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020 Sugar Addiction

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In this episode, we discuss the nuances of sugar addiction. We ask:

Does sugar addiction exist?

Is it truly an addiction?

What’s wrong with the argument that sugar lights up the same pathways as cocaine?

Why is throwing around the phrase “sugar addict” harmful?

Why do we experience sugar cravings?

We talk about the neurochemistry, the role dopamine plays in sugar cravings, what the science is currently telling us, and why the data isn’t able to give us a full picture.
We also look at the role that diet culture plays in this messaging. It is so important to consider where these messages are coming from. Who benefits from us thinking there is something wrong with us?
Check out this awesome article by Imma Eat That on Sugar and Intuitive Eating.
So, should we swear off sugar forever? No, because that actually increases the brain reward for sugar.
What to do instead of restriction if you are struggling with sugar:

Release judgement and get curious.

Try other focusing on overall health. Increase sleep, see your doctor, try supplements, decrease stress, implement gentle nutrition by increasing consumption of veggie fiber, cooking at home, and eating enough throughout the day.

Look at emotional eating (again without judgement). Learn new ways of coping. Increase pleasure in your life to help improve dopamine tone.

If you need support around sugar and your relationship with food, reach out to Coach Tiffany at or visit her website at
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