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Top Snippets - 031 Ryan McMaster, UAV & UAS
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RYAN McMASTER,  is the owner of Volant Productions, he is a mechanical engineer, an inventor who holds viable patents and he is absolutely an entrepreneur.  His main businesses are modeling, UAV development and UAV operations, so on this show we will be going a little geeky and techie and a little bit long. So sit back and enjoy the conversation.
BLUF:  I have failed more often than I have succeeded.  It is our only option to  find the solution, the success.  BLUF (2) Ryan what to see the UAV used for good and hopefully the FAA will hear this and get moving. UAV are there for good not bad.
Are you a MAC or PC? Uses a MAC on the road. They are the best laptops for quality and portability.
What is your favorite technology, hardware or software? Three D Modeling
What is your favorite quote?  An engineer with a clean desk is not an engineer.
What are your favorite books? Lord or the Rings and his Thermal Dynamic Text Book (this is really techie)
What is the best advice you have ever received?  Never give up.
MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: UAVs are there for good and not bad!