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Episode 56: Thriving in Business
Guest: Martine Lellis
Happy May! I have been enjoying the outdoors recently since the
weather has been so gorgeous and I hope you’ve had the opportunity
to do the same.
My guest this week is Martine Lellis has a passion for learning.
She grew up in a small town in South Carolina and was fortunate to
gain admissions into Duke University, where she earned a bachelor’s
degree in mathematics. Upon graduation, Martine began working
within the IT industry building systems for banks and insurance
companies. While this was her first exposure to the financial
industry, her real awakening came when she realized a gap in
knowledge within general concepts around money that occur in
primary as well as post-secondary schooling. When she looked at the
gap in her knowledge and paired it with what drove her, she found a
match in financial planning.
For the past 14 years, Martine has been Sullivan Bruyette Speros
& Blayney (SBSB) where she has worked her way up to Chief
Operating Officer. Considering herself a life-long student, Martine
has not only her MBA from Georgetown University, but she also has
become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified
Financial Planning (CFP). Her passion for learning and knowledge
seeking has led her to her career today. Her learning today comes
from taking different projects, gaining knowledge through
application and experience.
As someone who is the COO of a company that manages nearly $3
billion in client assets, Martine was initially surprised when she
was asked if she wanted the position. Knowing her limits and skill
sets, believing in herself and her ability to think critically
about any situation, Martine had the self-confidence to take it on
and be successful. She partnered with others in the company so that
she could ask for assistance when she needed it. She feels that
this is key to succeeding in any position. Martine surrounds
herself with team members, mentors, and advisors who have different
skills sets than her. They are not only there to help her solve
problems but to also jolt her out of your current opinion, or
tunnel vision, to see the potential in a situation.
Recently, Martine and several of her partners decided to
purchase back the Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney from their
bank parent and start a new endeavor as a private company once
again. Through her relationships over the years, Martine has been
able to bring together external resources to ensure a successful
Martine in thriving in her role and has some great advice for
anyone who may be feeling stagnant in their role. She recommends
never saying no to various situations and to be open-minded about
opportunities because everything is an open door to learning. If
you are stuck in a position, look around and ask yourself how you
can continue to learn and to grow. If you’re not happy with the way
things are going, talk to others and gain some different
If you’d like to reach out to Martine, you can do so through her
company website. Thanks for
listening to this week’s episode of the Women Rocking Wall Street
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it with others and write us a quick review on iTunes.