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031 - Overcoming Fear

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Be sure to check out the sponsor of this episode of the podcast at and take the fun quiz to identify the enemy that is killing your teamwork.Join the #1 leadership and career advancement community at Here you’ll find a safe and experienced community of leaders and aspiring leaders engaged in supporting one another on this journey of leadership.For other great leadership development, career advancement, and personal growth content check out our website –, subscribe to our YouTube channel to view these podcasts on video and browse our collection of leadership tips.Show Notes:What does leadership fear look likeImposter syndromeWhat if I failWhat will people think of meI don't know enough or have enough experienceFight/Flight/FreezeEveryone has a natural tendencyUSMC training examplesThe only unacceptable tendency is freezeCan learn to resist freeze and fight/flee insteadSimple tactic to overcome fearTake actionAction will overcome fearTake small actionCombat situation - small movements5 Second Rule by Mel RobbinsFears revisited"Who am I?" - you're a person that takes action, leaders are action takers"What if I fail?" - you will take action to correct and succeed"What will people think of me?" - you are an action taker and you never give up"I don't know enough or have enough experience" - you will learn from and gain experience from you action