spooky story to tell email us at theunrestpodcast@gmail.comUnrest In Peace
44. The Shafia Family Murders (Pt.1) - Afghanistan/Canada Imagine you’re on a roadtrip with your family. Your father’s driving well below the speed limit, stickler for the law that he is; your mum’s insisting you eat the food she brought from home instead of the McDonald’s drive-thru meal; your younger sibling’s belligerently asking how far you have left to go. You’re tuned into your headset, staring into the horizon, when suddenly the landscape changes. You’re underwater. Your car is drowning, and you and your family are drowning along with it. This is what one Afghan family went through in Canada back in 2009. What seemed to be a tragedy soon betrayed inklings of a sinister plot. Was this an accident, or was it just made to look like one? This is the story of the Shafia Family Murders.
Fighting for Your Case when Homicide Detectives are Overwhelmed When a child grows up fearing serial killers and even loses a young neighbor girl to a killer, it might be the start of a lifelong trauma. In the case of Nina Innsted, the host of Already Gone, she let that fear fuel her desire to catch killers and find the victims who go missing. When the police couldn't do enough to solve missing persons cases, Nina found ways to give her cases a better chance at being solved. Collier and Nina discover that's something they both have in common.Hear about the dark and deadly events that encouraged Nina to get involved in the world of true-crime.What would've happened to Collier's mother's murder case had he not gotten involved to tip-off police and testify against his father? Collier and Nina reflect on the importance on being persistent on solving criminal cases.Serial killers never brought to justice: Nina shares her personal story growing up in an area terrorized by murderers who were never identified.What are the first steps you should take when a loved one goes missing, specifically a teenager? Nina has several essential pieces of advice she's picked up working for the missing person association, Missing In Michigan.The disgusting world of private investigators and others who take advantage of desperate families searching for missing loved ones or answers to unsolved criminal cases. Be wary of those just out to make a buck off your tragedy. For the families and friends left behind after someone is murdered, do they ever truly find closure? When does the story end? Nina breaks down what she's discovered. Click to read the FULL Transcript of this episode. Nina's missing person association:https://missinginmich.comHer podcast: Already Gone website: more behind the scenes, extra content, and interviews? Join my Patreon today! THE EPISODE LIVE Q&A with host Collier Landry! TUESDAY'S 11 am PT/2 pm ET on IG LIVE @collierlandryFollow Collier Landry on Instagram: to my YouTube Channel for watching! Like what you see? 👉🏻 Subscribe! 👈🏻SPOTIFY:*This podcast contains colorful language that some of our listeners might consider NSFW...even when working from home.
Uncle Erich Presents™ - Broadway is My Beat - "The Tori Jones Murder Case." (1949) Welcome back folks to yet another drama packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™  Classic Crime Radio series.I'm so very glad you tuned in,  and I hope you are enjoying the podcast !  If you are,  please tell others to tune in too.  I'd really appreciate it !Today,  we listen to the crime drama series called  Broadway Is My Beat.Broadway Is My Beat is a radio crime drama that ran on CBS from 1949 to 1954, with Anthony Ross portraying Times Square Detective Danny CloverToday's episode is titled  "The Tori Jones Murder Case." This episode is brought to you by our friends at .At,  you can watch hundreds of pet and animal videos that will truly warm your heart !There are great pet care and training videos as well !If you're an animal lover, is just for you. Don't forget to watch the funny pet video of the day too.Please give a visit and browse through tons of fun and inspirational short videos.  You'll just love it.Also, please visit to listen to all the currently available radio podcast categories and episodes. There are also hundreds of classic  crime fiction, murder mysteries and suspense television episodes to watch as well. They're a hoot to watch !If you liked this episode of Broadway Is My Beat, please consider buying Uncle Erich a cup of coffee if you'd like, at the support link below.  Thanks a Million !Now,  enjoy this great episode titled  "The Tori Jones Murder Case."  Ghost TownTrue Crime. Paranormal. Dark History. This is Ghost Town.Listen on: Apple Podcasts SpotifyRESOURCES ON COPYRIGHTS I want to say Thank You to Patreon supporters for helping to keep Uncle Erich Presents™ online. Your support is truly appreciated !If you liked this episode, please consider buying Uncle Erich a cup of coffee at the support link below. Thanks a million ! Support the show
143: Episode 143: The Crimes of Lawrence Horn At one point in his life, Lawrence Horn was a family man.  His connection to famous singers and celebrities as a music executive introduced his family to an entirely new world.  Some could have said he had it all. Sadly, after separating from his wife Millie, a different side of Lawrence started to surface.  Did Lawrence always have a dark side? Or was it purely greed that drove him to commit such heinous and unspeakable acts?

