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#020 Amy from Beautifully Broken Journey // Teaching Children Intuitive Eating

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Intuitive eating, I was thirsty for this conversation with Amy, and it couldn't have come at a better time in my parenting. Teaching children intuitive eating has been heavy on my mind in the past few years, and I just love everything Amy had to say! Coming from someone who has struggled with a binge eating disorder, she has a lot of really great insight on the topic.  My heart broke when Amy said that she cried to her mom in the 4th grade because she felt overweight, but looking back at that little girl, she wasn't at all, just different shaped. I hung on her every word as she told me what she would say right now to that little girl, an important perspective that I think every parent should hear. She spoke about a binge eating disorder, and how after therapy for it, she gained 100 pounds. She gave a lot of really great insight on teaching children intuitive eating, highlighting words she feels we should and shouldn't use. It's SUCH A TOUGH thing for adults to get under control, that intuitive eating, even harder to know how to best teach our children. But they model us, so we need to figure it out to best guide them.  We discussed complementing our kids, and how society has made it tricky, and that we need to retrain the brain with positive affirmations to not be about looks. I definitely had a lot to think about after our conversation, I'm really grateful for her perspective. On Instagram: Follow Amy at and on Instagram: @BeautifullyBrokenJourney Continue the discussion of this episode on Instagram at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke Would love for you to leave a REVIEW on iTunes if you liked this! Almost to 100!!