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What exactly is Vurbl?

Vurbl is an audio streaming platform that gives creators, of all stripes, a way to grow an audience and earn ad revenue.

From podcasts, audiobooks, guided meditations, bedtime stories, focus music, audio news, old time radio, lectures and more. Vurbl is a place to discover ALL audio.

Podcasters are welcome to host their show, or simply use Vurbl as another RSS distribution platform. Plus, YouTuber’s with audio centric content can stream their work and earn additional ad revenue.

How did you get my podcast on Vurbl?

Your podcast’s RSS feed is available for any platform to distribute. We loved what we heard, so we’ve built a Vurbl station just for your show.

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What can I do with my Vurbl station?

Great question! Vurbl has many features that you won’t find on other audio streaming platforms. Here’s just a few;

  1. Audio Snippets – Share or embed clips of your episodes or any audio available on Vurbl. Every snippet is attributed to your episode and station, so this is a great way for you and your audience to help other people discover your work.
  2. Playlists – Give your audience and future listeners more ways to listen to your work. Introductory playlists, “best of” playlists, top guest playlists, etc… The playlist options are endless!
  3. Featured Audio – Your Featured Audio track gets prime placement on your station, so give your listeners a teaser or trailer of what your station has to offer.
  4. Stations We Like – Another feature given prime placement on your station is the Stations We Like section. Highlight your favorite audio creators or even collaborate with other creators by trading placements on each other’s Stations We Like section.

And so much more to come!

What sets Vurbl apart from other platforms?

If you’re a podcaster, you’re probably familiar with RSS feeds. Your podcast is distributed to many platforms via that link, but besides distribution, what does that RSS feed really do for you as a creator?

Very little.

The nature of RSS feeds and the progressive downloading of your podcast episodes, hamstrings you as a creator. Sure, you can track downloads… but all downloads aren’t equal.

Vurbl is bucking this podcasting trend, giving audio creators a new streaming home that focuses on listener experience, discovery and new ways to make money as an audio creator.

If you’re a YouTuber, Vurbl is yet another home for your fantastic audio-centric content. Simply submit your YouTube Channel for ingest and the audio from your YouTube catalog will populate a Vurbl station.

YouTubers will find new audiences on Vurbl and a revenue opportunity you’re already familiar with.

You mentioned ad revenue. How do I get some of that?

Vurbl will be launching streaming audio advertising in 2021, giving creators of all sizes a new way to monetize their work. If by chance you don’t want to earn ad revenue from each station listen, that’s cool. Ad delivery is opt-in only.

If you think your audience is large enough to start earning ad revenue, please email with audience information, social links and your contact info.