Music By: Jonas Bjornstand
Cover Art By: Charnell
144: Episode 144: The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Sinking of MV Sewol - Wikipedia
Machine Learning-Based Data Mining Method for Sentiment Analysis of the Sewol Ferry Disaster's Effect on Social Stress - PMC (
South Korea ferry disaster: Sewol remains 'not human' - BBC News
An Overloaded Ferry Flipped and Drowned Hundreds of Schoolchildren. Could It Happen Again? - The New York Times (
Music By: Jonas Bjornstand
Cover Art By: Charnell
99 - Dolly and Otto: The Cuckold Killers Strangely, this is not our first episode involving people hiding in an attic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Removing The Head When A Monster Is Dead: Ryan Shtuka Part 3 Join host Ryan Kraus for part 3 of the Ryan Shtuka series as we conclude our in-depth psychological assessment of what really happened that fateful night the young man disappeared.
Into Dreams We Drift High on the Lift: Ryan Shtuka Part 1 Join host Ryan Kraus for part 1 of the mysterious, unsolved disappearance of Ryan Shtuka, who vanished leaving a party near Sun Peaks resort in BC, Canada on the night of February 17, 2018.

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I Know What You Did Last Winter: Ryan Shtuka Part 2 Join Ryan Kraus for part 2 of a limited series examining the baffling disappearance of 20-year-old Ryan Shtuka.
The Tragic Refute of Romantic Substitute: Tyler Davis Part 2 Join host Ryan Kraus for the conclusion to the Tyler Davis series as we switch gears from the factual timeline and endeavor to assemble the harrowing psychological narrative lurking beneath the circumstances leading to his mysterious disappearance.

