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020: Hannah Wolfert, Senior Art Producer at Syneos Health

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Top Snippets - 020: Hannah Wolfert, Senior Art Producer at Syneos Health
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Hannah brings a decade of experience to the table and shares some really interesting insights, a few nuggets of cool information on working with pharmaceutical companies as well as the importance of treatments: they are read and they are valued!   Key Takeaways [:31] Heather introduces Hannah Wolfert and asks her guest to talk about who she is, where she is from, how she found her way into art production, the precious mentors that have helped her along the way and about Morty the new Catahoula puppy! [8:30] Smaller and smaller budgets is one of the most noticeable changes Hannah has seen in the last decade, along with an increase in the scope of the projects! Paperwork has also become cumbersome before a job is awarded. [9:40] Heather explains ‘Firm Bid’ process for the audience as well as the heft of paperwork required for pre-bidding in that kind of setting. [11:20] Dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s for getting a job approved in Hannah’s agency. [13:47] Hannah explains why it is that in most cases, pharmaceutical projects often don’t let photographers retain self-promotion rights. Heather talks about the usage information appearing in NDAs. [18:20] Letting people know they didn’t get the job is the hardest part of Hannah’s job, but it’s a rare occurrence when she doesn’t get on the phone to do it — ‘it’s important to let them know why.’ She encourages other producers to pick up the phone. [22:08] Treatments are required on every job — the creative call is critical to explain direction, but the treatment provides a strong visual statement in terms of the photographer's vision and process. [23:15] Listener question! Do treatments get read and if so, by who? Hannah reads them and so do the creative team and the accounts services team. Sometimes the client gets a redacted version. [25:25] Hannah has her own question for Heather! [26:54] Treatments are a good place to let people know who you are, however, you can’t lose sight of the specifics of what you are going to do and how, as well as why you are best suited for the brand. [28:14] Having a rep is a great way of getting feedback and advice! [28:53] Grabbing Hannah’s attention: mailers, emails, but it really boils down to the imagery. [30:53] Hannah is on Instagram and had begun to use it more and more as an additional way to vet photographers and reps. But rep websites are 90% of what she shares with her creative team. [32:56] Sometimes, the creative team has someone in mind but it really depends on the project. [33:59] Hannah and Heather talk about remembering everything! [36:52] What would Hannah do if she wasn’t an art producer. [40:47] Heather thanks Hannah for coming on the podcast and invites listeners to tune in for the next episode.   Thanks for listening.   In an industry where the rules are always changing, it’s helpful to hear from those on the front line. Heather Elder is the visionary behind NotesFromARep’; visit her website for industry updates, stunning photography and video, and the artists behind the work.   Mentioned in this episode Syneos Health McGraw Hill   More about your host Heather Elder’s Bio Heather Elder’s Blog Heather Elder on Instagram Heather Elder on Twitter Heather Elder on LinkedIn Heather Elder on Facebook   More about today’s guest Hannah Wolfert’s LinkedIn