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#020 - Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

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An unscripted interview between Frederick Sandvall and son Charlie reflecting on the lessons taught within T. Harv Eker's Book, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind - Think to Get Rich and how to practise them in every day life.
Your income can grow only to the extent that you do.
To me that means the more you do, the more you get better. If you have a hammer lying there and you don't do anything with it, nothing's going to happen. If you have a pile of money, nothing's going to happen unless you invest or do something with it.
If you want to change the fruits, first you must change the roots. If you want to do something visible, first you must change the invisible.
A tough one, but one of the ways I see it is if you have a huge pile of cash and you want to multiply it into a really massive and visible pile of cash then you have to invest it and change your mind-set also.
Money is a result. Wealth is a result. Health is a result. Illness is a result. Your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect.
Your actions play a huge part in what the result is. If I decide to eat lots of candy every day, it's going to effect my health over a long period.
Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to action. Action leads to results.
It all starts in the head. I recently learned how to somersault off of a wall, if I didn't have that feeling of 'I'm just going to do it' in my head, I never would have succeeded.
Many times, it's not what you say to people but how you make them feel.
If you say something to someone and they don't care, they won't care, unless you make them care. If you make them feel special and pay attention to them it makes a hell of a difference.
When the subconscious mind battles between deep-rooted emotions and logic, emotions will certainly almost always win.
What you want to do is definitely much stronger than what's good for you. Sometimes you want to do what's best for you but it's very difficult.
Wealth Principal: If your motivation for acquiring money or success comes from negative roots such as fear, anger or the need to prove yourself, then money will never bring you happiness.
If I'm scared to do a flip but I think it's worth it to do a flip then I probably won't land on my neck but I'm really good at it then I should do it. Don't let feelings take over too much.
The only way to change the temperature in the room is to read the thermostat. The only way to achieve financial success is to reset your thermostat.
If you have a thermostat and you want to build up the temperature to a comfortable level then that's OK in a room, but in a business then you almost always have to deal with a little bit more than you're comfortable with.
Rich people believe that they create their life, poor people believe that life happens to them.
Again, about actions. If you decide to do something good with your life then something good will happen. If you do something that isn't so good for your life, the result isn't going to be nice.
Money is extremely important in areas which it works and extremely unimportant in areas in which doesn't.
So if you have a massive money pile, lying there and you decide to invest with it, it'll then multiply and you can use that money as a tool to keep on investing.
When you're complaining you become a living, breathing crap magnet.
I do this myself, it's not easy! People should complain less and take responsibility for their choices. I'd rather hang out with those who don't complain.
There is no such thing as a really rich victim.
You get really rich from taking responsibility, learning from your mistakes and improving yourself and your knowledge.
If your goal is to become comfortable, chances are you'll never be rich.
If I was not comfortable with doing a backflip on the ground a month ago, now I'm comfortable with it because I improved my comfort zone to that level. If you improve your comfort zone, you're going to get better.
Rich people are committed to being rich, poor people want to be rich. What's the difference?
It all starts in the mind. If you want to do something, usually you'll get better as long as you learn from your mistakes. if you do nothing, nothing happens.
One reason why people don't get what they want is because they don't know what they want.
You have to know what your goal is, then you need to set that goal, commit to it and try to accomplish it. If it doesn't fit you, find a better