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Irene Gakwa In 2019, 29-year-old Irene Gakwa made a big move: she flew from her home in Kenya to the United States to start a new life. Irene had always loved helping people, and she was going to turn that love into a career by studying nursing. Fortunately, Irene already had a support system in the states: her two brothers, Chris and Kennedy lived in Boise, Idaho, and she was going to join them. Everything was going according to plan, and Irene even fell in love. But her family alleges that her boyfriend was no Prince Charming. They say that he was controlling and worked to isolate Irene from her family.On February 24, 2022, Irene had a video call with her parents. She hasn’t been seen since. Did she, as her boyfriend claims, decide to pack up and move once again, or has something much worse happened to Irene?If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Irene Gakwa, or if you've seen a grey or silver Subaru Crosstrek with Idaho license plates that may have been seen trespassing on private property or in rural parts of Campbell County between February 24 and March 20, please contact the Gillette Police Department at 307-682-5155.Iwapo una habari yoyote kuhusu kutoweka kwa Irene Gakwa, au ikiwa umeona Subaru Crosstrek ya kijivu au ya fedha yenye nambari za leseni za Idaho ambayo inaweza kuwa ilionekana ikiingilia mali ya kibinafsi au katika maeneo ya mashambani ya Kaunti ya Campbell kati ya Februari 24 na Machi 20. , tafadhali wasiliana na Idara ya Polisi ya Gillette kwa 307-682-5155.We are proud members of Spreaker Prime and The Darkcast Network.Find us everywhere: episodes early and ad-free on Patreon: store: a full list of our sources, please visit our blog: week's promo is brought to you by Partial list of sources:
Episode 39- Did Courtney Love Murder Kurt Cobain? Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994-- forever solidifying his place in the morbidly celebrated 27 Club. Was it a hurting celebrity's only way out-- or murder? This week on Death in Entertainment.
288 | Fatal Funnels Part 2 What happened in Uvalde Texas? Can we prevent these terrible massacres? A brand new all star panel continues their analysis of the tragedy.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
S12E14: An Interview with Javier This week, we listen to two interviews with Javier to see what additional info we can gather. What are your thoughts? Be sure to tell us on the Truth & Justice Instagram page!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
S12E13: Follow-Up S12:E13 In a rare, night-time recording of the Friday Follow-Up, Bob & Zap join Janet as they have a lively discussion about the phone pings and cell phone tower data.Listen ad-free by joining Patreon!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
114: The Pink Panthers Today we're talking about the complicated web of (potentially) hundreds of jewel thieves called the Pink Panthers. Listen in to hear all about the many many many, heists this group has pulled off at high-end jewellery stores worldwide!FURTHER READING:Pink Panthers - WikipediaThe Daring Heists Of The Elusive Pink Panthers (Buzzfeed Unsolved)Pink Panthers: The curious story of the fugitive ‘smooth-talking player’ police suspect is shadowy international jewel heist gang mastermindThe Pink Panthers: hunting the world's best diamond thieves'Pink Panther' thief gets 15 years | UK news | The GuardianThe Pink Panthers | The New YorkerKim Kardashian, the Pink Panthers and the missing jewels | Celebrity | The GuardianKim Kardashian - Paris Robbery - WikipediaDid Pink Panther Jewel Thieves Rob Kim Kardashian? - Rolling StoneFive Years Later, Kim Kardashian's Alleged Jewel Thieves Are Set to Stand Trial | Vanity FairSuspects who held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in hotel jewellery heist to go on trial in FranceKim Kardashian Reportedly Bound and Gagged During Paris Hotel Room Robbery | Teen VogueAn Ex-Pink Panther on His Old Crew Blamed for Robbing Kim KardashianPink Panthers: Europe's mysterious gang of jewellery thieves - Jeweller Magazine-----------------------------------------------Like the show? Give us a rating and review!Join our Patreon:PatreonCheck out our merch store:Square Mile of Murder MerchGet our newsletter:NewsletterSend us an email:info@squaremileofmurder.comFollow us on social media:FacebookInstagramTwitterSquaremileofmurder.comMusic provided by YouTube Audio Library and
Malice After Midnight Introducing Leave the Lights on Podcast Join Tina and Steve as the guests of Eliza, host of Leave the Lights on Podcast, has us on her show. We discuss the criminal known as the Mystery Pooper! Can you figure out who it is before we do?
Clueston 50: If You Seek Revenge, Dig Clue Graves. The horrifying murder of Houston Police Officer James Irby by the human stain Carl Wayne Buntion and the Irby family's long fight for justice.
Clueston 51: Trying To Smuggle Sunrise By A Cluester. The Murder of Michelle Warner and the heroism of Dr. Phil and his producer.
Ep. 46: Ron Blake and the Barriers LGBTQ Survivors Face Happy Pride! While we celebrate all the LBGTQ+ community has done simply to survive and be who they are, let's also talk for just a minute (or 60) about the fact that queer folk are not always given the same protections by law enforcement and the criminal justice system when it comes to disclosing abuse and assault. Domestic violence is just as predominant among LGBTQ+ as cisgender-hetero folks, but in survivor Ron Blake's case, the police decided to chalk his assault up to just dudes being dudes... except, it wasn't. Because being a guy doesn't give you the right to be abusive or a rapist or just, in general, an asshole. In this episode, we also call out two gay heroes of the month: former UCLA surgery resident Melanie Cargle, who blew the whistle on a sexual assault at the hospital before being fired; and drag queen Barbara Seville (aka Richard Stevens) who blew the whistle on a woman running for governor who says drag queens are grooming our kids....except that Seville has the receipts to prove this GOP hypocrite was not-so-long-ago a friend of the queens.   Visit for resources under today's episode for LGBTQ victims and survivors of abuse and assault. You don't have to stay and you don't have to stay silent.
