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#032: How to Create an Alcohol Free Life You Love with Kate Bee

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Growing up in the era of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones, Kate Bee believed her drinking was simply what successful, independent women did. After all, she was a journalist and TV producer for the BBC - drinking after work was how people socialized. Except she was tired of feeling hungover and ashamed about what felt like more drinking than was healthy. When Kate decided to get sober, she was disappointed to find the only real support was through AA. She attended a few meetings, but left feeling like she didn’t fit in because she was getting sober before her drinking had negatively impacted her work or relationships. But, there was no middle ground - it seemed like you either didn’t have a real problem or you had to be a full-blown alcoholic to get help.That’s why Kate founded The Sober School, a coaching program that helps women feel inspired and empowered by their decision to quit drinking. She helps women who are ready to start living their best life learn how to do it without a glass of wine in hand. Kate comes on the show today to discuss her story, the challenges of approaching alcohol in our modern-day world, and how people can take inventory and take action on creating a healthier relationship with alcohol. And she's got some great solutions for people!Make sure you follow this link to check out her free “Wine O’Clock Survival Guide”! It will help you navigate the tricky time of day between 5-8pm, which tends to be when people feel the most tempted to drink. Enjoy!FULL SHOWNOTES HERE: Notes:2:07 - why Kate started exploring sobriety herself7:50 - how long it’s been since Kate last drank and where she is at with drinking now11:07 - what really cemented her commitment to go sober19:41 - what Kate noticed as a change in her life without alcohol25:57 - the real reasons people drink alcohol34:58 - mistakes people make when they are trying to change drinking habits48:30 - what Kate does to elevate her state Links:The Sober Schooldry JanuaryUnpickled BlogTodd White’s episodeDavid Nutt study on drug harms and alcohol being one of the highestwine o’clock survival guide Quotes:08:40 - “It is possible to stop drinking without feeling as if you are being deprived of something or that you are going to miss out on something for the rest of your days.”17:26 - “Its so natural I think, that we get frightened when we make long term plans.”26:23 - “Most of us haven’t been taught how to manage our emotions or deal with our feelings so we use substances outside of our selves to manage that. And it might be sugar, it might be gambling… it might be social media, or it might be alcohol.”