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020: Why you need to batch your work (and kill the multi-tasking)

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Top Snippets - 020: Why you need to batch your work (and kill the multi-tasking)
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If you are feeling like you are constantly juggling and only just keeping the balls in the air (or dropping them all the time!), this episode if for you.  I have been a secret "batcher" for over 6 years and in this episode, I reveal how, why and when I batch and talk you through how I do it so you can use the same methods if you think they will help your business. Tune in to find out my top tips, what to do and what to definitely not do! If you are looking for a podcast that shows you how to start, build and grow a business when you are juggling that with being a mum or other parts of your life, this is a podcast for you. Each week I focus on issues such as How do I build a business that works for ME Can I really leave my 'stable' but boring job and turn my hobby into an income that is secure? How do I deal with my lack of confidence to make the leap? How do I do all those clever online marketing things? How to I do EVERYTHING I wanna do without losing my mind and ending up with burnout? I will answer all of these questions and many more as the episodes go on. Week after week, I will bring you tips, strategies, advice, mentoring and guidance as well as the real life issues like dealing with confidence, lack of self belief or days when you just need a voice in your ear to help you take a step forward. The Suzi Witt Show is based on the last 8 years real life experience creating my own 7 figure global business. To succeed as a woman in business is a lot easier if another woman gives you a helping hand and gives you a first hand understanding of the highs, the lows, the joys, the tears, the easy wins and the hard roads. Here is where you will find a warts and all journey based on the honest truth. My 'gang' is a solid support community for any girl boss or wannable girl boss who is determined to take control of her career and her life and kick some ass to get where she wants to be.