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Top Snippets - 031: Why Customers Don't Buy From You?
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Why Customers Don't Buy From Y?
Make no mistake, the reason why customers don't buy from you is usually your fault, but that's a good thing because it means you hold the power to change for the better and ensure that your customers buy from you the next time.
Usually the mistake falls on your messaging or how you present your offer.
Create An Irresistible Offer
If you have an irresistible offer, there really is no reason why people would not want to buy from you but first, you have to understand the difference between your product/service vs your offer. You see, an offer is a bundle that you create to give alongside your product/service.
Selling a gym membership? Don't just give them 3 months free on top of the 1 month membership, because that can be easily modelled from other gyms and your offer wouldn't seem so amazing anymore.
Give them diet plans, personal trainer sessions and exclusive gym wear to represent their involvement with your gym. This makes them proud to be part of your gym and also everything you give them is useful with their gym endeavours. Because of this bundling, you can even charge higher.
Push Down False Belief
False belief is something that your customers believe, that's wrong and that you have the solution to. If someone comes to me and tell me that they are unable to create content because they don't know what content to create and therefore they wouldn't want to join my personal branding course, I will offer them a 15 minutes training on how to generate unlimited content idea.
They are then more likely to join me in my course.
There are three types of false beliefs.
They either doubt your solution, themselves or external factors. Make sure you prepare for those types of false beliefs and soon, you won't be wondering why customers don't buy from you anymore.

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