5 Minutes With: The True Crime Enthusiast On this 5 Minutes With bonus episode, I speak to Paul from The True Crime Enthusiast podcast. He tells us about how he got started in the True Crime community, his interest in true crime and a fascinating fact about himself! Listen to the True Crime Enthusiast wherever you get your podcasts or go straight to his website for links and some of his fabulous blog posts: Paul on Social Media: Twitter: by: dl-sounds.comFollow the Unseen Podcast on Apple Podcasts: the Unseen Podcast on Spotify: the Unseen Podcast on Stitcher: our Facebook group us on Twitter: us on Instagram us on Patreon:
Tim McLean "The 1170 to Murder" Ep 077 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe killing of Tim McLean occurred on the evening of July 30, 2008. McLean, a 22-year-old Canadian man, was stabbed, beheaded, and cannibalized while riding a Greyhound Canada bus along the Trans-Canada Highway, about 30 km (19 mi) west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. On March 5, 2009, his killer, a 40-year-old Chinese-Canadian named Vince Li, was found not criminally responsible for murder and remanded to a high-security mental health facility in Selkirk, Manitoba, where he was detained until his release on May 8, 2015.On July 30, 2008, Tim McLean, a carnival barker, was returning home to Winnipeg after working at a fair in Edmonton. He departed Edmonton on board Greyhound bus 1170 to Winnipeg, via the Yellowhead Highway through Saskatchewan. He sat at the rear, one row ahead of the toilet. At 6:55 p.m., the bus departed from a stop in Erickson, Manitoba, with a new passenger, Vince Weiguang Li. Li, described as a tall man in his 40s, with a shaved head and sunglasses, originally sat near the front of the bus, but moved to sit next to McLean following a scheduled rest stop. McLean "barely acknowledged" Li, then fell asleep against the window pane, headphones covering his ears.According to witnesses, McLean was sleeping with his headphones on when the man sitting next to him suddenly produced a large knife and began stabbing him in the neck and chest. After the attack began, the bus driver pulled to the side of the road, and he and all the other passengers fled the vehicle. The driver and two other men made an attempt to rescue McLean, but were chased away by Li, who slashed at them from behind the locked bus doors. Li ultimately decapitated McLean and displayed his severed head to those standing outside the bus, then returned to McLean's body and began severing other parts and consuming some of McLean's flesh.At 8:30 p.m., the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Portage la Prairie received a report of a stabbing on a Greyhound bus west of the city. They arrived to find the suspect still on board the bus, being prevented from escaping by another passenger, the bus driver, and a truck driver who had provided a crowbar and a hammer as weapons. The other passengers were huddled at the roadside, some of them crying and vomiting. As the suspect had earlier attempted to escape by driving the bus away, the driver had engaged the emergency immobiliser system, rendering the vehicle inoperable. Witnesses had observed the suspect stabbing and cutting McLean's body with a knife, and carrying McLean's severed head.By 9:00 p.m., police were in a standoff with the suspect and had summoned special negotiators and a heavily armed tactical unit. The suspect alternately paced the length of the bus and defiled the corpse. Police officers then observed Li eating parts of the body. Meanwhile, the stranded passengers were transported from the scene to be interviewed at the Brandon RCMP detachment. RCMP officers reportedly heard Li say, "I have to stay on the bus forever."On July 31, 2008, at 1:30 a.m., the suspect attempted to escape from the bus by breaking through a window. The RCMP arrested Li soon afterward. He was shot with a Taser twice, handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser. Parts of the victim's body, placed in plastic bags, were retrieved from the bus, while his ear, nose and tongue were found in Li's pockets. The victim's eyes and a part of his heart were never recovered and are presumed to have been eaten by Li.Here's how and where you can find Homicide Worldwide Podcast.If you have a show suggestion? please email us at: homicideworldwidepodcast@gmail.comAnd you can always find us on twitter: the show
MISSING: Jennifer Lynn Marcum Jennifer Lynn Marcum was just 25 years old when she seemingly vanished into thin air at Denver International Airport in February of 2003. Her 1999 Saturn was found abandoned in a remote parking lot of the airport and there is no record of Jennifer leaving the airport by plane or car. She has not been seen or heard from since.Jennifer Lynn Marcum would be 45 years old at the time of this recording.If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Lynn Marcum, please contact the Denver Field Office of the FBI at (303) 629-7171.If you enjoyed today's episode, please consider leaving us a 5 star review wherever you get your podcasts!We love you & will see you next Thursday!What do you think happened? Join the discussion in our group!
The Disappearance of Dylan Rounds The very recent, and very baffling, disappearance of 19-year-old Dylan Rounds from Lucin, Utah.


