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020: The Different Lenses of Life, Rap Music, and Implants

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We cover a whole lot and go deep in this episode! We break down why it’s important to be attractive, if it’s really safe to drink tap water, the need for everyone to be politically correct, give some insider and expert tricks for using different camera lenses, and how the internet can actually keep us in a small world! We encourage our listeners to do their research, listen to their bodies, and not to be afraid to change up fitness or diet plans if they feel like they need a change! Luckily, we are here to break it down and help you not get pigeonholed in one way of thinking.   Key Takeaways: [1:51] The Adonyx Coaching app helps coach you along a plan that will get you over the hurdle of any workout and fitness plateaus. [6:02] Check out why we both appear smaller in recent photos vs. photos over the past year. [15:32] We break down why being attractive gets you further in life, and dive into some pro breast implant talk. [22:00] We talk about the sensitivity of the general public online, and the need to always be politically correct in case someone gets offended. [28:03] We discuss tap water vs bottled water. Brandon is exclusively tap water, and Connor is moving towards tap and away from bottles. [33:03] Connor reveals that he is doing the cyclical keto diet. He is into lean bulking and is testing it out to see if it works for him. [40:11] If you have super high testosterone levels, you will store less fat in your abdominal areas. [45:48] Brandon is thinking about creating a crash keto program for those trying to cut weight fast. [48:03] If a diet no longer works for you, change it up. Our bodies change and not every diet is sustainable for someone forever. [53:40] The guys’ breakdown retargeting on social media and YouTube, and how we are all programming our biases into what we see when we log online. [60:07] Look for your favorite Adonyx ad, coming to a Tinder page near you.   Mentioned in This Episode: Connor’s YouTube page: @ConnorMurphyOfficial Brandon’s YouTube page: @HighLifeWorkOut Adonyx Coaching App Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything — Fast, by Michael Pantalon   Quotes: “There is no more important ROI than your beauty. Doors will fling open for you.”   “Tap water is my shit! It’s a modern miracle.”   “I do a lot of stuff that’s not sustainable. You don’t need to do everything forever, so let’s just get it poppin’ while we are here.”