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03:25:2019 Bill of Rights ALL Scripturally & Biblically Based

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03/25/2019-   Trump Exoneration - Robert Muellers “Trump Russia Collusion Special Counsel” is finally concluded. As everyone was were, no evidence was found and no charges were brought. Trump was innocent of these falsely trumped up charges from the very beginning. What is most concerning was the unquantifiable masses of collusion conducted by the left-wing, socialist democratic party secretly and unlawfully working with the Russians to destroy Donald Trumps chances of winning the election as the Russians were clearly aware of the democrats historical precedent of cheating and lying to favor the Russian government in countless was including uranium one and countless other ways they supported and propelled Russias global position and influence. Russia undoubtedly wanted to play both sides, assuming they could buy trump off or win him over. This absurd “special counsel investigation” was driven by the socialist Democratic wing of the US political system to delegitimize Trumps election victory while very likely assuming that Trump may have somehow engaged in the same tactics the dem’s engaged in, however, now President Trump played by the rules and conducted a fair and uncorrupted election campaign winning in every way right and true. This special counsel would have undoubtedly uncovered the most minuscule of abuses had it existed.  Bill of Rights ALL Scripturally & Biblically Based As many people who have studied history accurately are aware, nearly every single one of the founding fathers of this nation were Christians of one form or another. Despite their differences of political opinions, which were often vehemently vicious, they all agreed, in general on the existence of a monotheistic, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent creator God who played a key role in inspiring the writings of documents ranging from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution. The Constitution was written as the foundational document of the Republic of The United States, establishing a firm set of non-negotiable ground rules which were to never be broken or breeched. Once these foundational republic principles were established, the bill of rights was added, permanently establishing the most basic of rights yet designed in a way which could not be changed themselves but allowing for amendments to be added through a very tedious process and arduous process. The greatest fear of this system is the non-stop socialist brain-washing continuously conducted by media and academic establishments. The 24/7 news and demand that high-school graduating young adults attend 4 year colleges with 2 years of “liberal arts” having no relation to their area of study is a method of transforming their thinking. Their goal is to teach these young adults what to think rather than how to think. Students who choose to take a stand against this system find themselves being bullied, ostracized, mocked, derided and shouted down and all appreciation for free speech by the media and academia has been officially abandoned. The Political Left Wing Is Growing Ever More EvilThe Bill of Rights is fully & Completely Biblically Based In short, there has been an aggressive resurrection of socialism and marxism in this nation. This, combined with riotously violent methods and techniques generally outlined by Saul Alynski have directly impacted our campuses and are turning our children against the traditional judeo-Christian beliefs and ethics this nation was initially founded upon. According the Saul Alynski, Author of “Rules for Radicals” which is a handbook of destructive rebellion, at the beginning of the book, Mr. Alynski states his vow to the devil by stating “The devil challenged authority and got his own king down, and that goes to the heart of what the left is really about. That of course is to get power any way you can, including lying, cheating and stealing. The ultimate rule is that the ends justify the means”. This philosophy is undoubtedly that of the devils and has been implemented by every evil government throughout history. Propaganda and mis-information combined with violence and threats of violence have persuaded entire nations to turn to radical communism-which is always discussed as “Democratic socialism”. The “Robin Hood” model is absolutely unbiblical and ends in extreme violence and civil war.