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057 Building A Business Based On Passion With Joanna Bullock

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Jo is a business coach helping entrepreneurs step outside of their comfort zones, discover their passion and build a business around it to begin living a life worth living. She challenges everyone to step up and live, especially if they say "I can't!". Jo's passion for living life is rooted to experiences she had early on in life. At an early age, she lost both her parents to cancer while she was their care provider. Over a period of five years, she lost 5 family members. This resulted in her asking the question "What is life about?.. Are we meant to be miserable?" This put her on a path of self-discovery. To make a living while on this journey she contracted herself out. During this phase of life, she was in survival mode, meaning she made enough to live but not to blossom. One of the fears that people have in growing a business to live their passion is leaving their main source of income. The easiest way to begin following your passion is to build a business on the side. This provides a safety net while your new business is forming and growing. When deciding upon a business to pursue, it is vital that you are passionate about it. If it is something that you are not passionate about, it can quickly turn into a job that you want to leave as well. One of the main reasons why people should consider starting their own business is to live life on their own terms. However, limiting beliefs often hold people back from achieving their goals. The greatest limiting belief is the fear of the unknown. The key to overcoming fears and other limiting beliefs is to have a plan. The more detailed your plan is, the greater the likelihood is you will create success in your new business.The One Thing that everyone should do when starting a business is to be clear on what you want. Create a vision as to what you want your business to look like. These will drive you each day as you work on your business. To learn more about Jo visit: email her at: