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031 - Rebuilding Broken Relationships

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Welcome to the second to last episode of the series. In this episode Paula and Jo are talking to Elliott about repairing broken relationships. Something that many families of drinkers find very difficult to do.
When you live with or are affected by someone's drinking, you endure a lot of heartache and heartbreak. Watching someone you love destroy themselves with alcohol, being let down, lied to, manipulated and someone's physically and mentally abused.
You can understand then why for some families, it seems like an impossible task to find forgiveness and when relationships break down, it can be a long process to repair them.
Elliot joins in the conversation today to share his story of how he rebuilt the relationship with his Dad, after many years of alcohol abuse. He now enjoys a sober life and they have rekindled a new relationship.
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Remember to share the podcast with others so those still struggling feel supported.
Jo and Paula are passionate about changing the perceptions and judgments around alcohol misuse. They work hard to raise awareness about the trivialisation of alcohol and have created a video and blog about it.
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