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032 | I feel guilty

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This segment is about guilt. So let’s see first what Google is saying about it. Google is saying that guilt is a feeling of having done wrong or failed in an obligation. For example, he remembered with a sudden guilt a letter from his mother that he had not yet read.

So this is guilt. Everybody is clear that feeling is guilt and he did something wrong or he failed in an obligation and he had a sudden guilt. This is what guilt is about. You can ask everybody. They know what guilt is and they would tell you this is what guilt is. So I’m here to kind of look at it.

First, guilt doesn’t exist in reality. It exits in reality of human beings. Human beings, all of us, invented how life should be and in how life should be, guilt exists. For example, if I committed a murder when I was 20 years old and I’m 30 years in prison, it’s really, really, really, really very important that I will feel guilty about it.
Of course, that will not do anything to the person I killed. Of course, it would not have any impact on the people or in the benefit for the people that I hurt, my family, the family of the person that I killed, anybody around, how much money spent on this case has no bearing on reality. Nothing happened in reality when I say that I’m guilty, that I have guilt, that I’m feeling guilty. Nothing happened in reality.
These people feel good. I don’t know. How can you feel good with guilt?
Now, the other thing is what is feeling? What is it that you feel guilty? How does it look? Where do I see?
Now, this is not – this is a serious question. It’s not like, “Oh yeah, I’m being literal.” No, I’m not being literal. What really happens in reality when you say, “I’m guilty, I fail to perform, I fail to – or fail in an obligation?” What really happens in the world? Does anybody that you care for like let’s say you care for kids that don’t have education? Do they get education if you’re saying that, “I’m guilty I didn’t do anything about it?”
So how about we would just leave the word aside. Let it rest a little bit. It makes no sense. It doesn’t results. I don’t say not to say it. I just say when you say it, be clear. This is no bullshit. Look around. Nothing really happens.
You might say, “Uhm …” I say, “Uhm …” Others will say, “No, you shouldn’t feel guilty because there are reasons that you couldn’t do it. You are very busy for the kids and all the rest.” Nobody cares about that.
Now, whether you are not avail – that you are more available, go and do it. And then you don’t do it again and then they say, “But this time, you’re maybe guilty.” Who cares about all that? What moves in the world when people are in communication or in conversation of guilt?
The answer is nothing. Nothing. Zilch. Nothing. Nothing happens in the world. Nothing moves in the areas of life that are important to you and the people that you care for even if you care for cats. Cats don’t care if you’re guilty of not giving them food. Just give them the food right now. So I am just inviting you to consider.
Now, we are talking about here about morality with guilt, ethics. And the interesting thing about morality and ethics is it says something about you that you are guilty. It doesn’t say that you did something, this and this and that in reality. And now past 30 years, you were in prison 30 years, and now you get out and you are a free man. No. You are still a murderer. You are still a murderer. This is what the language created. You are still a convict, and ex-convict. You are still something that the language put on you but it has nothing to do with you, and you’re guilty about what you did and you’re guilty again, and you’re guilty again. And this is morality.
Morality doesn’t leave the person, doesn’t allow the person to move on with life. Morality does not allow performance in life, does not allow freedom, power, or self-expression. It allows only for one thing, apologize, apologize