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020 - Know Your Worth

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If you don’t know your value, how will you be able to stand up for yourself?   When we don’t know what we are protecting, it is unlikely that we will protect whatever it is.   Think about it.    We know a diamond is (often) worth a lot of money. That is because its value and symbolism for love have been established in society across many decades.   How do you think a “rock” got to be worth so much?   Because society made it so, and you can apply this to your own life.   You can claim your worth by learning about the parts that make you who you are. These parts serve a significant purpose in your life, and by slowing down and getting to know them, you can build tremendous self love from within.   And if you need help with this, I am more than willing to be your guide as your Adult Chair® Certified Coach. In working together, I teach you how to love yourself so that you build healthy relationships and become more present in your life. Using methods from The Adult Chair®, I guide you through your own self-love practice by uncovering the deepest parts of your spirit to unleash the life you are meant to live.    I look forward to helping you learn to build love through presence, because you are worth it!   — To work 1:1 with Love With Liana on your self-love journey, please book a Love With Liana™ Coaching Session or Discovery Call. To gain access to The Love With Liana™ Discord Server, please join The Love With Liana™ Community. Join the monthly TAC Circles. Listen to Meditations I've created and Music I've sung.  Learn more about The Adult Chair®, and use the following codes at checkout:  Workshop ($50 off): LIANA50 Monthly Membership ($1 first month): LIANA30 10% off all other products: LIANA10 Please subscribe to The Love With Liana™ Podcast on your provider of choice (including YouTube for video versions).   To connect with me on social media, please find me @LoveWithLiana.