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Communication is an intricate part of your job in the world of property management. Episode 32 covers the importance of a neat and clean communication style. Having a good grasp on some great communication skills will help guide you through the most difficult of situations.
Have you ever wondered why certain people can be so difficult? If you don’t then you are among the elite communicators! If you are like most people you may have realized that the problem is a lack of clear communication that creates understanding. Great communication is a must if you want be a fantastic manager. And yes, you want to be that!
Many forms of communication play a part in the communication process now days. There is verbal, written, and body language to name a few. Having one of these wrong during the communication process can create confusion, frustration or even anger. Our job, as great managers, is to understand what each situation calls for and use the appropriate communication for the job. This however can be easier said than done.
Communication is a lifelong process of learning. As long as there are people on this earth, we will need communication. The key is to create communication that is clear and free of confusion. By keeping your communication neat and clean you increase understanding. The better the understanding, the more receptive people are. Now go and work on creating neat and clean communication; your residents will love it! Enjoy the show!