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020 - T1W Brandon Sings and Jozi Concedes

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Top Snippets - 020 - T1W Brandon Sings and Jozi Concedes
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Jozi goes for 6(!!) points in a row. Can the Russ pull it off? (Spoiler: Jozi was in the room while Brandon watched - can’t fake that enjoyment.) We get more hockey! Joey gets a bad review and madness ensues. Funny Bobby is not so fun sober. Ross gets two different kids in one shot. Brandon sings The Love Boat. We talk about George Washington’s wood…..teeth. All women at lesbian weddings are apparently lesbians. Do bee do bee doooooo. #adognamedmoo #igotbonedatthenaturalhistorymuseum #GWsWood August 3rd, 2017 SCORING Finally, Jozi loses one. Brandon - 213Jozi - 23 FUNNY ROSS TALLY Russ - 3 Lesbian - 3 Overall - 122 RECORDING AND EPISODE DETAILS: S2:E10 | The One with Russ | Aired January 4th, 1996 | S2:E11 | The One with the Lesbian Wedding | Aired January 18th, 1996 | This was recorded in Oregon and Alaska on July 18th, 2017. NEXT WEEK Lani Diane Rich of Chipperish Media joins us to talk about The One After the Superbowl parts one and two. EXTRA   FEEDBACK Find us at or on Twitter: Jozi | Brandon | Moo Point Email the show Of course we have a Facebook Page Moo Point, A Friends Podcast 020 - T1W Brandon Sings and Jozi Concedes