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038: Intentional Accompaniment Series: Prophetic Listening

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In this episode, we continue our Intentional Accompaniment series with Proclaim Director, Eric Chow and CCO Missionary, Michael Hall. In this series, they break down CCO's model of Intentional Accompaniment - an essential skill for missionary disciples. In this episode, Eric and Michael discuss prophetic listening: a crucial component in accompanying others, and they share four practical tips to intentionally build this skill.

Discussion Questions:

What stood out to you from this episode?
"If the Lord is calling you to mission, ministry, or to a particular person, and we know that He has a plan for those people, and He has a plan for us personally; doesn't it make sense, that if He wants you to help a person to move in a direction that He wants to move, that He would let us in the plan?". Our guest, Michael, describes prophetic listening in this way. Think back when you were accompanying others (or when someone was accompanying you), have you had moments of prophetic listening with God? What happened during that encounter?
"If you don't take that risk, you won't ever discover how far you can take that conversation". Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt scared or intimidated to delve deeper in getting to know someone new? What happened? What steps can you take to ensure that you're inviting the Holy Spirit into your future conversations and encounters?
Think back on the four skills of prophetic listening that Michael shared: "build rapport", "survey", "zoom in" and "strengthen". Which skills do you excel at? Which skills do you find challenging? As a group, brainstorm ideas on how to build on these skills together, and what helped you in your own journey.
If time allows, try practicing these new skills together. Find a partner, listen to each other applying what you've learned about prophetic listening, and share feedback with one another. What have you learned from this experience/exercise?

Michael Hall is the author of "Intentional Accompaniment" and a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). You can learn more about the Intentional Accompaniment model at and order Michael's book at

Proclaim is a movement of the Archdiocese of Vancouver inspiring disciples to proclaim Jesus in their homes and communities. The Proclaim podcast is a space where you listen to inspiring disciples talk all things around sharing Jesus with others, and learn how to step into your own missionary identity. To learn more about Proclaim, you can visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @weareproclaim.