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020: HIIT Master Class with Dr. Len Kravitz

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High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT training is a buzzword in the fitness community, but it’s been around much longer than you may think. The benefits of HIIT are astounding, but the true magic is the efficiency of the workout: it’s a training method that can make you stronger, fitter, faster, and make your heart healthier, in a shorter amount of time. With this popularity of HIIT, there’s also some confusion about the method. How often should you do HIIT? Should you do strength or cardio first? Why does HIIT work so well? Exercise Scientist Dr. Len Kravitz is here to answer all of these questions.  In this episode, you’ll discover: - The history and science of High Intensity Interval Training. Where did it originate and how does it work so well? - How often you should use HIIT in your routine - How to accommodate HIIT workouts for joint considerations  - Can HIIT cause turbulent blood flow? - Dr. Len’s top three tips for a healthy lifestyle  Here’s a little bit about Dr. Len Kravitz: Dr. Len Kravitz has thirty-six years of experience as a researcher, writer, and speaker on exercise science and fitness education. He is the coordinator of the Exercise Science program at the University of New Mexico and an associate professor in its Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences, a position that earned him an Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. Dr. Kravitz has a master’s degree in physical education and a PhD with an emphasis in exercise science and health promotion. He is the author of Anybody’s Guide to Total Fitness, now in its eleventh edition with nearly one hundred thousand copies sold, and Essentials of Eccentric Training, and has published more than three hundred peer-reviewed articles in health and fitness publications. Dr. Kravitz regularly travels as a speaker on physical fitness and has presented at more than one thousand fitness and exercise science conferences around the world. He is the recipient of a wide variety of honors in the fitness industry, including an induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Dr. Kravitz lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Get his new book, HIIT Your Limit, here. Connect with Dr. Len Kravitz. Follow me on Instagram. Show notes: *Please leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode!