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020 Hand Modeling with Antonia Cheri

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Dive deep into the world of being a hand model with Antonia Cheri. She has been modeling for about 10 years now and its mostly been all about her hands! In this episode you will learn what it takes to be a hand model, some tips and tricks for keeping your hands beautiful, and what you can expect when you are on set to model your hands. 
[04:28] "For hand modeling you can be thrown into anything. Sometimes you'll be doing a jewelry shoot and they'll say, 'You know what we want to get your hand on the side of your face'"
[05:00] "You want to be camera ready, you want to have your hair nice and neat...cause you never know what they want."  
[06:25] Topic: Typical requirements to be a hand model
[09:38] Topic: Tips for keeping your hands model ready
[09:55] "I'd say the biggest thing that has helped me keep my hands looking nice and always ready for shooting is wearing gloves"
[13:00] Topic: Tips for posing with your hands
[14:37] "Practice. You want to have go to poses that you can get into rather quickly"
[15:00] "Its the product that you are selling so you always want to make sure that whatever you are holding or whatever it is that you're working with that that is the star of the show"
[15:28] "Your job is to sell, make that product look good"
[15:58] "You want to keep your hands in an upwards position so the blood flows downwards and then you get rid of the veins that are in your hands" 
[17:16] "If I know I have a shoot coming up I'll google who am I working with, what's their vibe is like, let me try and get a feel for the kind of images that they already have so that way I can be prepared and nail those poses I know they like and then what else new can I bring to the table? What don't they have that maybe they should have or that they would want to see?"
[31:45] Topic: What to wear on set (Hand model edition) 
[36:26] Topic: Brands Antonia has modeled for
[52:09] "You can work everyday or you can work multiple times a week if you are really an asset to them on set"
[52:34] "They are looking for someone who is going to make their job easier"
[57:50] Topic: First steps someone should take if they are interested in becoming a hand model
[59:00] "When you're shooting and you're on set a lot of times there could be anywhere from 10-30 people staring at every movement that you do...and that can be a little gotta go in there and remember you're here for a reason, you know what you are doing thats why you're there and just kind of work in your own little bubble where you don't even feel the 30 pairs of eyes on you"

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