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0208: Twenty Unique Benefits To Have Your Contractor QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud

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This Podcast Is Episode Number 0208 And It Will Be About Twenty Unique Benefits To Have Your Contractor QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud QuickBooks Online Is Not The Same As QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud At a quick glance, it is easy to think that all QuickBooks files are the same no matter if it is on your desktop or in the Cloud because it appears to be the same product. Nothing could be further from the truth. QuickBooks Online is slow and clunky and changes early and often so just when you think you understand it... QUICKBOOKS ONLINE CHANGES! SOFTWARE PEOPLE LOVE CHANGING STUFF! CONTRACTORS LOVE GETTING STUFF DONE! QuickBooks Desktop Version has been around since 1991, and it has improved at a stable pace that contractors and accountants can keep up with. For the past several years our contractor clients have enjoyed the having access to the tried and true QuickBooks Desktop version in a Cloud environment. Why do I like using Cloud-Based Servers? For all the same reasons every Contractor has web access to their bank is to see “The Numbers!” Money In: Have my Deposits posted and cleared?   Money Out: What checks have cleared? What’s Left Over:  How much money is in The Bank? You can access QuickBooks Desktop anytime from anywhere; using your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac. Your QuickBooks In The Cloud Is Backed Up Every Night While You Sleep! Most small Construction Contractors like you find that working traditional hours of 9 to 5 is not realistic. Being a contractor your hours are dictated by the needs of your prospects, customers, and clients. This means as a Contractor, you may be creating an estimate, proposal, invoice, paying bills or making an electronic deposit to your bank before 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday) You are working in the early mornings, evenings, on weekends before breakfast or after dinner, on Saturday’s, on Sunday’s and usually some time is devoted to business when you are on vacation. It Is Unusual For A Contractor To Take More Than A Couple Days Off At A Time Ten minutes here and there or an hour of productive time (without interruptions) can save even more time. For many contractors, a formal office looks like the seat of their truck parked at the near a Wifi spot. Why Wifi Spot – Because Contractors need to create the invoice, look up something at the moment to get it off their plate then move on to the next opportunity or crisis.   I chatted with several Contractors this week have been home because of weather-related issues. For those without outside offices. when at Home; they are at their 2nd Office. (Primary Office is their Vehicle) For Larger Construction Contracting Companies, The Choices Are: Wait until they can get to the office. Try to go into the office even though they should stay home. Remote access and tie up a computer if QuickBooks is on a Desktop. Bad idea – If the employee made it to work; you are using their computer and they being paid to wait. Challenges For Contractors With Staff Can Be Solved With QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud     You are able to review reports from home, after hours. You can work on a Bid, Estimate, Change Order You can review your payables and pay bills If there is a problem – much easier to take proactive action and Lock The File Down.   Too many contractors have faced issues with their in-house bookkeeping staff “Taking Control” going beyond the scope of their authority (sometimes even implying to customers and vendors they are owners). Bad Bookkeepers destroy more Construction Companies than you can imagine! Owners (or their spouses - the ultimate partners) need to be watching the numbers and THE MONEY There is a difference between assigning duties to an in-house Bookkeeping Staff, Office Managers,  or Project Managers;  giving them access to Company bank account and authorization to sign checks which is the path that often leads to Bookkeeper Embezzlement. Your QuickBooks Desktop File Is Safe In A Secure Environment – We Use An Intuit Approved Commercial Host. Why an approved Commercial Host versus any Cloud Hosting Service? To become an Intuit Approved Commercial Host they have gone through Intuit’s rigorous approval process. They must be able to document the servers are located in a Data Center with security and encryption. In simple terms, your QuickBooks files are located at a data center more secure than your bank which means it is safe.   It is not resting in someone's basem