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03/23/21 Tue: Kristi Noem; Spring Break; Boulder Shooting; Cartels Use Kids

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Top Snippets - 03/23/21 Tue: Kristi Noem; Spring Break; Boulder Shooting; Cartels Use Kids
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The Hake Report, Tuesday, March 23, 2021: GREAT CALLS! (See below.) SD Gov Kristi Noem caves like a phony politician! Spring break evil: Males arrested after woman found passed-on in a room. Boulder, CO grocery mass shooting: Ahmad Alissa charged. Immigration madness: Cartels use minors to pull shenanigans and make money. Cringe: Heritage Foundation's black female president resigns; she’s the one who smeared America as "racist." 

Also check out Hake News from today. 

(Perhaps incomplete / out-of-order list — check time-stamps!)

Robert from Kansas compliments Holly, then talks about the god of money. 

Samuel from Sweden got a second strike, and feels obligated to talk about vaccinations. 

Earl from Michigan is back! He addresses Rick from ME on George Floyd’s breath, and praises Robert Smalls. 

Wilmer in Austin, TX talks about the nasty liberal atmosphere in the city. He quotes Smalls on Republicans and Democrats. 

Zach from Columbus, OH, says Smalls was into the black thing, and says his health class promoted Body Positivity. 

Stephen from Raleigh, NC says his brother trained in the military with tragic terror figure Timothy McVeigh. 

Cam from somewhere has some great points about Biden and gun control, although his phone is noisy. 

Hugh from New York feels conflicted as a consultant asked to help fulfill diversity hiring quotas. 

Rick from Hampton, VA asks if Roland Martin is a Christian. He also talks about his past mistake of divorce and remarriage. 

0:00 Tue, Mar 23, 2021

1:12 Come Out, Bright Lights

4:18 Hey, guys!

5:18 Thanks, Kristi Noem

15:51 Super Chats!

19:25 Robert in KS

26:36 Samuel in Sweden

33:49 Earl in MI!

43:58 More Super Chats

45:14 Wilmer, Austin, TX

48:50 Spring Break crime

52:24 Stephen, Raleigh, NC

58:14 More Soul-Junk!

59:32 Ungst Func Slag Collision

1:01:45 Soul-Junk love

1:03:44 Zach, Columbus, OH

1:10:41 Boulder grocery shooting

1:14:34 Past mass shootings

1:18:38 Hugh in NY

1:26:39 Cam in Atlanta, GA

1:32:59 Immigration madness

1:39:56 Rick, Hampton, VA

1:51:51 Yet more super chats

1:54:53 Heritage Foundation blech

2:00:08 Thanks, all!

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