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Soledad Brothers You can imprison a revolutionary but you can't imprison DEEEEEZ NUTS
Episode 126: Spagetti & the Pigs In A Blanket Series In a true victory for gender equality, Megan tells the story of Angela Simpson who brutally murdered handicapped man after a 3 day torture session. On the day of her sentencing Angela granted a 12 minute interview with 3TV where she recounted what she did with a deadpan stare and very direct explanations.

During Keep Philly Weird Emily talks about a Philly staple and heavily debated phenomenon: groups of ATV and dirt bikes that travel around the city and the police’s response to that.
Season 6 | Wrap Up Another season down with another around the corner! Today's episode wraps up season 6, drops some hints about season 7, and another BIG surprise! Thank you for the support and for listening to another season of Caffeine & Crime. xx
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Ep 51: The Devil in Ossett - Michael Taylor Welcome back to Rogue Darkness! In this episode we’ll be delving into the macabre case of Michael Taylor, a mentally ill man from Ossett, West Yorkshire, and how the combination of fanatic religious dogma with untreated mental illness, lead to the unfortunate loss of life. Let’s uncover the horrifying story of the Devil in Ossett…

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Bonus Episode 20 Nottinghamshire has a rich history of stories and legends. It's the home of Robin Hood, an outlaw and a rebel who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood and his band of merry men lived in Sherwood Forest, hiding from the Sheriff of Nottingham and rebelling against the tyranny of a cruel prince. As Nottingham's famed hero, Robin Hood’s story is known worldwide. But, for every hero, there is a villain. A villain is defined in the dictionary as a cruelly malicious person involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime. Villains are thought to be an integral part of the plot of a story. Their role is to oppose the hero, but sometimes there are villains with no agenda or purpose… *** LISTENER CAUTION IS ADVISED *** This episode was researched and written by Eileen MacfarlaneScript editing, additional writing, illustrations and production direction by Rosanna FittonNarration, editing, and production direction by Benjamin FittonListen to our companion podcast ‘They Walk Among America' here: a ‘Patreon Producer’ and get exclusive access to Season 1, early ad-free access to episodes, and your name in the podcast credits. Find out more here: information and episode references can be found on our website https://theywalkamonguspodcast.comMUSIC: Tippy Toe by VOLK The Rite by Wicked Cinema Vanished by Wicked Cinema The Art Of Fortification by Hill Grave Parade by Bryant Lowry Leviathan by Cody Martin Bamburgh by Stephen Keech Distorted Waves by Wild Wonder They Walk Among Us is part of the Acast Creator Network - MEDIA: Twitter - - - this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
111. Growing up with The Unabomber Between 1978 and 1995, Ted Kaczynski mailed or hand-delivered 16 homemade bombs to a select group that included professors and judges. The mathematician killed three and wounded 23 others. Katrina Daniel’s guest is author Jamie Gehring, whose new book, “The Madman in the Woods” is her account of her family’s friendship with Ted, in a remote area in Lincoln, Montana, before they realized that he was The Unabomber. You must listen to this story!

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S3 Eps10: Allegedly James is able to make contact with Ashley's ex-lover, "Pocket." But when the time comes for the interview, James runs into roadblocks. James also circles back with Eric Glide. He needs clarification as to when exactly Glide meets Eric S. THings take a turn.


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Epstein Sex Tapes, NXIVM, Kurt Cobain, Charles Manson & Alien Abduction: Attwood Unleashed 64 Attwood Unleashed is a weekly thought-provoking multi-hour broadcast with an eclectic range of guests co-hosted by Andrew Gold.  

