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047: Matt Ragland - How to Go Full-Time as a Content Creator

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Top Snippets - 047: Matt Ragland - How to Go Full-Time as a Content Creator
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Matt Ragland is a productivity expert and full-time content creator. He has worked for companies such as, ConvertKit, and Podia. Matt graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in recreation & tourism management.Matt was one of the earliest members of the team at ConvertKit, where he was employee number five. Since leaving ConvertKit to start his own company, he now hosts a podcast, publishes a newsletter, has created several courses, and hosts his own YouTube channel.Matt prides himself on being a skilled manager and enjoys helping his clients and audience grow and develop their agencies. He is also the proud father of two boys and is a fitness enthusiast. Matt and his family live in Nashville, Tennessee.In this episode, you’ll learn:
Matt’s biggest revenue drivers as a content creator
How to know when it’s time to take your side hustle full-time
How to optimize your YouTube channel and content
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Episode TranscriptMatt: [00:00:00]If you’re not sure if you want to do something, try it 10 times, and really give it a good try. Write 10 newsletters. Make 10 videos on YouTube. Record 10 podcasts. I have found that going from 10 to a hundred is definitely a slog, and there are lots of mini milestones, but once you do something a hundred times, you’re going to build momentum on it.And you’re also going to build your own country.Nathan: [00:00:30]In this episode I talk to my long-time friend, Matt Ragland. So Matt joined ConvertKit really in the early days. He was employee number five, and he was here for the crazy ride. Then he started a YouTube channel. He led the customer experience team at another startup called Podia. He’s now as a full-time independent creator earning a living on his own.We have a really fun conversation reminiscing about the early days talking about crazy rocket ship growth, and how we kept up. We get into earning a living as a creator. How he grew his YouTube channel to 60,000 subscribers. How to choose a niche, and when you should double down on that, and what’s getting traction on YouTube.The last thing that we talk about is when, as a creator, you should quit your full-time job, and some of the nuances of that, so you can go full-time on your creative endeavor. So it’s a longer episode today because Matt and I just can’t help but tell stories.With that, let me get out of the way and dive in.Matt, thanks for joining me.Matt: [00:01:31]Oh, it’s such a pleasure. I’m thrilled to be here.Nathan: [00:01:34]I want to go back to, what year would it even be?Matt: [00:01:40]2015.Nathan: [00:01:41]2015? Okay.Matt: [00:01:44]Right around this time. Maybe a couple months later, but it was like late summer.Nathan: [00:01:49]So, it’s July, like yeah. And then July right now. Yeah, it would have been when we started talking, I’m thinking, what were you doing online around that time? Cause I started to come across you on Twitter.I think Brian Delk was a mutual friend.Is that right?Matt: [00:02:06]Yeah. Ryan Delk was a mutual friend. Brian Harris was a mutual friend. The way that we got actually directly connected is that I was on Brian’s email list. And I saw that you were doing a webinar with him to promote ConvertKit. And I had just signed up for Conv