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020: Even Libertarian Show Hosts Fall Down The Slippery Slope of Gun Control

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Those that don't know history are destined to repeat it. Several have said this, but I believe this specific quote comes from Edmund Burke. It's a powerful statement, really. How quickly can humankind forget events that have so negatively impacted them? This phenomenon spans many issues, but in today's episode, we discuss some more gun debate and we are high on tariff watch. President Donald Trump has announced on social media and other outlets, that a steel and aluminum tariff are coming. This is part of his America First agenda. Really, it's a way to stir up his base. However, this doesn't put America First. It only benefits a very minute sector of American industries and could be costly to every other American. As I mentioned before about history, one only has to look to the 1930's to understand why tariff's like this are an atrocity. That time period was the last time that America exported more than it imported. It wasn't a good time. Don't be fooled. Listen in and hear why this is bad news for everyone. We hated to do this, but a gentleman we really admire on the show, and listen to his show all the time, the Jason Stapleton Program, has gone back and forth with a listener about some different gun control measures. Shockingly, we didn't agree with what Jason had to say in regards to a position he was defending. Jason defends a stance that guns can be taken away from you in a restraining order type process, if your mom or relative petitions the court, before due process has taken place. We explain what constitutes due process as well as not wanting to give an inch to the gun grabbers. We have given enough inches, it's time to take back some of our liberties.  


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