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Do you have a neat and clean appearance? This is one area that can be overlooked, but can be a big problem area when the goal is to retain customers or gain new ones. Episode 30 talks about the importance of a neat and clean look. The better you look and feel you will increase the chance of a prospective customer wanting to do business with you.
We all want to look good. Right? Did you know that people are judging you on your appearance? As if we do not already have enough stress in the day. Now we have to worry about what others think of our clothing? That’s right! People want to associate themselves with people that they trust and that they look up to. By having a professional appearance you will increase the chance of grabbing that perfect resident and hopefully helping them to decide to become a resident that stays with you for many years!
Obviously, your appearance is not only about your clothing. Great grooming practices are a must too! No one wants to be around or look up to a person that has not taken a bath in a really long time. Make sure you clean up and put yourself together every day. The goal is to be the person that people would like to associate themselves with. Great grooming is noticeable and can be a big part of your arsenal of tools to find those great residents that we all long to find.
Your first mission is to listen to this episode on: Keep Your Appearance Neat and Clean. When you’re finished listening, go to a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Ask yourself – Do I look like a person that people want to associate themselves with? I am assuming that the answer is: YES! If not, decide on what the first step should be and then do something about it. Looking great will help you feel great and that is a recipe for success. Now go and show the world how great you look and feel!