Order of guests:  

1 = Kurt Cobain, Charles Manson, Jehovah’s Witnesses: Kacey from Cult Vault Podcast  

2 = Alien Abduction, MK Ultra, CIA: Tony Rodrigues  

3 = NXIVM: Joseph Tully 

4 = Epstein Sex Tapes, Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew: William Steele  

5 = Gender Ideologies: Colin Wright
Prince Andrew's Royal Protection Cop On The Royal Family & Ghislaine Maxwell: Paul Page | True Crime Podcast 298 Paul Page on Twitter:
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Designing Murder: The Disappearance of Billy McGrath Everybody has a skeleton or two in the closet, and most of us are able to leave it right where it is, cover it up with old coats and mothballs and forget all about it. But some skeletons are bigger and meaner than others, and for the man at the center of this story, it would be hard to imagine one worse. And he was living in fear that it was about to come busting out of there and trample all over his life. He thought he was doing everything he needed to do to prepare for it. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t his past he had to worry about. It was a threat he never saw coming. Join us for a twisting story of greed and betrayal, and a missing persons case that turned into a truly heartbreaking murder. Sources:Court paperwork, State v. Tocker: Discovery's "Disappeared," episode "Murder by Design"Oxygen's "Buried in the Backyard," episode "Living in Fear"Follow us, campers!Patreon (join to get all episodes ad-free, at least a day early, an extra episode a month, and a free sticker!): True Crime CampfireInstagram: @TCCampfire truecrimecampfirepod@gmail.comMERCH!
Inside the World of a Scam-Busting YouTuber With over 2 million subscribers, Scammer Payback captivates YouTube viewers with his ability to spot scams and flip the script on the scammers. In this special interview, host Bob Sullivan sits down with Scammer Payback (also known as Pierogi) and learns more about the man and the methods behind his successful channel. They’ll talk about how Pierogi got started, his most interesting confrontations, his experiences inside the call centers where these scammers work, and his tips for listeners on how to stay safe and keep their information secure.
BONUS: Scams, Magic and the Art of Deception With Alexis Conran In this bonus episode, host Bob Sullivan welcomes special guest Alexis Conran. Conran’s insight into the mind of a con man comes from acting as one on the popular BBC show The Real Hustle. On the series, Conran, an actual trained magician, and his team perpetrate scams on unsuspecting consumers and then reveal the crimes to the victims (now in the hundreds), all in the name of educating the public. Conran discusses what he’s learned about the criminal mindset and what he has identified as the elements of deception.
Episode 55: Guilty or Innocent: David Temple Part 2 Part two of David Temple answers all the questions! What happens after the death of Belinda Temple? There is a wedding, but who is getting married? What does the autopsy reveal? Who is the suspect and what is the verdict at the trial, or shall I say trials?! April is about to spill the tea all over you and Caroline reveals a local connection to this case via a secret "informant."Youtube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Matthew Shephard and the West Memphis Three First off, trigger warning x3 for lgbtq+ violence, violence against kiddos, and some political talk about women's healthcare and the Supreme Court's recent regression to the 1950s.
This week we talked about a landmark case from the 1990s that helped solidify the definition of a hate crime, and the iconic and devastating story of the West Memphis Three
Reading The Confession of Brian Laundrie The notes found in a backpack of Brian Laundrie are both a letter to Gabby and a confession of the crime he had committed. Next on Drowning Verdict, I discuss the last line of the confession which sums up the entire case IMO. He called her death an "unnecessary tragedy," but was that the way it really played out? Listen to a reading of the confession and then hear my verdict.
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Gary Allen At the age of 8 Gary Allen was already showing violent and disturbing behaviour, which continued into adulthood, with his developing a deep rooted hatred for women, particularly sex workers. In 2000 he would be charged and acquitted of murder, but would a change in the law, and amendments to the information jurors can be provided lead to him being brought to justice.?Crime watch appeal regarding the murder of Samantha Class (starts at 23 minutes 49 seconds) audio of Gary and Alena's interaction courtesy of South Yorkshire Police Yorkshire Police reconstruction of Alena's last known movements. Sources<a...
Something in the Woods Almost Abducted - Still traumatized - Something in the woods - This is Disturbed.Featuring narrations by:Addison PeacockNikolle DoolinTom AglioSPONSORS:Listen to Call Me Curious Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. Or listen ad-free by joining Wondery Plus in the Wondery app.Listen ad-free, unlock bonus episodes and more: your true, original experience: Merch: survey: a voicemail: chad@disturbedpodcast.comAdvertising inquiries: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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