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020 – Grow B2B Sales by Crafting a Valuable Brand Story with Gerry Lantz

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Top Snippets - 020 – Grow B2B Sales by Crafting a Valuable Brand Story with Gerry Lantz
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Big decisions are hard to make. The back and forth of wondering, ‘will this be the right move,’ is something everyone has struggled with. Before making a purchase the customer often likes to develop some kind of connection, or bond of trust. Principal and Founder of Stories That Work, Gerry Lantz, speaks towards his professional experiences and how a truly passionate story leads to unlimited business potential.

Highlights Discussed in This Episode:

* – The benefits of reading more in depth* – The two important decisions customers make * – The value of learning & education* – The secret of professional & personal development* – How watching others develop brings joy* – The David Ogilvy culture* – Why telling a story is the best way to make a recommendation* – Why good taglines resonate with you* – How authentic success stories outline one’s integrity



Mentioned Books:

Ogilvy On Advertising – David Ogilvy

Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins

The Human Brand – Chris Malone

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Derek: (01:55)Gerry, it’s great to have you on the learn to win show. Uh, as always, it’s, it’s fun talking with you. And I’m excited for the listeners too and viewers to hear your story and just your journey. And, you know, one of we were talking about early on is the fact that you had, uh, you’ve had and continue to have an amazing career, uh, in the world of creative branding and, and, uh, I joked when they called you one of the original mad man and you said, no, I’m way too young for that. So, and I, so I give you credit and I said, you missed all the fun, but tell us what about, you know, how you started in the world of creative branding and then I’ll kind of take it down another path from there. But yeah. Gerry: (02:28)Well, thanks for having me. Thanks for the introduction. Um, I was kinda mad men late. Um, we didn’t do three martini lunches. We, uh, I got in time to have two martini lunches and I had a couple of those, um, and was late getting back to work. Um, I was actually a teacher to start. I taught high school in Ohio and then here in Pennsylvania. And then I went, you know, I really want to be a filmmaker and um, media kind of person. I went to temple university right up the road here and got a master’s in film making and um, cinema studies now that in a nickel would have bought me a cup of coffee back then. Um, but I did manage to get up to, uh, New York. And I did not actually started Ogilvy and Mather, which is a major global ad. I’ve worked at three of the five large, largest global addings. He’s started as a trainee. I mean, literally a trainee in Ogilvy and McCann Erickson was there about a year and a half and a head Hunter came along and said, I want to go to Ogilvy and be an account executive. And I desperately wanted to go there because I knew I could get the training that I needed. As I say,