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#053- So You Hate Meditation? Let's Change That

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You hate meditation huh? Let's see if we can change that. Here is the purpose and the promise of meditation. The purpose of meditation is to train and develop you into a leader of your life who has the ability to enroll yourself into your own inner power and the magic and transformation that meditation makes available to you leaving you unleashed, as a force of nature, making a difference in the world forever altered in who you know yourself to be and what you are capable of. 

The promise that meditation makes available to you is success in who you know yourself to be and what you offer into the world, the ability to create your own awareness all the time, knowing yourself as someone who can stand into human spirit leaving yourself and others empowered and in action on what fulfills their souls the most. 

What is the "problem" with meditation? 


I can’t sit.


I don’t have time.


I don’t understand it.


My brain never turns off. 


I day dream. 


I can’t relax. 


I find it hard to focus. 


I can’t stop thinking. 


I don’t feel anything. 


“The mind is a bad playground. You don’t want to go there alone.”




1. Move— get out of your head. Workout. Walk. Clean. 


2. Simplify- We get simple to understand complicated. Get simple for a week to understand complicated 


3. Acceptance- Be that of a child. A child doesn’t get mad when they pee their pants. or falls down. Or can’t talk or can’t read. 


4. Bridge the gap- Change your language. from I can’t to I can. I hate to I love. What would be possible for you if you gave that up? What would enter into your life? I hate dating. Okay- Then dating will suck. What if you found the right person? 


Step outside of that because that is how it will continue to show up for you. Over and over again. Acknowledge that piece inside of you that is protecting you that you yourself created. From whatever happened to you, the walls you built up, the areas in your life you don’t look at because it would all crumble as you know yourself to be. What if it's better than you could imagine? 


When we feel safe and at ease we are more likely to notice someone else. 


Ever go to a yoga class and you think everyone is looking at you? wrong they are looking at themselves. We are all too busy looking at ourselves. 


Consider changing the perspective you have on meditation and you may change how the practice effects you overall. 




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