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057: Finding Your New Normal Within The Grief and Holding Space for the Complexities and Contradictions That Is Life

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Top Snippets - 057: Finding Your New Normal Within The Grief and Holding Space for the Complexities and Contradictions That Is Life
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Grief is an extension of love. ~ Megan Devine
cw: grief, loss of a parent
Life happens in the in-between. In-between sadness can be laughter. In-between heaviness, there can be light.
And no one knows that more than my guest, Brandy Morris. Brandy set about on her Year of Contrast as she both mourned the loss of loved ones (her Nana and her best friend - her dad) AND developed a more beautiful, deeper, more vulnerable relationship with her now fiancé. She learned how to receive out of necessity...the need to be supported and loved on...a lesson we could ALL use a little help learning.
Also? It's ok to be sad for however long you need to be. There is no time limit on grief or sadness or really, any emotion. 
The lesson? We are complex creatures capable of navigating the spaces in-between and holding space for both.
Listen in to hear Brandy's story of grief and her Year of Contrast and know that you are not alone.
BRANDY MORRIS is a coach and consultant for business owners that love doing their work but kinda hate having to tell anyone about it. Brandy helps them identify the idiosyncrasies within their work that make it undeniably theirs (their Brilliance) so they can fine-tune their biz in a way that nurtures their best work and attracts and delights their perfect clients.
For show notes head over to and if there’s one thing I want you to remember ever it’s this…
Healing is possible and it starts with #radicalhonesty.
I believe in you so effing much and I’m here if you ever need an emotional sidekick to help you through tough times.
Until next time…love you already.
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My Fave Really Hard Questions: (because you guys know how much I love digging deeper!)