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020 - Patrick Moore - Stereotomy or L’Art du Trait

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Top Snippets - 020 - Patrick Moore - Stereotomy or L’Art du Trait
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What is Stereotomy or L’Art du Trait?  it can be defined as the art and science of cutting three-dimensional solids into particular shapes.  It starts off as a drawing, moves on to a conceptual model to work out all the detail and then the carpenter or mason scales it up to the real structure.  Sounds easy?  Not so  You have likely seen examples of this while scrolling through pictures that make you wonder how did stone or wood bend or stretch into those sensual and intricate shapes.  Its carpentry and masonry taken to the highest level of intricacy to achieve the unthinkable.  All without the use of a calculator or complex trigonometry.  It defies all logic in this day in age where we tend to think in fixed angles or constraints.    Today we could likely use a 3D rendering software to project complex masterpieces of the French Renaissance or Baroque periods, and thankfully the training is still honoured in Europe to accomplish this.Patrick Moore lives just outside of Ottawa, ON and is the first North American to complete the extensive Tour de France, with the a title Le Canadien 'L'Ami du Trait', the first North and South American Compagnon Passant Charpentier.  I met Patrick while he was learning heritage masonry in Perth, ON.  Patrick then moved on to carpentry and wanted to learn and apprentice as a journeyman in France.  Eventually Patrick graduated with a Master thesis that is on display in Montreal at the Musee des Maitres et Artisans du Quebec.  Patrick believes that by sharing this knowledge, he will empower others to do the same and the beautiful language of stereotomy or L’art du trait will not be lost.   Its such a great message and I am really impressed with Patrick and the journey he chose to learn these amazing skills.