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021: 5 tried-and-true crap-clearing techniques

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As highly sensitive people, we’re like energy kleptomaniacs! We pick up other people’s energy without even realizing it and then walk off with all those feelings in our pockets.You might say that this is the curse of being sensitive, but we don’t think that’s true. (We actually think being sensitive is a truly ahhh-mazing gift!)However, it’s absolutely true that we pick up every little emotion we come across and take it as our own. “Good” or “bad” emotions… it can all become ours.Buttttt… Are you ready for the flippin’ fantastic news? You’ve got the power to realize that you’ve absorbed those feelings and then let them GO!🎉 Enter our 5 tried-and-true crap clearing techniques. 🎉These techniques will help you let go of all those crappy emotions so you can go back to being your amazing, beautiful self without those extra emotions hanging over your head!P.S. want to hear more about how to figure out WHEN you’ve picked up someone else’s emotions? Pop over to episode 020 to get our 4 steps to help you figure that out! Support the show (