Claim your Podcast Station

Looking to port your youtube channel? Details on how to do that here.

Is your podcast already on Vurbl? If so, we have automatically created a Vurbl Station your Podcast by publishing the contents of the Podcast RSS feed. If you find your podcast on Vurbl, you can claim the station to take control of it.

Once you have control of your station, you can edit any of the images and copy, add additional types of audio and start building your subscribing audience. Here’s how to get started…

Note: Once your podcast station is claimed, it will still be updated automatically every time you add a new episode to your audio content host provider (like Anchor, Megaphone, Libsyn, etc). It’s that easy!

How To Claim Your Station

We’ve made it easy to verify ownership and claim your Vurbl Station. No tricky gimmicks, just a quick edit to your RSS feed.

  1. Go to your podcast page on by searching for your Podcast by its title.
  2. Go to your podcast host and update show notes/description with the unique Vurbl URL for your podcast ([unique-code]) into the show notes of one of your recent podcast episodes.
  3. Once that link appears in your public RSS feed, submit at ticket alerting us of the update. Include the username and email address you used for your Vurbl account.
  4. The Vurbl Creator Service Team will check to ensure your unique text and URL has been added to that episodes RSS feed.
  5. When URL is detected, the station will be assigned to your account. Please note: your Vurbl channel name will match the name of your podcast but can be edited by you at any time.

That’s it!

Here’s an example of what your Vurbl Station will look like:

Vurbl Voices Station Detail Page

What to do with your Vurbl Station right away:

  1. Make any copy edits you wish:
    • Change your Station name (we default the name to be your podcast name),
    • Change station description
    • Link to your other favorite stations or stations in your network.
    • Add links to your social media and website.
    • You can also make copy edits to any of your audio files (they are also defaulted to duplicate your RSS feed).
  2. Upload additional files not included in your RSS feed. – Give your Vurbl Station subscribers additional content to listen to – try short form, behind the scenes, or supplemental information to enhance your podcast content.
  3. Build playlists like; “Best Episodes of 2020”, “Top Guest Interviews”, or “Most Downloaded Episodes”.
  4. Embed your podcast episodes anywhere on the web.
  5. Get 1,000+ subscribers to your station to qualify for ad revenue. Submit a ticket and we’ll connect with next steps.


  • We automatically publish select Podcast RSS feeds on our network, but stream from the podcast host provider. The Podcast Station will be kept up to date through the RSS feed associated with it.
  • When a user subscribes to that Podcast Station, they are notified when a new episode is published.
  • When you claim your channel, Vurbl will not only keep your podcast up-to-date, but we’ll stream your audio from our lightning-fast audio servers, for FREE.
  • When Vurbl hosts your audio, it’s also possible to serve ads around your episodes. Once you have claimed your station, you may qualify* for Vurbl’s Partner Program, where you can start earning ad revenue.