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03/25/21 Thu: Anti-Extremism Extremists; 'Bagel Karen' Debate Rages

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Top Snippets - 03/25/21 Thu: Anti-Extremism Extremists; 'Bagel Karen' Debate Rages
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The Hake Report, Thursday, March 25, 2021: (ROUGH START) Christians are being pushed into the closet by the establishment! Men used to run the show, and now the vindictive victims and their advocates oppress the oppressors. GREAT CALLS about "Bagel Karen," BLM, masks, and other mess! 

Also check out Hake News from today. 

Maze from Dayton, OH goes after Stephanie ("Bagel Karen") and says other mess. 

Killian from Boston, MA talks about the Suez canal blocked after a female pilot crashed a boat. 

Howard in NC is concerned about conflict and anger between the races. 

Zach from Columbus, OH says there are BLM protests during class after a girl accused Blue Lives Matter and Trump supporters of using slurs. 

Justin from AZ is pro-2A and sympathizes with pro-America people getting smeared. 

Tony from CA defends mask mandates, brings up segregation, and says God hates some. 

Thomas from OK got an Amazon delivery stolen from his porch! He bought some neighbor kids a football. 

Art from OH defends calling Bagel Stephanie "liberal"; Harriett Tubman's "North" is worse than the South! 

Teressa from TX also has a health exemption, but was accused of "privilege" for not wearing a mask! 

0:00 Rough start

1:42 Hey, guys!

2:45 Vengeful left

7:38 Extremist Christians

13:37 Closet is respect

16:07 Biden health sec

18:23 Maze, Dayton, OH

26:52 Killian, Boston, MA

39:25 Howard in NC

50:50 Super Chats

52:38 Echo Lake protest

54:23 Summer Fire, Bright Lights

56:23 More on Echo Park

57:10 Zach, Columbus, OH

1:07:50 This was America

1:09:43 Biden blabs today

1:10:40 Justin in AZ

1:20:21 Pro-N-word

1:22:31 Tony in CA

1:28:21 2A and Soul-Junk

1:32:11 Thomas in OK

1:39:04 Art in OH

1:47:45 Teressa in TX

1:53:32 Thanks, all!

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